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Hello everyone, I am a 21 year old female from...

Hello everyone,

I am a 21 year old female from Melbourne planning to have a rhinoplasty done with Dr. Shahidi later this year. I created this account to show you all my journey from the initial consultation through to the surgery and of course all post-operative care.

I currently have my consultation scheduled for the 29th of May, and cannot wait! I have had insecurities about my nose for as long as I can remember now, and have finally decided to go ahead with this procedure. I honestly believe, as naive as this may sound, that a nose job will really enhance my self esteem and ultimately improve my life.

My current nose is nothing terrible (it's actually quite slim and narrow from the front which I like), however I have a small hump that I am desperate to remove, and I also would like to decrease the size of my nose in general, as I have quite small features, I feel my nose is too big for my face.

Like I said, my nose from the front isn't too bad at all, it appears quite straight and narrow, however my side profile tells a different story, and I hate it! :(.

Anyway, this is all I can really tell you about my nose for now, but I am going to post another entry about my consultation with Dr. Shahidi on the 30th of May, and whether or not I will decide to go ahead with this surgeon.

Recent pictures.

Here are some photos of myself that you can see the size and shape of my nose.

Front view.

As I said earlier, I am happy with the shape of my nose from the front. It looks relatively narrow, and you can't tell I have a hump.

New photo.

Side view of my nose showing hump that I hate!

Post-op photos.

Some post-op photos of my nose. Each are at different stages as the captions state. I am about to write a full update here with all of my procedure details. I am so happy with my new nose :).

Side profile.

Some images of my side profile from both left and right. Apologies about the crappy phone quality! I'm going to take some proper ones with my SLR tomorrow and do a full update :).

Side profile!

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