First Time Rhinoplasty Patient! Not Sure What to Expect, but Really Excited I Have Taken the First Step! - Chatswood, AU

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Hi everyone, After many years of being unhappy...

Hi everyone,
After many years of being unhappy with my nose I have finally taken the first step in doing something about it. I have booked a consultation with Dr Shahidi on the 1st of sept. I didn't get the support from my family as I would have liked but the support from my bf was what made me move forward with my decision. He said, if this is what is going to make you feel better about yourself then go for it! I don't have any medical problems with my nose however I cannot stand my side profile. I constantly feel it's the first thing people see when I turn my head. Not sure if anyone else does this but whenever I see a photo or video of myself my nose is the first thing I look at. I feel that I am at a point in my life where I am able to go forward with this and improve my self confidence.
I will keep everyone posted on whether or not Dr Shahidi suggests he can improve my nose profile! I will appreciate any feeback or tips that many of you have from previous experience. I have uploaded a few photos that show my nose. I am happy with how I look front on but the side view really disappoints me. I have also been using Dr Shahidis app so I can get a rough idea on what I am wanting.
Thanks guys x


Hi everyone

So I had my consultation with dr Shahidi today in Chatswood and I have never been more excited. On arrival my boyfriend and I met with Rayleigh who explained to me my medical history and the whole procedure. She then took some photos and to my surprise, my nose actually is bent (could possibly be from an injury sustained during soccer when I was younger). We then met with Dr Shahidi who took a good look at my nose both internally and externally and told me that I have a deviated septum. He said that I was going to have rhino/septo/turbs.He also explained to me the things he can achieve and what he can't achieve so I appreciate his honesty. I think showed him some photos that I had taken on his app and he assured me that he is going to give me a natural looking nose that will fit with the rest of my face. He gave me two modified images, the first one is more straight with the second one with a slight curve. This only made my decision to choose even more harder lol!
We then met up with Jackie the booking manager who explained to me all the fees involved. Turns out that my health fund (HCF) can cover all the item numbers so combined with the Medicare rebate the surgeon fee will come down to $7900. My health fund is also covering my hospital so I will only have to pay for my excess $450 and my anaethisist will cost around $800. This was way lower than I budgeted for which made me more excited.
I have booked my surgery for the 16th of November at Bella Vista. I have uploaded my modified images for everyone to look at. Any feedback would be great! :)

Pre-op Appointment

Hi everyone!

So I had my pre op appointment today with dr shahidi. Only 5 more weeks to go! I have paid for the surgeon fee and I can't believe how real it's all become! Dr shahidi said that he studied my pictures before I came in and we decided that the straighter looking nose is what I preferred. He said he will take both photos in with him as a guide. I also asked if I have thick skin because of what I have heard from other people's reviews and he said no but he did say that because he is removing my hump my bridge will look slightly wider until the swelling goes down.
He went through all my post op instructions and then I spoke to Jackie who gave me all my forms to sign.
I was running late so I forgot to ask him about my nails and whether I need to take my acrylic nails off for surgery so I will email his staff tomorrow!

Other than that I am so excited for my surgery! I have attached some photos that I have taken using his app, which I showed dr s today and he told me to show him the photo again on surgery day! Let me know what you guys think! Any suggestions for supplies will also be great. I will start buying all the stuff in the next couple of weeks! :)


Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd do another update. I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away before I never have to see this ugly nose again! If it wasn't for this site I probably never would have had the courage to finally do something about my nose that has been causing me to feel so insecure since 13.
I've got my list of supplies..
-travel pillow
-face wipes
-lip balm
-arnica cream
-vitamin c/zinc tablets
-black tea bags
-biotine mouth spray

I have also bought some pineapple poppers which i have started drinking one everyday. If there is anything else you think I need please let me know.

The next couple of weeks I'm going to try and eat a higher protein diet and continue my exercise regime.

I'm so excited words can't explain :)

Talk soon!

One more sleep!

So the time has come! I honestly can't believe how quickly this day has come about! If it wasn't for everyone's reviews both on here and Instagram I probably wouldn't be in the position. I feel like I am fully prepared for what to expect and I appreciate everyone's tips, they have helped so much!

So tomorrow is surgery day. I have to be at the hospital by 8:30am. I'm preparing cold tea bags to put under my eyes tonight as well as preparing some soft foods for when I get home! I will also be cleansing my face again tonight as well as tomorrow morning. I've been drinking and eating fresh pineapple juice and the fridge is stocked!

Once again I want to thank everyone reviews. They have only made my decision stronger and have given me courage to finally do something about this.

I also have a review on Instagram where I will posting more photos of this process. I will post detailed reviews on here. I can be followed on Instagram at @rhinorose92

See you guys on the other side!

You had me at pineapple!

Surgery done!

Hi everyone
Just thought I'd give you all an update. So I had my surgery with dr s this morning. I got to the hospital at 8:30..checked in, got changed and spoke to both the anaeathasist and the surgeon. I was in the op room and I looked at the clock at about 10:30 and then I was out like a light. I woke up at about 1:20 in recovery and I had already been in there since 12:30. Nurses said I looked really well and I was really awake so they moved me to my room where my mum and boyfriend met me. Dr s and the anaeathasist came in and he said that everything went really well. The only thing was that my bones were really strong and hard so he had to work a bit harder on them hence why I have a little bruise on my right side.

Other than that I feel really good just relaxing at home. I have taken 1 panadene fort and I will take another one before bed. I have also taken an antibiotic and have been drinking my pineapple juice. I made my own ice packs using a rubber glove so the fingers sit on either side of my nose which feels really nice. I am also about to put some tea bags under my eyes.

I ate a sandwich at the hospital and I am also going to have some scrambled eggs. Suprisingly I am quite hungry lol

Will do another update in maybe 2 days

Thanks for all the support :) xx

POD 1 and 2

Hi everyone

Just thought I'd give you guys an update. So I feel really swollen today. Yesterday my bruise got a bit darker and I really started to feel groggy and stuffy. The first night I hardly got any sleep as I was waking up every hour. I've started eating a bit normal which is good. I also started the spray and ointment and I have been trying to not use the drip pad as much but my nose just leaks every now and then which is annoying. Today is day 2 and the swelling has really started to show however my bruise is starting to get lighter. I got about 5 hours of sleep last night too. All I can say is thank for for panadene fort. It has been a lifesaver as my nose tends to get sore in the mornings. I will be icing my face a bit more with my home made gel ice pack and I will continue to drink pineapple juice however I think it's probably best to just let all the bruising and swelling come out naturally.

Cast is off!

Just met with Raleigh who took my cast didn't hurt at all. It was such a relieve when she pulled the splints out! When she handed me the mirror I was in shock. At first all I could see was how swollen and weird it looked. Then as I get comfortable I realized how great it looked. I no longer have a hump and my tip is lifted. It's kind of cute!

When I got home I did the rinse then had a shower and then did the rinse again. Since leaving dr Shahidis office I can already tell that it's changed and I feel like it's already part of me.

I have more photos on my Instagram if you want to follow me there as it's easier than here.

2 weeks post op

Just thought I'd check in and show you guys the changes so far. I am beyond happy with my results even though it's still early stages. I'm still really swollen and tender but I can breathe through my nose and the rinses feel soo good! Dr Shahihi is amazing

3 weeks post op

Just showing some photos so far!

2 months post op

Hi everyone just thought I'd check in and show my process. Had my 2 month check up with dr s and he is really happy how things are going! I'm soo pleased with my results. The swelling has reduced soo much and I know it's only going to get better! So now I have to tape my nose every night and apply scar cream. The dr also said I'm allowed to wear sunglasses which is great!

5 months post op!

Still loving it!
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