Septo/Turps/Rhinoplasty - 21 Sydney Female - Chatswood, AU

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Hi All, after a very very long time, I am finally...

Hi All, after a very very long time, I am finally getting something done!

I am 21 years old, and for as long as I can remember, have had an insecurity with my nose. I do not think it is the worst nose in the world, but it definitely makes me very self-conscious, especially when having my pictures taken, or even when conversing with people.

I had my first consultation with Dr Shahidi on the 13th of August, and was very pleased. He was very soft spoken and provided me with honest information on my procedure. He was very honest in regards to what he will be doing to ensure that the final outcome is in proportion to the rest of my facial features, and will look very natural. He told me that I will essentially look like a better version of me, which is what I want. I also have a deviated septum which he identified when he had a look with the camera.

He let me know also that as I have thicker skin, my healing will be taking a little longer as I am more prone to swelling (if anyone has had rhinoplasty and has thicker skin, I would love to know about your experience and outcome!). He generated a computer image (this is only a guide as computer imaging does not show definition, and things such as tip narrowing can't be properly shown). I am feeling very confident as I have been following much of his work on Facebook and Instagram and everything he does looks amazing so far!

My operation is booked for the 28th of October, 2015 at North Shore Specialist Day Hospital! I will post some pictures hopefully along the way!

Feel free to ask any questions, and any words of advice from experience would be greatly appreciated!

Before and Computer Generated After

Here is a picture I was given from Dr Shahidi in regards to what my results may look like! It will obviously not come up exactly the same as he mentioned my tip could not be properly altered on the computer as there is no definition in the images, but overall I'd be looking at a straighter, more narrow nose!

Anyone who has had Rhinoplasty with thicker skin?

Hi All,

Would love to hear about anyone who has any sort of similar surgery with thicker skin! How did it go for you? How was your healing and do you have any tips for dealing with swelling, as I've been told I will possibly swell more due to my skin type.

I have been doing a lot of research and know that there are some limitations with thicker skin, i.e. you cannot achieve a very thin narrow bridge and tip (I am fine with it as my face at current is in proportion with my tip, so I wont have it refined too much as it will not suit my face) - But I would still love to hear some personal experiences :)

Surgery in 3 more sleeps!

Hi All,

I am scheduled for my surgery this Wednesday and am feeling excited and nervous! Hoping everything goes smoothly! Here are a few more photos of myself pre-surgery! Front on, it's a little bulbos but nothing I'm overly concerned about, though Dr Shahidi will be making small changes to narrow my bridge and make my tip slightly less bulbous (very excited about that!), my main concern is my breathing and my bump on my side profile. According to plan, I won't be having any change to the width of my nostrils as they are proportional! As per appointments, the Dr says I will still look like me just a better version! Woohoo!

Surgery Done!

Hi all,

Just updating you all on my progress. My surgery was on the 28th of October and was at North Shore Specialist Day Hospital.
28/10/15: My admission time was 11:00am and I arrived shortly before then. I parked in their carpark as per the instructions given to me by Jackie at my final pre-op appointment. When I arrived I completed my paperwork and waited my turn. When I was called, I met with a nurse who walked me into the waiting rooms to get changed and run through final bits of info with my anaesthetist and doctor. I changed, and was given a warm blanket and a heated blanket. My nurses came to introduce themselves and asked my questions. My anaesthetist Noela Ferch was absolutely lovely and gave me very thorough information as to what she would be doing. Lastly, I met with Dr. Shahidi who went through everything one last time. 12:15pm, I was called into theatre, and between questions and getting comfortable, I was knocked out hahaha.
I awoke from the anaesthic with no nausea or pain, and was dismissed shortly after.
The first day at home was quiet comfortable, no pain, lots of medicine and time to relax.

29/10/15: I awoke with no bruising, a sore throat and a sore head. Pain out of 5 (with 5 being unbearable) was a 1.5-2 at most. The pain is more due to pressure and just being uncomfortable in my ability to move around when sleeping. Keep water by your side as your mouth will become very very dry when sleeping, and keep Vaseline nearby, does wonders for the lips!

30/10/15: This day was much the same except I began to swell a lot more than the day prior, was rocking some panda eyes haha but no bruising! Felt very groggy and relaxed much of the day.

31/10/15: Nothing new to report on other than not taking any Panadine-Forte tablets other than one before bed. Haven't needed any Endone either!

1/11/15: Bruising is still no where to be seen, eyes are less swollen but my top lip is quite numb and doesn't move much ahahaha! No painkillers today, lots of water and pineapple juice over the last few days has helped. Feeling good today :)

Sorry for rambling on but some extra tips that help: cold, wet teabags for eyes, wet, cold towel for forehead, lots of cold foods like jelly, ice-blocks and cold pineapple juice, and tonnes of Vaseline. At my day surgery, they were lovely enough to have all my take home medicine organised with a chemist nearby, so they supplied me with nasal spray and ointment cream ( it is important to keep the nostrils moist so splint removal is easy, and ointment keeps the stitches clean).

Will update you soon!

Cast is off!

What a day it has been! I was very very nervous this morning getting ready to have my cast taken off! I got there for my appointment and was taken care of straight away! Everyone was wonderful.
Now, how it all went...
The cast came off first! It was a very strange feeling, a mix of relief and a little tugging (nothing to worry about).
The splints came out next, a little tug that felt like nothing more than a small tug on a nose hair (gross, I know), and then its out! No pain at all to my relief!
The stitches were last to come out! They were not painful, its almost the same feeling as having that little part under your nose waxed during a top lip wax! Nothing us ladies aren't already used to!

Raleigh gave me a good run through aftercare, what to do and etc. She is absolutely lovely! Then I was given the mirror to have a look!

Now let me just say, when Dr S said the first month is the ugly month, he was right! At first, I was a little confussed! Straight, perfect and narrow it was, but it was VERY swollen (this being completely normal, but I think 'wow'). My mum and the nurse on the otherhand were blown away by the results thus far! Let me just say, expect this! Although research, Dr Shahidi and others will tell you about it, it is still a shock to see yourself that swollen, but don't be scared. The thing that is realllllllllly making it hard for me is my top lip being tight and numb! I am the girl with the huge smile, and am always smiling! I feel like a little old gummy lady with my top lip hanging over my teeth! But this in time will get back to normal, and I will have my full functioning top lip back! Hahahaha

My results are fantastic! Even though I am swollen, I can see the way it will settle over the next few months! My profile is fantastic! Nice and smooth, and straight!!!!!! No more bump!!!! My tip is nice and shapely, but as it is swollen, it's projection is quite high and out, in due time this will settle!

Dr Shahidi was very impressed by the results so far, and has told me that me sticking to my aftercare instructions will help is reducing the swelling over time :)

It is a very emotional procedure in the sense that everyday is going to be different, and final results aren't achieved till months have passed. So you need to mentally prepare and accept this :) I have attached some images, though not the best as I took them in the car, they should give you a good idea of my results so far! If anyone else has experienced what I have so far, your experience would be greatly appreciated so feel free to PM me or even comment below for all to see!

Update on my Nose

Hi All,

Just updating you so far on my progress! I had my cast removed 4 days ago now, and I must admit I am loving my new nose! Swelling has since come down, but I find that sometimes swelling can be a little uneven! Needless to say, it is only something I really notice, when I tell others they roll their eyes haha! I have been getting compliments from those whom I've told, and just feel so confident! I love my profile, and though my tip is still very swollen and hard, it is looking so good! I am so happy! My top lip still isn't back to normal, but it will in due time! I will update photos in the next few days :)

Profile 1 Week Post-Cast Removal

It has been 2 weeks since surgery and 1 week since cast removal. I have been douching my nose 4 times a day, wearing my cast as much as possible, applying the antibiotic cream and drinking pineapple juice too! Very, very happy with my results so far, and I am still swollen so it will only get more and more defined!

Just over a month post-op

Hi All,

It has been just over a month and here are my results so far! I cannot explain how happy I am! I have been following my doctors instructions as best as I can, making sure to douche as much as possible (this is a blessing as it opens up your breathing so much as you can feel congested, and can't blow your nose). I have also been wearing my every night! Knowing that this is one month post-op, that I have thicker skin and am more likely to be holding onto swelling for longer than the average person makes me feel on top of the world, because my already amazing results will only get better! I am so grateful I chose to do my surgery with Dr Shahidi, he is a magician and every single person who knows I did surgery is in awe! Front the front, my nose looks much the same, just more refined, and my profile is a massive improvement! I've attached some photos!

1 Month and 15 Days Post-Op

Hi all,

Hope everyone has been well, it has been a month and a half now since I've had surgery and all I can say is how fantastic it has been! My healing has been without issues, and I have been trying to take the best care I can! My swelling continues to go down, and here are some photos from all different angles and distances to show you! As previously mentioned I wanted to keep the appearance of my nose much the same from the front with some refinement, my profile I am so pleased with! And my lip is getting better each day!

Approximately 4 Months Post-Op

Hi all!

I hope everyone has been well! I have uploaded some photos taken around 4 months post-op! I have been healing well, swelling keeps coming downthough my tip still is quite firm, so I will confirm with Dr S at the end of the month when I have my next visit, if this is indeed still swelling. I am so happy with my results this far! I feel amazing! I am still taping every night and applying scar cream. If you have any questions let me know :)

7 Months Post Op

Just updating on my results thus far! I have been so amazed by how my nose continues to settle!
A little tip I found worked well for me: as I'm still taping my nose, I found that applying the tape horizontally across the bottom half of my nose -mostly on my tip - has made the swelling come down a lot more than taping my whole nose down. It's funny but I feel like it works!
Some photos to see my results so far! Thank you Dr S!

Just over one year post-op

A quick picture to show you my one year post op results. I know it's only one image of my profile but I have been super busy and haven't had time to take more pictures! Surgery with Dr Shahidi was the best decision I ever made! It's amazing how much your nose continues to change! Even after a year I still see improvements!
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

I would reccomend Dr Shahidi to anyone thinking about Rhinoplasty. Throughout the whole process, I felt confident in my choices and any information that was given to me. Dr Shahidi is very informative and honest, and created for me a nose that I can properly breathe through whilst aesthetically improving it! He has created for me a natural looking nose, I still look like me, just better! Amazing work and an amazing team who is there to answer all your concerns! Best decision! Thank you Dr S!

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