Rhinoplasty/septoplasty/turbinates and FESS with Dr Shahidi - Chatswood, AU

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Can't believe I'm doing this!! Surgery is booked...

Can't believe I'm doing this!! Surgery is booked on the 5th of December with Dr Shahidi!

So I have always hated the projection of my nose, ,y nose isnt terrible but I am very petite and small and I always felt (even family) that my nose was terribly big for my face. I swear it even makes me seem more serious looking. What motivated me to finally doing this is an injury actually. I had trauma to my face where my septum got slightly bent out if place causing terrible sinunitis infections.

I saw an ENT in Norwest ENT first and saw DR Roth. I found his attitude terrible and very incompetent. He even tried telling me I didn't have a deviated septum. So I looked up Sme more surgeons and found Dr Shahidi, he showed me with a camera where the deviation was and how my nose was almost completely blocked. He was very professional and honest. His receptionist Raleigh, was also ver pleasant and welcoming, every time I speak to her she is like catching up with a friend. She is so sweet.

I wanted to go ahead with Dr Shahidi because he specialises in nose surgery and seemed to have a very good reputation. I have seen a few reviews online that say he is great. I don't think I could do this if I wasn't confident in my surgeon.

I'm soo freaking scared about going to have surgery. I have never had a broken bone, been seriously ill or needed surgery. So I'm freaking out a lot. I plan on eating very well ( I'm a health nut) so green smoothies before surgery to help my body cope with it all. I'm going to be a neck pillow, paw paw ointment and easy to eat foods like soup for post surgery. Arnica tablets or cream too.

Here is a modified image I redid for dr shahidi, I'm after a curvy refined nose that will fit with my small frame.

Nose that I love


Ok so it's the day before surgery and I'm pretty nervous. I keep freaking that I haven't communicated what I want and that I won't like it. I'm also really worried about it being too short and the space between my nose and top lip will be too long? This would be my most major concern. The list of things I have purchased to help post surgery are arnica tablets, ice packs, neck pillow, biotene mouth wash and pain killers.

Wish me luck!

Day 4 been a tough ride

Hi everyone, just updating you all. Recovery has been really tough. I've been vomiting, hot and cold chills and the inflammation has been terrible. I'm finally feeling better today. Feeling human. I'll give a better update soon.

Feeling much better

Hi everyone feeling much better now, moving around eating and drinking. I have been having baths so I at least feel clean but cannot wait to wash my hair. Cast comes off in three days! Yay! What is annoying for me at the moment is my teeth, that are achy and itchy, and very very annoying. Also I'm not sleeping as elevated now as it was aggregating my neck injury and giving me cerebral headaches. I'm not bleeding anymore so feel that it should be ok to sleep abit more flat now.


Also I had a huge problem with heavy pain killers. I haven't been taking them because I was feeling so sedated to the point where I could not breathe, like my breathing was laboured. Did anyone else have this problem? I normally don't take heavy pain killers

Cast is off!! ????????

Cast came off today and had splints removed, didn't hurt at all was a relief actually. The cast did stick to my skin alittle which twinged at my bruises but it was completely fine. All in all I am soo happy with my nose! It's exactly how I wanted it! Unbelievable! Just made the past week so worth it. I was so worried that my nose would turn out too straight or something hideous. Dr Shahidi is truly talented! All I have to do now is wash the gel packing out, I am half way breathing through my nose and it feels so good!

More photos

2 weeks

It's been 2 weeks! And you know what, it feels like it's been ages since I had surgery. I feel so normal it's kind of strange! I can breathe normally now as the gel packing has slowly come out each day. Now I normally have some drainage happening during the night and feel everything sitting behind my nostril in the morning so I go clean it out with warm water and then presto I can breathe :) how I can breathe is hard to describe I can definitely breathe so much better, it's not to far off how I could breathe before but seems like more is getting in and feels like I've had a fresh mint or something as the air feels cool and fresh.

I'm not how my nose will end up looking, I think it's quite deceptive. Some days it look alittle bulbous some days it's pointy some days curved and some days I freak out going oh know it's too straight! I really hope it's just swelling because I like the curved look.

Taking photos is amazing! For the first time I don't mind taking selfies and can finally enjoy taking pictures with my family. Before I would always be paranoid about whether it was a good angle haha and now I seem to look good from any angle! Everyone says they can barely tell I've had a nose job which is good as it's looks very subtle and natural on my face. Soo happy I did this. I've been worried about my tip dropping as I heard it does this over time and I quite like the upturned look so I have been taping it up over night. Is this ok? I have my 2 week appointment on Friday so I'll update then.

2 week appointment

Ok so normally I wouldn't be seen until a month after my 1 week but because Christmas is coming Dr Shahidi wanted to see me before the break and make sure everything was progressing well.

When he saw me he was absolutely amazed at how well I looked for someone just having surgery and how quickly I am recovering. He told me that the skin will continue to shrink and the nose will become alittle more refined.

He also advised me to tape my nose up so the tip does not drop. I was doing this anyway every night so I'm glad about that. I need to do this every night for a month to 3 months.

1 month

I am so happy with my nose! I have had such positive comments from people about how natural and fitting it is to my face.

I am sneezing soo much and every time I do my nose starts running. Sense of smell is there but not strong. I have to really try to smell something eg cooking food. My nose is completely clear though. The swelling is minimal but it does swell on occasion and sometime it throbs at the tip. And I get really itchy where my stitches are healing. Also still slightly numb at the tip. Still hurts like hell when I bump it.

My nose is soo oily! It's terrible! There's so much my nose feels slimy. Im pretty sure it's from taping it and where the cast at night. I'm hoping in don't have to keep it up much longer. So sick of the 'tape my nose up before bed' routine.


Here's some more pics. My nose is still sore if it gets bumped but swelling has gone down a lot more and there is still swelling that I can feel. My nose isn't so numb either.

6 month post

Hi guys, so I'm just coming up to the 6 month mark. Dr Shahidi have me the all clear, no injections needed. My recovery has been a pretty smooth process. I still feel swelling in the morning along the bridge and tip but that's it. My nose no longer feels stiff and I have not had any infections or sinus issues at all since. It shows the FESS procedure I had
Done has really helped.

I also have so much more confidence in myself with the way I look. I just can't believe how out of balance my face was before and im so happy I went through with this!
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far he has been polite and informative. I have confidence in his ability and skill to do a great job.

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