Rhino/Septo/Turbs with Dr Shahidi. Chatswood, AU

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I had my rhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi on June 10...

I had my rhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi on June 10 2015 and am now 3 months post op and thought i'd share my experience to help others on this site as much as it helped me before/during/after surgery.

I followed the dr pre opp care instructions really carefully as I didnt want anything getting in the way. I did the following:
- no caffein
- no tea (herbal/caffein)
- no blood thinners
- drank 8-10 glasses of water per day
- kept away from smokers
- no packaged food the week after surgery
- inceased exercise
- no alcohol

The supplies I found useful were the following:
- U shaped pillow
- Straws
- Cotton tips to apply the antibiotic ointment
- face wipes (ur face gets oily)
- Tea bags (for under eyes)

Dr told me not to take anything for bruising swelling before surgery (such as arnica) and in the end I didnt really need to. I was using cold moist tea bags and drinking fresh pineapple juice which may have helped.

I initially wanted a curvey shaped nose but Dr said a straight nose would suit my face more and fit in with my forehead and chin. I trust he knew what would suit me more than I did so we decided on a straight nose but with a very very slight curve. On the surgery day he brought the slight curvy pic we generated and the straight pic we generated and said as long as i'm happy with my nose turning out something between the two and I was as they both looked way better then my original nose.

The day of surgery I was super nervous but the staff at North Shore Day Surgery were AMAZING and I could not speak of them highly enough. The anesthetic knocked me out before I knew it and the next thing I knew I was slowly waking up from the best sleep I felt I had ever had. The surgery took about 3 hours. I did not feel nauseous nor was I in any pain when I woke up except the dry throat that I was expecting. At that time I didnt even have any bruising or swelling yet. I was discharged really quickly.

The bruising started shortly after I got home and was mainly in my left eye but was minor. I looked and felt the worste on my 3/4 day. I felt congested and struggled sleeping as every time I would fall asleep my mouth would automatically close and I would wake myself up. Also sleeping on my back sitting up was not a fun time. I did not feel any nausea nor did blood drip from my nose - I stopped wearing the drip pad the 2/3 day. My bruising was almost gone after 1 week and I could slowly start to breathe out of my nose after 2 1/2 weeks.

Dr says i'm healing well and my nose should be fully healed in 1 year. I see him in October for my third follow up and I will be 4 months post op at that time.

I am currently happy with my nose because I understand it is still going through the healing process.

I would recommend Dr S to anyone looking at having rhinoplasty as he specialises in rhino, has loads of experience, produces a natural looking nose, knows what nose is right for you and won't beat around the bush.

Things to keep in mind
- the tip of my nose is still numb (3 months on)
- my face has been more oily ever since the rhino
- because I over examine my nose, it looks better some days more than others due to the swelling.

I am currently douching 1/2x per day, using scar cream 1/2x per day and taping my nose every night.

Will post updates as I continue to heal. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


As you can see, my tip drooped and I had a big dorsal hump. I didn't do anything to my nostrills and i'm glad.

My nose is still swollen and the skin still needs to shrink to my new nose.

The left side of my nose is more curvey then the right but i've always liked the left side of my face more anyways.

Let me know your thoughts.

4 Month Update

Hi all,

Just thought i'd give you all an update even though there's not much to update you on.

I had my 4 month follow up appointment with Dr Shahidi last week. He is happy with the way my nose is healing and says I won't need a cortizone injection as my skin doesn't seem to have any issues shrinking to the new bone.

It seems that now the swelling is manly in the tip of my nose which sometimes makes it stick out but I was expecting this to happen. Dr S said there is nothing you can do to speed up the process and that that's the area that takes the longest to heal. It's still got that stiff/numb feeling.

Sometimes I see a slight bump from a certain angle. I think this may be swelling as Dr S said that if you cant see it from every angle then it's not the bone and FYI I havn't hit it to date (knock on wood) yayyy ! I nearly dropped my phone on it though... Thank god I didn't!

I've uploaded a 'before' and current 'after' picture. Note the tip will settle more 'in' as the swelling subsides.

I see Dr Shahidi In another 4 months for my 8 month follow up.

Happy healing everyone !!

1 Year Update

So it's been 1 year now - how the time flys...

As the swelling has gone down, the true results show. Now it's not perfect but its a big improvement and overall I am happy.

- I cant breathe out of my right nostril like I used to as the airway in my right nostril is smaller than the left.
- I had swelling on the bone of the bridge of my nose which makes it look like a really small bump from my right side profile. i've had 2 cortizone injections at my last two follow up appointments which has been bringing down that swelling.
- the bottom of my nose does not look fully straight.

It's important to keep in mind that I had a very large bump so i'm lucky to get the result that I have as I see alot of people with large bumps like mine that still end up with a bump post op.

Dr Shahidi has been great with his follow up care.
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