31 Years Old - OPEN Rhino/Septo/Turbs - Chatswood, AU

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I have had my first consultation with Dr Shahidi...

I have had my first consultation with Dr Shahidi today. I carefully selected him after reading excellent reviews here and on his FB page, as well as based on his location (I work in the same suburb). The practice looked very clean, staff were friendly and professional. The Dr was on time. The consultation cost was $250 (I had a GP referral). It went for 30 minutes, first with Dr S. then with his assistant to discuss pricing and admin related questions. Dr S. took a few photos, looked inside my nose and then we discussed my 'future' nose. Price is a little higher than I was hoping for and the procedure seems also more complex than I thought - I was quoted for Rhino/Septo/Turbs. I didn't think I needed septo and turbs as I never had issues breathing. I do trust him given the good feedback I have read. I also asked about my (very small) double chin but Dr S. said I didn't need it - very honest. I'm thinking of having the procedure done on March 2nd at Bondi Junction Private Hospital.

2nd appointment and Surgery booked

My 2nd appointment with Dr S. is booked for Feb 5th. The surgery will take place on March 2nd at Bondi Junction. My health fund (Medibank Private) doesn't cover hospital stay ($2100) because it is a cosmetic procedure. Attached is a photo of my profile, the 2nd photo is computer generated by Dr Shahidi, of the future nose. Dr S. explained shortening my nose may make it look wider from the front - this is making me nervous. Dr. S said it will be only a millimetre or so wider on each side. I hope so. Also the tip of my nose has a 'saddle' which I'm hoping we can fix but I need to ask Dr. S. to confirm next time I see him.

Surgery is booked / D-23

Yesterday I've had my second appointment with Dr Shahidi. My surgery date is confirmed for the 2nd of March at Bondi Junction Private Hospital in Sydney.

During the appointment, first Dr Shahidi and I looked at the photos we took last time, and he explained to me what will happen on the day of the surgery including what he will be doing to my nose. I only had a few questions for him. I found out he will be performing an OPEN rhinoplasty. Lucky I asked as I had assumed it would be a closed rhino (I made the assumption because from what I read he specialises in close rhino). He explained in my case the reason for the open rhino is because he will be shortening my nose and will need to remove the excess skin (so it doesn't sag under the tip). Open rhino means I will have a scare under my nose, in between my nostrils. Dr Shahidi explained there will be about five small stiches which he will remove when the cast comes off at D+7. He said he can prescribe a cream for the scar to heal better and to minimise redness.

Dr Shahidi also confirmed he would be removing the hump, narrowing the nose, and rounding up the tip. The saddle will also be fixed (the 'dimple' in the middle of my tip). Dr Shahidi also said he would make my nostrils smaller to fit with the new nose.

I asked if the Septo and Turbo were really required as I have no breathing problems whatsoever. He explained he uses cartilage from the septum to strengthen the nose so he needs to perform the septo to get the cartilage. For the turbo, he said because we are narrowing and shortening my nose, the turbinate also need to be adjusted or I would start having breathing problems due to the reduced space for airflow once the nose is smaller.

I confirmed I want a straight nose (as supposed to a piggy nose), Dr Shahidi agrees it's what is best for my face. He explained my nose will look piggy for the first month or so because of the swelling but the tip will drop gradually. He also said there still will be a 1 mm gap between the bone and the tip to make it look natural (he said without the gap, you look like a statue).

Dr Shahidi asked again if someone would be available to look after me post-op (my husband) and he recommended my husband reads and familiarises himself with the pre and post-op procedures. He warned me I will suffer from dry throat post-op and advised to drink a lot of pineapple juice and protein shake post ops to speed up healing and recovery.

I'll be taking 2 week off-sick at work, Dr Shahidi's assistant (Riley) will email me a medical certificate (PDF) post-op (she wrote a note in her calendar to not forget). I have told my boss I was having surgery for breathing problems and didn't mention the rhino part.

I am very excited and the truth is I look forward to get it over with. I know it is going to be a tough few weeks post-op, especially the first two, so I'm already looking forward for it to be over and being happy with the new nose. I trust Dr Shahidi, I have seen his work and I know my nose will look a lot better once fixed. I'm thinking I should have done it a few years ago, but I guess I never hated my nose that much until quite recently.

Not long now: 9 days to go

In just over a week I'll be in recovery. I went into my local Chemist Warehouse a few days ago and bought some supplies in preparation for my surgery:
- arnica tablets (Brauer Natural Medicine Arnicaeze Arnica 60 Tablets)
- nasal spray
- panadol
- throat lollies
- eye drops (I wear contact lenses at work but usually wear glasses at home. However after the surgery I won't be allowed to wear glasses for a month or two).
- eye ice pack (ordered it on eBAy as I couldn't find one in the shops)
- Beurer mini Humidifier (ordered from Harvey Norman, should be delivered in a few days)

I've also prepared a neck pillow, tissues and an ice pack. I will be buying all the latest magazines next week; Needless to say I'm starting to get a little nervous. I think what I am most worried about at this stage is the discomfort from the splints and packing after surgery. I am just hoping I manage to keep myself busy enough in that first week to not focus too much on it.

Nobody knows about my surgery except my husband and a very close male work friend. I told my boss I was having surgery for breathing problems (in part true) but didn't mention the cosmetic part of the procedure. I'm hoping after 2 weeks out of the office, nobody will notice a difference.

I'm attaching some more photos of my nose currently. As you can see it is too long for my face, I have a small hump and it is slightly pointy.

Good bye old nose

It is a strange feeling to know tomorrow my life and physical appearance will change forever. I am more and more anxious about my decision, mostly because I have never had a big complex about my nose. I guess when I was living in France (till I was 23 yo), it wasn't a big deal because lots of French people have bigger nose so mine wasn't too bad compared to some friends and family etc. To be honest my Australian husband (dating for 8 years, we've been married 6 months) was the first person to ever comment on my nose. I started becoming self conscious of it after that (he hates me talking of the above as he wants no responsibility in my choice to get a nose job). Then I remember my mum commenting once: I had my hair up in a pony tail and she suggested I let my hair down as it was making my nose look longer. It was only a few years ago, in 2010 so I was already 27. I remember being a little offended by her comment. I became self conscious after that - the two people I loved most thought my nose was too big for my face. In March 2014 I was on TV for a lifestyle tv show. The show was recorded over two days. The first day I left my hair down, the second day I put it up in a pony tail. After watching myself in the show I no longer go out in public with my hair up in a pony - that says it all! I do the occasional bun (see photos attached), but I mostly wear my hair down.

I have hope and confidence my shorter smaller new nose will be a better fit with my face. I am petite and the thought of having a cute small nose is exciting.

I dread recovery more than the surgery itself. I've had general anaesthesia 3 times before so it's not unknown territory. Not being able to breathe through my nose for a week is what scares me most, I hate having a dry sore throat But I guess i'll just have to deal with it. I bought pineapple juice and coconut water, throat lollies and a humidifier.

I'm hoping I heal fast (bruising, swelling). I am generally very healthy, so I should be ok.

Day 1

I had my surgery this morning at Bondi Junction Private Hospital. It is a small place with only 7 rooms, very clean with friendly and profesional staff.

Dr Kevin Lee, my anaesthetic and his nurse Kate, were the most friendly and helped me feel relaxed. Kate took me to the theatre and hold my hand when the needle went into my other hand for the anesthesia as I went in there crying from fear and nerves.

Back to pre-op, after changing into my surgery gown, taking my blood pressure and controlling my heart rate, the hospital nurse advised it would be preferable to remove my contact lenses (i haven't put them back on yet - I'm far sided, minus 3 on each side).

Dr Shahidi then came in, he was much more personable this time and gave me a few taps on the shoulder. He had a print of the before and after photos with him. He said he would start by doing a closed rhino and would open if required, to cut the extra skin that may hang from shortening the tip. I was surprised as he did said during the 2nd pre-op appointment that it would be an open rhino (and yes it ended up being OPEN so I do have a scar under my nose).

I was asleep a few seconds after the needle went in. Surgery went for 1.5 hr apparently. when I woke up I was thirsty, the nurse gave me a sip of water (through a straw) and then a lolly as my throat was dry and a little painful (it was actually way better than I imagined it would be). After taking my blood pressure a few times (maybe every 5 or 10 min), she said Dr S. was fine with me returning to my room. They also called my husband so he could come and stay with me until discharge. I stayed in my room for maybe 1.5 or 2 hrs. They gave me a glass of limonade and a small toasty soft sandwich - which was nice.

The biggest discomfort at that point was having to breath from my mouth only - I never do! But I'I'm getting used to it and have struggled less since being back home.

Dr Shahidi checked out on me before i was discharged from the hospital and said he had shortened my nose as much as he could and couldn't go any further or I would have had a 'fat' nose otherwise. He explained that my skin would now need to shrink and that might take a while, although he has cut some (open rhino) and 'tucked some inside the nose' (not sure what he meant by that). He said because of the skin having to fit to the new nose I'd have to tap my nose everyday after we remove the cast (i think he said to do this for 1 month but not sure now, will ask again). I don't have an appointment for the cast removal yet but he said it is likely to be on Tuesday next week. He said he would explain taping then and would remove stiches then too.

The anesthetic gave a meds prescription (antibiotics, panadeine forte, ointment and nasal spray). Before leaving the hospital and removing the 7+ cm needle from my hand (finally! ), the nurse changed the drip pad (it was clean) and she put a new one. She said I don't seem to bleed much.

I actually started bleeding on the way home (35+ min drive or so) but it stopped once I settled at the recommended 45 degree angle, on the sofa.

I iced my eyes on and off all day (maybe not as much as I should have as I felt bored sitting there with my eyes closed). My upper lip and front teeth where numb till about 5 pm.
I used the air humidifier all day, I think it helped as my throat hasn't felt too bad. I also sipped on coconut water and pineapple juice mixed with water all day (using a straw). I had a smoothie for dinner but also was able to chew a small piece of cake.

I'm procrastinating on going to bed, it's past mid night as I'm scared of waking up from chocking when I accidentally close my mouth (happened all afternoon on and off when I was dozing off on the sofa). I plan to leave the air humidifier on in the night and will keep water near by too. I changed my drip pad after brushing my teeth and took my medication with dinner including arnica tablets.

I feel more and more congested since late afternoon and starting to feel the swelling begin around my eyes and forehead.

I'm dreading tomorrow but will see how I feel.

Day 2

Still no visible bruising but my whole face feels swollen now, especially between my eyes and around my chicks. It creates a lot of pressure under my cast.
My nose feels 'raw' and tender, especially the tip and nostrils With a burning sensation inside the nostrils.

I have been eating smoothies, home made fruit purée and ice cream today.

First night sleep last night was terrible due to a dry sore throat, I woke up every few minutes till the morning. Luckily I had a good nap this afternoon on the sofa.

I've started spraying inside my nose a couple of times today but it makes the dried blood run down my nostrils which is really gross - I nearly fainted earlier...lucky my husband was at home and took me to lay down.

I've also applied the antispectic ointment to my scar this morning but same thing it really grosses me out as my nostrils are filled with blood. I wish Dr S. had given me better instructions on how to clean my nose as I am hesitant to touch the area too much.

I am taking all the medication including pain killers (which don't do much it seems, maybe it relaxes me a little).

I'm hoping tomorrow doesn't get worse. If it's the same it should be manageable.

My nose starts bleeding whenever I sit up right or stand for more than 5 min so I spent most of the day on the sofa.

Cast is to be removed on Day 8 which seems so far away but at least it gives me time to heal.

Day 3

Today has been pretty bad except I slept well last night as well as on and off during the day :-) thanks to Panadeine Forte, haha. The codeine knocks me off. I never take meds so maybe I am more sensitive to it.

My whole face feels like it's going to burst. It is very swollen from eyes to cheeks, every part of it is tender. I don't have visible bruising just a yellow tinge under my eyes. My nose is extremely congested, it's popping my ear whenever I swallow.
My lips are dry but luckily my throat is not too bad - something I was very worried about, so big relief here.

My nose feels runny all the time. I have been spraying it a little but the dried blood and dripping really grosses me out. It looks disgusting, I wish I could have a nurse looking after me! My nostrils are not clean and I feel really uncomfortable cleaning in there. I get paranoid about the stitches etc.

I have removed the drip pad this afternoon after talking with Dr S's receptionist on the phone.
She also recommended I switched the Panadeine Forte for Panadol to avoid drowsiness during the day.

My husband has been looking after me for the last 3 days which is great as I felt very weak and disorientated. He is going back to work tomorrow so I'lI have to look after myself.

I've been resting on the sofa all day again, icing my eyes now and then, it relaxes me and helps me sleep.

I'm really hoping tomorrow will be the start of feeling better.

Day 4

I'm feeling pretty much the same as yesterday.

On the bright side the face swelling seems to be going down slightly but the pressure between my eyes were the cast sits is still great at this stage. I am quite yellow and puffed up under my eyes but i definitely have had no 'blue' bruising.

I have got used to breathing through my mouth and sleeping at 45 degrees so really the only issue is the nose pain itself. I still take panadol 3x a day. The nostrils and tip feel raw and tight, kind of pulled up even. I wonder if the internal splints are what create so much pressure and discomfort.

The congestion / runny feeling is starting to drive me crazy. It's going to be a long wait till Tuesday afternoon. Inside the nose looks as gross and bloody as before.

I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow. Surely the healing is well underway by now. I spend most of the day resting down on the sofa which is fine, I am quite relaxed and not too bored. I can't say the days are going fast but I try to enjoy being off work and doing nothing.

I am trying not to think too much about the end result and I avoid looking in the mirror from the side at this stage. I'm also trying to prepare myself for temporary disappointment - I always have had high expectations and I tend to be hard to satisfy (e.g when I get my hair or make up done etc.). I"i'm just hoping Ifeel comfortable enough to get back to work on March 16th.


Let's be honest, recovery from rhino/septo/turbo is a little bit hellish! I don't want to sound like a princess but I am struggling big time with the discomfort and the pain! Today has been pretty much the same as yesterday and as the day before. Wasn't it supposed to become easier from D4 onwards?

The only noticeable improvement tonight is my cheeks starts to feel a little less swollen (i can move my mouth more, it actually feels a little good). The all over tightness is slightly going down. Except perhaps in between my eyes and on my nose.

The worst part of the recovery process is definitely feeling like the inside of my nose is "burning" and slightly dripping ALL THE TIME. My patience is definitely being tested here.
The burning sensation is worrying me heaps. It feels so raw, irritated, painful and creates a lot of tension on my tip (feels like it's being pulled upward all the time). I called the surgeon's office today (first time) as I was genuinely worried and i was very disapointed to receive a rather apathetic answer from the Practice Manager: 'just take your pain killers'. Well actually I have been.

In addition to the pain, nothing new here but I can barely breath, because now it seems my throat is starting to be clogged up by snot or something, I can't taste anything funny or else but it just feels restricted and annoying as I can't swallow properly even my own saliva (the ears are still popping every time I swallow too). Like when you have a cold.

Needless to say I didn't sleep well last night,again, my mouth gets massively dry and I wake up from dehydration or something! Seriously. I have been getting up every 2 hours to wipe drippings from my nose (making he skin feel so itchy and irritated under my nostrils), fill up a glass of water and get more ice for my eyes (the only thing that calms me a little at night). The air humidifier doesn't seem to be doing much when I sleep for some reasons. Maybe I get too hot at night so i get more thirstthy. Or maybe I need to sit straighter in bed. Not sure. I did take the panadeine Forte last night but the night was still awful. I swtiched back to panamax but I think I may need to take it a bit more often as feel a lot of pain.

I counting down the days till Tuesday afternoon: all I want is for the internal splints to be removed! I suspect they are the cause of all my pain! I'll have to be very patient for another 3 days. Oh and I can't wait to wash my face and hair too!

Day 6

Nothing much to report today. Things are the exact same as they were yesterday. Still very yellow under the eyes. Swelling is going down heaps, I can now move my mouth a lot more, still feeling a little numb around the nose indeed.

I feel a little better also because I read a review from someone in Australia who has experienced the exact same thing as me in terms of the intense burning sensation inside the nostrils, with extreme tickling / itchy feeling (it feels actually really painful). She said her Dr told her to take antihistamines. I won't take any, but i can imagine it is what people with allergies may go through. She also said it means the nose heals faster - I don't know if this is true but I'd like to believe it!

Still counting down the days till the splints removal, 2 full days to go which seems now a little closer - at last! iI still think this is going to be the best feeling in the world, haha.

I have started looking more at my nose. The right nostril is larger than the left one. It may be because the cast doesn't go down as much on that side so it's leaving it to open up more or maybe just uneven swelling. My nose seems a lot shorter now even with the cast on, I was actually telling my husband today 'what if my nose is too short now', haha!
So I went into Dr S' s app and played around with profile photos, even got myself a piggy upcurled nose to get use to it in case the swelling make it that bad In the next few weeks. Overall I'm pretty confident it will look very nice, I know my profile will be improved And that's essentially wgat I wanted given that I wasn't very unhappy with the front. But I won't lie I am now nervous about having a fat nose from the front, at least temporarily due to the swelling but I guess it was already a little big so it shouldn't make a huge difference. I'm hoping my skin won't play up too much but I am not too worried about it, and taping my nose each night will help it adapt to the new shape indeed.

It's a learning curve and I think everybody's experience is still a little different - the proof is the level of pain I have encountered Vs. what most people talk about.

Day 7

By now you must all be sick of reading me whinge. Maybe I should have put a warning in the review title 'low pain tolerance' haha.

In the 2nd part of today, i've started feeling a throbbing pain in my nose. The sweeling i guess. Or maybe the nerves reconnecting or the tissues healing - who knows?
A lot is happening under the cast and not just in the inside of my nose. I can tell you that.

Only 1 more day (2 sleeps) till cast removal. I can't wait for some relief, it's been a long long week. Worse than I had expected to be honest, but I'm confident things will be much better once these bloody internal splints are finally out. I'm starting to also look forward to the cast being removed too as it's creating some pressure on the internacorner of my eyes. My only increasing concern is my nose might double in size as soon as it gets free space to do so!

But surely 1 week post op, things will start to settle, not begin. Anyway, let's wait and see.

Ps: I have a painful cut on my lip - the outcome of having a super dry mouth at night. It distracted me from the nose pain all day, at last!

Day 8 - unexpected distracting news today

Only 1 more sleep till cast removal! Hooray!

The inside of my nose, at the opening of the nostrils, has been quite dry/crusty in the last couple of days, I hope that won't make it difficult for Dr S. to remove the internal splints tomorrow (the thing I look forward to most!) :-) I have been using the nasal spray so I don't think I did anything wrong. Well I'm sure he can moist it all before removal, so I'm not too concerned.

I have now finished my antibiodics and will keep taking arnica for a few more days, till the yellow tinge below my eyes is totally gone (it's homeopathy so it won't hurt! ).

Today was an eventful day at home, distracting me for the discomfort. I found out (with a phone call) that I have been made redundant along with 65 other people in my department at work. So i will never have to get back to the office again - I no longer have to worry about work colleagues noticing a change next week, or about swelling going down too slowly in the following weeks haha. I guess the timing is kind of great in the end - new nose, new job, new beginning! And the redudancy payout kind of pay for the surgery in the end.
Anyway, it's a happy outcome, hence why I'm fine with it all :-)

i've been fully focussed on the recovery last week, this week I want to take it easy and slow to get used to the new nose (once the cast is off tomorrow afternoon). After that I'll start looking for work to start a new life. Also I'm going on a holiday to San Francisco on April 1st till April 12th (a bit scared of flying 1 month post op but should be okay) so I'm thinking to take it quite easy until then. After that I'll start looking seriously for work.

A lot of mixed feelings. But for now my main focus is seeing the surgeon tomorrow afternoon! Oh and washing my hair/face is the 2nd thing I look most forward to!!!! :-)

Day 9 and 10

Cast removal on Tuesday went as expected. A little shock when I saw my nose for the first time but I was prepared for it so I didn't get upset at all. I know it will change a lot in the next month and tge Dr has reinforced that.

I have to keep wearing my cast (taped to my nose) at night and whenever I am home to encourage the swelling to go down and the skin to shrink and adapt to the new shape. I have to do this till my next appointment on April 16th (I'll be 6 weeks post-op).

I have to take more antibiotics for another week and to 'douche' my nose with saline solution 4 times a day until April 16th too. This has helped a lot already in the last couple of days. I can now breathe 50% through my nose already! I am so so happy about not feeling congested anymore that it distracts me from obsessing over the shape of my new nose.

My nose is bruised, bruising increased after cast removal.

Being able to shower normally again is very pleasant, however my skin is a little strange on the nose, very sensitive obviously and a little oily/bumpy.

Let's talk how I feel about the results so far because I think you all want to know!
There is a little bump where my hump used to be, I'm hoping this is just swelling and not because Dr S didn't shave enough bone off.the nose is definitely much shorter with a more defined tip. I am very happy the saddle was corrected (he said that gave him a hard time and took a lot longer than expected to fix it, he had to all sorts of things etc). The tip is a little high at the moment showing the nostrils a lot but I know it will drop. The bridge is wider than it used to be, definitely it has to be from the swelling as Dr S did narrowed that part of the bone. The nose is very straight between the 'in between the eyes area' (I don't the name for it) and the bridge of the nose. But that must be from the swelling too. It's one of the two things that shocked me the most when I first saw myself. The 2nd most upsetting thing was that my nose looks slightly tilted to one side. My husband noticed it immediately too. I'm hoping it's just the swelling. I'm a bit worried because I recall Dr S saying in the 2nd pre-op appointment that my nose was slightly tilted and he wouldn't be able to correct it. The truth is before he mentioned it to me that day I had never ever noticed it before (my face is not very symmetrical so I never paid much attention to this). Now I'm just hoping the new nose won't make the tilted aspect more obvious or visible :-( thenostrils are currently of irregular and uneven shape, one is higher.

I am not freaking out, I know it will all change for the better and I have faith in Dr S.

My husband said my nose looks 100x better from the side already which was nice to hear. He always thought my nose was too long, it was but no longer us! :-)

I asked Dr S. how he would have rated my old nose on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 is perfect). He said it was a 6 and the new nose will be a 8. I think he is just being modest about the new nose ;-)

I'll post another update in a few days.

Starting to like the new nose

The swelling has gone down a tiny bit between my eyebrows. The yellow bruising on my nose has faded a lot today in comparison with yesterday.

I'm happy with my profile already. The tip is a little high, showing the nostrils, but it likely to come down So I am not concerned.

The 3/4 view looks pretty good too.

From the front the nose still looks like my old one, except I have no sadle And it projects a little less. The slight tilt to one side seems less obvious to me today which is a good Sign.

Breathing is almost back to normal, still a bit dry and congested in there but a lot better already.

The skin feels like sandpaper. Very strange sensation. I wash it in the shower twice a day but do not apply moisturiser on the nose as yet. Maybe I should? I don't know.

So far, I'm pretty happy, feeling highly confident that the result will be great.

Wearing the cast after rhinoplasty - did you have to?

My surgeon has requested I tape my cast to my nose at night and whenever I am at homefor the next 4 weeks. The purpose he explained, other than protecting the nose from possible injury, is to help the skin getting used to the new shape and to help swelling to decrease.

However, taping the cast is causing me grief - I am not sure I am doing a good job at it. It feels like the cast is just sitting there but not doing anything. The cast is obviously way too big for my nose now (the swelling must have gone down) or maybe I am not putting enough gauze between the skin and the plaster, but it's loose. I am worried to tape it to tight or in the wrong position and hurt my nose with it.

At night it doesn't worry me as much as I am lying down on my back and at least the cast feels like it's actually 'resting' on the nose - hence doing what it's supposed to do: helping the skin to get used to the new shape by pushing it down against the bone.

But during the day (on weekends, evenings) when I'm standing or walking around the house, it feels totally pointless, I can't feel it, it's loose and the tape is irritating my skin on the cheeks and forehead.

I've tried looking for video on how to do it properly but all I can find is taping straight into the skin/nose. Not using the cast.

Did anyone had to tape their cast to their nose after rhino? How did you do it?

Love my new profile - what an improvement!

Hello all,

Firstly thank you to everyone who's supported me in the last few weeks, even when I was a massive whinger in the week post surgery! Your nice words mean a lot to me, even if I don't always get to answer to every comment left on here. Life's been pretty busy since I lost my job last week.

So today I wore a little bit of make up for the first time since the surgery as I had a couple of job interviews. I didn't use my usual primer and liquid foundation (seems too early as the skin is still healing), only used a little bit of loose mineral powder.

I'm healing quite smoothly since the cast removal last Tuesday, getting back to normal.

I'm very happy with my new profile, so much shorter and no bump! The nostrils are showing a little more than I would like but that might change as the tip drops once the swelling subsides. If it doesn't, no big deal, I'm fI'm still happy to have a cute small nose. The new profile look is it a lot more feminine and a better fit with my face. I know I won't feel self-conscious about wearing my hair up anymore!

I'm still waiting for the swelling to go down more before I post a photo from the front. The bridge looks much narrower now than it did a week ago which I'm happy about but at this stage the tip is as bulbous as it was before the surgery and it seems like it 'projects' quite a fair bit from the front side. I'm hoping some of the swelling will start to subside, perhaps once the nose congestion clears. My left nostril is still quite congested, luckily the nasal douching helps a lot.

The worst part of the last week is that my nose (nostrils) in and out feels very itchy, ticklish, a lot of the time, even at night. It made me sneeze a few times, which I did with my mouth open as prescribed. I just want to rub it hard to geg the itch away but of course I can't!

Did anyone have the same problem?

I hope I won't be prone to allergies in the future when I never had any!

Day 17 - Itching is getting better, but have eyeache

Hello all,

Today the itching in and around the nostrils is slightly improving. Hopefully it keeps getting better until the feeling disappear completely. It must be part of the healing process. It's like if I had cat hairs all around my nose tickling me all the time.

I have had a strong pain in my left eye for the past two days. I wear contact lenses and I have been wearing them a lot more than usual because as you know we can't wear glasses for a while after rhinoplasty. I am not sure if the pain is related to this. I can't see anything (no redness, no swelling etc.) but I feel the pain when I blink or if I touch my eye. I will keep monitoring.

I'm getting used about wearing my cast at home, although I'm still not sure it's doing much to be honest, I doesn't really push the skin down, it's more like 'sitting there'.

I am doing Skype with Mum tonight (my parents are in France), I'll see if she notices my new nose (she doesn't know about it). I don't think she will, especially from the front and on the webcam. I have never hidden anything from her so i feel very weird about it. I think I'll tell her now that it's done but I know she can't keep a secret and will tell my sister and all my relatives in France (which is no big deal, I never see them anyway!). I didn't say anything to Mum before because I didn't want to worry her (especially as they were travelling through Europe recently), or get influenced. She might have not understand why I wanted to change my nose given that I have never complained about it during the 23 years I lived at home.

I've got some more interviews lined up and luckily my smile is getting back to normal, so that might help me landing my dream job, haha.

D18: swelling update

Photos are Top left to right D18, D16, bottom D14, D12

the slop seems to be getting more defined.

The photo from below, taken today, shows the nostrils are currently very uneven, it seems to be because the tip is very swollen on the left side (like a ball). I wonder if it's related to the left nostrils still having heaps of gunk in it.

The eye pain I mentioned yesterday seems to be a zye on the bottom eye lid :-( bad timing for my interviews. I haven't had one since 2007! I'm putting some antibiotic Chlorsig eye ointment on it, i hope it will help.

I'll get there! Patience!

How are you all doing?

Update: 3 weeks post-op

Sadly there has been no progress with the swelling of the tip - it actually looks very weird at the moment because of the unevenness which is becoming more and more obvious when I am posing straight, from the front. The extremity of the tip is very bulbous still but one of the sides of the tip has shrunk a lot in the past 3 days so it looks very weird, like if I had a chunk of nose missing on the side...hard to describe. My husband noticed it straight away After ut happened. it's a little upsetting but nothing i can do so i try not to pay too much attention to it and I'm monitoring.

It's not visible from the side view.

By the way I'm posting only photos of the sides I'm happy with at the moment.

overall I'm being very patient :-) and taking photos only every couple of days! :-p

I use the sinus nasal douche with the saline solution religiously, 200 ml per nostrils 4 to 6 times a day! Because I'm not working I have time to do it often. I'm Still congested, mostly with dry mucus, especiallly the left side.

Scar tissue has formed on the columella, creating a small lump of skin. I still use the antibiotic ointment (worked great on my eye stye too which was lucky!)

I sneeze a lot more than usual because of the constant itch...it feels like I have cat hairs tickling my nose, in and out.

I only use light make up occasionally (loose mineral powder) and a very gentle exfoliant.

My nose (bridge) swells a bit overnight when I don't sleep elevated.
I'mm not drinking alcohol byt eating my usual diet.

Happy to answer any questions if you have any.

Day 25: update

Swelling of the tip seems to be going down a little. The nostrils are looking a little more even (shape and size). I'm happy about that. The supratip is still hard on the top and on the front but soft on the sides of the nostrils.

My skin is still a little raw. Also does any of you have large pores on your nose? I seem to have what is called 'strawberry nose' - I'd like to find out if there is a way to minimise the size of the pores. Only my tip suffers from this condition and I'vI've always had it. I noticed it more at the moment because I'm not using liquid foundation to cover up.

I drank alcohol for the first time since the surgery last night. I was a little bit anxious of the possible side effects (swelling) but I didn't really notice any. I had 3 glasses of white wine as I was out with friends for a few hours.

I'm still very yellow/dark under my eyes, one of my friends commented. I did noticed it too, makes ne look a little sick.

My smile is back to normal but my forehead is still a little rigid, I can't really frown. Maybe that's why I think I look different.

Today I'm attaching photos from the front, I was a little tipsy last night so I look more "relaxed" for the first time since the surgery.

How are you all doing?

Flying internationally at 1 month post

I'm flying from Australia to the US (16+ hours) on Wednesday, for a holiday, I'll just be 1 month post-post op by then. I'm a little concerned but my nose has been doing great in the last couple of weeks so I think everything should go smoothly In the plane.

Dr S. recommended I took a nasal spray on board with me as the air can get really dry in an airplane.
I'm taking my neck pillow and will keep doing the nasal sinus douche once in San Fran (hoping to be able to do it twice a day at least, I'll be there 10 days). I'm also still using the antibiotics ointment, i like having it with me, it's tiny and efficient (worked a great deal on my eye stye!).

I can't wear sunglasses yet but I'll take a hat and will make sure I wear sunscreen on my nose. We'll travel to the Napa Valley and to Sonoma Valley to do some wine tasting but it seems I'm fine with drinking a little alcohol now :-)

I think I picked the best time to have my surgery as I was able to use 2 weeks (out of 5) of cumulated sick leave before my role was made redundant. Then I didn't have to worry about going back to work or about people noticing the change. I was able to use the nasal douche at home whenever I wanted for the next 3 weeks and got heaps of rest. Now I'm glad to annonce I have found my 'dream' job, haha, and I'm starting on April 13th, the day after I return from the US (let'shope jetlag is kind to me). Overall I couldn't have asked for more! Everything lined up perfectly from a timing point of view and I'm totally ready for a fresh new start!

Feeling very grateful. There will be challenges ahead as the new job is a much more senior position so I'll be working very hard but in 2015 my goal was to move forward and it seems I am!

Ps. The photo is
top: after, at D23 (still a bit dark under my eyes especially with no makeup on and a crap camera)
bottom: before

The tip is obviously still swollen but it doesn't look too different from before so at least the change is subtle.

Dark Circles under eyes 1 month post-op

After my friends' comment on Thursday and looking at more photos from the last couple of weeks, I realise how obvious the dark circles under my eyes are - it makes me look tired and sick. I have never had that problem before and it is starting to worrying me. I read from surgeons answering questions on the forum here that it can take up to 6 months to subside. Time to invest in a good light concealer me think!

Is anyone else having the same issue?

Very bad swelling after flying

I'm 1 month post-op. Everything was going very well, swelling has subsided a lot and my nose was starting to look really good *see photo attached* .......until I took a plane for 16 hours!!!!

OMG my nose just swell so so so much in the plane, it became hard, sore and big! I flew from Sydney to San Francisco for a holiday, it's been 2 or 3 days since i landed and the swelling has barely gone down since. I'm feeling super ugly and concerned, especially because I still have to fly back home to Australia in a week and I'm so worried to experience this again! I'mI'm hoping it won't affect the final result, especially in terms of the skin shrinking down to adapt to the new shorter smaller nose.

Luckily I did not get any sinus pains, i used a nasal spray regularly to keep a little moist in the plane as recommended by my surgeon. I've obviously been nasal douching again since I landed as well as wear my cast at night and sleep with several pillows. Still my bridge and tip are swollen, hard and tender.

I'm feeling very down about it because a couple of days before flying I was really starting to like the result *photo taken on Monday in Sydney*.

Anyway, I have to be patient and wait for my nose to get back to normal and then fly again (to go back to Australia) :-( :-( :-(

6 week Post-Op update

- The flight back from my holiday in the US resulted in some more swelling of the nose. I iced it in the plane this time and it seems to have helped a little.
- My nose feels pretty clear inside, i can breath fine (but still not as well as i could before the surgery).
- the itchy feeling inside the nose has mostly subsided. I still sneeze a few times a day.
- I still use the Nasal saline rinse solution 3 to 4 times a day to clean my nose.
- In the past few days i've started getting that weird burnt smell inside my nose.
- The dark circles under my eyes and on my eyelids are still an issue. I use makeup to cover it up.
- i'm back to my normal full make up routine including primer and liquid foundation.
- i still sleep slightly elevated and using the travel pillow, i sleep on my back and sides.
- the dent on the right side of my tip is still there and quite visible from some angles, i'll ask the surgeon about it.
- i'm seeing my surgeon next Thursday (pushed by 1 week), this means i'll be 3 weeks late on my 1 month post op check up. Not a big issue i think.
- the front of tip feels tender and hard.
- i can feel little bumps on several spots on the bridges (not visible).
- the nostrils are still very uneven (due to the uneven swelling)

Overall i think i'm healing normally, i'll let you know what the Dr says next week.
How are you all doing?

8 week post-op: filler + cortisone injections

Two days ago I had my first appointment with Dr S. since cast removal. I am nearly 2 month post-op.

My nose has been very swollen in the last week and on Thursday, for some reasons, it was at its worse! I am not too sure why it’s been so swollen, maybe I am not sleeping with my head elevated enough (I use a few pillows, but I tend to ‘sink down’ in the night as I get confortable).

Dr S. gave me a cortisone injection in the tip for the swelling. There has been no visible improvement since the injection, but it has only been 48 hours.

i mentioned before i had a very noticeable dent in one side of the tip, near the nostril. It appeared 2 weeks after the cast removal. I thought it was normal and due to the uneven swelling, so I didn’t worry about it. But sadly, I was wrong thinking it was nothing alarming, and Dr S. had to urgently do another injection, with filler this time, to correct the issue. He explained my skin had shrank on that particular spot and it created an indentation instead of healing smoothly. He seemed concerned about it so now I am freaking out. The filler has mostly corrected it although it is still visible and a little indented/uneven. I have no idea if the filler is a permanent solution or if the dent will appear again. Dr S. wasn’t really clear so I guess I’ll wait and see.

I started taping my nose at night after Dr showed me how to do it. I must have taped too tight as I woke up with a bruise on the corner of my eye :-(

On a positive note, Dr S. said the inside of my nose is looking good and so is the scar. I bought the scar cream to help but I’m wondering if it’s not too late as it has been nearly 2 months since my surgery and the instructions on the packaging suggest it should be used on ‘fresh’ scar.

I will keep using the nasal douche once a day or more and will tape my nose each night. I challenged Dr S. about taping as many surgeons suggest it is a placebo. Dr S. said it may be a placebo but he said it’s better trying than doing nothing as it may work with reducing the swelling.

My next appointment is in 11 weeks’ time (July 2nd) which will be 4 months post-op for me.

If the dent appears again, I’m planning to call him and ask for an earlier appointment as I’m genuinely concerned about this issue affecting my end result.

Has anyone had similar issue with dents or had some filler? Did the result last? Has anyone had a cortisone injection in their tip? How fast before you saw some improvement ?

12 week post-op: 2nd filler injection for dent

Two weeks ago (at 10 week post-op) I saw my surgeon again for a second filler injection to further correct the dent on the tip of my nose. Dr S. advised the filler was not a permanent solution (the permanent solution is for my skin to heal in the correct position) but Dr S. expects the filler to last a while as it is an area that doesn't 'move' much. so hopefully my skin won't try to shrink again and will just heal normally.

The issue I am really concerned about is a 'blister'-like area near where the dent was. The skin is discoloured (whiter than my normal skin) and hanging like a blister, like if it was filled with air or liquid. I have had this since Day 12 post-op. Dr S. says he is not concerned about it but I am really hoping it goes away eventually as it is currently quite visible. I'm seeing the Dr on July 2nd and will ask him to do something about it as it is really bothering :-(

Other than that, I am very happy about the side view of my nose. I LOVE not having a bump and having a shorter nose. From the front, I am still very swollen, especially in the tip (hard and sensitive) and my nose looks quite similar to what it was before the surgery (except now I have this stupid blister).

I tape my nose every night (although I think taping is a placebo). I have now stopped sleeping elevated, and to be honest I'm back to my old bad habits of sleeping on my stomach! I can't help it, it's so comfy!

My breathing is not great, I always feel congested but I am being patient. I think my nose will eventually clear out.

Overall, I am very happy, the only think I dislike is the stupid blister!

How are you all doing?

16 weeks post-op (3.5 months)

I thought I would give a quick update:

- the swelling has gone down a lot but is still uneven (the right side of my nose is a lot more swollen). It is quite obvious from the front.

- the dent on the right side of my right nostril is still visible and so is the 'blister' like skin (I came to the conclusion that the blister is in fact loose spare skin resulting from my nose getting shortened.

- my breathing is still not as good as what it was before the surgery. That is because my nose is still very 'congested' on the inside, and I'm not sure how I should clean it. I'm still using the saline solution with the nasal sinus douche twice a day but I feel like there are 'crusty' bits / mookies inside (sorry for the details) that I would really like to get rid off but I don't know how. I don't want to pick my nose, it feels all tight and weird in there, haha. I will ask my surgeon to clean my nose if possible when I see him next.

- I am very happy with my new profile. I love not having a hump and my nose is shorter and more defined. I feel more confident and it suits my face better.

- I am seeing my surgeon on my 4 month anniversary, July 2nd. I will ask him to do something about the dent/skin blister thing and also about cleaning my nose.

How are you all doing?

Photo: before / after

Left is before, right is 4 months post-op

Photo: before / after

6 month post-op (3rd cortisone injection, 4th filler injection)

Hi All

Today I’m 6 month post-op. Sorry for the lack of update, life got busy.
- I saw my surgeon on July 2nd (4 month post-op) – he gave me a 2nd cortisone injection (to reduce the swelling) and a 3rd filler injection (for the dent in my tip).
- I saw my surgeon on August 27th (6 month post-op) – he gave me a 3rd cortisone injection and a 4th filler injection for the dent.

The swelling was still very uneven with the right side of the nose much more swollen. During my last visit, Dr Shahidi said he was happy with the left side but injected cortisone to get the tip and right side down. It seems to have worked as my nose is much smaller now but excess skin on my nose is now becoming obvious on the right side. To the touch it’s feel like loose skin (as supposed to tight and attached to the nose).

Also I thought I would write a quick summary of why I’m getting filler injections:
- On one particular spot of the tip, the skin has shrunk too fast within 2 weeks post-surgery. I thought it was part of the normal healing process as Dr Shahidi said healing would be a slow process, and not to worry about anything, that the swelling would be uneven etc. etc. etc.
- The result from the skin shrinking too quickly on a particular area created a large dent in my tip.
- Only when I saw the Dr again (2 month post-op – which I think was way too late for a first follow up appointment), the Dr freaked out about what had happen but it was too late, or was it?.

Since then I have had filler every time I saw the Dr (4 times) to fill the dent. Another related issue is a ‘blister’ like patch on my tip right near where the dent is. Basically it’s excess skin (I had my nose shorten significantly) not healing properly. I have had it for 4 months or so, it is quite obvious as the area is discoloured and looks like filled with air.

When I saw him last week I asked if he thought I would need revision surgery to overcome this problem, he said 10 to 20% chance. His argument is he is in control of the bone and cartilage during surgery but then how the skin heals is out of his hands.

To be honest, I was never warned about this type of complication, he never said I had thick skin or whatever. I guess it must be rare, I just got unlucky. I mean don't get me wrong I still love my results, my nose is way better than it used to be and I love my new profile.

My concern is because the filler is not permanent, will I have to pay for filler injections every couple of months for the rest of my life?
Anyway, I try not to think too much about it, I have another 6 months ahead for it to heal naturally.

FYI – Dr Shahidi doesn’t charge for cortisone injections or filler injection for the first year post surgery. After the first year, I was told I will have to pay for follow-up consultation, injections etc.

My next appointment is November 27t (I'll be 8.5 month).

Has any of you had a similar experience or heard of any?

6 month post-op: issues with healing

Sorry for the late update. Attached is a photo taken a few days ago (no make up on) that clearly shows the issue with the skin not shrinking properly to the new bone structure on one side.

Has anyone had a similar issue? I'm 6+ month post op.


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