Rhinoplasty 30 Yr Old Female - Chatswood, AU

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Hi everyone I have been wanting to get my nose...

Hi everyone
I have been wanting to get my nose done for the past 10 yrs and now that i am living in Sydney i thought it was time to bite the bullet. My surgery is in 2 days so i am naturally feeling a little nervous. I definitely have a tricky nose to work - i have thick oily skin and no tip, i've always been self conscious of it drooping down when i smile so hopefully Dr Shahidi can improve on it. He was very realistic in that with my skin the results will take a little longer to show. Fingers crossed all goes well!

computer generated before and after

So this is my digitally modified before and after. As you can see my tip is super down turned, kinda like having walked into a door ha! I really don't want a majorly up turned nose just a slight lift so it doesnt hang down so much. I opted out of an alar reduction (i was on the threshold) as i think a slightly wider nose is a little more youthful xx

Day of surgery!

I had to be at north shore day hospital for 6.30 and ended up leaving at 12.00 was so so nervous before hand but everyone is lovely. Dr shahidi spoke to me before and after and put my mind at ease. Currently at home trying to fight feeling nnauseous but otherwise all good! Hope you're all ok xx

Days 1-5 post op

Thought I'd post a quick update seen as i get my cast taken off on thursday and i'll be doing another 1 after that.
Recovery has been super smooth, i've not needed any of the heavy painkillers which is awesome as i get nauseous really easily. The first day i didnt have any swelling or bruising i did throw up blood a couple of times though, its gross but you feel way better afterwards ;-) days 2&3 i wasn't in any pain but swelling around the eyes did prevent me from wearing contacts and i am BLIND without them. Day 5 swelling heads south, my boyf said i looked like i had a mouth full of malteasers :)
It kinda blows my mind that i'm not in any pain - not sure how that's possible...
My gums are a little itchy and i have a slight smoky taste in my mouth.
Also i wished i'd stocked up on manicares cooling eye gels (they look like cucumbers) they are way better then t bags and retain the coolness for longer. I'm also not a massive fan of pineapple juice (i know - rubbish...) so i have been drinking lots of wheat grass as a substitute
A little nervous for thurs, just worried if i relayed what i wanted clearly enough and also my other half has been used to me looking a certain way for so many years. I am positive it will look better then the original though!
Hope everyones ok - shout if you have any q's
Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. Dr Shahidi was polite and well spoken. His team were also very friendly and approachable.

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