My "Do Over"

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Today starts my clear liquid to prep for tomorrow....

Today starts my clear liquid to prep for tomorrow. I'm beyond excited there aren't any words...

I have a moment last Saturday while reading labels. I wasn't prepared for that I thought the first few weeks would be easy. I love yogurt and didn't realize how few there are with less than 10grams of sugar. But I got myself together and moved on to another store.

I chose this surgery because I'm tired, I'm tired of being fat, I'm tired of not being able to keep up with my kids, i'm tired of my feet hurting at the end of the day so bad that I can't walk, I'm tired of not being able to bend over and tie my shoes.

This is it this is my chance to live again this is my due over I'll plan to do everything that it takes to get this weight off.

Like many other people I have tried everything under the sun to get my weight under control my number,my number is 40, 40 pounds no matter what I do no matter how much I do how long I do it I will lose 40 pounds and not 1 pound more.

Several people have asked what my goal weight is and the truth is I don't have a goal weight I never cared what the number said on the scale it's all about how I feel and right now I feel fat I can't do things every day that I should be able to do that makes me sad.


So today I drink a bottle of magnesium citrate at 2 pm and still have yet to go to the bathroom.... Is this normal? I did puke my guts out for hours and now my belly is just rumbling and rumbling

Almost time

So today's the day we are all in the lobby waiting for my buzzer go off- can I just say IM STARVING count down to the loser bench

See you on the loser bench ????????????

All Sleeved up

So its 2 am and I'm sleeved and sore lol. I'm sure that's to be expected. I was not prepared for how much it was going to hurt to move, sit up and wipe when I pee(I know TMI) all and all I think I'm ok and I'm ready to start this new life!! Looking forward to tomorrow


So the nutritionist said I could use the protein powder I had a home with some fat free milk but I think during my surgery I've became lactose intolerant the gas was a Horrible today!! But I'm doing ok up and moving as much as I can. I slept in my bed last night woke up at 4 am and it took forever to get outta bed I was so stiff I think I'll sleep on the couch tonight... any advice on how long the stiffness will last?

HW 275
SW 253
CW 253.2

Shower :D

Today I get to shower I'm so excited about this! Each day gets easier (once I'm up) I find myself standing in the scale several times a day I knows that's totally crazy but I just keep thinking the fat will just fall off. I'm 3 days post-op now still have yet to use the bathroom but my stomach is very grumbly today so maybe ;) I did sleep in the bed again last night and again this morning I wished I hadn't :( I'm so stiff and sore when I wake up I feel like my stomach is going to fall out!! I'm doing ok drinking I know I need to drink more water than I am but I'm getting both protein shakes in and I'm happy about that. The gas pain might be the worse but I have these gas strips that help pretty quickly.

HW 275
SW 253
CW 252
Charlottesville General Surgeon

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