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I was a late bloomer, but when I finally did...

I was a late bloomer, but when I finally did bloom, I bloomed hard. The last time I was measured, I was a 34/36 H, which is the size bra I am wearing in the pictures, but I believe I am bigger than that now due to changes in birth control. I very rarely wear underwire bras because they are so uncomfortable, and I tend to stick to industrial strength sports bras and granny bras which really are not cute. I have been experiencing low, middle, and high back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and frequent tension headaches for a couple of years and I am really hoping that getting rid of some of the weight will help relieve this. I am fairly tall (about 5'8") and have an athletic build (broad shoulders, small (relative to my shoulders) waist, with a bit of extra fat. My boobs are not proportionate to the rest of me and make me look larger than I am.

I had my initial consult in March, and my information was sent off to my insurance. I heard a couple weeks later that I had been approved for coverage. I will have to pay ~$500 still for my deductible and stuff, but that is totally worth it. I scheduled my surgery for August 5th because I am a student and I have the majority of August off which provides me with the perfect opportunity to lay in bed and recover.

I had my pre-op appt. last week and the NP went through pre-op and post-op procedures and informed me that I will stay over night at the hospital (a 23 hr stay, still counted as outpatient) so that my pain levels can be monitored and regulated and so the surgeon can meet with me before I am discharged. I am very glad I will bot have to do the 30 mile care ride directly after surgery. She also told me that ~850 grams would be taken from each breast. I am not positive what this amounts to, but I know I have dense breasts, so I hope it is enough. The NP told me to make sure the surgeon knows before surgery what size I am hoping for (fingers crossed for a D, a DD would be ok too!) so that if there is any wiggle room once she gets in there she can make things go my way.

I am nervous about the anesthesia as I have never had surgery before, and I am a little nervous about the results. Although these boobs have been a literal pain in my neck, they're all I've known and I am crossing my fingers for good results. I don't care about scarring, but I am hopeful that when I have kids I will still be able to breast feed at least a little bit. I have weighed the pros and cons and I am ready and excited for this procedure to be done.

I have attached some before pictures!


I failed to proof read my post, so there a couple typos... sorry about that! The main thing I'd like to correct is when I said 850 grams, I actually meant 850 ccs, which is a much more standard unit of measurement for this surgery anyways. Still not sure how to conceptualize how much that is, but I will see in 10 short days!


I have 8 more days in this body. So weird to say! I have been making lists and gathering supplies like crazy. I do not want to be caught unprepared.

Some more preop pictures... I think it will be crazy to go back and compare!

6 days out!

Nerves are setting in a little bit! I find myself looking in the mirror a lot trying to figure out what I will look like with smaller boobs. It's hard to visualize! Im very excited though :)

Today's the day!

On the way to the hospital for a 5:30 am arrival and a 7:15 start time. Not too nervous! Wish me luck :)

Made it!

I'm on the other side! Still pretty groggy, but I'll do a full write up later. My dr said everything went well!

Surgery story

Okay! I arrived at the hospital at 5:30 this morning and checked in. A nurse called me back and took my vitals and got my height/weight and went to a preop room (such a beautiful hospital, prep room had its own bathroom and TV). I was given Tylenol and one other medicine and the anti nausea patch behind my ear. The anesthesiologist then came in and talked to me about the procedure. Then Dr. Vastine came in and drew on me and I told her I would like to be a D cup. I then decided I would like the anti anxiety medicine I had previously turned down just to ensure I wouldn't freak out in the operating room.

I kissed my mom and boyfriend goodbye and they rolled me up to the operating room. I remember very little of this because of the anti anxiety medicine. I don't remember getting the anesthesia or anything and then I woke up in the recovery room. I dry heaved a fair bit but did not throw up. I had trouble speaking because I was still pretty asleep, but I asked to see my mom and they took me to my room at around 11:30. I drank sips of water and ginger ale and slept on and off for a while. I felt a little nauseous still but never threw up. At some point I ate jello and a couple sips of broth. I napped a bunch and I've been in very little pain. I do have a pain killer button that I can press every 10 minutes.

I haven't spoken to the dr yet but she spoke to my mom after she was done and said everything went well. She took out about 700 from each boob. I haven't seen them yet because I'm in my compression bra and dressings, but I should get to see tomorrow morning before I'm discharged and dr vastine comes in to chat. They look so small! I feel like an a cup! It's crazy! I was assured that I am not an a cup though haha. I will likely have to keep the drains in for a week :( but it's so worth it. I'll upload pictures as soon as I can!

Day of post op pics

Can't take the bra off yet but they seem so so small! :)

I have so much torso now!!!!

1 day post op

So high up!

2 Days Post Op

Im home and was able to get a ton of sleep last night which was amazing. I am in a very tight, very uncomfortable compression bra that I have to be in for 2 weeks, so I am not loving that. I also have a bit of a rash all over my torso which may be from wither the bra or the percocet, so I have stopped taking the perc and have switched over to ibuprofen. Im having a bit of discomfort but its manageable. My incisions feel very tight and my boobs feel as hard as softballs. I still have the drains in and the countdown is on until I get them out. I have barely any output so its frustrating I had to bring them home in the first place.

Im trusting the process and hoping that each day will get easier.

3 days post op

Today was a better day! The last couple of days I was having a bit of an identity crisis. It has been so strange not having giant boobs. Even though I hated them, I had gotten used to having them around. The thought kept running through my head that I was going to look weird forever. I'm getting over this though! By continuing to look at the stories on here I know mine are normal. And I am ~fairly~ certain they are proportionate to the rest of my body. I'm not sure of size yet, maybe d? Maybe c? They do seem insanely tiny compared to what I had.

I went out with my mom to get manis and pedis in all my I showered glory and it was wonderful to get out of the house. I am very grateful to have such wonderful support.

My boobs are still very hard and high due to swelling. at times it feels like I'm going to bust open at my incisions. I will be relieved when they soften. My pain has been extremely tolerable. I'm still just taking ibuprofen every 4 hours but it seems to be enough. The drain sites are probably the most uncomfortable spots. Only three more full days with them in!

I am excited to be active! If I'm already feeling this good just three days after surgery, I know things are going to be wonderful.

I'll take some more pictures tomorrow during my daily dressing change.

4 days post op

8 days post op and feeling good!

I had my one week post op appt tomorrow and FINALLY got my drains out. The doctor said I was healing beautifully. I have minimal bruising and the swelling is starting to become less uncomfortable. Now the countdown is on until I get to take this bra-prison off... 5 days!

I feel very happy with my results. I bought a bra in a size 36dd yesterday and there is a slight bit of extra room, but the d cup was very full due the swelling I have in my upper boob. I think I will be a full d when the swelling goes down, and I believe that is the perfect size for me.

My pain is extremely minimal. I have not taken any meds for the pain since yesterday morning and the only discomfort I am feeling is itchiness, and I know that's a good thing.

Overall, I am so happy with my results and each day is getting better and better!

17 days post op

And feeling great! I can't wait to be more active. 10 more days! I know exercise is going to be so much more enjoyable with smaller boobs.

I am really loving the size and shape. I was nitpicking the other day (The dr took out more tissue from the right breast and now my left one looks slightly larger) but my boyfriend assured me they looked "perfect". That affirmation feel good :)

My areolas are puffier than before and when wearing a bra, I can see the whole outline. Has any one experienced this? In really hoping they flatten out.

When did you guys start scar treatment? My dr hasn't mentioned yet and I don't want to miss the boat!

I am LOVING trying on clothes; everything fits so well!

3 months post

Its been a while, but I wanted to post a quick update and some pictures of how everything has healed up! I am still so happy with my results. I no longer think about my boobs all day long which is a real relief. I feel like they fit my body so much better now. I can run and jump without a care in the world. I haven't bought a real underwire bra yet, but I believe I'm a 34 DD ish, which is WAY better than an H! I'm still hoping my scars will fade a it more over time, but it's definitely not a major concern. My left one is a little bigger now, which has taken some getting used to, but I have been told its really not that noticeable. Overall, this has been a wonderful and life changing journey, and I highly recommend the surgery to anyone on the fence!

7 months post

And still loving it! It's hard to believe this hasn't always been my body. My before pictures don't align with how I ever felt I was supposed to look and I am so much happier now.

I would still like for the scars to lighten up a bit more, but I am willing to be patient, and I am not overly concerned about it.
Charlottesville Plastic Surgeon

I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Vastine and the rest of the Martha Jefferson Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery staff. Dr. Vastine was honest and thorough throughout the entire process and was obviously very knowledgable. She came highly recommended, even from staff members at the University of Virginia hospital, who employ their own plastic surgeons. The nurses and nurse practitioners that work at the center with Dr. Vastine are incredibly kind and attentive. They made me feel comfortable asking "dumb" questions and spoke with me freely about what I could expect. I highly recommend Dr. Vastine and her team.

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