muscle repair and full TT has gotten my tummy to look normal!!! the journey continues...

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Hi All, im a mum of 3. my last is 3months old and...

Hi All, im a mum of 3. my last is 3months old and my Tummy has taken a good beating. i had all three kids via c-section and all three weighed over 10 pounds each. i am now looking to have work done so i can look normal again. Every time i step out, i get asked if I'm pregnant. The tummy is so huge that it is hard to conceal. all i think about now is getting a tummy tuck and muscle repair. i have reached out to a few doctors and i have been told i need to wait until i am months post partum or more. i am now on a journey to lose 25 pounds before TT, and i can not wait for today to come. here's what i look like now after 3 months following a c.s with the 3rd 10 pound baby.

My Before pictures. hoping for a mracle

i noticed the pictures i uploaded didn't


i did say i would go to the ends of the earth to find me a good surgeon to fix my diastasis, didnt i? well i have found me one in Dubai. a few of the USA based surgeons i corresponded with had fears of dealing with an international patient { incase of post op emergency issues}, well i decided to find me one that was one flight away and easy to get in and out should the need arise. my search took me to DR SABA ALMARUSH {American British Surgical and Medical Centre}. i booked a consulation and although it was suddenly cancelled and moved up by 2 days, i met her Today. my appointment was for 3pm and i arrived nice and early. i filled a form given and paid the consultation fee of 350 AED (97usd). doctor came for me 20minutes past the hour and as soon as i saw her broad and charming smile, i forgot i was upset about the wait! lol {she looks like a model and i sat there thinking, you better fix me goood sweetheart, just like you. lol} anyway, she asked me about my concerns, medical history, allergies and goals and we talked quite a bit on those. she examined me and talked extensively on the procedure i would be needing. i have a verrrry big muscle separation she says and advised to wait 6-12 months post partum before surgery for best results. apparently the longer you wait for the uterus to return after delivery, the better your TT results will be. i am to lose as much weight as possible before surgery although she didn't mention specifics so i am setting my goal for 15 kg loss which should be easy given the time i have left before surgery. i looked at her before and after photos of 2 similar cases. the first one had a FANTASTIC result while the second one not so great (untill 4 month) i of course asked why two different results for same procedure and she nicely explained that results are largely dependent on body type, muscles, tissues and so so so...well, not a pleasant thing to hear especially when you expect miracles but science is science and the truth is the truth so all i can say to that is lord!!! LET MY BODY BE THE BEST BODY TYPE FIR FOR THIS!!! [thank you lord in advance] anyway, i got my dates and quotes for the surgery @ 10,000usd for muscle repair, Low incision, extended tummy tuck and lipo of flanks, i day hospital stay, blood work and post surgery garment. (Fair deal) now, all i gats to do is lose me some 15 kgs so help me GOD!!!



decisions! decisions! decisions!

hey my fellow TT sisters, hope everyone is doing allright and healing well. i just want to say that Real self is like an addiction now, i just cant help looking in to see whats happening and in the process, i find my self checking out more doctors. one would think that after making up your mind to go with a doctor, it would be the end of the search but that's certainly not the case. for some reason i keep looking at more doctors and even requesting consultations with them. (lol) i just hope i don't get confused along the line and end up booking with 5 doctors!!!!! hahaha. that will be a first! anyway.....the addiction continues....happy healing ya'll

Now Going With DR Jonathan Saunders. Final Pick!!! December 13th cant come fast enough!

how are my fellow TT sisters doing!

Its been quite a while. The last time i updated, i talked about the fact that it is very difficult to stop researching and looking up doctors even after scheduling a date with another doctor.

well, i continued my search for other doctors because i wasn't quite certain that i had done enough research.
so after much of that search, i found Jonathan Saunders amongst others.

I spoke with and exchanged emails with the few new doctors i liked and Jonathan Saunders came out tops.

He said he'd be honored to take care of me. that was such a warm thing to say and i felt like i would be in good hands. plus his work speaks volumes so i really am sold.

my date is the13th of December and my Pre-op is on the 9th of December.

I will be flying in on the 7th or 8th and will stay for 3 weeks after surgery

All i am thinking about now is how to keep the home running whilst i am away.

I am also looking at hotels near the Christiana hospital in Newark Delaware. one that is quiet, extremely clean, roll in showers, post TT friendly (lol) and easy on the pocket. any suggestions???

I am soooo excited, i honestly wish it'll be tomorrow but i just have to wait it out.

I am still on the journey to lose 15kg.

hoping everyone is fine and wishing you all a speedy recovery.


there isnt a means of editing the state /place of surgery. it is Delaware not Charlotte


WOW, December 13th can't come soon enough. 7 weeks and i'll be a different physical being.
I will be flying out from Africa to new york in time for my pre-op on the 9th. All necessary tests and blood work will be done on the day i'm told. Here's hoping that all will go smoothly and i trust it will.

I have been obsessing about where to stay. i need a comfortable place near the Christiana hospital and shopping mall for 4 weeks. for now, its looking like the Marriott as they have ROLL IN SHOWERS. (a must for me. don't think i can climb a bath tub. Ive had 3 c sections and bathing on a tub was hectic)

I see that Newark DE is a tax free zone so i plan on doing a LOT OF shopping. hmmmmm.

Everything has been fine so far with the back and forth correspondence. Dr Jonathan Saunders must be a hearty, cheerful man going by his e-mails. his assistant too seem lively although she sometimes delays to reply emails.
my only worry was the fact that when i asked her for a list of what i might need, she said NOTHING and that bothered me.
Anyway, i intend to go to pre-op with the lonnnnnnng list i have from reading all your posts of THINGS NEEDED POST OP TT. i will have them look at it and let me know what i do need. That should be interesting. it therefore means that i will only have 3 days to buy all what i may need.

please i need help from women who had infants when they had their TT. when where you able to lift your L.O? my baby will be just over 8 months at the time of my surgery and i am torn as to what to do with him. i did buy a ticket for him just in case i have to bring him but i really don't know if i can handle not lifting him during my whole recovery time in which case, it would seem pointless to bring him, but if i travel without him, i don't know if I'll be too worried about him. i know he'll be well taken care of but still i obsess about WHAT IFS....oh lord, help me out here!
Anyway, that's my update so far, for now, its back to losing weight which by the way has not been easy. 8lbs lost so far yet no physical change. urghh! A flat tummy goes a long way i tell ya!
happy healing to all who have been under!


yes! i do have a dream! to have a smooth and successful surgery!
i do have a dream, to have a hitch free journey post TT.

i do have a dream, to be as flat as when i lay down!!!!!

damn, i was just looking at my pics today and i said to myself! "you know what? i will be happy if i can just be like this.
That's how badly i need this!!!
WELL, I'VE GOT 4 WEEKS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

progress report

before i started diet and walking in other to lose 15kgs, my measurements were thus:
around under bust - 35 inches
smallest part around tummy - 38 inches
largest part around tummy -45 inches(smh)
around the top of hip area -40inches
around largest part of hip -46inches

After 3 weeks of diet and walking, i only lost 5 kg and i wasnt too happy about it but my measurements changed so i am happy about that.
my measurements now as at 1 month pre op is :
around under bust - 33 inches(1"lost)
smallest part around tummy - 35 inches(3" lost)
largest part around tummy -42 inches(3' lost )
around the top of hip area -38 inches(2' lost)
around largest part of hip -44 inches(2" lost)

so far so good, although i wish the scale would read as much as the measurements.
i will update on measurements in 4 weeks time just before my surgery, hopefully i would see drastic results. just have to push myself harder i guess because i dont see a difference in my current photo do you?
happy healing to all who have gone under and for those before me. Good Luck!

INSPIRED by @Iferraro!

@Iferraro posted something sweet on my blog today and she sure made my day. its so good for someone to believe in you. it gives you that much needed confidence when in doubt sometimes.

for me, i sometimes look at my tummy and i wonder if mine will be THE exceptional case where an abdominoplasty wouldn't just fix it. I SO PRAY NOT!!!

It is often good to hear words of encouragement and also get support in this emotional journey so i was quite happy when i saw her post.

It is for the same reason of support and hope that i chose Dr Jonathan Saunders.
some doctors seemed unsure while others chose not to answer certain questions, a few termed my case Complicated! but Dr Jonathan beat them all because he was quite reassuring in his approach and i have much faith in hm to take good care of me and i trust he will!

I am adding before and after pics of a different kind. Before pregnancy, During third pregnancy, 7 months after the 2nd, pregnancy and 7 months after 3rd pregnancy.

this journey seems to far fetched but i will keep believing!

keep believing sisters!!!


HI Friends,
i have just been told that my 2 bedroom apartment reservation at the towers at greenville, wilmington is no longer valid.
i am very disappointed by this. i have been emailing the contact person for weeks now. she knows my dates and specifications and now i am being told that they don't have the apartment available for my 1 month stay!!! after i was made to pay an application fee of 50 usd!!! mhh! interesting!
anyway, i am now looking into hotels with suites but they are so expensive. almost 6,000usd for the month for a 1 bedroom suite which isnt even a big enough space for me and my crew.
i would certainly have preferred a two bedroom apartment since i am now coming with the kids and a help.
please did any of you use a bath tub after surgery? how did you manage that??? i requested a roll in shower but it appears that is a tall order
please let me know how climbing into a bath tub feels after surgery. i am scared of falling!
also any info as to apartments for 1 month rent in the Delaware area would be welcomed

I need Answers from post TT Ladies!

i asked a question and i am yet to get a reply.
i need to know from those who have undergone TT procedure how they managed with bathing.
did you ladies use a bath tub? or roll in shower?
was it comfortable, tedious? please let me know. i am in the process of booking a hotel and the roll in shower request seems a bit far fetched for most hotels
do let me know please
also, were you able to climb up the stairs?
thank you ladies

21 days to pre op! 25 days to Surgery!!! i just skipped a heart beat!

i was just packing up stuff for travel when my husband casually asked, Already??? i replied not quite and started explaining that i just want to make sure i didn't forget anything important.
i have a lot to pack since the kids are coming with me. 2 large boxes have their favorite play things, drinks and snacks.

i am not packing clothing items since i will be buying loads when we arrive. i will most like need another 4 extra large boxes when leaving. 3 for my new clothes to match my new body and 1 suitcase for all of them! lol

Anyway, after he left the room, i checked on my calender and realized we are 2 weeks away from traveling and 3 weeks away from pre-op and surgery.
my heart skipped a beat and i got a rush as it dawned on me that this ish is getting real! lol. i still cant wait!!! heart beat skip or NOT!

who am i fooling???? The bitter truth!

who am i kidding? certainly not me and my scale!
i have been ranting and angry that i am stuck at 4kg loss after 3 weeks of walking/running for 30 minutes daily with a 50 percent cut down on my usual size portions.
i even threatened to throw away the scale after i went to a clinic and had a weigh in which gave me 2kg less than mine at home. but for the fact that it is an expensive scale, i sure would have flung it out the fence!
well, all through last night, i thought about weight loss and read up so many articles on them and one thing kept bouncing off of the pages. CALORIES INTAKE AND OUT PUT!
i decided to count calories of all i have been eating and SHOCKER SHOCKER!!! i eat about 2000 calories a day??? whattttt??? does that mean i have been eating 4000 calories a day??? how possible is that because i have cut down on 50 percent of my feeds i insist!
well, i shared my gloom with the hubby and he told me the bitter truth(note: he is not the one to sugar coat things or even show sympathy when you need him to but oh well....he is the
he said to me, don't blame it on the scale! if you eat less, and burn more, you will lose all the weight you need to lose!!!
well, needless to say i didn't speak to him the rest of the evening again! lol but guess what? the message sank deep and that is when i started reading up on Calories!
today, i dusted my personal stair climber machine and had a 3o minutes session with the effort set at level 35.
well another SHOCKER SHOCKER, calories lost according to the bloody machine is 50! whatttt???? i said, with all the sweating and panting and aching??? gosh what have i been doing, this feels harder than 30 minutes of walking and/or running??? am i to believe that i lose only 25 calories when i walk or run for 30 mins or is this machine faulty??? lol
well, needless to say i was upset and got down of the MONSTER STAIR CLIMBER and put a call to the Cambridge diet distributor in my area.
i have an appointment tomorrow with them and i will start then.
let me see how this weight wont come off. {sigh}
question??? did anyone go on a hard diet such a this before surgery??? i hope it doesn't affect anything???
hubby says to push harder on the work out but to be honest, if i don't see the pounds falling off, i don't think i can lift my legs again. i am 6ft tall and currently weigh 212lbs

WOMAN shall not LIVE by BREAD alone!!! The Struggle continues...

I'm still on the journey to losing weight before my surgery.

I took a very good look at the Cambridge diet supplies and immediately knew that i wouldn't survive the course.

I am definitely not a liquid and porridge person so out goes the Cambridge diet.

How ever, In the zone now is the highly recommended and wonder working chemical diet (allegedly) that @BAILKENZHEN mentioned. (she has started and has lost 5lbs in 2 days!!! wooh)

I have read great reviews about it and all those it has worked for agree that when you follow it to the T, you lose 14lbs In a week.
Now that's just SO cool to know because i have been battling with exercise for 3 weeks plus and i only lost 8.8lbs (4kg).
i even gained 1kg back after i got upset and ended up eating lots of crap on the day!
isn't funny how one tends to gain weight so quickly and struggle to lose same amount?

Anyway, here is a diet that promises me a double doze of what i want.
Apparently doctors prescribe the diet for fast weight loss before surgery so it is definitely a good one to look at, BUT it is recommended for 7 days only after which you are to stay off of it for another 2 weeks.

well, seeing that i only have 3 weeks left (i wish i had come across this sooner) and therefor cannot rest for 2 weeks; I have come up with a game plan!

if and when i do lose the 14lbs the first week, i will find a way to tweak it around adding one or two light meals to the diet until i hit my goal weight for surgery which is now 190lbs. (hope the game plan works)

I am on day one. i have had my toast bread and grilled tomatoes for breakfast
its only 1pm and although i am starting to feel woozy, i am determined to stick to it.

That is why i am blogging about it so i will feel trapped to continue because i know someone might read it and ask me later about it. ( nice now! if i don't talk about it again. better don't ask me! go figure! hahahahaha)

Jokes apart, like i said, i am determined. i have already started out well, made breakfast for kids and hubby in the AM and didn't binge! i am now preparing lunch and WILL NOT BINGE
come dinner time, i will make sure i don't touch their food i promise and so shall it continue for the 1st 7 days at least.

For motivation, i am telling myself that "somethings are more important than food for goodness sake, Get a grip already!

say it with me ladies 'man shall not live by bread alone! (LOL)

WELL till my next report, stay blessed Y'all!

for anyone interested. here is a copy of the diet.

Day 1 Breakfast 1 slice dry toast and grilled tomatoes
Lunch Fresh fruit (any amount)
Dinner 2 hard boiled eggs, salad, grapefruit

Day 2 Breakfast Grapefruit, 1 boiled egg
Lunch Roast chicken (any amount) & tomatoes
Dinner Grilled steak and salad

Day 3 Breakfast Grapefruit, 1 boiled egg
Lunch 2 boiled eggs and tomatoes
Dinner 2 Grilled lamb chops, celery & cucumber

Day 4 Breakfast 2 slices dry toast, 2 poached eggs
Lunch fresh fruit (any amount)
Dinner 2 hard boiled eggs, salad, grapefruit

Day 5 Breakfast 1 slice dry toast, 2 poached eggs
Lunch 2 poached eggs & tomatoes
Dinner Fresh or tinned fish and salad

Day 6 Breakfast 1 boiled egg, 1 glass grapefruit juice
Lunch Fresh fruit (any amount)
Dinner Roast chicken, cabbage, carrots

Day 7 Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes
Lunch 2 Poached eggs& spinach
Dinner Grilled steak & salad


Abstain from anything not mentioned.
Eat only what is shown or do without.
No substitutions allowed.
No eating between meals
No alcohol
No butter milk or fat

Drinks = black tea, black coffee, lemon tea, grapefruit juice, tonic, soda or water only
Salad = lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and celery only




My Wish Pictures

okay, so i have been looking at photos all day. I do not have much to do and instead of going downstairs to the kitchen for fear of getting tempted(still on track with my diet!!!) i decided to look through real self and make me a wish pic up date.

i have chosen carefully and i hope i am not setting a standard too high to achieve but hey! if it was achievable with these hot looking ladies, i am very optimistic.

All three are amazing and i don't know which one to choose.

The best wish pic surely would have been my tummy BEFORE PREGNANCY YEARS AGO (see my profile pics) but i know that may be impossible a feat to achieve since i have gained tons of weight since then.

I hope i am allowed to post these pictures as they belong to doctors/patient. one is M2shot whom my doctor fixed real great!!!

please if for any reason the owners of these pictures frown at them or if i am not allowed to use them kindly alert me so i can take them down!
Thank you
Still Bored! (lol)
Thank you

pre surgery vitamins

HEY LADIES, Pre and Post TTuckers
Did any of your PS prescribe vitamins for you pre-surgery.
i am reading about vitamin c, folic acid and b-complex or multivitamin pre surgery in the ask a doctor forum and it seems to be a common practice. my PS never mentioned it. i have emailed him, i hope he replies quick, because i wouldnt want anything to drag me back.
i cant travel across the atlantic and not able to go through with it because i lacked a certain xxx


i have exactly 17 days until i reach the flat land. 14 days until my pre-op and i cant wait! my weight loss journey has picked up greatly after starting the chemical diet. down day 5 and 2 days to go and i'm loving the results. 9lbs down already. GREAT! i will push myself more.

I am seriously considering NOT to have lipo so i can have a faster recovery. I don't know if that really affects anything but i will find out at my pre op. its just that everyone seems to agree that Lipo is the devil! lol. well, if i can pass up on it, i sure will
But i have a feeling that when my doctor sees my back, he may want to include it. oh well. lets keep losing the pounds, who knows, the fat in that area might just disappear.

I wander if there are specific types of exercise that targets the flank and bra roll fats???

lose 10lbs in 3 days???

This diet was developed by the American Heart Association for cardiac patients who were needing to loose actual body fat, not water weight, before surgery.

So what is this diet? Well, it is simply called the 3-Day Diet. During the process of the diet, you will loose 10 pounds of actual body fat. But how? Well, it happens through a chemical reaction due to the type of foods that you are eating. When you are on this diet, you absolutely know that you are dieting, however, after the first day you can absolutely tell that it is working.

Below is the recipe and grocery list, as well the directions. Absolutely follow the plan, and you will loose 10 pounds of actual body fat!

1st Day of the 3-Day Diet:

Black coffee or tea
½ grapefruit
1 slice of toast
2 tablespoons of peanut butter

½ cup of tuna
1 slice of toast

2 slices of any meat (about 3 oz.) - I ate two hot dogs
1 cup of string beans
1 cup of beets
1 small apple
1 cup of vanilla ice cream

2nd Day:

1 egg
½ of a banana
1 slice of toast
Black coffee or tea

1 cup of tuna or cottage cheese
5 saltine crackers

2 slices of meat
2 cups of broccoli
½ cup of carrots
½ of a banana
½ cup of vanilla ice cream

3rd Day:

3 saltine crackers
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 small apple
Black coffee or tea

1 hard-boiled egg
1 slice of toast

1 cup of tuna or cottage cheese
1 cup of beets
1 cup of cauliflower
½ cup of cantaloupe
½ cup of vanilla ice cream

Directions for following the 3-Day Diet:

When you are on this diet, you may not use any other seasonings EXCEPT for salt and pepper. Also, you may drink either water or diet soda or tea with artificial sweetener. However, make sure that you drink at least 9 glasses of water per day in order to aid the flushing process that your body will be going through. Also, DO NOT SNACK throughout the day. Also, you may substitute tuna for cottage cheese or vice versa.

When you do this diet, you will be "on-diet" for the three days, and then you will take three days off, and then repeat the process until all your excess body fat has disappeared. MAKE SURE you take those three days off! When you are off of the diet, then you are able to eat anything that you want, however, eat moderately. Also, when you are dieting for the three days, keep your exercise routine to a minimum, due to the fact that your energy level will be lower than normal for the first two days.

As with all diets and weight loss routines, you are going to need to listen to your body. If you are feeling overly weak, or lightheaded, eat something. Everybody is different, so please, be careful with yourself. Below is a grocery list for you to print off.

3-Day Diet Grocery List:

Tea - cold or hot
Artificial Sweetener - HIGHLY recommend All Natural Splenda.
Bread - Whole Wheat
Peanut Butter
Cottage Cheese
Hot Dogs - or any lean meat
Sting Beans
Vanilla Ice Cream - DOES NOT have to be light.
Saltine Crackers - DOES NOT have to be wheat.
Cheddar Cheese
Diet Soda - Optional


And remember, take care of your body.

i will try this. anyone else interested??


I want to thank God for his mercy and grace as we step into the new month of December, OUR MONTH!!! I pray the good lord to guide all our surgeons hands and lead us safely through the process. From our travels, to our different stages of preping, to our actual surgery, I ask for his grace and guidiance to abound toward us all. Lord, I pray that we will all come out of this happier women with very good results and No complications. Thank you Lord! And to all those in recovery, grant them a speedy recovery! Amen!


last night, i had my first pre surgery dream,

when i say first, it sounds like i will have many to come. I HOPE NOT.

well, after the markings and agreement on what will be done, my doctor changed his mind at the operation table and only repaired my muscles using a horizontal incision.

when i looked at my tummy post op, i was a little flat but still had the over hang at the bottom of my tummy.

i cried to the doc and he said to come back for a TT after.

...and since i didn't want to go through the process again, i decided to live with it that way.
mhhhhh. what a dream.

i still have 11 days and i am having dreams, what will happen when i am 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 day away!

i think i'll be getting massges everyday starting from 7 days pre. lol

Mhhh! I need To Breath For a Second!

So I climbed the scale this morning and I see that I'm back at 209lbs. I thought I lost 3lbs the past 2 days. Sigh. With me being stuck at 209 lbs, my BMI is almoat 30! I was really gunning for a BMI of 28. Arghhhh! Please post op ladies, what was your BMI at time of surgery and did your surgery and healing go without complications? The doctors always seem to advice patients to get under 30BMI and there is a good reason for that. My doctor says from my pic I don't look like I am carrying a lot of weight. Well pictures are deceptive aitnt they. Except ofcourse my scale is playing tricks on me!!! Anyway I get to find out on the 9th at my pre op which is only 5 days away! Goodness gracious!!! I may have to go on the diet again just to see how far it can take me. Exercise wise, I'm just too stuffed to add that to my schedule. I have been packing and unpackingan and packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking , thanks to my little angels who when I'm not in my room, will throw out most stuff I've packed and replce with their toys. Lol. One of them even placed a giant baby doll in the suitcase and took out all other stuff in there, including her CANT DO WITHOUT SNACKS! Lol. Anyway, I have finally zipped up and locked up the suitcases and while that is out of the way, I am panicky about how I will cope with 2 vibrant kids and an infant at an extremely busy international airport with 3 heavy suitcases and 2 hand luggage, and a stroller. We have to get through an 11 hour flight and on landing, security and customs clearance. I know they are going to have a filled day with me because what I packed in there is a loaded minni store! Lol. As I was packing. I kept thinking, what have I done to myself? Why didn't I just leave this kids behind as earlier planned? My hubby will be flying out 3 days after us as he couldn't leave his job earlier than that. He will miss my pre op. I think its a good thing though because I would have series of cringing moments if he were to be present when I strip for my doc! OH LORD! Anyway, when we land new york, we still have a 3 hour drive to delaware. But at this point it will get better as I would have picked up my help. Whew! Now back to my weight loss matter! How come I deviated so much? Well I'm not about to delete so let's continue. I was planning on starting the 7 days diet leading up my sx day but I'm thinking that might not work since I will most likely be placed on a semi liquid diet 2 days prior. If I start tomorrow, I can get the 7 in before the 2 days of semi liquids but My issue now is if I start now, I will mess it all up because usa is 7 hours behind us so in trying to readjust, it will get all messed up. So I'm now thinking, relax for today and tomorrow, when I get in to the states on saturday morning. I'll begin the 3 day version again which will take me to my preop on the 9th. Right??? I don't just want to climb the scale and be surprised! I can't afford to NOT have this surgery on the 13th after all said and done. so help me God! I had asked my doc if I need to do any tests here and send results accross, he says all tests will be done on the 9th and that he doesn't for see any problems giving my medical history. So I'm really hoping for a smooth sale of events! Okay. I'm tired of typing. Let me continue with my things to do list. Cheerios friends !!!!

I AM HERE!!!!!!!

Whew, after 4 hours of flight delay, 11 hours of flight time, 3 hours drive, we finally settled in. I am now looking forward to my per op tomorow. I really hope and pray all goes well. I had my period the day of travel and it was the most terrible travel I ever had. Such a heavy flow I have been having. I hope it doesn't affect my blood work!!! Anyway, hope everyone is doing great. Cheerios

paid full. Ready to rock and roll.

Whew. It's been a roller coaster ride since getting in. I saw the doc at my pre op yesterday. I was asked to come in the morning for my blood work and then again at 5pm to see Dr Saunders. 30 minutes after waiting, I finally got to see him. Very impressed with him I must say. We clicked right away and started chatting like we knew each other from the past. Anyway, after all said and done, he looked at my tummy while I was still standing and thought he wouldnt achieve complete flatness. I wasn't too happy about that and mentioned that being flat was a priority. He pushed in the tummy again and then asked me to lie down. When he examined me again after I had laid down, he stated he was happy with the condition of my tummy and then said he would make me.flat!!!!! Yeah!!! He explained the procedure to me and answered most of my questions without me asking them. Lol. Im still not sure i want lipo althoigh he tried to encourage me to get one. He said the pain comes from the muscle repiar not lipo as i thought. Anyway, He wrote out a prescription (dilaudad) which I got today. I paid in full and got a 200USD cash discount. I asked what I needed to get and was told I would be getting all that I need from them. A nurse called me today to go/ over my history and gave me my details for surgery. I will be at the Wilmington hospital at 6am for surgery at 8am and will be staying overnivhy ay the hospital. No food or water after 12 midnight on Thursday. Ahh. This ish is getting too real........ well, I got the toilet seat riser and dial soap since they insist I need nothing. I tried renting the recliner but that wasn't possible because the rent a centre people do not trust my details.. basically the fact that I am staying at a hotel is not Good a guarantee for them. I never knew this would pose a problem so I am at a loss on that one. Tomorrow I plan on combing Delaware to do all the shopping I need as i plan on resting a lot after.Hope all my friends are doing great. Peace and love to you all.


i didnt sleep last night at all. only got about 3 hours of sleep. my hubby came in yesterday and as of now, i should be excited as i now have 2 helps but for some reason i am not as excited, in fact i am worried. i wonder why though? i am not resting, not sleeping, not relaxing. i am feeling a bit low and acting non-nonchalant about the process, i mean hubby was asking how the pre-op went and i didn't even want to talk about it. only managed a few words and said i was tired. lol...i have been keeping to my self, not wanting to play to much with the kids so they don't miss me too much??? i am only going to stay at the hospital for 1 night so whats all this??? don't get me wrong, i am DEFINITELY getting the surgery and i do get excited thinking about it but i am just low in spirit today!.
now i have headache and feel sleepy but i cant sleep, i am just out of my element. in short i cant say what exactly is wrong but i sure don't feel right. no temperature or anything.....

i think i just want tomorrow to be Friday so i can get it over and done with or maybe not? sure i want it but i'd like to feel on top of my game. i don't like being gloomy at all.
It is well!

i am ready.

i think i am ready for tomorrow. just trying to sort out a few things around here so there isnt complete chaos while i am away. i am yet to pack my bags. not sure what to pack though. i have been trying all day to make my bowel move but its been proving tough. lol. lets see if my nerves will release it come tomorrow morning. i am to be at the hospital by 6am. no food or water after 12 midnight tonight. after bathing tomorrow, i am to remain AS IS, no cream, make up, jewelry, perfume...... nothing except for deodorant she says...i havent had the time to conduct another shave down there so they will have to make do. its not that bad. only 7 days anyway, tomorrow it is. good luck to all my surgery mates going in tomorrow. may God guide and protect us all in jesus name. AMEN!!!


lord! this is not an easy surgery i tell you. i am in a lot of pain. doc says i had a massive separation which needed extreme repair.
i also had the hernia repair as well.

he said there was barely fat in the area just the big big separation.

the surgery took 2 hours as planned and i didnt have vivid dreams as i imagined. lol.

i was to arrive at the hospital by 6am but my hubby delayed a bit, he called for the cab late despite reminding him to do so severally. and then, he started brewing coffee at 5.50am and i got upset and left him to go sit at the hotel lobby waiting for the cab.

while there, the time read 6.05am and i started i cry, the manager at the hotel came to me and said "oh honey are you in labor???
gosh! i didn't reply her but i just knew at that instance that this surgery was a done deal.

we finally got to the hospital at 6. 15am and signed in. got prepped and by the time was wheeled in, i barely remembered anything else.

i don't feel anything on my incision but the muscle tightening is sooooo painful i wont lie.

i stayed overnight at the new improved Wilmington hospital and i liked it there.

i took a peek at my tummy and i just remember being so happy and caressing the dr's hands and saying thank you. well, here is the pic. i couldn't be happier. just praying for this pain to subside. hope everyone else is doing great. peace and love to you all

im still flat! what a miracle!

despite all the pain and discomfort, i see my flat tummy and i just want to dance and scream for joy.

this is such a big miracle for me coming from were i was. my tummy was just too big and at the back of my mind, i feared that i wouldnt be really flat.

but here i am 3 days later, still flat!. i see my ps on the 19th. i havnt really taken a good look at my inscision or belle button yet .

im draining quite a lot, up to 30 ml each sides so i guess i will be having the drains for long. they dont bother me at all. my problem is coughing. at this rate, i will pay anything to stop coughing.

the kids have been holding up well. they made get well cards for me when i returned and have been very busy with their kindlefire. great distraction that is.

i cant lift or carry my 8 month old. i only give him kisses when he smiles at me. dont know how long that will last anyway but lets see.

i m walking for about 6 minutes every 4 hours. my back really aches when i do that but i guess that's a given.
im propping my feet up when in bed and excising them as directed.

the Airlife spirometer is not my friend right now as i am only getting up to 1250 tops.
i am getting some funny sensations in my stomach, other times i get shocks. dont know what that means

Hope you all are doing great. happy healing to us.

ALL sorts of sounds

my tummy is making all sorts of sounds, i get bubbly movements sometimes and at other times just rumbling.
i am farting a lot and passing out some serious gas mhan!
if i were to contest in a farting contest, i would win hands down!. lol
i think im going to go and sit it out in the loo and see if anything will happen. wish me luck. lol
i havent been taking any stool softners, just waiting a lot of fruits. can even drink much water as i am not eating well. anyhow, lets see how it goes.

A BM and a Half later!

after 30 minutes of sitting on the loo. it came nice and easy. i feel better. i had my walk this morning. did 10 minutes as opposed to 6 minutes. its definitely getting better as the day go by.
i changed my binder today. the hospital gave me extra. so i will have the old one washed while i wear this.
my tummy is still rumbling. don't know what that is again.
i am wearing my binder 24/7, only taking it off for 15, 20 mins every 3 to 4 hours.
i took some pics while changing the binder. i cant find my bra rolls. so happy about that. and to think i was scared of lipo. lol
my belle button is looking good. there's nothing i am doing to it, no dressings no gauze placed. nothing. but i like it so far.
happy healing friends

i got blisters!!!

so all day today i have been having a little pain in my right incision area. i didn't think it was anything unusual until this evening.
i was about to have my drains checked when i noticed that the paper tape near the drain site was raised, i peeked and what i saw almost got me screaming. well, to be truthful, i did scream and called out to my friend.
there it was raised, swollen and tender to touch, i kept thinking gosh, do i have an infection? how could i have gotten an infection, i have been very careful. no,!!!
my friend told me to calm down and have it checked. i took a picture and emailed my p.s.
he called back to say it does happen (cant even remember all what he said) i was just happy that it wasn't an infection. he said to take off the tape covering the blister and leave it. as soon as i did, it burst open and is now flat and drying out but i tell ya, that was a panicked moment for me!
i see my ps tomorrow for my first follow up visit and i cant wait to hear from the expert. i wish one of the drains would go but i doubt it since i am still putting out quite a bit
i am still so tight, although my tummy feels softer than before. i am just so tight on or off the cg and when i eat a little, i get so full quickly i cant even breath.
im loving my belle button
when does the Girly parts reduce in swelling. This ish is so swollen lol!
peace and love to y'all

first post op visit done! drains still in

i was told from the onset that i will have the drains in for 2 weeks but for some reason i still hoped that the drains will come off today.
well boooo! both are still in tact. my belle button stitches were removed, so were the staples on the incision that goes round my back. that stung a bit as they came off.
my ps showed me my Before pics which he took at my preop. lord! i screamed for joy! damn the difference is back and white! i am so happy.
he says i am swollen and all i could do was laugh. dear doc, if this what you call swelling? then i can swell all year baby!!! are you kidding me? if i get any flatter than this, i will walk with my head down from excitement! lol. anyway, that was good to hear.
he wanted to open up the blisters but said it'll be too painful, so he let it be and asked that i take over the counter pain killers if i have pain.
i love my doc, he is such a sweet man, walked me out to my waiting cab, opened the door for me, even showed interest in well being so far. for him, its more than a routine thing. it does go beyond. i highly recommend him.
i have another appointment with him next week Thursday to have my drains removed. i honestly cant wait for that because these drains cant let me do anything, cant wear panties, trousers, leggings tights, dresses, basically everything i need to try on has to wait till the drains are gone.
i cant even get a good shower. i have been sponge bathing since day of surgery. thank God for winter!!!

drama this weekend.

i have been very upbeat and excited about my decision to come to the US and have my surgery. but something happened last night that is making me doubt my decision.

people have asked me why i am coming to the US and i explain that the medical care is better.
yes, it is very expensive when you add all the flight tickets, accommodation and travel expenses, in fact it does come to a sum of 20,000usd but i am happy spending it because God has blessed me to afford it and i am happy with the medical services i am getting. (that is priceless)

in fact the last time i went to Houston and Charlotte, i was 3 months pregnant and had to go to the hospital for a lung infection. after all the tests was done, and tylenol given me, i got a bill close to 3000 usd. i questioned the bill but paid it all in the end.

i pride my self to be an upright straightforward and true being and i do not look down on people no matter what their race, color or living status may be; but when i come here and get treated like a 3rd rated being, by people who can easily be my subordinates, it gets my blood boiling.

at this time, i put all the blame on my useless government who instead of building infrastructures, steal all the money we have and bring it right back here to invest!

that said, i am at this moment looking for some one to talk to on what transpired. how i can proceed with this. my number is 3022765389.

now here is what happened.
i was in my room when my help told me that we have been asked to leave the hotel.
apparently she had a misunderstanding with the hotel's house keeper when she came to clean the apartment.
the hotel usually asks all the guest to evacuate the apartment before cleaning but i asked them for an exception because of my condition and they agreed that we are stay while the cleaning is done.
my help said she noticed that the cleaning lady didn't vacuum the living room and asked that she does so. but the cleaning lady said it was past her cleaning time and had to leave.
my help then asked her to leave behind the vacuum cleaner so she could do it herself.
that's when they got into an argument which ended with my help asking her to leave our apartment
my help also collected the vacuum cleaner and started cleaning the herself.

the maid reported to the management of the hotel and they immediately asked that we vacate the premises immediately.

i went downstairs to talk to management and asked them to slow down on the decision. i begged on my maid's behalf and tried to talk to them that it will not happen again.
i even asked them to play back the cctv to confirm who was telling the truth and i was shocked when they said there were no cameras. such a big hotel???

anyway, the next thing i knew, the police came and started asking questions.
the police said we had to do as the hotel says and leave the hotel.
the police and the manager, stood by the apartment door and asked us to start packing. seriously???
by this time my husband had returned and was shocked to find the situation. he tried to asked questions and to talk to them and the police threatened to arrest him for trespassing or whatever he called it. can you believe that???
anyway, that's when i got upset and asked that my money be returned or else, i wasn't leaving. i was ready for all of us to be arrested.
for Gods sake i paid approximately 4000 usd for the 4 weeks stay and if we were being kicked out, i needed a refund for the period yet unused and i needed it then and there!!!

the manager said she would make a refund and came back quickly with papers suggesting she did. but i still see that my account is yet to be credited and i am really upset about that.

i changed hotels last night in my condition with 3 kids and a husband who started acting silly because he felt tired!!! hello, who just had surgery??? me????

anyway, as of now we are settled and i cant wait for the 3rd of January to leave. but before then, i want to see that refund on my account or the situation wont be pretty.

what hotel throws out their guest just because there was a misunderstanding between our maids???

looks to me like they didn't want us there in the first place? but then again why take my money from me in the first place? when we arrived, you saw us in flesh, you still took my card and swiped away!!!

i am so upset and bitter about the situation and especially how the situation was handled and i need for some one to talk me and tell me what's up.
if this happened in my country, trust me the guest wont be thrown out. the management will try to work out the problem.
i don't just get it and i cant help think this had something to do with what we all shy away from talking about.

i have been upset and screaming and straining. i just pray that my MR is intact. i will calling my surgeon on Monday to ask that he sees me and just check if all is well.

i apologize in advance if this throws any one off.

swollen like a whale!

Dear lord. when am i gonna put my feet up and sleep for 8 hours straight. lie and sprawled out with reckless abandon without fear of what might or might not tear!!!. soon i hope!

i barely have had 4 hours sleep the past 2 nights.

The make shift hotel we hurried into was filthy and beds were uncomfortable not to talk of sitting room too tight for even the baby to crawl around.

we didn't rest until we found another hotel with a larger 2 bedroom suite. very expensive but what can we do?

we moved in today and by the time i got around to sponge bathing, i noticed i was swollen like a whale!

Damn, so this is what the FAMOUS welling is???
mhhhh. i am not liking it so i am trying to rest a lot.

on the upside of things, my wonderful PS gave me an early Christmas gift. first he invites me and the family to a Christmas eve get together and then he says to come in tomorrow to have my drains removed. yehhhhhhh!!!!!!

i am very happy about that to say the least. when these 2 bulb babies are gone tomorrow, i will have me a 2 hour bath. lol

meanwhile, i peeled off some of the dried tape at my incision area and had a peek at it. its closed and thin. happy about that too.

hope everyone else is doing good.

merry christmas friends! remember Jesus is the reason for the season!

i would like to wish all my friends on Rs a very wonderful Christmas celebration. go out there and have fun and show some love.
i had a blast yesterday at my doctors party. it was so cozy and family friendly. every body was warm and recieving.
my doc took out my drains the day before so i had the opportunity to wear a fitted dress. i looked lovely and shapely in it although i was still bent forward.
the kids had flying ferries as presents and they were very excited about that.
today, i will be rocking an even tighter dress for another party i will be attending with my husband. i gatta show these curves you know !!! lol
wishing you all the very best today as you celebrate christmas.
oh by the way, the drain removal didnt hurt but it sure felt very weired.

happy healing friends.


i had my last consultation with ps.
He took out some poking stitches and said to just trim them if they keep poking through.

He gave me silicon strips to use at 6 weeks with instructions on how to use them. he says they should last me for 6 weeks. great stuff!
Everything i needed for post op was provided by my doctor. I haven't had a need to buy anything other than a compression garment which i got from Macy's.(they don't hold tight, maybe i should have gotten a medium instead of the large i got.)

so i am on the hunt for a really good and firm cg. i don know where to find them. they sure will be in good use since my ps says I am to continue with wearing them for 8 weeks.

i tend to swell a lot. near my incision site. he checked it and says its just swelling. it feels quite hard. apparently that's a good thing because if its soft and wobbly, then we will be dealing with seroma. thank goodness for that!

his advice for my 11 hours long trip is to get up and get moving every other hour or 2. to move my feet while seated and drink plenty of good liquids. {BOY ITS GONNA BE A LONG FLIGHT!!!} thank goodness, this time round my hubby is with me so he will be dealing with the kids. lol. cant wait to see him handle that.

my front and side scars looks good. one side looks better than the other but i am sure the one slow side will play catch up..

The side scar looks quite high going toward the back but i am hoping that when it does fade, it wont get in the way of my undies. i am fine with a one piece bathing suit anyway seeing that my stretch mark is quite visible down the incision line.

my navel is still a work in progress but i love the shape of it. if it doesn't become an innie, i will gladly live with it that way.

overall i am 100 % happy with my result and i look forward to it getting better. i don not have regrets and i would do it all over again {except that i would never ever go near Stay bridge suites. can you believe the ASS HOLES planned to return to sender my package from ups which arrived today? something i have been waiting on for 2 weeks, I called them to inform them that the last of my deliveries will come in today. this is the 6th package i have received from that address but i guess they figured after kicking us out; it wouldn't be wise to receive packages on our behalf even though the goods were purchased prior to the crude incident. Anyway, thank God for good customer service at ups, i simply called and rerouted the delivery and they brought it to my current hotel address} so ya!, other than that, i would relive these past weeks!!!

we connected with some of my husband's friends who live here {who would have thought?} so the remainder of our stay wouldn't be boring to say the least but i sure do look forward to going back. i gats to flaunt what i got!!! lol

so yah friends, i will continue to post updates and my progress and keep up with my friends on Rs

guess what? i told my p.s that when next i come, it will be for a boob lift. needless to say we had a good laugh about it and of course he welcomed me with open arms.

God indeed makes our path if we trust in him, it appears my meeting dr Jonathan Saunders was one of these pre planned moment because this man has taken me like a friend. i have even gotten to meet his all family members whom i must say are an awesome lot. they sure made our Christmas eve a memorable one.
so guys, here are some pics from today. i yanked off the strip to reveal my scar before going to see my doc.
cheers ya'll

the good side of my incision

here is the good side.

happy new year!!!!!!!!!!

happy New year all!!!!!!!!

may this year be our best yet, may all our dreams and wishes come true and may all our endeavors be fruitful.

Happy new year!!!!!

Arrived safely.

yeh ladies. we arrived today. what a panic i had with all the flights cancellations due to weather. anyway, mine wasn't cancelled and we are back!
i will update soon

3 weeks post op/ couldnt be happier.

hey friends. so i got round to taking some pics just to compare from last week. the scar definitely is thinner lighter and smoother. i am wearing a stronger compression garment so that is helping.
i feel much much better than before. in fact i was feeling too normal and doing so much around the house, even carrying my baby. i had to catch myself and do a double check with the muscle repair.
guess what i did. i faked a sneeze just to make sure things where still intact and that shit hurt so bad. so i guess we are still good but i have given me a good talk to still take things slowly.
it looks like swelling for me will lurk around a while since i like salt in my food so....
how is everyone else doing
check out a few pics
meanwhile don't you guys just love the new look of real self? FAB! LOOKS LIKE OUR NEW TUMMY'S. LOL


i am seeing changes every day. my tummy is getting flatter and flatter. and the measurements shrinking and shrinking. right after surgery when i looked super tight and flat,

the tiniest part of my waist measured 37 inches. i was expecting a lower number seeing that i was quite flat but then i remembered where i started from. waist 45inches. yikes,
today, the tiniest part of my waist is measuring 33 inches and i am so happy. but honestly, i wonder how that is possible because i am not as flat as i was right after surgery. anyway....still happy about that. my dream waist is a 28, max 30!!!.

i must confess i have not been eating right and just last night i said to my self, holiday over, its time to buckle up. so imagine my surprise when i measured myself!!!!

all my cg's are super loose now and i now looking for one to hold me firm. i wear them 24 hours a day, i take them off to bath.

my incision on the front is perfectly thin and healing rather well. the sides incision are taking up all sorts of shape and feel. i cant wait to start using the silicon strip and bio oil

i have well over 12 poking stitches and my hubby is so scared to cut them off. says i should leave it to dissolve. well, i read that, once they are out of the skin, they wont dissolve as there is no liquid to dissolve them. i will have to call my doctor friend to do me the honors.

hope every one else is doing great.

peace and love to ya all


Oh dear, its been such a while since i updated. i have been so busy getting back into the swing of things. how are my TT sisters doing. i hope you all are fine and healing great!

I am fine and well and doing amazingly good! my healing has been drama free thank God for that.

my doctor said to start lifting my baby at 6 weeks but i must confess i started way earlier than that. whenever there wasn't help around, i would use my arm muscles, hold in my tummy real tight and lift him, while praying real hard that i don't pop a stitch. lol

i started using the silicon strip by week 5 but it was rolling up every time i too out my CG so on the 2nd day, i got frustrated and peeled it off. lol. i have been using bio oil since.

i still wear my CG although doc had said to wear for 6 weeks. i think i will switch to spanks now.

my tummy sure has relaxed, its not as tight as before. my belle button is still an outing and spits out more on one side, my incision is looking skew but i cant tell if that's the final result. i had to go back to my first pic right after surgery and i see that both the belle button and incision is well angled. so may be i may have to wait it out to see the final outline of the incision.

All in all, everything is well. i am happy with the way i look, my husband has been all over me and i am loving it. i look damn good in clothes and everyone compliments me on how much weight i have lost. lol. but guess what? i have only lost 4.4lbs since surgery. i only started walking and watching my diet yesterday.

happy healing lovelies and to those going in, i say IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 weeks post op. still healing great

i am 7 weeks today. how time flies! i am healing very very. i stopped wearing my binder and i found that i swelled easily so im back to wearing it, lol. but only when i feel the swell coming.

of the 12 poking stitches i had, only one remains. i didnt cut them, i just used hot water on it during shower and they melted away. lol

when i suck in my tummy, l measure @ 32.5. when its relaxed, its a 34.

i am still numb around my bb and incision area. my scar is doing okay but i don't even pay attention to it, i just apply bio oil and off i go.

i enjoy wearing my clothes now and just the other day, while i was crossing the road, some dude driving along, stopped, crossed over and started chatting me up. even with my RING shining, he still was asking me out. lol. he gave me his card and wanted us to meet. i tore the card once i got into my car and had a good laugh. bottom line i guess he never would have imagined that i was married with 3 children since i was rocking a skinny jeans and tucked in fitted top. lol. i wish my hubby had driven past. lol

ANYWAY, i am currently 94kg (206lbs) that's 11lbs lost from surgery date when i weighed 217.8

i am setting a new goal for my self. to lose 9kg and get down to 85kg (187lbs) by the end of march. that's about 3lbs a week. lets do this! shall we???

happy healing to all my friends on here. and for those yet to experience the flat side, you sure are missing out and should cross over soon! lol

cheerios ladies

All in all, i am still happy with my decision and i am rocking my new size 12's outfits. my goal is a 10.

I had to finally go with him after extensively researching him. {his results of his REAL patients here are AMAZING} I have had numerous back and forth exchange of mails with him and Stacy his SS. Dr Jonathan from the onset, has been very receiving, kind and funny. He didn't make me feel like i had a MAJOR COMPLICATED CASE like some other tagged it! He instead said "he'll be honored to take care of me" He didn't ask me for upfront or down payment or deposit of any sort like most who insisted after i disclosed my location to them. He trusts me and i am not about to disappoint him so others after me will be treated well. I trust in his expertise and believe GOD to use him to get my body back to Normal! ........and guess what????? God did use him to get me back to normal. i so far look flat and 100 times different from what i looked liked pre surgery...... everything went well. only 2 hours in OR and i came out looking awesome...... i worried about what to get and what not to buy for post surgery but i was given 2 compression garments and everything else i needed...... Dr jonathan gave me his number and we exchanged text messages whenever necessary......He has been very attentive to my post surgery needs and surprisingly extended it to my personal needs.........Whenever i needed to see him, he made that happen......He truly cares and his relaxed and kind nature definitely one that a patient needs going into this sort of venture...... i can proudly say i love doctor Jonathan Saunders. He is a rare kind. God bless him and the works of his hands.

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