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Finally writing this review at 6.5 weeks post op,...

Finally writing this review at 6.5 weeks post op, better late than never I guess. I am a 37 year old mother of two, my oldest daughter is 19 and my son is 8. I was a very tiny 18 year old when I got pregnant with my daughter and even though I only gained 25 pounds my stomach stretched very badly. My son I had 10 years later and gained 65 lbs. So my stomach was pretty stretched and bounced back okay but my belly button was terrible, I used to call it the "Old Man As-h-le" because to me that is what it looked like. After 18 years of living with a belly button that looked like a squished up wrinkly something I had enough and decided to do something about it. I am 5 feet 2 inches, a size 4, and work out 6 days a week sometimes two times a day but no matter what my stomach would not go away. I went to visit Dr. Hamel and he said he could feel my stomach muscles under there so no muscle repair was necessary but that skin was not going away. I was sick of working out and not being able to show off my hard work. I wanted to wear a two piece and not have to wear some crazy spandex every time I wanted to wear something fitted. I wanted to run a marathon in just sports bra w/shorts and not scare people with my belly button flapping in the wind. I had enough!!! Soooo I had a TT with no muscle repair and lipo on my stomach and flanks. The procedure was fine and the recovery was not so bad. I was trying to figure out how I was going to make it 8 weeks without working out but was kind of okay with not doing it because at least I did not have to feel guilty because I had an excuse not to. Plus, who can come back to the gym after 8 weeks and look like they have been going hard core for years with rock hard abs?? After about 2 weeks my incision starting acting up. I had some stiches that were popping and fluid coming out and for the last 4.5 weeks it has been a battle. Tomorrow I am going back in to have my incision redone and I am confident this will be the end of the drama. Even with the incision issues this has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have lost 13 lbs. total and 4.5 inches in my stomach and 4 in my hips. I feel great and think I look amazing and cannot believe some times "THIS IS MY BELLY BUTTON!! I am so looking forward to working out again and getting really ripped.

No Antibiotics, not again!!!

Back from the redoing of my incision and it is official there is not antibiotic I can take due to an allergy, this last one caused me to break out in what looks like a bad sunburn and vomiting, yeah me!! Posting the after photos from the past 6 weeks.

7 weeks and Wow what a week!!

7 weeks today and this has been hell week for me. I got the incision redone on Monday and the antibiotic that I was given which I took one of was a disaster for me, within one hour I broke out into what looked like a chemical burn all over my body, my eyes were blood shot, I was so dizzy I could only crawl crawl to the toilet to vomit , the dizziness got so bad that I could no longer get out of the bed and I could only throw up in a mixing bowl in my bed and my poor sweet husband had to come and empty the bowl and rinse it every time. My pulse was 108 laying down which is pretty high for no movement. There are 4 families of antibiotics I am allergic to two for sure, this was a 3rd family I had not tried "the sulfur's" and by far the worst of them all for me. So now I am officially allergic to 3 out of 4 families. By day 2 of not getting any better I was sent to the ER where I was pumped with IV's fluids, Benadryl and steroids. All over one antibiotic, my system just does not like them. Through this however I did find out that I have an amazing support system. I rarely go down and it has been 20 years since I have entered an ER for myself and not a child or family member so I did not know when the going got tough what would happen but I found out I have some amazing family and friends in my life and I am truly blessed. The revision was a cake walk compared to the antibiotic but as I was laying there in the depth of antibiotic hell I did have those old feelings of "Why did I do this to myself" "Was my belly button that bad?" But looking back at those pictures of that Old man ass_ole that was not leaving me I realized I did this for me and damn it, it is going to look fantastic when it is all said and done and I am going to rock it!!! And as soon as these surgical strips are removed and this incision heals I am going to get the mail every day in my Bikini!!! Take that Old Man Ass_ole!!!

7 weeks Pictures did not post, weird, here they are

7 week pictures, take 3

Has it been 8 weeks already?

Yesterday was 8 weeks and I meant to update this review yesterday but this work stuff is really cutting into my time I get to spend online. I want to say that these 8 weeks have gone by so fast but I that is just not the truth. LOL!! It does amaze me how much of a difference a month can make. Four weeks ago I was dealing with the an open incision and a vacation at my in laws, where I was trying not have to explain why I was still some times walking like a hunchback and sneaking out every couple of hours to change the dressing. I did not tell my husbands family because for one there is like 1000 of them and I really did not want to spend the entire time talking about my tummy tuck and 2nd, it really was not any of their business. But that was 4 weeks ago and today is better. My revision has done great and this weekend I will get my retention stiches taken out and I almost do not want to say it out loud but it looks like it is finally closed. Fingers crossed!! I am still dealing with a lot of swelling after I eat so the amount of food I can eat is still not that much in one sitting.

The best part of this whole experience really has been finding this site and being able to walk through this which such amazing women. I have never felt alone and have loved been able to share laughs, heart break and life experiences with so many other women going through the exact same thing.

I have also enjoyed burning big panties and buying tight shirts, lol!!!

9 weeks

9 weeks, just flown by, not really but I like to pretend. This was a huge week for me. I got to start back Yoga which was such a relief that I can finally stretch and get some movement and really felt not so confined any more.I did feel like at first that I was nervous my incision could bust open during Yoga and I kept thinking how inappropriate that would be, okay, really?? But after I got over that fear it was so enjoyable. I was very tight before and one hour of Yoga and I feel amazing!! I have missed Yoga and cried a little after because I was so happy. Super Sappy!! This week also after 9 weeks my incision finally closed. This has been an ongoing battle of which I am going to do my next post of just my incision pictures. I have not wanted to show them because I could not take looking at them but now that it seems to be over and no more dressing changes I can now face the past. I also swam for the first time this week, well I got in the pool I should say but I was so nervous that water was going to some how get through my incision that was now closed I had to get out. I might need to try that a couple more times before I am used to it. I also felt like my belly button was so red and that everyone was looking at it thinking that I must have had something done for sure. I do feel like I need to get over the self consciousness of my stomach but even after getting a TT there is still that mental piece that I am hanging on to.

My Incision Journey

WARNING: These pictures are not viewing of anyone with a weak stomach or under the age of 16. Just saying..

At 16 days of a perfectly fine TT all hell broke loose on my incision. There was fluid releasing and stiches spitting it was a nightmare and it just never seemed to end. As soon as one would clear up another spot would get crazy and so on and so on. Dressing changes, multiple weekly doctor visits, antibiotics and one trip to the ER for a severe reaction to the antibiotic, many many probiotics, collagen pills, Neosporin and one final redo of the most troublesome spot of the incision it is finally closed and on its way to fading away to a little white line. This journey has made me appreciate that not everything starts out like we want it to but in the end it does seem to work itself out. So here we go...

Hello Sean T from Insanity, I have missed you!!

Thanks to some encouragement from my TT sister in Hawaii, I need to give an update. This weekend has just been a huge weekend of healing. I have less swelling over all and less tightening in my lower abs so I am starting to feel almost 100% back to normal. I also started working out this weekend and I am trying not to jump back into my insane work-out schedule I had before but it has been hard. Did start back doing Insanity and that totally was awesome but kicked my butt. I love you Sean T (he is the trainer on Insanity and is the best) It also got a little cooler in NC for one day at least so I pulled out and put on some jeans. They are all to big in the waist!! That is some good stuff!! I guess I have to buy new ones, which really sucks cause I hate to shop, NOT!!! Hope all is well with my TT Sisters!!! Happy Healing.

10 weeks!!

Well these 10 weeks just flew by, not!! I do finally feel 98% back to normal, just a little swelling at night but not much and I have regained all the feeling in my stomach. I am back to working out full time which includes crossfit, insanity, yoga and some running and I could not be happier. I tried to do some things at 7 weeks but it just was to much for me, even working out 6 days before my TT I was just not ready for that again but this past week it has been just like I had not stopped at all so I guess my body just needed the extra time to heal. Happy Healing my TT Sisters.

Feels great to be active again and flat doing it!!!

Been super active week from Crossfit to Yoga to Ziplining and obstacle courses. Last week when we talked about doing all of this stuff I was nervous but today it was awesome except when my pants almost fell down because they were to big, actually that was pretty awesome to!! Loving the flat side!!

11 weeks, now time is starting to fly

11 weeks today, I cannot believe it. This week has flown. Being over the incision issues and back working out I think makes it go by faster. I am still swelling like a mother and it can be at any time mostly at night after the day of working out and sodium intake but some times after lunch I guess if I have had a higher sodium than I normally have. I am trying to eat good but since I am working out a lot I am hungry so I am eating a lot of small meals a day. I am avoiding that scale to because I know muscle weighs more than fat and if I see that scale start going up no matter if my measurements remain the same I will go nuts. I feel great, and we are heading to the beach this weekend and I cannot wait to rock a 2 piece for the first time on a beach in 15 years!! Hugs to all my TT Sisters out there and happy healing.

3 months!! WHOO!!

I cannot belive it has been 2 months. I just realized I needed to do this update but will have to get some pics in later this week since it is 9 pm and you know even at 3 months theres is still some swelling from dinner and working out. I have been busy getting back into my routine of crossfit, running and Yoga and am so happy I am pretty much back to normal. The swelling still sucks so I am trying to not obsess over that scale because I can literally gain 3 lbs in water in an hour it seems like. We went to the beach last week and for the first time in years I felt very confident in a bathing suit and could even see a couple women looking at me with that look I used to give girls with the super flat stomach that does not have a roll when they sit down. I would have hooked those women up with the secret if they would have asked, HA!! Hope all my TT sisters are healing well!!

3 months Pictures

Here are my updated pictures. Today I realized more than ever how happy I am that I did this. For the first time I am in really good shape and it shows. Before I worked my butt off, literally and it never showed because of my stomach but no more and that is a great feeling.

Strong is the New Skinny!! 13 weeks Post Op

Tomorrow will be 13 weeks and every time I update my review I get to reflect on this whole journey and I am amazed how much this has changed me inside and out. A couple of times in the first week I did ask myself why I did this but then I have never asked myself again. I needed to do this for myself, I needed that last piece of myself back. Not only that but I needed this experience to realize that it really about the journey and not the destination. This was not easy but I learned a lot about myself along the way and now more than ever I realized that it is about being strong for me, not about being a size zero. I want to not only look good when I get to the top of the mountain, I want to be strong enough to get to the top first!! I want to show my children that their Mom can do anything and some times life is hard but you keep going forward and you learn and grow from your experiences you don't let your experiences beat you down. I hope all my TT Sisters are healing well and keep getting stronger!!

14 weeks and doing a happy dance in the closet!!

The best thing about fall is getting to pull all those clothes out I wore last fall and see the difference. I pulled a shirt out today that I got last year and would not wear because of all the rolls in my stomach and the muffin top. I almost got rid of that shirt. I am so glad I did not because I put it on today and it ROCKS and best part is it is a little big!!! I literally cried I was so happy. Finally all those hours at the gym and crash diets and my stomach looks great. I am so glad I did this for myself. What a reverse from last year when I would not wear a top that was to form fitting and now I won't wear one that is not form fitting, LOL!! I started getting a laser treatment on my scar and have been documenting that so I will update that next week with pictures.

I am still working out like crazy and have started doing a lot more weight lifting which I did not do before. I actually started taking a class on Sundays with a Bronze Medal Olympic Weight lifter which is some thing I never thought I would do a few months ago. I feel it is so important to be as strong as I possibly can, I have been given a gift and do not want to take advantage of it.

This whole experience has also given me some amazing TT Sisters who I absolutely love!! You all know who you are!! I am so lucky to have not walked through this alone and I am so glad to have such amazing women to turn to and walk with during this entire process and beyond. I hope all my TT Sisters are healing well and continue supporting each other :-)

Hi Tanya!!

16 Weeks, Happy Happy Happy!!

It is hard to believe 16 weeks have gone by already. What a journey it has been. I still cannot look down and believe that is my stomach and my belly button now!! There has not been a ton of change on my stomach itself but my belly button has changed a lot. It has gone in more and rounded out and I am just thrilled with the results. The Old Man A_s_hole that used to reside on my stomach has packed up and moved out and a cute little friend has taken up residency and she can stay as long as she likes!!

I had one laser treatment and I am pleased with the results and am going back this Saturday to have a CO2 treatment. I really just want to look down and the scar is gone so clearly I have zero patience.

I have been so busy with school being back in that I have not updated like I need to or kept up with my TT sisters as best I should. I miss you Tanya!! I am keeping very busy with work, 6 days a week of crossfit, weight lifting and 3 days of yoga and I am so grateful to be able to work out as much as I do and feel stronger than I have ever felt. I used to have to hide my stomach under big t-shirts at the gym and would fear the thought of doing a handstand and my shirt falling down and exposing the beast of a stomach. Now I don't even pay attention to wear my shirt is most of the time, I probably should I guess, LOL!!

I am so grateful I did this for myself and this was one of the greatest gifts I have given myself and I hope all my TT Sisters are loving their results but most of all loving themselves. A wise woman gave me a quote on a card a long time ago that I still have on my desk, it says, "When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others....

Happy Healing!!

One More Picture that I missed

18 and a half weeks

Wow, now time is flying. Not much to update except I had another laser treatment on my incision. The first one I had was a Pixel laser and I had great results, this time I had a CO2 laser which is a much stronger laser and reaches deeper into the incision than the pixel so the results they say are much better. It better be because that one seriously hurt. I have always prided myself on having some high tolerance for pain so even this one was pretty intense, even with numbing gel and a hand held device that delivered cold air as the laser moved along. It took longer because I had to have the NP stop and take breaks along the way.

The swelling has gotten much better and now I only swell a little and normally it is after eating a lot of sodium. If I push on my stomach to I can still feel some swelling and it is a little tender to the touch. I had no muscle repair at all so I know those who did must have a longer recovery time.

I still cannot believe this my stomach and BB. I am so pleased with the results and love that my Dr. made me really tight and gave me the BB of my dreams. I am still working out very hard, Crossfit 6 days a week and 2 days of yoga and cut out sugar from my diet, which is really hard but 2 weeks into it and I feel great. I stopped taking the Turmeric but I am still taking and probably will never stop taking Mega Red, Multivitamins, and a Collagen Booster which I heard saw someone recommend on here for healing and I started taking it 3 months ago and it totally changed my skin, so whoever that was I thank you!!

Happy Healing my Tummy Tuck Sisters!!

5 months

5 Months has flown by. I am back to a 100 percent. No swelling and working out 6 days a week. Yoga and Crossfit with some running. I have no idea what I weigh since I took a hammer to my scale a couple months ago. I was done with that thing running my life. I measure and my waist is 27 and seems to stay that way. I am just so happy I did this and would do it 10 more times if I had to. I still find myself patting my stomach in disbelief that it is really mine. Happy Healing my TT sisters. Tanya do 10 extra box jumps for me this week. See you all next month which is the magic 6 month mark. I hope some thing spectacular happens then although I cannot imagine it getting any better. Happy, Happy, Happy!!

The Big 6 Months...

I cannot believe I have made it to the 6 month mark, I looked out the window to see when the fireworks show was going to start!! I am feeling all the way back to myself again. I never have any swelling anymore and I have gotten a 100% feeling in my stomach back again. All of the things everyone said to give to 6 months seemed to be the truth. My belly button is fantastic!! I was not sure for awhile how it would turn out and thought it was going to be very tiny but it to had it owns evolution and it is AMAZING!! I still work out 5-6 days a week including 5 days or cardio, 4 days of yoga and 3 days of weight training. I also eat super clean including no gluten or dairy except for one day of the week where I eat whatever I want. I have no idea how much I weigh since I took a hammer to my scale a couple months ago but my clothes fit great.

I cannot begin to express how much of a life changing experience this has been. I was so insecure about my stomach for so many years and now I no longer worry if my shirt accidently comes up and my belly is exposed, I mean just my belly, this isn't Mardi Gras or anything. I have also made some amazing lifelong friends through this journey and have been so grateful to be able to share in their journey with them and I thank them for sharing the light within themselves with me, for that I am truly honored.

I wish all of my TT Sisters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I hope everyone can time to reflect on how special and individual each one of you are.

Make 2014 the best year ever!!

New Year new Incision...

Well friends I went in for a lipo consultation on my thighs and arms, I know what you are thinking but I had such good results with my TT and lipo I of course found a couple other areas that I thought could benefit from it. Well my Dr. was also doing my 6 month follow up and suggested we need to go ahead and do an incisoiin revision. So hear I sit with an incision revision. I wanted one don't get me wrong I had some serious incision envy with some of my TT Sisters but I thought mine over time would just get better but he said there was a lot of tension and it was not going to get better. He also recommended 6 weeks of no exercise, OMG I am going to lose my mind again, another 6 weeks. I really got into a funk of why did I do this to myself to begin with it is amazing how even after as much as I have learned on this journey that when you start over again, not as bad but still with an incision to baby and the restrictions of the things in the beginning it is hard. I had gotten used to daily showers, now not having one for 4 days, oh joy. I did not also tell my job because I am sure they would be like dang girl will this ever end. Enough of my pity party, I will bounce back one day at a time but I know I do have a place to go when I do feel like a big funk monster. Happy New Year TT Sisters. I will post pictures soon.

Incision Revision Week One

Thank you Sexycurves for keeping me in check on my updates. This has been an insane week. Last week when I went for the revision I felt a slight sore throat but just kept on going as normal well one day after the revision started the worst cold I have ever had in my adult life, so on top of the revision and liposuction I was laid up in bed with a cold. Not the most fun I have ever had but I have survived and today I feel better and I am alive, lol. So far the revision looks great, it is a hairline incision and healing nicely but I am so afraid to even say it out loud much less take a picture for fear I will jinx myself and it will go all crazy again, so I am going to wait. What I did not expect was the visit to Swell HELL again, now it is no way as bad as the original but still enough to cause some serious discomfort. As far as the lipo and I know this is not the lipo site but I am pretty sure we have all had it, well my arms are seriously the most painful I have ever seen as far as lipo goes and I cannot wait for this to be over with. Thighs are seriously no big deal at all but the arms, wow, hate it, the pain. I have a check up in a couple days on my incision so I will snap some pictures and post them. Thanks again for all the support, I truly am so blessed to have such amazing TT Sisters!!

7 months since TT and 2.5 weeks since Revision

Well I am going to conquer my fear and post my revision pictures. I am very happy with the results and thing my Dr. is one of kind to suggest we do this because he did not like the way the old one looked. He really is a great Dr. and a amazing person. Again, I know this is not the lipo section either but I am going to talk about it since I had additional done during the revision. My original arm size was 12.2 inches and now even with swelling they are 10.5, I am over the moon but I earned that because the arms are painful and the swelling sucks!! Now they are not swelling as much as last week but it still feels a little burning. Last week I had to fly far, 2 flights, 2.5 hours each and even with my compression garments I thought my arms were going to pop they were so swollen, that feeling sucks!! My thighs are also pretty impressive and really were easy compared to my arms. Thank God for Compression, Tumeric and Arnica!! I am still not working out and have 3 weeks until I can work out again, it is tough but I am getting a lot of work done, lol. I am so happy that I started this journey 7 months ago and was so excited to see bathing suit season has started!! For the first winter ever I can try on a 2 piece in January and feel like I was rocking it. I am so grateful for some amazing women I have connected with on this site and it has been so awesome to have you share in my journey and to have walked with you in yours. I love my TT Sisters!!!

8 months TT Post OP/6 weeks scar revision

Well tomorrow marks the 6 weeks from my scar revision which means one thing.....I CAN WORK OUT AGAIN!!!! HOLLA!!!! It has been a long and giggly 6 weeks, it is amazing how much muscle loss you can lose being out for 6 weeks. I know I will get it back quick and I will just be so grateful to be back in the saddle again. I had bought P90X right before the revision so it came about a week after I had gotten it, I ordered it off of EBay so it takes longer to deliver but was much cheaper. I am thrilled with my revision and I saw my Dr this past weekend and he gave me a silicone strip after he fussed at me for wearing jeans. This silicone strip is the real deal. I can tell a huge difference in 3 days, it is amazing and so much easier than lapping on all those oils and creams, waiting for them to dry , and on and on.

The lipo has pretty much healed, I still have some soreness in my arms and continue to wear the arm compression. The thighs were a breeze and have no pain at all.

I hope all is well with all my beautiful and amazing TT sisters!! I hope to be so sore the next few weeks that I will not be able to type an update!!

11 months!! Oh where has the time gone?

I cannot believe 11 months is here already. I am so looking forward to my first summer after the TT without having to care for an incision and other things that came with my TT. I am thrilled with the results. I looked at my belly button the other day and I cannot believe that is my belly button because a year ago it was some beast on my body. I am happy with my incision, the section that was not redone during the revision is pretty much gone so I know 11 months from the revision the scar will be fantastic. I am still working out a lot, 6 days a week cardio and strength training and 5 days a week Yoga. I am so excited that bathing suit is upon us and have put in a lot of hard work and I am so ready to show it off.

Happy Healing to all my TT Sisters out there and to those that have just started their journey, be patient, let yourself heal and know that it just gets better over time.

Love, Sunny!!

11 months Pictures, these did not attach

Pictures one more time

Maybe from my phone? Lol


Real self is just not cooperating. I will try another day.

Trying these pictures again, 11 months, Fingers crossed

No bathing suit stress

Love being able to go to the pool in a 2 piece and feel confident!!
Dr. Hamel

I adore my doctor and his staff, they are some amazing people. Dr. Hamel took my hand before the surgery and prayed with me I was blown away. I did not need muscle repair so I was not put under. Dr. Hamel does an awake procedure and has won several awards for body contouring. My after care has been amazing and I always felt I could call day or night if I had an issue. Jennifer his Assistant texts me throughout the past few weeks just to check in. I would recommend them to anyone for anything.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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