Mommy Makeover In Charlotte

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I am so excited. After 23 years and 5 kids I...

I am so excited. After 23 years and 5 kids I decided to get a Mommy Makeover. After several consultations and deposits I found Dr Gear. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff. I will have a full TT with Lipo and Muscle Repair and a Breast Lift. I can't wait to see my results. I hope to be in a bikini before the summer is out.


Wish pic

I want my tummy tuck to turn out like this. That waist is everything!! I will show my PS this pic. Crossing my fingers!


I'm starting Arnica pills, Vitamin C, and Iron ahead of time. I'm concerned about my scars healing since I have very thin skin. I will also purchase Bromelain and Pineapple juice along with Pure Aloe Vera. I am currently cleansing with Magnesium Citrate. I've heard the horror stories about constipation after surgery. So I will be sure to start Miralax after sx. Other things I will get to have on hand: antibacterial soap, cleansing wipes, colloidal silver, extra pillows, a cane (hee hee), socks and any last minute items I find at the drugstore. Oh and my low salt grocery items.

Oh Snap!!

Well looking at my calendar I have realized that my period will be on during surgery. Talk about triple whammy!!! Is this safe???


Getting more and more excited for my upcoming surgery. Went to the Health Food store for some natural supplements. I added Chlorophyll to my list and Lysine. Both shown to help with skin and tissue repair. I'm buying a few cases of Boost Nutrition drink too.

7 days left

Went to my pre op appointment today. Boy am I nervous. A trillion things are running through my mind. Overall I feel very comfortable with Dr. Gear. I know I will love my results!

Day 2

So I had my surgery yesterday morning. Everything went smoothly. I'm In pain. I think my PS should have given me a higher dosage of Percocet. It's not doing jack squat unless I take it with the Valium which of course makes me sleepy. I hate this stupid drain already. I have tried everything to get it to drain and it won't. I hope all the fluid doesn't stay inside of me!!!!!! Update soon

Getting over the hump

Today I'm more sore than ever. I'm not draining much fluid (don't know if that's bad or good). I did take a look at my new stomach and I must say that I am disappointed that I still have stretch marks above my incision. That was the main thing I hated about my stomach was the area around my belly button and it really doesn't look different. Maybe I will give it a few more days. My breasts are looking ok for now just can't wait to get the implants to fill them out as they look very small. Today is not a good day emotionally for me.


Well here are my breasts. I don't think my nipples are centered properly and one is slightly higher than the other. Boy I hope they heal evenly.

Breast pics

This is a lift without implants


Well post surgery depression has set in. I'm so obsessed with how great some others look and I don't think my results are as good. My stomach still hurts and I can't function without pain meds. I'm starting to regret having this surgery. :-(

Feeling better

I got my drains out today. I finally see progress. I'm happy with my results. I still need pain meds for muscle spasms and back pain but I'm healing very nicely. I'm in swell hell right now but I don't think it will last that long. Will post pics when my swelling goes down.

Getting better

I'm learning to love my new body. I know it's a slow process but I see results that I'm happy with.


I feel so damn sexy. I knew it would take awhile but whooo hoooo I'm sooooo happy with my body. Thank you Dr Gear!!!!!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr Gear is by far the coolest and most down to earth PS I've met. He took his time explaining everything. He made me feel extremely welcome and comfortable. When I left my consultation there was no doubt in my mind that he was the one!! Dr Gear is the bomb!!!

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