So Excited for Makeover (T.T, Lipo, BA), but Are These Fears Part of Normal Jitters or Unusual? - Charlotte, NC

I am so excited to have this surgery done. I have...

I am so excited to have this surgery done. I have been dreaming about having these procedures since my second child, but after my third, the desire to do this became stronger and I finally decided to make the leap. I picked a doctor whose work (that I have seen) and personality and staff are incredible, (Dr.Pratt-Refine Institute) and am counting down the days. I could kick myself for saying this later but I am prepared for a lot of pain and discomfort and 3 weeks of downtime (GOSH, I DO NOT WANT IT TO BE LONGER-I know recovery can take months to a year but I have an office job that I need to be back at on week 4). Any tips on ways to have the speediest recovery possible? I've bought Arnica, Bromelaine and all of these vitamins that are supposed to speed up surgical recovery. I have been drinking a ton of water already and already started taking probiotics and have tried to eat as clean as possible. Any other common little dos or don'ts would be highly appreciated.


I am having serious cold feet. Ive wanted this for a while but recently got stressed and started smoking like 4 ciggerettes a day during work days again (slowly cut down to two then one this morning) . Havent had one since 8:45AM and it is 8:38PM now. I am two weeks out and I do not want a seroma or necrosis, so maybe it's best I postpone? I just dont think I could deal with that mess. Plus, I am having multiple treatments at once. Anyone have any advice?
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