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There are only a few things that money cannot buy...

There are only a few things that money cannot buy and true love is one...without the 24/7 support of my hubby the first few days...I would be a blubbering mess. I elected to have full TT as well as lipo of all the rest of my stomach, back, crests, bra rolls and inner thighs. So, first off, taking it easy for at least two weeks is not an option. Be kind to your drains...they are your friends

Nothing has happened that I didn't expect. That's the great thing about being able to research!

Whether you call it "homework," "research," or just plain obsessing over hundreds of internet postings -- living in the time that we live has made all the difference in the world for my and my TT experience. I found my doctor online, I got financing online, and I got reassurance online ..and still do. Probably the #1 reason I knew that TT was for me has been the before/after photos that others were brave enough to post. Here are my "before" photos - taken Sunday, May 4.

The "do's" that have been "trues"

DO - take the Arnica Montana - wow what a quick recovery on the bruising!
DO - shore up your digestive regularity that week before hand! Get Ducolsate gels and Miralax and start early as possible to get BMs soft and frequent so that harsh laxatives are not required at all.
DO - sleep in a rented hospital bed or a recliner...doing the "beached whale flop" makes for a funny video for youtube but at your expense? I had to call my husband on his cell phone to come "get me unstuck" when I couldn't reach the bed controls, nor could I sit up or roll over. He laughed so hard that I was laughing and mad at the same time.
DO - drink a lot of fluids - but keep away from carbonated and high sugar/frutose.
DO - get the compression garment custom measured - it is more costly, but you will never regret it.

Kudos to Dr. Pratt and his team -- I am almost 18 pounds free of flab and fat

When I heard the stats - I was amazed - the flat belly I looked down at was proof, but knowing that over 10 pounds of "pure toxic waste" was gone -- I was thrilled. Now, of course, the scale doesn't lie - It also doesn't tell the whole story either. So, I knew that when the scale still said 242 yesterday that I would just supposed to laugh -- and I did! very carefully that is. Here's another fun thing to do while you are recovering -- add up the amounts of fluids every day that drain... My total so far is 4,810 mL -- that's over 1-1/4 gallons of fluid!. Knowing that there were approx. 4 Liters of saline, (tumescent) fluids put in me - at least half of that taken back out during surgery - that tells me that my drains have done what they are supposed to do and that also means no needle-aspiration of fluids should have to be done later. So, when I look in the mirror now, and I see swelling, I am reassured that this is temporary! Next - photos -- I promise

Thinking back - "was/Is it 'worth it?" Oh man, yes!

The day comes when it's "lights out" you say "see ya'll later" and that's it - you wake up in the recovery room and you look down! You say "Oh my Gosh! I can't believe this!" See, for me I do believe that this is the motivational point worth a million bucks! you will need to set this pose in your memory -- so DO remember the moment! Take a photo...it's really really true. Print that photo and put it where you can see it every time you feel a little exasperated.

May 13, 8 days post op photos

Here are my photos - mid-day - 8 days post op. Morning is the best with the least about of swelling - Plus - those post-anesthesia "blues" DO come - don't let them get to you -- Look at the photos of my front before and my front after -- THAT IS MY MOTIVATION!!

Monday 5/19 -- 14 days Post Op. Photos -- Let's hear it for the Natural Supplements!!

The only "pain" is where there are bruises. And because Dr. Pratt gave me a package that included a natural supplement called Arnica Montana, I had a lot less bruising. The other supplement is called Bromelain with Quercitin and it is also a great product! It is a natural extract from Pineapple, these Bromelain capsules help reduce post-operative swelling, treating tissue injury, lessening postoperative pain, and helping accelerate healing. I also read that it is a milk coagulant which makes sense why it helps the body as it mends the tissues. I also found that I lost a lot of weight in my face and neck, my feet have not swelled up like they always did, my hands and fingers are no longer pudgy. I researched these products and found other comments similar to my findings. Everything that my doctor suggested has been right on target.

4-1/2 weeks post op - I feel fantastic

I now am a firm believer that a lot of my self-esteem issues were related to my physical appearance, because I have such an improved temperament now! I don't eat foods for comfort anymore. I WANT to exercise. I am so excited each time I go into my closet and find something else that FITS!
There is still a small amount of drainage from my belly button, but I now understand that it is normal...hey, at least it's coming out!
I have had Dr. Pratt drain my seroma twice...I have learned to be VERY careful in the sun while on antibiotics (SPF 30 is a must!!)
My drain log that I kept when I still had the drains, plus the amounts of fluids taken out by my doctor has totaled 1-1/2 gallons! That is amazing. This is only a little over a month and each week - I can wear something I couldn't wear the previous week -- I can only imagine how great I will look in July and August at the beach!
I watch my nutrition so much more closely. I watch my salt intake and have just about tapered completely off of the salt shaker. I have also cut down on soft drinks and fatty coffee creamers.
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