38 Year Old Mom of 6 -body in Need of Repair!

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After 6 C sections in 8 years, my body has damage...

After 6 C sections in 8 years, my body has damage that will only be repaired with surgery. I eat clean and exercise 5-6 days a week. I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo and also fat grafting to the breasts. I am nervous and excited all at the same time! Some days I wonder if it will be worth it and then I take a look at my belly and decide YES!

Before pics

22 days and counting

Only 22 days till surgery! I go through my roller coaster of emotions almost every day. But ultimately, I'm very excited and know I'm making the right decision for me.

More before pics-surgery 2 weeks away!!

I got the pregnant question

Someone literally just asked me if I am pregnant-I thought I would die! I'm really looking forward to getting this over with and hopefully that question will never be asked of me again!


Well everyone, my surgery is scheduled for next Thursday and I AM SO NERVOUS!!! Actually scared is probably a better way to describe my emotions right now. I'm so worried something will go wrong and I won't get the results I'm hoping for or even worse, that I won't make it through. I'm guessing these feelings are all normal but I just can't seem to get past them today!

Another before pic

So this is me first thing in the morning-even after a day of only eating salad and lean ground chicken this is what I look like! TT is in 4 days!!!!

Oops forgot the pic

2 days!!!

The butterflies are never ending at this point. Im so excited,nervous,scared,etc. I feel like a crazy person! I know it's going to be great but I'm anxious for it to be over with. The hubby has been strangely quiet the last several days and I'm thinking he might be freaking out a bit too. I really need him to be strong and not get uptight but that might be asking too much lol.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Oh my goodness y'all! Tomorrow is TT day!! Or maybe I should call it mommy makeover day since that's really what I'm doing. Just to recap I'm getting a full tummy tuck with lipo to the belly hips and thighs and muscle repair for diastasis recti. I'm also having fat transfer from the lipo to my breasts instead of implants. I'm so excited to have a body that doesn't resemble someone who's pregnant!!!! Right now I'm just anxious to get it over with. My little boy woke up with a fever this morning so I'm praying it's just a tiny bug and I don't catch it! Thanks everyone for your support!

Today's the day!!!

It's 4:30 am and I've been awake since 2:30. Of course I cannot sleep because I'm so anxious for the surgery to be over!!! We will be leaving here in an hour and a half -so ready for this to be over!!

Home on the flat side!

I made it y'all! I'm in a lot of pain so I'll try to post pics later!

Holy swelling Batman!

Let the swelling begin y'all-I'm trying to drink a ton but man I'm so swollen already. And in tons of pain. I'm trying to stay on top of it with pain meds but it's still pretty awful right now. More updates tomorrow and maybe some pics if I can get up!

A new day

Feeling much better today although I'm still having pain which is to be expected of course. My boobs don't hurt at all though. I was worried they wouldn't be large enough even though I really don't want big boobs and it's probably to early to tell for sure but they are definitely more full on the top part which is what was needed! If I remember correctly my nurse said he injected about 150 cc on each side which didn't seem like much to me but I already had a good amount of fullness on the bottom part-I had just lost a lot of volume on the upper portion of my breasts after breastfeeding and weight loss. Anyway, I'll post pics of my tummy when I can-it's just to difficult at the moment to get a good angle!

Another pic

Here's a pic of my stomach and boobs-can't really get a better one than this right now-I can hardly move

2 days lost op update

Hi everyone, not much new to report. My pain is still quite bad even with the pain meds. I really thought I would do better with the pain but I guess my age and a lack of sleep over the last 11 years is catching up with me! I'm still glad I went through with this though! I have not gotten up the nerve to actually look at my stomach yet. I know whatever it looks like will be better than what it was. I'm pretty pleased with the fullness in my breast from the fat transfer! I'm very happy I went that route. I'll try to post pics as I'm able.

3 days post op

Good morning all! I got up this morning and tried to take a shower but my back hurt too much-my hubby is washing my garment so I'm sitting in my recliner waiting for that thing to get cleaned-boy does it feel good to have it off for a while! I was really surprised to see that I don't have as much bruising as I thought I would from all the lipo! I definitely feel bruised but it's not showing up on my skin-kind of weird. Anyway, I'm posting a pick of my belly so far-sorry it's not too clear but I have a very hard time standing. I'm super pleased with the fullness in my boobs even though they aren't big. I'm also really happy with how straight and even my scar appears to be on my belly!!

Almost a week!

Well I've made it almost a week!!! I'm still taking my pain meds regularly and of course I'm still very hunched over but on the plus side I was able to take a real shower this morning without any help! I figured out that if I don't unlatch my garment and only unzip it I'm able to get in and out of it without any help or trouble. I was also finally able to take a picture of the whole deal-keep in mind I'm still very swollen but I'm pretty happy with the results!

A word about lymphatic massage

Ok I just got home from my second lymphatic massage at the ps office-can I just say people this is the best thing ever!!! Apparently my ps is one of the few in the entire US that even offers this post surgery! I came out of surgery with no drains and even though I have some minor swelling at this point I feel like the lymphatic massages have really helped with speeding along the healing process. I stand a little straighter each time and notice a huge difference in the swelling! It's not the most comfortable thing in the world but it's totally worth it!

Here comes the emotional roller coaster!

Well here it is-the dreaded emotional roller coaster! I was wondering when it would hit me and the bam! For no apparent reason today I feel like crying every other minute. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very happy I went through with the surgery! I think the only thing I'm wondering is if I should've gotten the implants after all. I'm really worried my body won't keep the fat he injected in my breasts and I'll be left with flat pancakes again. Oh well, not a whole lot I can do about that now. We will just have to wait and see.
On the up side, my stomach looks amazing even though I'm still swollen! Unfortunately my ps had to drain a small amount of fluid around my incision but thankfully it wasn't much and I didn't even feel it! I still believe it would've been much worse if it weren't for the lymphatic massages! I am going back next week for three more. I stand a little taller every day and definitely feel less sore afterwards!
Happy Friday everyone!

Getting antsy!

It's not even been two weeks since my surgery and already I am soooooo antsy! I'm usually such a "doer"-I'm at the gym first thing in the morning, homeschooling my kids, cleaning my house, running errands, etc. This has definitely made me slow down but it's a lot harder than I thought! This morning I made myself go downstairs and get my own coffee instead of letting someone bring it to me but now my back already hurts. Oh well, baby steps!

Another updated pic

Hello all! Pain is at a minimum -in fact could be described more as just being sore at this point! I'm starting to regain some feeling in my stomach and my scar still looks great! I have lost a little more volume in my breasts unfortunately but I did know that was probably going to happen-they are still more full than before anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Hope everyone has had a great Thanksgivjng day so far! I don't know about y'all but my stomach actually hurts from eating too much-I've read this is a side effect of the tummy tuck so I'm definitely thankful I will not be able to overeat anymore! Also, even though I know I've lost some volume in my boobs, I'm still thankful for the added volume (see attached picture) and I'm very thankful for my new stomach!

Checking in

I can hardly believe it's been 5 weeks already! I'm doing awesome-feeling great and standing almost completely straight. I've also started back at the gym even though it's just for walking right now. Here's a current pic.

5 month update!

I can hardly believe it's been 5 months already!! I've been back to the gym at least 5 days a week and I'm eating super clean. Definitely still have some swelling, especially at the end of the day. I've lost some volume in my breasts which I knew could happen but I'm still happy with my decision not to get implants right now.
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