30 Years Old, 2 Kids Later and over 80 Pound Weight Loss. Charlotte, NC

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Put my mind to losing the weight and getting...

Put my mind to losing the weight and getting healthy/fit. I just didn't wanna lose weight. I wanted to be fit, out run my kids, and feel better about myself. Started the gym March 2014 going 5 days a week. Started doing classes and weight training. Totally reshaped my body but was left with loose skin. That's when I decided to get a tummy tuck.

Day 6 update with pictures

Today I have felt really good. Woke up and my night time swelling went down. Thank you Motrin. I've been taking one pain pill at night around 8pm to help me sleep and none during the day. I do take Motrin during the day though to help keep swelling at bay. Took a shower this morning and that's my favorite part of my day. Feels so good to get the binder off and rub my skin. I'm really happy with healing. My insicion looks to be healing perfectly. Belly button looks weird to me but it's still too early to say.

What my bed looks like

This is how I've slept since I've been home at nights. Can't sleep I my reclining lift chair because it's just too firm for me. I use the white pillows for under my knees. Keeps me in a sitting position and I sleep well. Hope this idea helps someone!

Little red spot

So I went to shower today and the past few days I've had more swelling then before. All part of the healing process. As I am taking off my binder and dressings, I felt my tummy was hot in one area. Directly in the middle, right above my incision mark, there is a red area and that's where it feels warmer than normal. I took a shower, dried off and felt it again and it cooled down a lot. I'm guessing it's just swelling. I'm not too worried about it but I'll keep a close eye on it. I go back Tuesday for my other drain removal. I'll be so happy to get this thing out! I know it's there for the best reasons but I feel like it hinders me. Going to the bathroom, with it being right beside my girl parts, my thighs constantly hit it. It hurts to be moved around. Now it has an ugly scab on it too. I drain anywhere from 5 ml to 10 ml every 12 hrs. Doc said its best to leave it until Tuesday, so I'm going with it. Today is my 8th day. Drain removal will be 12 days. Here are a couple photos from today. One up close and personal but shows details I mentioned above about swelling red area and scab on the drain. Sorry, I know it's gross but part of healing process with a TT. My second photo is my before and after. To be so swollen, I'm still super happy with my results! I have a more curvy frame and my waist is now tiny. All that hard work in the gym really paid off. Can't wait to see further results as time passes and swelling goes down.

Little red spot photo

My last post didn't post photo

Me before I lost the weight.

First picture is right before I started working out and after baby number 2. The after picture is about 2 years later.

2 binders for more support

I'm hoping this extra binder will help push the swelling down and hopefully out of my drain. We shall see

Day 10

Day 10 and I'm really feeling great! Been on antibiotics now for 2 days due to an infection (the red spot I mentioned) but no biggie. I have no idea why or how I have an infection. On,y thing I can guess is it's this stupid drainage tube I still have in. Tuesday can not get here fast enough! I'm ready to get this drain tube out so I can wear normal clothes and be done with it. Still have some swelling and mostly on one side only. I've been wearing my binder tightly and only have it off to shower. I've been taking it easy mostly. Taking little walks outside with the kids but nothing uphill. Doing some dishes and small meal cooking. Getting back to schedule after being out of it for a week. Ive really missed it. Glad to be getting back to normal. Here's a picture I'm posting from this morning after my shower. It's looking good but swollen. I have a small red mark below my incision on the left of the picture but that is from my binder being too low and rubbing a red spot. I put neosporin on it after my shower and tonight I can't even see where that was. One more full day of drain and hello Tuesday to be rid of my drain! Yay!

My surgery date Feb 25th 11am

I just noticed I left out my surgery date and exactly the kind of surgery I had done. I had skin removal and muscle repair with a new belly button. No lipo. Thankfully all that hard work in the gym paid off and doc said I didn't need it. I was overjoyed when he said that to me considering I use to wear a size 18.

2 weeks post op TT with muscle repair

Today I drive for the first time. Took my kids to school, grocery shopped, put all groceries up, and did some house work all before they got out of school with no help from anyone. I feel free today. Pain free. Free to wear regular clothes again and not nightgowns or my baggy house pants. I felt like me again. I knew healing would take time, but I honestly thought I'd be better for now. Now I know how hard recovery can be after a TT with muscle repair and I got a new belly button too. My belly button is so different from my old one. It's growing on me I guess. There is still some glue and stabbing on it as there is on my incision as well. The red spot is shrinking and swelling has gone down dramatically but I'm still swollen in my hip area and upper abs too. I've not tried wearing any jeans yet. Only yoga pants and zip front hoodies. I've got 4 more weeks if wearing my bulky binder but I'm gonna invest in a spanx very soon. Walmart has a brand called Cupid that another lady on here told me about and she loves hers. Said it covers tummy and thighs. My issue with my binder is that my incision is low in the front and it makes that area hard to cover completely with binder because of my butt....if that makes since. I also bought some bio oil this morning and it has helped so much with my dry skin and irritation due to rubbing from my binder. I also started wearing a cotton white tank top under my binder so it won't pinch my skin so bad. Anyways, I've listed below my 2 week post op and I'm pretty happy with everything. Everything but the swelling but that is to be expected for the first 3 months on and off. I'm ok with that I guess. I felt so good I even tried on my bikini to see how it looked. I love it. My flap of skin is gone. Yay!

Safe to use scar treatment?

So this up close picture shows a lot of the glue has came off of my incision. My PS said I could start to apply scar cream like Maderma after it comes off. What do you think? Think I should start? I also have bio oil. I love that stuff and it says it's for scars also but I have not applied any to my incision just yet. I did on part of my belly button this morning because the glue is almost gone from it. Experienced input welcome!

Day 18 and feeling great!

Standing up straight! Yes, finally! No more hump back lol swelling has gone way down and incidion looking good. Belly button has all glue gone now too. Still using the bio oil. Love that stuff. Doing most normal routine things but I do get tired easily so I take breaks. No more antibiotics to take either. Redness you see is from binder. I also bought this panty Spanx and today is my first day trying it out. Hard to get on! It's a size large and very tight. I think it's way tighter than my garment/binder doc gave me but this is way more comfy once on. This way I can wear normal clothing without looking crazy. I don't have another dr. Apt. Until next week but I'm doing well.

Hospital pic when I woke up from surgery

I just realized I never posted my hospital pic. This was the following day, in the hospital after I woke up. My PS came in, took off my binder and showed me my beautiful tummy! I almost cried I was so happy. I was in and out of it until day 3. I went home day 2 and the car ride was hell. I felt every bump. Getting into the car was painful. I had two pillows thankfully I remembered to bring. Those helped me a ton.

3 weeks post op!

I am so happy I can see the finish line! 3 weeks post op today and not many complaints. Belly button is healed nicely but looks strange to me. I was under the impression I was gonna have an inny belly button like before but I'm ok with it I guess. I still have 3 weeks of healing so maybe things will change. My incision line is healing good. I have a couple of spots where the glue still is and those are the areas still healing. Most of the scar is free of glue and looking good. Using bio oil twice a day on it and my Belly button. Still using dressing over it (now using two thin long panty liners taped together) to avoid rubbing. I wear my binder dr gave me at night but during the day I'm now wearing my corset I bought at Walmart. It's tighter than my binder is and looks nicer under clothing. I occasionally have little pinches in my incision or tingly sensations. Nothing I can't handle. Standing up straight and tall. Doing all normal things mostly except for picking up heavy items. Trying to take walks down my road everyday. This helps with my posture and keep my mind occupied until I can get back to the gym. It's been nice having this off time though I will say. Getting caught up on some house chores here and there. Not going 100 miles per hour. I still need small breaks. I'm still fighting hives where I had a reaction to the antibiotic I was on. Taking benedryl at night for it but I refuse during the day. Makes me too drowsy. I go back for a check up next week to see Dr. Appel. I'll mention to him about those two areas on my incision that haven't healed yet. Also those areas have stitches I can still feel too. Maybe he can resolve that for me so it can heal. Overall, I'm very happy. Haven't had sex yet. Probably could but my hubby has been away out of town. I didn't revieve any rules on sex like some surgeons do, though maybe it's just common sense. Do as your body tells you. Anyways, I took some pictures this morning and tried on some bikinis. Happy the bottoms cover my scars! Even in a string bikini! That was my biggest request I had of him. To make sure I had a super low scar. He did a great job on that. Well, here's to the next 3 weeks!

25 days post surgery with pictures

Haven't been to see my surgeon in a couple weeks. I go this week for a check up. I'm gonna ask him about a few certain areas that are scabbed over. Wonder if that's normal or what because the majority of the scar is healed up. I took some natural light pictures so I could show exactly the areas I'm curious about. Everything seems to be going well as far as I know with healing. Maybe just a little swelling above incision line and mostly at night time. Still wearing compression all the time. I still catch myself hunching over at times. Everything is so very tight. I even have new stretch marks above my incision line in the middle area due to swell hell I had on week 2. I'll take the those couple stretch marks any day though compaired to what I had before. Belly button healed very nicely. I'm still not crazy about it not looking like an inny like I wanted. That's another thing I'm gonna bring up at my next appt. Besides that, I feel great! No taking any pain meds at all now But benedryl at night. I take that because of the reaction I had to the antibiotic and I still itch at night.

Went dress shopping!

Went dress shopping the other day and had a good time. I went for an Easter dress and ended up buying 3 and some other clothes as well. Most of the clothing was size 8! I haven't wore a size 8 since junior high school! Before I had to wear loose dresses due to my middle section but now I can wear anything! Here's one of my favorites. I'm wearing my compression corset under the dress. I still have some swelling but I don't care! I'm wearing this dress today to my 4 week post op appt. today!

4 week post op appointment

Hello everyone! Had my 4 week check up today with my PS. Had questions for him on my sticky note. He said at 4 weeks, everything looks to be healing perfectly. Hardly any swelling. He was very pleased with his work. Said no baths, or swimming pools until 6 weeks post op. I still have a very few small scabs still healing. Until those are completely gone, he doesn't want to risk any infection. He took out two stitches today that did not dissolve on their own. I didn't even feel it though I was sweating bullets lol I asked about using Maderma and he said to wait until my scabs are completely gone but continue bio oil as it is working so great. I asked about my belly button. He said it could possibly turn into more of an inny over time but if it didn't he would correct it in the office, no problem. I told him about the ear plug trick. He said that's only a temporary fix like I thought, but I could do if I wanted. I'll prob have him correct that in a few months like he mentioned. I still have to be careful and no strenuous anything. Still wear my garmet/binder for 2 more weeks and then I get to toss it! I'll be happy for that moment! I'm gonna start weaning myself from it here a couple hours a day when resting at home. It feels weird to me now to not wear it even an hour. I get cleared for walking treadmill, small stretching and other low impact gym activities in 2 weeks. It's 8 weeks though before I can weight train. Bummer. Anyways, that's my update for today! Hope everyone is doing ok! I'll post a picture tomorrow on my 4 week post op exact date.

4 weeks today!

My before surgery and 4 weeks post op photos! Dramatic difference! I also included my scar upclose. Few scabs here and there and 2 stitches removed yesterday at my check up that didn't dissolve on their own. Everything looking good.

A little update about weaning from compression...

Hello everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter with family and friend and that everyone is healing well! So, I will be 5 weeks post op this Thursday. I feel great, been trying to wean from my compression garmet some here and there. Yesterday I didn't wear it to my Moms for Easter dinner. Had it off two and half hours and felt like I needed it back on as soon as we left! Feels so weird not wearing it even though when I do wear it, it's annoying. Lol I don't really have much swelling got on now. At times I feel tight in my upper abs after a long day but not much swelling at all. My back still hurts some days but I'm not sure was to why. I stand up straight all the time now. I guess still healing internally and need more rest because I've been over doing it probably. That's just my personality though. I don't like slowing down and especially now that I'm over a month post op. I feel like I could run some days. I really want to but of course doc said no running for another almost 3 weeks so I will follow his orders. Don't wanna hurt or compromise my muscle repair. I am seriously considering going back to the gym to do cycle though. I miss sweating and feeling like I am doing some kind of exercise. I mean, it would be legs only so I don't see what it would hurt. F I get tired then I'll simply stop and go home. I think at my 5 week this Thursday I might just do that. I'll update here if I do. He said at 6 weeks I could go back to gym but very low impact stuff. Walking and stretching etc. but I am already walking at home down the road and have been for a while. I'm posting a picture of my scar including my small drainage scars in the pubic area. I have two very tiny scabs left that I think will be gone by the end of this week. Then I will start Maderma scar therapy. Anyways,that's my update for his week. Happy healing ladies and good luck to all having surgeries this morning!

After sleeping 12 hours with ear plug...

So earplug trick works! Of course it is only temporary, but at least I can see my belly button the way I want it to look. Doc says after a few months, he will remove the extra tissue in office and make my belly button more of an inny that I want. Until then, looks like I'll be using an earplug before showing my belly in a bikini this summer!

Stitches popping up

So I'm into my 5th week post op. I'm done with compression garments completely and hardly any swelling unless I overdo it. The past few days I have been itchy around my incision line. I've tried not to scratch but I do rub to relieve the itch. Not sure if it's the Maderma or healing process or if it's maybe these stitches I have popping up. After I took these pictures I used my tweezers and pulled on them a little and cut the stitches like my surgeon did last week. It's weird these things keep popping up. I'm ready to be done with them and so they can heal up completely. Besides the stitches, I have no muscle pain or other issues. Having sex again and no problems there. This may be tmi (in case you didn't see or read my post in the forum) be aware that having orgasms after a Tummy tuck will affect your lower abdominal muscles! You will feel them move and it's a very strange feeling. Just FYI so your not freaked out like I was the first time! Muscles contracting not just with girl parts but tummy muscles too. Just prepare yourself before sex so your not in shock. Lol

Going to the YMCA in the morning!

So I can't wait any longer! I'm going in the morning after kids are in school to get back my membership to the YMCA. I super excited! I miss my friends and I miss working out! I'll be 6 weeks post on Thursday. I've been so active around the house and I've been fine. No swelling and no issues at all. Tomorrow I'm only gonna do walking and some cycle with no tension on the bike. I need to work my legs and my body is craving some kind of speed. I have been going pretty quickly upstairs in my house before realizing I probably need to slow down but nothing bad ever comes from it. I know my body pretty well. Im ready to run. BUT I won't until 8 weeks like my PS reccommends. Anyways, I put together a little photo collage of my before, 1week, 3week, and 5 week post ops and what difference to see them side by side. I look so curvy now! I've lost about 7 pounds since surgery (not trying to or dieting etc) so it's not weight gain. My waist is so small now. I seriously have to buy smaller shirts. I'm happy with my results. Really happy but now it's time to concentrate on working my lower body and get my legs looking right. I've spent all this time and effort with diet and ab work outs because of my tummy that I neglected my lower body some. Now the tummy is looking right after that muscle repair, no more worrying with it! Can't wait till tomorrow. I'll be sure to update on the forum how things go.

6 weeks update!!!

Today is Thuraday, April 7th 2016 and that makes 6 weeks post op today for me. I feel like I made it to the finish line! The past few weeks have flown by. I have made good progress and have been working out again since Monday. My work outs so far only consist of walking with inclines, cycle, and step stepper. Since working out, my energy levels have came back and i feel really good. I do have swelling after works out though but I'll push through it. It's nothing I can't handle but it is annoying. I have most of my swelling from behind my belly button down. Makes my belly button swell up closed too but by running its all back to normal without swelling. I know it takes time to be completely without swelling so still, patience is required. I slept in my side for half the night last night for the first time! It was so comfy until about 1am and I felt like my muscles got sore. I also felt a pinching in my incision line, so I rolled on my back. I've always been a side or tummy sleeper so adjusting still with that. I only used Maderma for about 4 days or so. I quit using it and went back to bio oil because I had stitches popping through. I messaged my surgeon a picture yesterday about one in particular that looked like it left a small hole. He said it will heal on its own and to be patient. Well my patience is running short dang it! Lol just kidding. I only have two very small areas that need to hurry up and heal then I can take a bath, swim etc. it's April here in the carolinas and the weather is beautiful. I'm ready for summer and I pray my body will be healed and ready. We have an active lifestyle and always outside camping, beaching or hiking etc. with kids. Oh I have not been wearing any compression now for about 4-5 days. Even when I swell, it's not bad enough to need compression. I hated having to wear those things. They made me itch. I can now wear jeans too! Yesterday I wore my skinny jeans all day, no problems. I worried it would rub my incision, and I kept checking on it to make sure, but it didn't! Back to sex, gym, and normal life now. No weight lifting or running/jumping until I'm 8weeks post though. My only complaint at this time would be swelling after high activity levels. Hope this helps someone out there healing and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! It's there but only in time. Happy healing!

New bikini!

Went shopping today at Target. I tried on this same bathing suit about 8 weeks ago. I tried it on, and put it back. I love the color purple. I put it back because it didn't fit. It's an extra large. It was discouraging and I didn't buy it even though I was about to have a TT because I thought it would probably show my scars anyways. Well, I saw it again today and tried it on. It fits! I had to post my happiness! Still got some work to do at the gym before summer but the tummy is good! Before I had the TT, I had hang over and my sides hang out. So happy I decided to do this for myself. So happy.

7 weeks, wearing jeans, and back to gym!

So I noticed in the forum some ladies chatting about not being able to wear normal jeans etc Well, I pretty much started wearing jeans week 4 but only when I went somewhere. I had them back off once I was home again and put on my cozy pants. Week 5 I ditched my compression stuff and wore jeans but made sure my underwear covered my scar well. By the end of the day, they were unbuttoned and I was swollen. Week 6. I have been wearing all of my pants including my skinny jeans all day, no issues. everyone swells at different times during recovery and some for longer than others. This is my second week working out again at the gym too. Things are going great! No set backs really except the first couple work outs, I had some swelling behind my belly button. It's gotten a lot better each day after working out though. Ive really increased my cardio this week on the treadmill, stair stepper and cycle class. I also used small weights and worked my arms. I got that good sore feeling the next day and it felt good. Felt like I did something! I have one tiny area on my incision line that has a scab but that's it! No holes, no weird areas. Everything has healed up. I think next week, I can take a hot bath! I'm so ready for that! Anyways, that's my update for week 7! One more week and I can get back on those weight machines full time!

7 weeks scar update

Posting close ups of the incision line at 7 weeks post op. I've used bio oil. Tried maderma for less than a week and I had stitches start popping through, so I quit that for now. I think all that popping stitches business is done. Hopefully anyways. I'll start maderma again soon. Anyway, I have one small scab left where stitches were removed 3 weeks ago. I had a small hole from that and now it's a scab. I'm hoping by next week it will be completely gone so I can get into the bath tub. On my left side, the scar is already turning white! I noticed that yesterday. A Good sign! Belly button healed so fast. I never had any healing issues with it at all. I just am not crazy about the appearance of it. My surgeon will be addressing that after summer because I am not gonna worry about healing all over again during swim season. Anyways, hope this is helpful for someone out there! Happy healing!

8 weeks! I'm free!

No more holding back! I'm 8 weeks post op baby! So glad to finally be at this point. I'm cleared for vigorous exercise, running and weights again! I took my first bath the other night (since all scabs are gone) and it was great! So relaxing too. My fat, giggly belly that use to float is gone. I never thought that would actually happen. It is amazing. Been back at the gym since week 5. Did my first cardio/tonight class testers and it was my first time doing jumping jacks since surgery. I did great! It feels so different to run and jump now. No more giggly belly! It's a great feeling! I do have swelling at night after my gym time but that is normal. Nothing crazy but a little swelling in my normal areas below my belly button. When I wake up in the mornings, I'm back to super flat. I can't complain though. Having a tummy tuck is worth it! Worth the pain, the recovery, the money. Hang in there ladies! It gets better, I promise! Oh one other thing... I hate maderma. I've tried using it again. I do not like it. It makes my incision itch. I'm sticking to bio oil for now. I may try something else later but honestly, in a year, my scar will be white regardless so I really don't care lol no one sees it but me and occasionally my hubby. Heck it ain't much longer than my previous c section scar.

9 weeks and thinking about tanning

Everything is going great at 9 weeks post op! No complaints. Back to weight training, and high intensity work outs. I've been using bio oil this entire time and I love it but I think I need to find something new to try. My scars are red. I know they will fade with time. Maderma caused me to itch and dry out so I don't care for that stuff. I'm thinking about tanning. I own a tanning bed so I'm thinking about starting to lay in it a bit to see if the scar improves. Of course I'll use sun screen on my incisions/scars. I don't wanna risk boring them. I only lay in the tanning bed for 5 mins tops at a time anyways. Just before summer to get some color. I'll update on progress when I start and show pictures. Here's a photo of my belly button 9 weeks post op and before tanning. I've noticed my ab muscles are starting to show through! I haven't even worked them since surgery! I decided to wait at least 12 weeks before I attempt ab exercise. Of course I will consult my doctor before I do just to be safe.

12 weeks!

I can not believe its been nearly 3 months since my tummy tuck! Crazy how time flies by! Currently I am sleeping well, working out normally and started back ab work yesterday. I have some swelling STILL after working out but its minimal. Usually right below my belly button/above scar area. Sometimes swelling does get bad but it's usually due to bad eating or if my tummy hasn't been acting right. I try to keep that in mind. I have accepted the way my belly button looks. I was self conscious about it for a while but no one gave me weird looks so that made me feel better about it. It will still be corrected to my liking but after summer. I'm really happy with my results. My tummy is super flat. I still can't get over how different it feels. I still have numbness. My 3 year old is at that perfect height that his head hit right in the area between scar and belly button. It drives me crazy for that area to be touched by anyone but me. Even my hubby rubbing it. I hate that numb feeling. I'm not sure when that goes away. I go for my 3 month check up a week from today and I'll ask. My abs show through my skin and it's a good feeling. Makes me wanna work them more and eat better to keep it that way. Just starting to work abs again and it's so weird. Not pain or soreness but I'm weaker than I was. It will take time to get back where I was. Weight training is going well. Besides the numbness I e always had, I have no other issues and nothing to complain about. I'm pretty happy.

Before and after TT with MR 12 weeks post op

Here's my before surgery and 12 weeks post op comparison. I have way more body curves now but down a size smaller in clothes. My weight went down at first and now since working out, it's back up 5 lbs. I'm happy reguardless.

Before and After side view

Forgot to upload my side view before and afters! Oops! This right here makes everything I went through with recovery worth it. It's amazing the work Dr. Appel did. I mean seriously. This is me standing normal. Not poking out my tummy, just standing normal. Crazy how much my muscles were stretched apart.

Week 17 post op!

So it's been a while! I've been busy back to life like it was prior to surgery. I'm still numb in my tummy area and that's my constant reminder that I had the surgery. Besides that, no pain or issues. I wake up at times sore from side sleeping. It's definitely an adjustment trying to sleep on what use to be a belly that is no longer there. I find myself back sleeping more and I use to never do that. I'm still not happy with my belly button but the scar around it looks much better since I've been in the sun! I know they say not to tan a scar but I'm telling you fro my own experience, it looks better. I still use 50 block on my scars but it blends well since I've gotten some sun. It's not as pinkish around the belly button. I do still plan on getting my belly button corrected after summer possibly in September. He said it would be an in office procedure but we shall see. I definately want an inny and not be able to see the folded skin inside of it. To me, that looks like a fake belly button and it weirds me out. Even though I did have a tummy tuck done, I don't want the world to know it when they see me. Especially friends/family I haven't told so I keep it covered a lot. Anyways, been back to the gym, doing crunches, planks and all other weight training again. Still not back where I was. My abs get tired Fast! I use to do 100 crunches no problem and now I can barely get in 50 and I'm on fire. Muscle repair ain't no joke! I can plank now for a minute and half (elbow position) so I still got a ways to go to get back to my 4 minute mark. I'll get there! Abs looking good. Gotta get back to strict diet soon. I've been bad eating lately due to all these summer cook outs and gatherings. All in all I'm happy. Happy I made this choice for myself. I'd defiantly reccommend getting a tummy tuck to someone who's thought about it for years. I almost cancelled my surgery due to second guessing myself but I would have lived with that regret. Well, here's my updated photos for June and i wish everyone out there happy healing on their journey!

5 months post op (21 weeks)

Things are good! Going to gym 3days a week. When schools starts back for kids, I'll be going 4-5 days again. It's been a very busy summer for my family! Diet still isn't the norm since these summer activity keep us on the go but here soon, I'll get back on it. After surgery, I lost weight but now I've gained it all back. I have been weight training pretty heavy too so who knows lol I'm not really concerned about the scale as I am with muscle definition. My abs look fabulous. Belly button scar is looking much better and incision scar is still red. I have ingrown hairs occasionally in that scar. It's annoying but I guess that's part of having a low scar in hair line. When working out, I'm still trying to get back to where I was. Abs feel so much weaker than before but they look great. Still recovering but I'm not complaining. I now only use lotion on my tummy.... Maybe I should go back to using bio oil? I do Itch a lot! Scars are very itchy so I'm always putting on some kind of lotion. Hope everyone is doing great! Here are my updated photos at 5 months post surgery. Tummy tuck, skin removal, muscle repair, new belly button.

7 month update!

Things are good! Been training hard lately on those weights about 4-5 days a week. I can plank now over 3 minutes and getting back to where I was before surgery on crunches and ab work. It sure took long enough, right?! Geez but anyways, no complains or pains. I am still numb in belly button area. Not sure if that will ever go away. Oh and about belly buttons, I'll be scheduling an appointment about that really soon! Gonna get it corrected the way I wanted it. Hope everyone is doing well!

So leaking belly button

Last night I took as clothes off to jump in shower when I noticed a crusted belly button. I touched it and then I smelled this awful smell. This has never happened before. I didn't panic just took my shower, cleaned it with q tip and alcohol and went to bed. Woke up this morning, and again, the same thing! What the heck is going on? It's not a huge amount of puss but enough to worry me. Now, I have been working out a lot. The past two days I did hit some ab work outs and my abs are a bit sore from that. Did I cause this? Seems like an infection though because of the smell. It isn't a constant leaking I don't think. It didn't get on my clothes. Of course it's the weekend and the surgeon office is closed. So I have his cell phone number and I sent him a message about 30 minutes ago. No reply yet. I'm kind of freaked out a bit. Anyone else have this problem? I mean dang, it's been almost 7 months since surgery!

1 year this month!!!

Can't believe it's already been a year since this new journey! Tummy tuck: muscle repair and skin removal with new belly button. I'm due to go back for a check up but has to cancel my last one due to emergency kids dental visit. I was suppose to get my belly button corrected last month in office BUT I decided to put it off. I'm training to do my first spartan race in April and I refuse to have another set back with stitches and put training on hold. I'll wait until winter again. My abs are really starting to show. I feel like with all this weight training I'm getting bigger instead of smaller but I'm gaining muscle so it's starting to show. I've gained about 7 pounds since my surgery but in muscle mass. I still can't do the amount of ab work I use to do at the gym. In fact I feel my abs tire very quickly. I'm ok with that I guess since they look good lol. I am considering tattooing over my scars. My long incision didn't heal quite as thin as I had hoped. It's kind of wide in certain areas and I'm self controls about it showing when swimming. I think I'm seriously going to tattoo over it so I won't be worried about it. My belly button still looks the same. No improvement there. Still looks like a fake belly button but I'll live until until it's fixed. Anyways, not complaints besides that, loving life and hope everyone out there is happy and well!
Dr. Appel

Dr Appel was referred to me by two of my gym friends. He is a perfectionist and is very soft spoken. He far exceeded my expectations with my tummy tuck. He is very honest and professional. My pain management was handled well and he was always concerned with how I was feeling. I highly recommend him to anyone for plastic surgery.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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