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After years of being frustrated that no matter how...

After years of being frustrated that no matter how much weight i lose or muscle i build i always have fat build up on my abdomen, i have decided to go for liposuction since i am still young and think i will have a good recovery.
The doctor really didn't want me to do local anaesthesia but we compromised that if i did just lower and upper abdomen and not flanks right now i could do local.
Going in for the procedure tomorrow at 8 AM.

Post Operation

I had the procedure this morning, and everyone I dealt with was very nice. Especially my main nurse! I had no issues when they put in the tumescent fluid but when they started the liposuction it did get painful. they added more numbing solution and helped.
Halfway through Dr Bednar said that my fat was clogging his cannula... Something he said he almost never sees. Due to the fibrous tissue I have he had to switch to a larger cannula. I clogged this cannula as well which he said was an actual first.
They removed 400ccs and then began the RFAL technique for tightening, this also didn't hurt but I am definitely feeling it now.
Since I had such a large cannula used on me they decided to stitch the area. I'm worried that this is going to restrict any drainage from occurring.
It is now 2 PM and I'm home resting. I did go to rite aid and get my prescriptions so I was up and walking for about an hour post surgery.
My swelling is absurd. I am 3 times as big as I was before the surgery and I'm worried that there's no drainage happening.
I'm nervous because this is not supposed to be the worst day of swelling at all!

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