Thigh Lift - What to Know and Tips for Recovery

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I am only 7 days post op, but already I see things...

I am only 7 days post op, but already I see things that are great. For instance, I can see through my legs. Finally daylight...ah that sounded creepy. I posted another review about the panniculectomy I had with it.

I am friggin sore. It hurts to walk because the incisions naturally go down you inner thigh to knee and up through your groin area. Now that my friends, that hurts. The combination surgical tape and glue makes your legs stick to eachother and where the edge of you underwear goes, rubs right against the surgical site.

And my surgery was paid for by insurance. Rare I am told. But I took pictures of skin infrction sores and boils that constantly plagues me. Even the huge black heads that form because the pores get clogged in the layers of loose skin. I went to a dermatologist to get the higher end speciality stamp of necessity. I made copies of pharmacy printouts for every time I had filled antbiotic or ointment, lotions etc. Even my urologist helped by stating skin removal will ease pressure of my bladder and therefore stopping medication for leakage,

So this is how it went. Got to hospital, crazy nervous. My surgery time was changed 3 times while waiting in the hallway cold. But it finally happened and it was amazing. I waiske up and the thighs is what I felt first. Wrapped up in ace bandage compressions and 2 lovely drains hanging out. I am posing pictures of the drains. I will do some of incisions later.

Oh, and listen, get yourself a walker before and a grabber. It makes life so much easier. Because sitting on the toliet is a problem . You pull and tug on those areas to sit, to shift weight. Yup...get ready.

But I promise you, when you look down and realize all the chaffing is going to be gone...its wonderful.

I will come back to post more later....feel free to ask questions.

Thigh Lift- What to Know and Tip to Recovery

A thigh lift is truly a major procedure to go through. Tummy Tucks get the most conversation on level of pain. But let me tell you, comparing it to my panniculectomy, thigh lift pain blasts it out of the water.

There are some things I really wish someone had warned me about. Or explained I needed to consider. But in case you are wondering, if it was worth it? Yes, for me it is. And if you have lost a great deal of weight, you will really appreciate what this can do for you once recovered. It truly changes the type of clothing you can wear and how you feel in them.

What you need to be aware off and know:
1. Hurts like hell, no way to sugar coat it.
2. Swells like water balloons on steroids
3. Pulsates and throbs through the compression wraps with every heart beat
4. Thighs rub and stick to each other because of the closure materials used.
5. Will require way more attention than expected. Buy some extra compression supplies.
6. Drains may stay in longer than anticipated.
7. Clothing choices are very restricted during initial recovery and until incisions close.
8. You will need many additional band aid supplies for each phase of healing.
9. Thighs need to be cushioned well when you rest and elevate them.
10. A raised toilet can really help in the 1st few days. Trying to sit and have your thighs expand once seated is a bit of a shock at first.
11. Makes sleeping really hard
12. Plan where you will actually sit or rest. For example, don't sit in the recliner most likely to be bumped into.
13. Use a walker to get up and sit down for first few days
14. Respect the power of poo.

My surgeon's assistant shared during a more casual conversation she had a friend who went through a thigh lift and wished she had not done it simply in regards to the pain. I must admit. When she shared that almost cancelled my procedure. Boy am I ever glad I stuck to what I needed and wanted. But there is truth in the pain being a bit of a shock. I really didn't get what was possible for thigh pain. There really is not much to compare it too, common enough for explanation.

The swelling is expected. We all have sprained and ankle and been a bit surprised how much an ankle can swell. The thigh swelling is like that but worse. And you need to understand the swelling will go all the way down your leg. So elevation is very important. There is this magical balance between the need to walk and need to elevate. Your surgeon should guide you, but I found I had to elevate after brief periods of walking. And just like a sprained ankle, it will be much worse in the evening. Its counterintuitive but drinking more fluids helps drain them off. Don't get crazy, but do pay attention. The water will help your bowels too.

I was not sure what was happening at first. But when I felt my veins pulsate I go concerned. You will feel it at points and that just means either your compression bandages are on too tight, or you have swelled up quite a bit and need to take action. Stop and rest, elevate, or whatever may be going on. It most likely is going to be tied to something you are actually doing. I went crazy eating Bugles on afternoon. Stupid move. My thighs abruptly scolded me. After some fluids for a few hours things were normal, but I did not eat anything so salty again. Just listen to your body.

This is the biggest issue I had. Each PS will use different methods for closure of incisions. Mine seemed to have an identity crisis, or left closure to a intern or something. Because I got all types. Stitches followed by staples, followed by mesh stuck with surgical glue. Check out the photos for yourself. The photos were taken at 7 days post op. What a mess. But the problem was related to the glue. It was still very sticky and the incisions that were not covered by compression bandages stuck together constantly. It took alot of product testing to figure out what to use to stop it and be comfortable. The ABD pads given to me were so bulky. The gauze needed lots of tape, the wrong band aids would stick to the mesh and pull was really frustrated. I also found the incision under the compression needed some protective passing too. I finally settled on some non-stick pads. I lined them up along the length of incision, especially the one close to the crotch area and used cloth tape to attach them. It worked the best. I added some ABD pads in the crotch for a few days and then just used non-stick pads. I think this whole issue will change if you do not have the same closure product used after surgery. But if you end up in the sticky situation I did. Try the pads out and avoid paper or plastic tape. Pick up some cloth tape at a drug store.

The healing process is intensive. I found myself feeling like my thighs were taking much more attention than expected. If you are having a thigh lift by itself, this may not strike you as significantly. But since I also had a panniculectomy at the same time. I had to tend to both areas. Having 4 drains is a lot of work. But a real irritation was the compression bandages you are sent home with will quickly loose there tension and stretch out. My stretched out and were very soiled by various forms of goo and glue. Replacing them was not as simple as expected. So many types just slide down or were not long or wide enough I got frustrated. I did by some standard ace bandages that could be thrown out once soiled and the sports ones to go over those. Doing this prevented the bandages from sliding down constantly. I also noticed that some of the back support products were nearly identical to sports thigh ones. I uploaded some photos to give you an idea.

I am at day 10 and all 4 of my drains are in. My left leg is still putting out over 100ccs a day. It is the most painful of all my drains. Everyone will be different and some may even have there's out by day 10. 2 weeks is the average according to my surgeon for his patients. My right leg is down to 40ccs a day. My panniculectomy drains are on a different schedule and will probably come out first. Just be prepared to have it take a bit longer than expected. You use your legs alot.

Constipation is a real bummer anytime general anesthesia is used. Pain meds cause constipation fast. I did not have any constipation at all. I had success by taking a Mirlax solution (1 capful in only 4-5 ounces of fluid) with each does of pain medication. Once my stools were soft and easy to move I used less solutions. I found some of my friends tried to use a stool softener each day became miserable fast. So try that out and avoid the extra pain. I tease my sons who have GI conditions, to respect the power of poo. It rules our lives when its bad.

Many of the things listed above are self explanatory but feel free to drop a note or question. If I can answer I will. I will keep posting as my journey continues and load photos for people to see. I am excited for each of you that chooses this surgery. I also hope some who are on the fences can get a better view. Please understand this is my experience and there are many others that may be quite different. I can only speak of mine. I do think some challenges are universal. But hopefully this helps. If you are already pretty skinny and just want a firmer look. Check with your PS. Big scars like these are definitely not ones easily covered up. So know your expectations.

Speedy recovery!

Complications are a Bummer

I am 11 days post-op today. Day 10 started off fine. But ended with some concern. Some incisions are closing just fine. But the one on my left thigh is angry looking today and areas of it have come open. I have staples poking out at many places, but only my left leg is painful. That drain has gone from an output of 60cc to 140cc. Clearly something is wrong.

I am waiting to hear back from PS office. But I am guessing I am in for a painful clean up and possible restitch. I am not sure what will happen with the drain. It is miserable.
Guess I will update here when Dr tells me what the plan is.

Thigh Lift- 2nd Post Op Visit

Hello to all.

Well the 2nd visit was much better than the 1st. The main reason is that 3 of the 4 drains came out. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! But, the most painful one in my left thigh must stay in a 3rd week. A THIRD WEEK !!!! PS rule is that your drainage output must be 35cc or less for 3 days to have drain removed. Sadly the one remaining drain is having an output of 150cc. Why I asked? Doing too much, not resting enough and not elevating high enough. This is a hard one because I am a single mother of 2 special needs kids. One I have to home school through a special program. The other only goes to school part days even in 2nd grade due to his health. Add that to the fact I am disabled and geezzzzz, waiter, I'll take a side of complications and challenges please. Blah! I knew recovery would be hard, but getting still for me is hard.
So I am having to use an agency to help so I can heal correctly. But I am determined. I also was not able to have any stitches or staples pulled. Dr really wanted to give my body more time. Resting turned out to be a way bigger deal than anticipated.

So let me pass along some helpful tips for your continued journey. Regardless if you are researching, prepping or recovering, there are always things to learn. So I want to add a few details I am finding out as I go that can help others.

***assume nothing. You are most likely still overdoing it. Please, please have enough help around. Stay off you feet.
***drink more water and keep up with your Mirlax

***Adjust your compression levels, your Dr can guide you.

***Start weaning off the pain meds if you haven't already. Narcotics affect mood and you may not realize the mood swings begin to show up around dosing times. If you do, or family and friends mention it, and it is not because of the severity of pain. Tapper down with input from your PS. Light dependency can sneak up and typically once it shows up, you have already reached the maximum benefit that pain medication can offer you. Move on. If you really are having sudden spikes in pain. Call your PS. Seroma can still occur with drains in place and they hurt.

***Take a shower as soon as you get the okay............OH SO NICE!!!

***Be more conservative on length of recovery. This is not a back to work in 2 weeks surgery. Even if you were to be drain free and all the stitches and staples out. Swelling is a daily event for some time and the messy, scratchy incision closure materials take some planning to manage when dressing. Rubbing those areas is very painful.

***If you must return to work quickly, invest in some padding for your chair at work. Having you thighs rest on soft padding will prevent pulling on the newly healed areas. The same goes for your car. Test out the areas you will need to occupy. Set them up for comfort and functionality. My kitchen table chair was wickedly painful. I ended up needing some padded seats.

*** Also search out foot ware. Think about this one. Do not return to heels, or heavy duty steel toe boots for men expecting to manage either of those easily. Really think about this one. Slipping and catching you weight, or having your legs suddenly slide apart is PAINFUL!!!! My son's school entrance was wet and I slid. I was nearly in a split before I caught the edge of a table. It really hurt and I was wearing good shoes....their rug slid.

***Soaps of all kinds. Remember that those incisions will be tender for a long time. My nurse mentioned that it is normal for small areas to split and drain frequently. Meaning they will be open to contaminates. You may need to temporarily use different body soaps, lotions and products you use in the laundry. I found I was using extra fabric softener because my thighs are more sensitive to texture now. Also I made sure to open a brand new bar of soap and new body wash no one else had used. You really want things as sterile as possible. Don't reuse wash cloths either. Get clean ones everytime.

***Again, keep those band aid supplies around. And don't be surprised if you develop a sensitivity to particular adhesives. I have always had reactivity to them, but the tape the nurse used last time was a problem. When she removed it this visit it tore off live skin that had become inflamed. All the way down to the white flesh. OWIEEEE!!!

***Removal of drains HURT LIKE HELL!!!!! Excuse the language please. My nurse was very honest. She told me to hold on and breath deep. She has had patients vomit during removal. Let me tell you, I can see why. And because I had multiple procedures, I had 3 to be pulled at same appointment. Some have suggested to pre-medicate before the appt. I was not able to so I can't tell you if it helps. But it sure helped after when I got home. The drain sites were really raw for awhile. I covered them with some extra padding for awhile and later they calmed down.

I will probably think of things later, but for now that's it. I took a shower this morning and it did wipe me out.
Okay so your drains are out...lets hope so anyway. The truth is you still have to deal with all that gooey tape and glue. Once you start having staples pulled and stitches out, you will a have a new set of challenges. The mesh used for closure is now starting to peel at this phase. It can be pulled little by little, especially as you shower. Go slow and understand you may leak some fluid.

I want to post more but I am pretty tired. I took a shower this morning and it wiped me out way more than expected. New photos are up. I will answer you questions best I can.

HEY YOU...YES YOU!!!!! The one choosing to invest in themselves and brave the unknown....that you. YOU ARE AWESOME.......Keep going, you are worth it. :)

as always forgive typos. I really wish they had a preview function here or an edit. Thanks for understanding.

Day 20

Thigh lifts are hard. Very hard. The incisions hurt. The movements are hard, and the pain is intense. Nothing is easy about it. Even going to the bathroom is a test in manuvering. I got the last drain out Monday after 3 weeks. It had become infected, thanking the output made removing it okay. It is still ugly looking and still drains out on its own. I have to keep it covered or it trickles down my leg. I have to keep up with caring for the drain site as it did get pussy towards the end.

One thing that is weird is that one leg the inccisions are flat and smoother and the other is full of bubbled sacks of swelling. Dr says its okay, and I am sure it will be fine, but it does cause more pain.

Despite all the difficulties, I am very happy with the results. I can see such an improvement and come late spring and its time to wear shorts and bathing suits, I will be ready.

I posted updated photos. This update is brief, I am really tired. But please feel free to ask questions. I did have the L-shape incision procedure for best results so I posted the L shape best I could.

Happy holiday and heal swiftly friends

Fraud and Security Breach

I am very concerned about the recent security breach announced by RealSelf. We all want to help each other and gain the sense of support that is helpful. But I certainly do not want to feel exposed to those looking to harass, stalk, threaten, "get off" on pictures designed to educate others., of conduct phishing.

Since this site does not allow the option to block members who behave in unethical or unacceptable manners, the only thing we can do is "call out" those who do. So lets help those of us here for the right reasons and do not hesitate to identify and label imposters. I will do so in my posting threads. I would ask, as a good will gesture, to not engage those I label as such in my threads. I will do so as much as possible. Maybe this will work, maybe it will cause more problems. But I am going to test it out.

Thanks to everyone who is engaged in meaningful ways and who support those of us here to learn, heal and discover ways to improve our lives.

Day 30 Post-Op Quick Note

Happy New Year everyone! Happy New You!

This is really just a quick note. Note to self thing that I am sharing. Here are some funny, weird and gross things I caught myself saying, doing or reacting to. With a few comments by others.

1. How the hell am I going to sit on this toilet? Hover Craft?
2. Did anyone bother to tell the Dr to make drain tubes long enough so I am not constantly examining my crotch? (Mine were so short I could barely stand up straight.
4. Could someone please pull my underwear up? They fell down. (I had a panniculectomy and forgot how different y size would be, and with both my thigh and abdomen hurting, dropped panties were and urgent matter..hehehe)
5. Mom, are you okay? You're walking weird, like a cowboy or something. "Huh" I replied. No Mom your bowlegged bad like a cowboy, it's funny.
6. I have tree truck fors did this help me?
7. Now I have jello legs....jello legs with balloons inside as well.
8. Oh dear God....squiggle wiggles are in my drains...I am going to vommit..... (long clots that clog drain tubes we milk out....even saying it now I automatically feel like I am chocking on worms.
9. Why did I do this, these incision look like escape hatches gone wrong.
10. Mommy, you smell bad. Did someone spill apple juice on you? (splattered drain fluid)
11. Who put those on me?! (My sons thought it funny to put the most absurd socks on me while I was asleep and then refused to take them off, knowing I couldn't reach my feet)

So perhaps some do not make the funny list. But they all left a real mark on my psyche.
As you can see....the surgery leave lots of opportunity for awkward moments.

Labial Spreading Potential Risk of Thigh Lift

Hi fellow RealSelfiers-
I came across a few people really concerned about Labial spreading and thigh lifts. I admit, in the beginning of my journey I was uneducated about it. Once I learned I was hot on the trail until I found answers and was so relieved to know Dr. Getz had a great deal of experience in avoiding that successfully. I actually responded in someone's question somewhere.....since it seems important I wanted to share here as well.
- I am copying and posting some information from a conversation I read. The Dr had said the following
" Since most of us doing thigh lifts have switched to predominately a vertical excision (up and down the middle thigh) of most of the tissue rather then more horizontal oriented one, I just don't see people have problems with that. The issue is that the classic thigh lift hidden in the groin supported all the weight of the lower thigh skin. To offset that, you have to hitch the skin to the firm tissue on the pubic bone. If those sutures don't hold, you get a lot of pull down and out on the groin incision which displaces the labia laterally."

That still seemed a bit wordy to me. So I asked my Dr and he further explained that the confusion comes in the L-shaped incision for a thigh lift and just the groin incision. He uses the vertical and groin together-thus forming an L to ensure this does not occur. If a PS tries to just use a groin incision for pulling up all the skin that sags down the inner thigh, you run the risk of this type of complication. It becomes more of a problem as skin heals and tightens. Just be really sure to discuss this FULLY with your PS and ask him/her specifically about the type of incision they will be doing. Know what type of areas you are needing skin removed from. If you only need a bit of lift near the knees, one type may be needed. If you have lots of bulge inner thigh near vagina, you need another, and if you have it down the upper thigh and near vagina you need both. Some women just do not want the massive scars a thigh lift leaves, so they attempt a groin only incision that can be best hidden. Doing that can be risky...again depending on what needs to be done.

That is what I found out. I can also share that your vagina and pubic area will absolutely look different following a thigh lift. I just spoke about that in my panniculectomy review more extensively. Remember, our pubic area has been crowded with skin, often you are completely shaved in that area during surgery as well, and there will be lots of swelling around the vaginal area. I also had a panniculectomy, so I had not seen an unhindered view of my vagina or pubic area for years. Any clear visual was going to be a shock. But if you had massive weight loss and still have massive amounts of skin crowding the pubic area, a thigh lift will present challenges your Dr needs to be educated and experienced to handle properly. AND you want their success track record. If you do end up with labial is indeed a costly, painful, emotionally draining procedure to endure to fix it. Best to avoid that risk by seeing a Dr specializing in massive weight loss surgeries.

One string that interested me also was this one . Copy and paste it to your browser.

Happy reading .......

A community manager can get you there too. Gina L. or another CM(Community Manager) if you read this can you leave a clickable link..I couldn't get it to work.

31 Days Post Op Pictures (Thigh Lift)

Can't believe it. It's been a solid month already. 31 days, 4 weeks, tons of tears and frustrations....but way more cheers.

What I can tell you is that when people say recovery is a emotional roller coaster...they are right! Over all I have been doing okay. The 1st 2 weeks it was all about surviving the pain and figuring out how to move my body with 4 drains. Then it was the staples and peeling surgical tape combined with swelling. Now it is just frustration with how swelling comes and goes, and makes it hard to assess how you feel about your body. But even with all that....there are so many wonderful new curves and less unwanted ones...I am happy.

Day greatest foe right now is seromas. Most people have family and friends to help out during recovery. I have no one. I literally had to hire someone to bring me home from the hospital. I didn't even know I was supposed to have been inpatient for 2 days until 20 minutes before they rolled me into the OR. Having been told by Drs office I would be going home at or around 3PM, I only had a sitter till 4PM and a person from a home health aid to be with me until 8PM that night. Needless to say the recovery has been really rough. I have 2 special needs boys, and I have repeated that to the point some may be sick of hearing it. But if you are a parent of a special child like that you know how demanding it is. It was a mini miracle to pull off the surgery at all. I am disabled and was blessed to find a surgeon who was willing to work with my Medicare and not charge me upfront. I was blessed to put away just enough money for 3 days of home health aid (insurance would not cover that sadly). But past that, even with drains in, I had to carry on and do way more than what is safe to really. My Dad, who is 78 years old and 1500 miles away, was worried and helped me get a few more days of care, but that all the help I had. And my Dad is all the family I have. He is too far away and even if he was here, he is not able to step in with my boys at all. I spend too much time at the hospital and Drs office with my boys to have made personal friends, those die hard gal pals...which I really really miss in my life. The kids father is a very unhealthy dangerous person emotionally and physically so he is not around. His family have no intention on being supportive, so it's just us three. Sacrifice is all I know. In fact, I had been sleeping on the floor on a foam pad for 3 years up until the 26th of December when Easter Seals NC surprised me and had a bed delivered. My boys case manager found out I was on the floor and couldn't imagine me on the floor recovering. So there is another incredible thing. So believe me when I tell you, to have accomplished this surgery at all was a complicated, brave and foolish thing to get done. But I wanted to reclaim just a little bit of me. So far, these 2 procedures have done that. I really didn't care anymore that I had to get very sick to have any hope of insurance coverage, or that Drs were fearful because the complications from old injuries from a spinal cord trauma had piled up, or that I was supposed to have done 4 other surgeries 2 years ago and made things worse not being able to do any of them. None of that mattered once I got the word this was possible and I was not waiting for it to disappear even if it meant a wickedly painful recovery. It was worth it.......every painful tear.....worth it ! Just to get even a little bit of me back.....20 years of an abusive marriage.........losing myself in abuse...I needed some of me back. AND I GOT IT. Whoever says it's a superficial thing and shallow to need plastic surgery to feel good is an idiot. There are dozens of reasons to make these procedures life saving, physically and emotionally. I got a bit of both.

Opps, okay where was I. Geeze....common girl....31 day post op update.....

Okay. I am doing alright. My biggest complaint is the swelling and pain with the seromas I am fighting. I get weak really fast and the pain is usually when I am doing far too much...which is all the time. But really, I feel as though I am doing better than expected all things considered. All 4 drains are gone, 30 staples pulled out, umbilical stitches were taken out and some of the internal ones are now pushing out as they should. The incisions are beginning the long process of flattening. I have not started using any lotions or creams. Just don't have the money to invest in extras. I still wear my abdominal compression as much as I can tolerate. It is starting to fall apart. 2nd phase compression garments run $100 and I can't afford those. I wear a extra firm shapeware at Drs suggestion when I take the binder off. My thighs are a big problem. No compression garment, wrap or legging seems to work. Mainly because of the seromas I have and the way it is shaped. But I do wear a very tight ace bandage around the seroma itself and that helps with the pain. I am back to wearing my AFOs which are for my chronic ankle swelling and weakness as a result of my spinal cord injury. They happen to help prevent my lower legs from swelling right now which is a bonus.

I am frustrated with the left side in general. All my swelling issues are on that side. Most of my pain is on that side. I notice that if I do too much bending the abdominal swelling gets really bad fast. And it does not resolve as quickly as it was. I am positive it is from doing to much. Things like shopping and cleaning up are the worst.

Moving far this post reads depressing. On to the awesome stuff. Even with swelling I have literally shed tears looking at a silhouette I had thought was gone forever. Funny how it also makes you crave more as you can finally see the promise of a body you dream of getting back and even better at that. Having missed out on life for 20 years, gaining any of that positiveness back would be life infusing. But seeing a belly that no longer drags a huge flap of fat and skin is transforming. I want to cherish and protect this investment and treat my body well. Or at least as best I can with the demands I face. I do not regret a single thing! I would do it again.

I will post a numbered list later that is compact and to the point. Today I just wanted to share where all the jumble of feelings and thoughts are. And they may not all make sense. It would take writing a book to share the depth of my life's challenges and what I have had to overcome alone... but sharing just a portion feels right. So many storied in the background here. So many things to celebrate in one another.

I posted updated pictures. I included some with the seromas highlighted. My Dr is monitoring them so don't worry for me. I will let you know if something foreboding comes up. My next appt is Thursday. I am anxious to get my left thigh under control though. It is becoming more painful and problematic. So far however, he has been supportive and reminds me to be patient. Thankfully no new infections have popped up so I am keeping fingers crossed a solution will be found this week........other than needing to rest which simply is not an option for me. My boys will be admitted to hospital Monday or Tuesday, and that is not going to give me any rest. The pictures may help others wondering what seromas can look like.

I'll answer whatever questions I can, as I constantly say. Hopefully my next posting will be a bit more focused. I am far from that right now. Thank you for your patience and interest. It means allot.

Pictures here include some from my Panniculectomy. That full story is under that treatment section.

Again sorry for the jumbled messy manner of this post. I hope to have a better organized one soon.

Seromas Drained

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the MIA. My boys ages 9 and 12 were both admitted to the hospital and just got home after 6 days. Having 2 boys in at the same time in different rooms was hell, emotionally and physically. Not to mention, having had a panniculectomy and thigh lift a month ago, does not make a hospital stay on a rock hard cot easy. I was unable to rest, put my legs up or stretch out. By day 3, running between rooms and long walks down forever hospital hallays took my seromas to a whole scary height of pain. My kids Drs were so concerned they made me leave to have them drained. I had planned on doing it anyway, but at my regular appt. I had not noticed how horrible my swollen legs had become.

So I went to surgeon and he tried to drain them. Over and over I got stuck with a needle and he could only get small amount and air. He commented it had become a hard mass. He took my leg and squeezed hard and we felt a pop and the flush burst out. It felt like hot water out of a faucet. It squirted so bad and suddenly we had no chance to measure it. I surprised all of us that there was that much fluid collection as it didn't show it from surface. The pain went down right away and I was able to walk without a limp.

His parting comment was that it was going to come back especially since I was not going to be able to return home and rest. He was right. That night at the hospital was particularly bad. I think between the boys needs, nurses coming in and out, Drs, respiratory therapist, ect, I was standing and walking for a straight 16 hours. By the time I laid down my legs were so swollen bending the knee was tight. Of course I woke up with brand new seromas. I will drain them again next week. I knew as long as I was at hopsital it would keep happening. So today, day 6 we are finally home. I am in my recliner, feet up and to sore to move.

I would post pictures but I am to tired. I wished I could have done a before and after drain picture. Its not fun.I will need to have a revision in 3-4 months Dr said. More on that later. Also need revision in my hip due to incision there. Anyway, I am okay despite the complications. those are really due to my inability to properly rest and recover not the Drs fault.

Lesson—do not underestimate the importance of rest and elevation. And be patient when complications arise. Calm is so much better than panic and thankfully I remained calm.

I will post pictures when I can.

The Dreaded Word "REVISION"

So after my crazy week of sick hospitalized kids, and now back to regular life. I am coming to realize that 2 things are not quite right. I am trying to wrap my head around the whole business of revisions. At my last appt the surgical assistant agreed that my hips do not have symmetry. Not horribly off but enough to bother me. On my thigh right up close to my pubic area, there is still some skin laxity. And it is something I feel should not have happened. It struck me odd that he did not draw lines on surgical areas before I was put under. I feel like if he had, they would have gotten all the areas looking saggy. But laying flat does not give the same. That is what I was told about my hips. I just feel its bullshit.

they will do revisions free within 1st year after surgery, but why take someone through that. Do I allow them to fix the areas..or come up with funds again and go to someone new? Any suggestions, thoughts or experiences? I read about this all the time, but it makes me nervous even when I read other people going through it. Where does the line of trust begin and end?

I will post photos of the areas later...ugghhh. At any rate my next appt in March revisions will be discussed. Just feeling sick to my stomach..........a revision to my inner upper thigh means lots of pain all over again.
dr getz

II did not enjoy this Dr. He was very difficult to converse with or get his attention long enough to appropriately have questions answered. I am a fairly direct person. I do not typically have any trouble advocating for myself or others. I assert my needs efficiently and respectfully. But this surgeon was very flippant. His office failed to communicate very vital information even when I called and specifically asked in advance. I was not told my procedure would be inpatient. I asked his office 3 times, was their any prep, would there be any need for overnight stay and how long would I need to stay once awake. I was told no prep, Just show up at surgery arrival time and have someone be there to get discharge orders right after you wake up. Well 20 minutes before I was taken to surgery...AFTER I had an IV placed and after medications had started was I told. by nurse..."Okay, your Dr has sent your orders to the floor, you can give your family room number.........." Turns out it was to be inpatient and my 9 and 12 year old with a babysitter till three would now suddenly need overnight care. No warning no prep for my 2 special needs children. Just 20 minutes to make a miracle happen. I was absolutely furious. Not a way you want to go into surgery. I confronted Dr about this gross failure, saying I may need to walk out because I was not told I needed to make overnight arrangements. His response.."oh yea well we sometimes do this inpatient" My response well I asked your office several times and they failed to tell me any of this. No apologizes or anything. *********** UPDATE 12/16/2015 My 2nd post op visit went very well. Dr was a totally different person today. I am very happy to see that. He was apologetic, and he was sincere in not understanding so many gaps in communication had occured. Day of surgery, the hospital was a mess and he was frustrated at how many of his patients had been pushed around on the OR schedule. So I get it. A bad day. I was about to slam the poor man for good. One more positive things to report is how much he had done for me and I had no idea. For example. Dr. Getz removes the belly button during panniculectomys he performs. He does not restructure and bring the belly button back....ever. For some reason he did for me. His surgical assistant said she was stunned when it happened in the OR. I asked her why he did it and she was speechless. I checked around. She was being truthful. I met many of his patients and I was in fact the only one who had one moved up/ Hmmmmm....a humble thank you to Dr Stanely Getz. CMC Plastic Surgery January 2, 2016 Post-op 30 days. I continue to be more and more satisfied with results. I placed an initial overall rating of 4 stars. I am basing this mainly on the actual surgical results. It has been a mixed bad, but as time has continued the positives are outweighing the negative. A good thing to see. I will continue to update as the months go on and interactions continue. I can not provide an overall rating until healing has occurred and surgery results are better inspected. Should he suddenly change his behavior I will certainly update this review in reflection. This is an honest summary of my particular experience.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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