29yo Mother of 3 Breastfed Kids, 5'5'' 155lbs gets 545cc HP Sientra silicone - Charlotte, NC

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I'm a 29yo wife and mother of twin 10 month old...

I'm a 29yo wife and mother of twin 10 month old babies and a 6yo. I never really had boobs; a small, tolerable size B. With my first child, I breastfed him for 8 months and I'd gone from 220lbs to 135. I'd swollen up to a DD when breastfeeding. Since I exercised like a maniac, my breast were left wrinkled and deflated from the weight loss and breastfeeding. Getting pregnant with twins took me to 245lbs and now I'm 155lbs and pretty fit. Now that I'm done having kids, I'm ready to have a sexier silhouette. I've always had hips and thighs and a flat stomach but now I need a nice rack. Since age 30 is around the corner, I want to look more Va-Va-Voom.
My first consult at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery was great. I decided I'd go with Dr. Thomas G. Liszka because my mother had a TT and lipo performed by him that turned out beautifully. After we checked into his office (which is beautiful), we waited for about 5 minutes and were called back. Dr. Liszka was super nice and professional. His staff is also very very professional. He made me feel relaxed and I knew he'd be taking good care of me. He confirmed the size that I'd written on my form and then he examined me. He told me that I was borderline on needing a lift (which I knew). He suggested a pursestring and anchor lift but told me that I could probably get away with getting a BA without a lift if I didn't want the lift but he said that I'd need one at some point, soon. He also said that if I decided to get one later, it would only cost me 2900. My mother kept telling the doctor that I didn't need too much bigger (she wants me to have a full B? What a waist)but I'm definitely going for a full D (even tho I said C to make her happy since she'd be paying).

So my stats are:

My Preop and Before pic

I forgot to mention that my Preop is Feb 18. Sooooo excited! I know I'm going with silicone gummies. I'm thinking 400-425cc. Not sure:-/ but I have already purchased 2 new Under Armour zip front sports bras. One is a med-DDcup and the other is a 34C. I tried both of them on with a 34C-add 2 cup sz bra underneath. The med DD was perfectly snug with full coverage and the 34C was snug with a bit more of cleavage exposed (which is fine).

Wish Pics

More Before Pics

Did anyone else breastfeed and was left without any volume like this? (Sighs) can't wait to not have to wear those triple padded bras and sports bras where the padding moves around!????

Is this weird??????

I'm so ready for my surgery day! All I can think about at night when I'm on my iPad is how I will dress up my new boobs. How will they look in a dress? How will they look in a sports bra? How will they look in a lacey padless bra? How will they look in a tank top?

Ughhhh! The anticipation is killing me! They've taken on a life of their own. I'm making plans for my breast to be in new clothes and going different places. It's soooooo weird! It's like when you're pregnant and can't wait to dress up the new baby. It's ridiculous really....

I haven't even made it through this procedure before I've started thinking about lipo or maybe a sexy new tattoo. Has anyone else gone through this? I need to just "wooooo-saaaaaaa!"

Surgery is in like 2 weeks and 2 days and my preop is Wednesday, I'll update after. Goodnight ;-)

Btw another wish pic

Wish pic: I want these!

Preop done! ?

So I had my preop today. I had to read about all the surgical risks and sign as my acknowledgement. The office gave me a gift card for a $75.00 facial to be used in the office. Which I thought was super nice. Then the nurse took a bunch of before pics of me. We talked size and I told her that I definitely wanted a full Size D. The doctor had me down for the 375cc range size C from my consult. I told her I definitely don't want to be in the 300s but more in the 400s. She said she thought that I'd look much better within the 450-465 range and I agreed. She would be ordering my sientra smooth round silicone implants and she said she'd order a bunch of sizes for me. I didn't get to do the rice sizers or even try out the sample implants in the office. Oh well.... I remember him saying that he just needed a size range and he'd use his judgement on what looks best while in surgery. I made sure she knew that I wanted to look full and not have to rely on padded bras anymore. I'm thinking I should give them a call and just reinforce that I don't want a Size C for sure.... She wrote it down. I should be fine. Stop stressing....

So.... I have my instructions for the night before surgery and the day of. I have my multi vitamins and vitamin C. I dropped off my prescription meds today because she said sometimes the pharmacies run out and need to order them in. I have my Under Armor zip front bras even though Dr. Liszka's office will be giving me one to go home in (I want to order some nike sports bras soooo bad... Ok, Anywho). I have my baby sitter for surgery day. I have hubby's doctor's note for work. I paid my balance to Dr. Liszka's office today and now... We wait! (Dun dun dun duuuuuun!!!!)

Good thing is next week I'll be going to a bunch of CIAA tournament parties. The kids will be out of town. My Judy from LA is flying in as well as my college roomie. It's going to be turnt! Hopefully all the CIAA partying will have me occupied from anxiously waiting for March 5. (Sighs) we shall see... I'll probably post more before pics.

More before pics

More before pics

Having trouble uploading :-/

Post Op/ Day of Surgery

I didn't get s chance to write yesterday because the pain is no joke!
When I got checked yesterday, at 6am, everyone was so nice! I was put in a hospital-like room. The nure took my vitals and got my medical history. She had me empty my blather which I had hardly any pee from not having anything to drink because you can't eat or drink after 12am preop. I undressed and put on the hospital gown. The nurse had me put a sanitary napkin between my legs since I was on my period, :-( side note:my period came 9 days early and I guess it was from being so anxious and nervous. The nurse then started my IV. Anywho, the anestiologist came in and assured me that he'd be taking the best care of me. He double check for allergies and if I've ever had anesthesia in prior surgirs. He put a surgical he me and he complimented me on how neat my braids were (I gave myself two braids going to the back the night before). Then Dr. Liszka came in and I showed him pics of the size I wanted and he was confident that it would be no problem to achieve it. After I got marked up, the nurse put some happy juice in my IV. I gave my husband a goodbye kiss and they roll my bed out of my room and into the operating room. I remember them moving me onto the operating table and then putting the gas mask on me. I took about 10 deep breaths and then I was out!
I remember waking up to 2 nurses dressing me and trying to get me to drink ginger ale. I felt nauseous and throat hurt! My chest automatically felt heavier. I remember hearing the doctor tell me is that I had 525cc. I was like wow! I was in and out of consciousness. I remover being a wheel chair and the nurses talking about my braids. They were saying cute and neat they were. They were saying that they could never get the braids to stay in their own hair. lol weird conversation in the elevator. My husband was already waiting to put me I the car. That step up into our suv was tough! I was still weak from the anestia.
After I got home, my cousin was there watching the kids and she helped to my recliner. Once settled in, my husband offered me ginger ale because I felt like vommitting. Everything tasted terrible! The ginger ale was gross,the crackers were super dry, and the soup just wasn't working. I took my meds and passed out for 2 hrs. I woke up to my arms hurting!!!! Weird! My chest felt super tight but I could hardly sleep because my arms hurt! My husband readjusted me and I passed out again. I kept waking and passing out witching 30 mins of being woke. Dr. Liszka called at like 8ish? He's a sweetheart. He told me that I could have a Tylenol for my headache. He told me that my throat ached because of the tube they stil down your throat while you're in surgery. He said if continue to hurt or get worse, give him a call. He called me from his cellphone and told me if I needed anything at all, call him and he'd answer. Super cool nice guy! My mom was "he's probably doing that because he's getting more money next week" (she's getting full body lipo). I just think he was genuinely concerned. He knew I would be hurting. My husband said that he told him I had big pectoral muscles that were tough to cut through. (I lift weights 4 times a week with my cardio.) When I went to pee, I was fine. My husband helped tremendously. He was nervous about seeing blood on my pad. Thank God my period was gone!! I ate ended up eating my Zaxbys salad at like 10:30. My nausea was gone! I just still felt really tight in the chest.

Day 1 Post Op

Soooo I slept propped up on pillows. I slept pretty good last night too. However, morning boob is definitely "a thing"! I was soooo stiff. My shoulders and chest were super tight. I'm bummed out because I can't take a shower until Saturday. All I can do is give my self a bird bath which my husband will have to do. I feel a slight burning at my left incision site. Anyone else get that? I'm not sure if I told you but I have 525cc Sientra gummies. I have my incisions at the breadth fold. My husband said my waist look even smaller. He said I look even more fit. I'm guessing when you get bigger boobs, it makes all the other body parts look smaller. That's good for me! I'm totally depending on my husband for everything right now which has been fun. He's been so amazing. I feel like a queen.
Side note: I think I'm going to have the opposite of boob greed. Should I have gone smaller? Surprisingly my mom came over and she said they don't look too big. (She was the same person that said I didn't need a C cup). I'm definitely a D or DD.

Anesthesia wearing off

Did anyone experience shivers with a freezing cold feeling when the anesthesia starts to wear off? I was soooo cold when the anesthesia started to leave my system. Ugh!!!!

Day 2 post op

I'm feeling progressively better. I still have to take it easy. Any over-exertion will make your muscles in your breast jump or strain. I feel that my left side is super swollen as well as between my breast (it feels soft like fluid is there). I'm super swollen more on my left all up under my left arm too. I finally took a shower and it was great! There really was no problem showering. My gauze was nice and dry without blood stains. My steri strips were ok I guess. All in all, I'm so happy with my size and the look of my new boobs.

Lactating?!!!!! And rash?

Why am I leaking from my nipples? I looked in my bra and nipples seemed to have a milky cream on them. It's so weird but after doing a little research, I saw that although it's rare, lactation does happen to women after breast augmentation. It should go away from what I understood. I'm feeling pretty good today. I'm very swollen under my arms around to the edge of where my side ends and my back starts. It's tender and my husband says I'm walking like guys who lift a lot of weights walk around the gym. Smh, lol. My boobs are super itchy too. I was scratching my neck and boobs all last night. My lips felt raw yesterday too. When I woke up this morning, I had a rash on my breast and on my lips. Soo weird.

Office visit and size update

First of all I made a mistake. I thought I had 525cc but when I went into the office today, I received my warranty card for my 545cc HP Sientra implants. I knew they were jugs! I love it!

Anywho, my nurse Leslie and Dr. Liszka had me come in today to look at my rash to make sure it wasn't thrush. Dr. Liszka and nurse Leslie confirmed that it wasn't thrush and they said most likely it was the antibiotics. Dr. Liszka told me that since my incisions were already looking good and free from infection that it was safe to do without the antibiotic. He told me to call him tomorrow if I needed anything or felt that my rash wasn't clearing up because he could switch my pain meds in case they were actually causing the rash. He said to continue with the benedryl too.

Post Op Day 7 pics

Rash clearing, still sore and tight

My rash is trying to clear, however my chest still show irritation. :-/ i miss the gym!!!! I feel so fat! My gut is so bloated and my butt and thighs are getting fat! Having surgery and being waited on hand and foot makes me super relaxed and hungry when I'm at home.

I washed my hair tonight and it took me forever. I'm sore around my breast folds. I was already sore because I decided to push my twins stroller at Sams Club while my mother in law pushed the buggy. I did way, way, way too much today. I can always tell when I did something I wasn supposed to because at night, I start to ache around 8. Muscle relaxers are my best friend. :-) nightie!

Sloshing and Gurgling?! Whaaat?!

So today I'm in Walmart and just decided to check on my boobs (because I'm so overly worried about their well being) by moving them around a bit. My left made a noise. A gurgling noise! What?! I moved it some more and again, sloshing!!!!! Oh heck no! I called my Doctor's cellular immediately in a panic! I instantly felt sooooo bad. He was on vacation taking my phone call about something he calls "quite normal" and "often experienced". :-( I was soo embarrassed (that I interrupted his Vacay with my mess) but still weirded out! Apparently my body will absorb this extra air and water into my system but he did offer a office visit as early as the next day since it was already past office hours. He told me to continue to monitor their size. After searching realself, I found some other ladies who've had the same experience. (Sighs) so glad it's not something too extreme!

2 Weeks Post Op Pics

They're changing a lot! Most of my swelling is gone but one is still a little higher in the pocket than the other. Oh well, I looooooove my boobs! I can't wait to put them in a sexy little bra. I'm on my way to the mall. I might stop in Victoria's Secret to see what size I am now.

3 weeks Post Op Appointment

Everything was fine. I was cleared to do all my normal activities including cardio, strength training, and lifting my 25 lb twin babies. Dr. Liszka told me that I still need to D&f more and to continue to massage. He said there was no fluid in my breast too and the sloshing would go away. He also said the pain in my breast that I feel mostly at night is the nerves healing. He wanted to see me back in the office in a month. Great!!!

I was excited to go to the gym. I know I gained atleast 10 lbs. I was already at the gym 3 days before my appointment doing some walking and lower body machines. My left breast ached if I walked faster than 3.7. Dr. Liszka and the nurse said that's normal. Ugh! I'm used to running between 6.8-7.5! Oh well. I'll just have to build myself back to where I was. I went to kickboxing after my appointment and couldn't punch with much intensity. I have to pull my body back together quickly, it's getting warm outside! Summer is coming!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thomas Liszka is one of the nicest men you'd ever meet. He listens to your concerns pre op and post op and gives you extra information about your procedure that you hadn't thought of. He gave a gift card for a facial that can be used in their office. He did an amazing job. The office staff and surgical staff were all so courteous and professional. They care about the patients and the surgical staff helped me to relax before surgery just by having general conversation. The anesthesiologists and nurses came in before surgery introduced themselves and reassured me that surgery would be a success. Aesthetically, my breast are exactly how I want. Dr. Liszka even gave me a call from his cell phone the night after surgery to check on me to see if I had any concerns. Dr. Liszka told me to call him on his cell for anything. He's a extremely nice man. His work on my BA and my mom's TT speaks volumes about his expertise.

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