61 Yr Old - Pearl Fractional Laser on Neck - NC

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This is my third day after surgery - I was suppose...

This is my third day after surgery - I was suppose to have my entire face -eyelids and neck done. Doc started on the neck and finished one pass and had to stop because the laser machine stopped working properly. So I will go back in a couple of weeks and have the rest done. You only receive a topical numbing on the neck and I can say it is quite painful but bearable. Once he is finished you do not feel like you have a sunburn you feel like you are on fire. Luckily that only lasted about 30 min after surgery and I had a fan on my neck to sooth it . After that I have had absolutely no pain. I think after the second pass I will be quite satisfied. I still have not peeled yet so results yet to come.

One week after Pearl Fractional Laser

All the old skin has peeled off, still some swelling and redness. I go bk to the doctor tomorrow and will let you know when I am scheduled to have my face laser and second nk laser. The doctor used ablative laser (pearl) on me so I think that is why my skin is so smooth. All the crapiness is completely gone! I still have some bands around my neck but feel the second laser will clean that up nicely. For those that don't feel it's worth it you may not have had the ablative laser and it does make a difference. Over all I am very pleased.

Fractional Laser on Face and Eyes

After visiting the doctor today I decided I would have my face laser and eyes done on Monday. I decided to wait several more months to do the second pass on my neck when it has had time to rebuild collagen. Excited to see the results!

Pearl Fraction - Face and Eyes

First of all I would like to explain that the laser used on me is a fractional and it is ablative. It also is not a CO2 laser. That being said the laser is very painful even with nerve blocks. Some of the reviews I have read here makes this procedure sound like a piece of cake and I noticed most were not happy with the procedure. I believe that is because it was a nonablative laser and second because the depth of penetration of the laser was set low and because you may not have had two passes. I would not recommend anyone having 2 passes on entire face and neck at the same time. There were many areas on my face that were very painful - one of those being the eyes. Then there were areas I felt nothing due to nerve blocks. This is not a simple procedure and during the procedure there were times I felt I would not get through the hour long laser. I have a lot of swelling and face did not stop burning for 6 hours after getting home. I kept a fan on my face and slept upright for about 10 hours. I also became nauseous because of getting extra medication during the procedure which I asked for. I do think the results will be worth it and will keep you posted. Photos to follow

Fractional Laser Photo

The day of and 24 hours after - not sure the pain was worth it but we will see once I heal

6 Days After Pearl Fractional Laser - Before and After

Still healing. Face is still red and swollen. Not sure all this was worth it - couple months from now will update. If I had not had before and after photos I would have said I see no difference but there is change and after the collagen rebuilds I will hopefully see more changes. I think the biggest change is in the eyes - the bags are gone and wrinkles are gone. My mouth smoke lines are better - was hoping for better results around the mouth.

3 weeks since fractional laser

I can start to see a difference - photos after 3 weeks and skin is very smooth - no pores and minimal wrinkles compared to before photos - Success!

6 Weeks Post - worth it!

After 6 weeks I can really see the difference - the dryness is gone and my skin continues to look better and better. Seems funny now but in the beginning I really thought I had made a big mistake because my skin was so dry and I actually looked worse! I can honestly say - give it time - your wrinkles will improve tremendously and your skin will become smoother and smoother!
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