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Hi everyone! I am a mommy of 4 beautiful children...

Hi everyone! I am a mommy of 4 beautiful children (22,13,4,1). 5'5 135lbs and I am a 34 saggy A :( During breastfeeding I was a nice 34DD or D which I loved! Each time I prayed against it but each time they deflated seemingly more and more. I have had 4 c-sections and breastfed 3 of the 4 of them for approximately 2 years each!

Every since my first I always knew I wanted to get them fixed because they were shot after the very fist pregnancy. My tummy on the other hand was "ok" after 1 I still returned to a 24 inch waist and I felt good about it. Then I had the second one and with each one my tummy just got a little more "different." So I have now decided that the time is right! The time is NOW!

I was considering only getting my boobs done because I have been thinking about that for years. I still have my consult papers from an appointment I went to back in 1995! I just didn't have the cash then. Recently, now that I am finished having kids, I have been thinking about getting a tummy tuck...mainly because since I have had 4 c-sections my tummy kind of hangs over where I was cut at. So no matter how tiny I get, I still have my automatic fat roll. That's the name I coined it. So when I wear fitted dresses you see a tiny roll and that irritates me because I work hard on my body. I workout 4-5 times per week and I want to be fit. Not to mention that I have had saggy boobs for 22 years since my first daughter was born. And I always feel self conscious on the rare occasions that I do say "forget it" and wear a bikini.

There are some things that I want to do that I was never able to do. 1. Wear a bra top with my workout pants 2. Go braless just for one day! 3. Feel good in a bikini! 4. Wear a bra without padding!!! These things may sound silly for some, but others know exactly what I mean! I have never had this privilege because I started my family at a very young age. And I just want to do it. For once I want to feel good in my tops. My body isnt proportioned because I am a saggy A cup and my hips is a 38 so I always feel like I dont look as good as I could so I figure why not! I am done having kids so DO IT!!!

I have been searching around for the "right" plastic surgeon for me. I have been on soo many consultations that I have lost count but I think its 5 and I went to see one twice. She may be the one I just feel like I need another opinion from a more experienced doctor. I think its been hard because I am getting soo many services at once. NOw if it was just a BA and L then I could find a good breast surgeon but seeing as though I am looking into doing all of this together I need to be sure to choose carefully. I'd like to have my surgery done early February but the longer I wait the further out I am going to have to push it out : ( This process is getting to be soo frustrating because I want it done NOW!!! WHile I have the money, the time off, the decision made and before I have a chance to get scared and talk myself out of it. I have been through those bouts of feeling guilty and saying this is a lot of money to spend on myself when I have a family yada yada yada! Also I was freaking out about being put to sleep for 5 plus hours, etc.

I heard of valium after the procedure but heck I feel like I need one now just to make it through to surgery! I was soo upset today I got emotional. On Real Self I just found 2 new and final doctors to consult with and after that I am done. However, I can't get in to see them for a month! With one of them it was the day I picked for my surgery! : ( Sometimes I wonder if I should just go with the lady I have and just call it quits! I feel confident in her breast job but not so much in my TT. Plus I think she may not hear me asking for D's she said she will get it as close as she could. But I want D's! Well I do feel ok with her TT, but I feel like I can have more confidence. Plus I had a bad experience with a lady doctor so I usually go for a man (no periods, no hormonal imbalances). I have my days so they are entitled to theirs too right? Then I hear people say you will KNOW when you meet your doctor you will get a feeling. I haven't got that feeling yet although I do like this lady!

I get excited after I talk to every doctor especially when they tell me how great I will look after. I think I am just excited about the results and having the actual procedure done not so much the doctors I've seen. I am still dealing with the fact that I will be put under (using propofol what MJ died from- improper use though but still) and the fact that I will be sleep for 5 or more hours! That's almost a whole nights sleep for me. So I am working through that part but I want it so bad I will be ok.

I almost can go without the TT but I just feel like it will be super awesome. I just want to be ready for bikini season! After 22 years I will finally get to wear an un-padded bra. Just thinking about the after makes me soo excited. That's why I just want to get there! I am not looking forward to the recovery and just wonder if its worth all the trouble seeing as though I am not "that bad" whatever "that" is! I am hoping to get pain pump on bothmy boobs and my tummy to keep me comfortable. What will I tell my family? I really dont want anybody to know. I have only told a couple of my CLOSE friends and my sister as I am a very private person anyway. My husband is ok with it because he knows how bad I want it, but he is not excited by a long shot. He is really doing it for me. I bet you he will LOVE the result so I cant wait to post that once its done. I look forward to posting pic's. But first I look forward to finding my surgeon and locking in my date.

I am not sure if I should wait for these other two surgeons. One is Raleigh Durham area and I am in Charlotte so that's a 3 hours drive just for a consult AND he charges for his consults too. They ave a 3 step process for out of towners so I start step one tomorrow. Step 2 and 3 wont be until Feb as well. The other consult I am waiting on is on Feb 13th, he charges AND its about a 45 minute to an hour drive from my house. This female PS is very close to my house so that's a big plus. Ok so this is why i am thinking of just going with her. But I am just windering about "that feelng" that yu are supposed to get when you meet the one! This is really weighing heavily on me. I am soo excited about surgery and want to learn as much as I can so I have been stalking these forums all day everyday. Its the first thing I do when I wake up and teh last think I do before I go to sleep. It's really taking over my life and I spend most all waking moments doing some research or on a forum reading!

Boy I will be glad when this is over. I am beginning to think the more you see the more confused you get. I have gotten quotes from 10k-20k. From over the muscle to under, from smooth to textured, from a full to a mini, benelli to full anchor, from all stretch marks will be gone to not quite all of them. Man I have been told so many different things my head is spinning! Once iI get my date I will be soooooooo happy it will be a big relief. Ok I will update again once I speak to the next surgeon or before if more comes up before then. This is my booby journey and I plan to post everything here from searching for a doc to perform my surgery to post op pictures. I hope to read this one day when this is all over and I can look down at my boobies and my belly and say it was ALL worth it!

Yesterday was challenging. I got called in for a...

Yesterday was challenging. I got called in for a cancellation from this surgeon I wanted to consult with. I was excited to get in to consult with him. This was my first time having to pay a consultation fee and I paid $200 for the consultation. This $ doesn't go towards surgery at all : (
Well I was just happy to get in because my appointment was Feb 17th just for a consult. I was hoping to have my surgery in February. So anyway I went and the office was nice people seemed to be nice too just average no real going out of the way. Maybe I am just picky. smh.

So the appointment went will I feel this surgeon has a lot of experience and I do feel as though I'd be comfortable with him.

Since this is consult #6 I am really running out of patience with this process but if you want it to be right and feel good about your choice I guess this is what you just gotta do!

I liked his approach to let me choose versus the other surgeon was saying more of I'll see if I can get to your desired size but I am certain we can get close. I can always demand with her that I want 450 cc's I guess. Maybe I was being a little passive.

So anyway I was soo disappointed to find out 1. The next available surgery date is in April AND the quote nearly caused me to hyperventilate and pass out all at the same time! I thought surely there was a mistake but nope my mommy makeover consisting of BA, BL, TT came to be 27k!!!! As you may remember I have gotten quotes from as low as 10k- now 27K. I am beginning to think that maybe I should just do my breasts and suck it up. I can't believe the cost from this surgeon! I liked everything about him and what he recommended for me EXCEPT the fact that he said I needed to have a hip to hip scar. I have meet with so many I had about 3 tell me just a short scar will produce GREAT results just what I wanted all my stretchmarks to be gone and that c-section pouch! So I am not sure if I should pay ALL this EXTRA money for a surgeon who doesn't even have my surgery date available (which means I will have to wait longer and this wait is killing me or at least I feel like it is) , he's is 10k more and will leave me with a longer than desired scar. I wish I could just be sure this the lady doc I seen twice so far will do what she says but then how do you ever REALLY know! There is no guarantee about the 10K extra surgeon either. Decisions, decisions...
I kinda feel like since she's a lady she understands about having a short scar it appears that she will do a special technique. I don't know why I need hip to hip anyway because I have no fat on the sides just this extra skin and belly pooch from having 4 c-sections!

Sometimes I wonder if I should even torture myself with a TT. From a distance I am fine but I would like to feel confident in a bra top or a bikini at the beach so maybe I will do it I just hope its all worth it thought. I very concerned about the recovery. AT first I used to think about not making it through the surgery and never seeing my hubby or kids again but I think I am passed that. I attribute that to reading all these success stories on here. Now I am just concerned about the recovery and the discomfort for a result that is not a huge difference. If I can get what they are telling me I can get then I am cool with proceeding. I just want to make sure I wont have any complications. I realize that there are no guarantees in surgery so just keeping it all in perspective has been hard for me. I also want to make sure that surgery happens incident free. I feel that with doing so much its hard. Maybe I am just thinking to much!!! Then the selfish feeling creeps up on me...

I;m getting so discouraged and I don't know if it will ever happen. : ( I wish I just knew the answer, the right decision to make. I am pretty much doing this alone. My husband who is usually pretty supportive doesn't really seem to care much about this surgery and that's been hard for me. Because I haven't told too many people and I feel like I am all alone at times. He doesn't think I need this and thinks I am fine the way I am. I get that...but I want this for ME! I feel as though I will feel better about myself for once. Its been 22 years since I didn't have stretchmarks and thats hard in itself. I got pregnant at a very young age as I am only 37, so I feel like i just never had the chance to do it at all. I've always had a mommy body!

Oh I forgot to mention that my husbands best friend is a PS (board certified) and he told me he would do the surgery for me with only his expenses. That means I would be looking at only 4-6k and I thought that was awesome. But I don't think he does a lot of what I want- a mommy makeover. He has done then but I really do want a highly experienced surgeon to perform my surgery.

Anyway more to come later. Yesterday after the appointment I was in such a blah mood. I want this done now and I feel like I am just spinning my wheels. Thats me though once I decide to do something no matter what it is buy a house, car, outfit, go on a vacation whatever...I jump right on it and make it happen. Since I haven't been able to do that in this process is really bothering me. I am going to try to hang on in here. I hope my husband comes around. I can tell he is only doing for me but I'd like for him to be excited too or at least act like it! I want to be able to share my excitement and talk to him about it but due to the fact that I feel he is not interested I feel like why even bother! Especially on the days I'm discouraged. Which seems to be a lot now days.

Well I have one more consult scheduled for tomorrow that I've had for months so I may just go ahead and go for the heck of it but at this point I am soo done with consults!
The good thing about yesterday is that I did choose a size I think I like. 450 silicone. Oh wait... I am just thinking...I wonder if this other surgeon (the lady) does subfascial placement? That's what I've decided on that will be best for me based on all my research. Oh my if thats the case then Ill be back to the drawing board!! Because I was just thinking she may be the best bet. I do like the fact that she is close. Oh my.....Calgon take me away! I am soo not enjoying this part! I hope it gets better!

Ok I consulted with a surgeon my friend went to...

Ok I consulted with a surgeon my friend went to years ago for BA. Hevwas very nice and I liked the fact that youvstayed overnight automatically when getting a tummy tuck.

When talking about my BA he asked me what size and I said I want a D cup small to mid but nit a full D. He looked surprised and said I don't think you can do a D?? What I've been to many other consults and I thought that was weird. What do you mean you think I should get a C. Well actually he said we like C's!" Huh? No one else really told me that. Maybe he's seeing something other docs don't see I dint knw but that was a turnoff. So back to the drawing board. On Monday I'm consulting with Dr. K and on Tuesday Dr. E. Then I hope I have my surgeon!

I really like Dr. C so far. But I'm not happy she doesn't do subfascial placement. She said it wouldn't be good for me because my skin is thin. I'm concerned about the animation if I go completely under so we will see what these other two docs say. She's my top #1 right now mainly because she said she could give me superb results with just a mini scar with is only 2 inches more than my c-section scar! I thought that was awesome. Obey 2 docs said that outta 7 so far! Or is it 6 I'm loosing count. Anyway I love it because scar will be small and I don't want hip to hip as I don't think I need it. My tummy isn't that bad. If she would do my BA subfascially I would probably just go with her. She doesn't do the pain pump but I'm going to push for that!
All these different opinions and approaches is getting confusing.

I'm really curious about this no drain thing as I think thevdrains will gross me out I have a weak stomach but if I have to do the drains I will. Dr. E doesn't the no drain technique so I'm looking forward to seeing him on Tuesday.

Well I'll report back on Monday after my appointment then again on Tuesday. I hope one or both can do the short scar with subfascial. If not, then it's here in writing that I am not going to anymore consults. I made a consult appt with Dr. F on the 12th but I'm hoping to be already scheduled by then. This is driving a sista freaking crazy. If they don't do the short scar then I'm definitely going to Dr. C I'll deal with the implants completely under the muscle this short scar is worth it.

Whew! Today was hard. It's a tough decision to...

Whew! Today was hard. It's a tough decision to make by myself. I feel like Im doing this all alone. My hubby is usually very supportive but for some reason he is still uninterested in the surgery. I guess he will not get to appreciate these boobies either. It's a process, I'm not just letting him come around for the good part. all or nothing baby. My mind is made up. It's happening! With his blessing or without this is for ME!
Well despite that setback... I realize that this is something that I am doing for ME! I rather not do it alone but I will and I CAN because I have all of you here with endless support!
I'm so grateful to have found this group! TT here I come I wish I could do it tomorrow.

Boy am I learning a lot about myself during this...

Boy am I learning a lot about myself during this process. On Monday I met with Dr. K it was a great consult. I have now narrowed it down to two doctors. Dr. K and Dr. C. I am just a little unsettled about the fact that these doctors in fact no one that I have seen mentioned the no drain procedure, the no scar belly button procedure or the glue instead of tape. I really want these procedures done perhaps this is normal or maybe I am t
"thinking" too much. Perhaps, you ladies can help provide some insight. I have listed the details of the sugary from each doctor I'd love some feedback!
Dr. K
1 drain
Mandatory overnight stay in facility
Sub facial placement of breasts implants silicone
Full lift
Hip bone to hip bone low scar ( the front not the sides)
Has internal OR for surgery and overnight stay
Pain pump

Dr. C
2 drains
Outpatient in a hospital surg center- no overnight stay
Und the muscle she doesn't do subfascial
Full lift
She convinced me of a shorter scar (which is very appealing to me)
No pain pump ; (

So there it is. Maybe this is why I'm so stuck. I wonder if Dr. C can really make a shorter scar? When I told Dr. K he said it's not possible with a good result. I'm so confused!
I want a lower scar and I want subfascial placement of my implants. What am I going to do? I need to decide quickly because I want to schedule my date February is fast approaching. The price difference is insane!

Decisions decisions! And this is one of those you don't want to play with. I feel 23k is a bit much for these two procedures.

Those of you who had surgery feel free to share your input.

Well well well! I have finally made my decision on...

Well well well! I have finally made my decision on a doc. I will be having my surgery next month in February. I am soooo excited!!!

I know this is a little different. The fact that...

I know this is a little different. The fact that I've selected my surgeon and I am sitting in another PS office for a consult for the no drain method. I've already selected my PS and should be paying to book my date with him later today but....I decided to go on one last consult with a doc to do no drain TT just for info since my selected PS doesn't do it. I've only heard about it on here. When I asked others PS's I've consulted with or even the ps I selected, they all were so against it. Maybe it's because they don't do it. So before I put my money down today, I feel like I need to do this. So here I am. I'm very curious about This method be ause i think the drains will gross me out be ause i have a weak stomach but I know if I had to I can do it. I'll post details after visit. Am I addicted to consulting? Do I like PS's grabbing my tummy fat and drawing on my boobs? #jussayin! Lol this will be the last consult I swear. I just feel like I need to do it just for informational purposes and to make sure I've explored all my options. After this I'll either feel really good or really confused!! I hope it's really good. Ok I just got called back...

Well the decision is made and I am locked in for...

Well the decision is made and I am locked in for 2/17! My pre-op is on this Tuesday in just a few days!!! I'm excited and I will be happy to be on the recovering side. I'm ready to get this done. I've been consulting like a mad woman and researching like crazy. Now I feel like I can finally start preparing for a smooth recovery! I pick up my pre-op binder on Tuesday and that im sure will make it feel more real. I'll start compiling my questions. I really don't know what to expect. For those of you who went before me please let me know if there is something that was a just have for your surgery. Something you bought but didn't need and/or something you wish you would have bought. Even questions to ask the doc or about the procedure. I'm excited this is finally about to happen! I'll write again after pre-op in a few days!!

Well it fels like its been a long time! So much...

Well it fels like its been a long time! So much has happened! My surgery is all paid for, Ive been buying all my nedded items and my hubby finally came around!!!! That I'm super happy about. I couldn't imagine doing this without his blessing!! Thanks yoga and blue ridge for all your support as I believed this has helped!

Ok just 11 more days left before surgery! I'm excited and I also feel this calm...this peace of having a speedy recovery!
am almost ready for surgery. All I need to do is cool extra meals to freeze and fill scripts. I have my shower chair, toilet riser, recliner, body pillow, MOM, I've started to take my prescribed iron tablets, ginger ale, soup, crackers. I need protein shakes and fresh fruits and veggies but I plan to get that right b4 surgery. I'm working up until the day b4 since I'll be out for soo long. I'm sure gonna miss working out and hope I don't gain too much weight or loose my stamina while I'm not working out and recovering.
Am I forgetting anything that I need? Chime in if you think I'm missing something!
Lastly I have one small dilemma. I'm really torn over the placement of my implants. My doctor recommended subfascial
but I'm wondering if I should get my implants under the muscle. What did most of you get? I plan to have another conversation with my doctor this week and I hope to finalize that.

During my ore-op I got a little irritated because I was told I needed to choose a size so they can be sure to order them. I am looking at 400-450 cc but it all dependeds on the placement now as far as what I will choose. Aside from the placement even removing that totally...I was telling her I only want a D cup I don't want to look fake. I desire a natural looking result I want them to look like I was born with them you know what I mean? So anyway that nurse was no help at all I was really not feeling her!!! Anyway I do like the doctor so I'm just gonna discuss this with him. I just feel as though I could show them a picture of what I want and tell them the size and they guide me in the direction of what size will bring me closest to my end result. She kept saying that's not the way it works and in like well it should! You do this everyday not me. And how was I supposed to know you needed to order boobs don't you have popular sizes in the OR? Anyhoo I hope I get the other nurse during surgery and even as aftercare too be ause the other one is sooo sweet. This one may be a good "nurse" but she's not very personable at all!

So if any of you have anything to add about over the muscle or under please share! The countdown has begun!!! Please keep me in your prayers!

OMG!!! My date just got moved up! I'm going in...

OMG!!! My date just got moved up! I'm going in on Wednesday in less than 2days!!!! I'm soooo ready! 2 days til boobies and ultra flat tummy! I'll update as soon as I can. I am staying the night. My surgery is now on Wednesday 2/15!! Yippee I am do excited will I be able to sleep?
My hubby is traveling he was set to return for my Friday 2/17 date. So now I'm flying in my mother from Cali to come look after me she's a RN so this is going to work perfectly. I hadn't told her but when I had the opportunity to go earlier I said what the heck. I'll tell her all details when she gets here. I just told her I was having a "procedure" done. I bought her ticket and she's leaving on a red eye tonight. Gotta love mommys last minute and all she made it happen!

Ok so I have exactly 19 minutes to eat food. I...

Ok so I have exactly 19 minutes to eat food. I have just made a kale and spinach smoothie in my vitamix and it is delish! : ) Bag is packed all I need to do is shower and get some sleep. The car will be here to pick me up at 6am! I can't believe I am doing this without hubby here. I am feeling soo brave! : ) He won't be home until late Thursday night. I need to keep reminding myself to relax and let my mom do what she does. Its weird because she lives so far away we barely see each other and we usually skype. She has never held my 22 month old or seen him in person only on Skype. I hope they will be fine. I love my babies and I will miss them during this time away. Well gotts go get ready! I will update when I can even if its one short sentence. (y'all know that's gone be hard for me) I can't wait to see my boobies tomorrow!!!! I am not excited to see the scar until later when it starts to heal. I will take doc's word for it on how he thinks it looks : ) Bye for now!

Hey everyone I made it and I'm feeling great!...

Hey everyone I made it and I'm feeling great! I have a pain pump and getting iV meds so I'm I'm TT heaven. I thought it would be harder without hubby here. I'm surprised at how good I did. The staff here is incredible. They made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I came in changed into a gown and sat on a nice warming chair ( which was awesome because I don't like being cold) tool pre-op picture which were a breeze and came out nice. They said I'll get before and afters on a CD sweet!! After pre-op pictures doc came in to answer questions and confirm my implant size since I was trying to decide between 3 (yes 3). He then started the markings. look weird to me but he said trust me this all makes since to me. Once he drew my scar line I changed into my bikinis bottoms that I brought and in each one it was totally undetected yaaay!

I then met with the anesthesiologist who explained in detail what he was going to do and answered my questions. I just loved it! I felt super comfortable. Them I was escorted into the or and boy was it nice. I pictured being on a hard silver table why I don't know. But the table was cushiony and I have about 4 people attending to me. The two at my feet proceeded to put compression thingys on each leg. After that the anesthesiologist started to explain that he was putting the iV in he asked me about my kids and my job and I was out. During this process there were 2 nurses running their fingers up and down both arm which felt wonderful and completely relaxed me. I enjoyed this entire experience.
Then I woke up feeling rested and a little groggy. Throat feels fine and overall I feel good. The pulse thing on my finger was tight do we moved it. My right hand there are 3 fingers that feel a little weird. They said circulation is fine, they are not cold and I can bend them. Doctor and anesthesiologist both say it's fine so I won't worry hopefully it passes soon.
I'm so happy my date was moved up. I was concerned about am 11am call time but now I got to be first at 8am so everything worked out perfectly!!
I am staying overnight here. I'm very comfortable it's quiet I'm getting one on one nursing care I have a flat screen tv my cell phone and did I say it's quiet (love that) I am primarily home with kids and mine are active and loud and wakes up st 5am every morning! So this is my one day of good uninterrupted sleep I hope. I prayed for this : )
The compression sticking ate inflating and deflating periodically do that's good. I'm getting iV meds do that's good. I have my pain pump working and I'm still hooked up to monitoring stuff. I can't wait to get up and walk around! I am normally very active so even for 5 minutes well that's what my mouth says.
I'm rambling but at any rate I feel a little discomfort but completely bearable. I'm starving but I'll be eating a sandwich soon. I feel like I just had a baby. Since I had c sections in the past that's my reference point. Abdominal discomfort, a catheter and having to get up and walk....well I guess you can say I did. I had twins!!!!! Now just gotta think of a name for them : ). I will update again soon. I'm leaving in the morning I'm sure things will be different when I get home with my childen and familiar territiry but so far so good!

Just left my 1st follow up appointment I am 2 days...

Just left my 1st follow up appointment I am 2 days post op. I spent the night threre then went home saying my next appt was on Friday. So far I've been attended to everyday during these 3 critical days after surgery.
My next appointment is on Monday. Doctor said all looks great and I'm ahead of the curve. I should definitely get my drain removed on Monday. They almost took it out today but decided to leave it in til next appointment for extra safety becsuse it was clogged. Boy will I be happy when that's out. They changed my dressings and refilled my pain pump(yes). I also got a new prescription as the tylox was causing me to itch. Not fun at all. I'm picking up my medicine and going back home to get some rest.
I was feeling so good that after my post op I actually went to my favorite restaurant to eat. Bent over and all, I felt like taking advantage of my mom being with the kids. I wouldn't advise anyone to do that. I walked only a little and that was good. I've had previous abdominal surgeries and I am very in tune with my body. Well now I'm taking meds and off to get some rest.
The staff has been incredible and I'm do happy I choose this facility and this doctor. I see what everyone meant about the aching back from being hunched over. I am definitely feeling that part. Happy I was able to get out of the house and walk around that felt good! I walked a little which was good and I didn't over do it.
Still nausea or anything. I still have a patch behind my ear so I guess thats helping. I'll be posting more pictures as soon as I take some. I figured when I can stand up better. ok meds is kicking in now. Until next time!

I forgot to mention the fact that I saw my...

I forgot to mention the fact that I saw my incision line today without the tape. The doc and nurses were like omg you are gonna love this. To me it looked crazy as hell! My boobs look nice however they are super swollen and far apart. From what I could see it looks good. In fact each time I hurt I look st my boobies and they made me smile.
When the doctor came in after he surgery to chat with me I learned that he had to make me a new bb. Can you believe I didn't have a BB stump. Im guessing during my last c-section it was cut and dissolved. He said he'd never seen that before or that he's ever had to do that. So he said I will love it and it will still be nice it just may take longer to heal. Today when they checked it they were saying how nice it was looking. Since I trust him sooo much I'm taking his word. I'll wait to look until after it heals better.
Each time something hurts or if I feel crazy looking at this drain (that by the way not picking up any fluid.) all I need to do is look at my boobies and I feel great about everything! They told me right after surgery it should be little drainage. So sad my drain got clogged because I'm positive that they would have removed it today. Oh well being extra safe won't hurt.

It's hurting my heart not to be able to pick up my 1 year old he was just crying this morning.

I'm 4 days post op today and I'm feeling...

I'm 4 days post op today and I'm feeling great. Not much pain at all. I'm walking almost upright at times to relieve my back. That back pain was fierce . I'm surprised that I haven't taken a pain pill since yesterday but dont get me wrong if I feel pain coming I will get right on it.
I was able to take a shower today all by myself. I even put my bindet and bra on all by myself. Which was great because I'm not good at being dependent. It's been a struggle to not do anything but for the first few days I made myself lay around. Been regular since day 3 so that's a good thing. I got a peek at my incision today well the tape where it is. I am super swollen especially my private part. Good news is I was warned that that will happen. My boobs look GREAT!!! I can't stop looking at them. I mean seriously like every couple of hours I need to look at them and smile and them when I am hunched over I'm smiling. I'm still going to take it easy even though I am feeling good. I go to my 2nd post op visit in the morning. Im gonna ask about my belly button it's covered but with the ps' discovery during surgery, I want to make sure its ok even though he already told me its fine. I guess I just need to hear it again. I should be able to see it tomorrow. Ill update again after my visit tomorrow. I took pictures of the boobies but can't upload them from my phone or my iPad so I will have to do it later. Did I say I love my boobs? Oh yeah I did! Oh well I love my boobies! I will post these pics soon.

Po day 5 walking pretty much upright most of the...

Po day 5 walking pretty much upright most of the time. Back still hurts a tad but manageable. Still no pain meds not even tylenol and its bearable. I'm not trying to be superwoman so if I need it I will quickly pop a pill. I just don't like taking meds when not necessary. I usually prefer a natural approach to my body and healing.
No more wires! Doctor removed my drain (only had 1) and my pain pump today. It feels soo good not to be hooked up to any more tubes and wires!!!! Just yesterday my drain started to bother me a little. I'm do glad its out. I feel free and that alone is making me feel more like myself.
I got a peek at incision today. To me it looks long and not so low but it is because its in my pubic hair area (sorry if TMI) I think now everything just looks weird and feels weird. It seems that I have more swelling on one side than the other because my bb looked off center. But ps said its the swelling. I was hoping to get rid of all stretch marks but it looks like a lot still remains. : (

I'm hoping this will get better when everything heals up. I sure don't want to go thru this again so I pray that I'm satisfied when I heal. With plastic surgery, there are no guarantees and lots of emotions. I'm wondering if today is my blue day that I was warned about?
Well I'm still loving my boobs though. When I look at them they make me happy! Although they are still very swollen they look and feel nice. I go back to my next post op on Thursday and post again then. It's Lo day 5 and I've already been to 3 follow ups not to mention staying over night. I love they way the look after you after this procedure. It is a major surgery and they treat it as such. I feel very safe and cared for.
I am hoping I will feel much better after next visit or at least soon.
Today, I questioned why I did this (TT) to myself for the very first time. I'm not in any unbearable pain or suffering any complications...for the most part I feel that things have been pretty good and ahead of average actually. Maybe it's my blue day especially after seeing my scar and bb and stuff today. Oh well bettr days are sure to follow! What do I expect at 5 days po? Maybe it's just me? Boobs I live TT I'm not do sure. I felt like I could have managed what I had it wasn't that bad at all. When I'm at my goal weight it was "ok." I guess I was looking for perfection or a miracle. Which I still may get because its still early. I won't complain anymore I'll just try to be patient. Yes this must be my blue day.

Added pics from 4 days post op. More to come on...

Added pics from 4 days post op. More to come on Thursday at day 8!

I feel better today. Here's us all the things...

I feel better today. Here's us all the things I'm grateful for as it relates to my surgery.
I woke up
I felt great after
No complications
My boobs look great
I never got nauseated one time with following docs orders
I had a bm on the 3 rd day and everyday thereafter without even taking my mom as doc directed
Dr started me on iron pills pre op do no iron issues
My pre op binder that prepared me for this after care binder
I could go on and on. Anytime I'm feeling bad this is what I do. I think about about all that I'm grateful for. I somehow forgot about it yesterday. I'm happy for all the support and people who reached out to me.

Well I went to my follow up at day 8 and all was...

Well I went to my follow up at day 8 and all was good. I had my share of the BLUE day(s) but hopefully that is all behind me. Moving around and getting out of the house definitely helped! I go back to see my PS for my next follow up in 2 days and I am expecting to get tape removed so I can see how the incisions on boobies and tummy are looking.
I am still swollen but nothing major. My incision seems to have migrated higher due to swelling compared to where it was drawn pre-surgery??? PS assures me it's the swelling in that area and that it will relax and the space between my belly button and my incision will spread further apart. I soooo am hoping it relaxes as he has said so the incision will be hidden again in my bikini bottoms and underwear and my bb wont be so close to my incision line. You can see this a little in the last pics I posted.

I purposely brought a bikini in to surgery with me and he drew lines to make incision fit underneath and nearly undetectable. Not sure why its showing now??? Has this happened to anyone else? Could swelling really do that? Well I will discuss this again during my visit this week. At first I thought my incision wasn't low enough but it's very low. It just shows in bikinis and panty bottoms. Weird!

I am really trying not to freak out about this incision thing. That is my only real complaint. I hope PS is spot on when he says that it will relax once all swelling goes down. I looked on a few other pictures here and I haven't seen an incision being higher due to swelling. Have any of you? I know everyone heals differently so I am just going to be patient. After all what the heck else can I do? That alone is stopping me from looking at my results and trying on clothes!

Other than that I am feeling GREAT. I am back to doing everything I normally do besides working out of course which I can't wait to do. I feel like I can do it now but know that internally I am not well enough yet. Maybe in another 2 weeks we will see what ps says about that.

I'll update again and I will try to post pics after my next visit once everything is removed.
Happy healing ladies!

On March 1st I had my 2 week post op. I began scar...

On March 1st I had my 2 week post op. I began scar therapy and was told all looks good with incisions and healing is going just fine ahead of schedule.

I went in to PS on 3/5 because I needed to discuss the operation. I don't really like how close my bb is to my incison and the fact that I still have so many stretchmarks. I feel as though I still have the same amount. At this point I am not sure this TT was worth it at all! He did release me to wear spanx so I can get rid of the binder which is great. What kind of spanx is best to get for TT's? Any recommendations? If so please share.

I go for my regular follow up tomorrow and then I will start endermologie treatments so I hope that helps reduce swelling and relax things a bit.

It been a very rough ride for me. The healing has been moving along smoothly and everything is going well on that end no incidents to report but honestly I feel like a different person mentally. I keep having crying spells when I look at my tummy and my before picture and see how my bb was higher and now its soo low and close to my incision which sticks out of my bikini and it just sends me over each time. It just looks odd. I have never been a cry baby but I feel like one. I kind of wish I would have only done the BL and BA. I felt like I could have tightened my tummy a bit and been ok as have been in the past even after my 4th and last child.

I was so not expecting this. I felt I was an easy case. Had I known it would look like this I would have rather left it how it was. I am sooo unhappy with the way this is looking. The regret of this tt procedure is killing me. I am definitely having a hard time. All this pain and discomfort and time off work without pay and spending all this money on a procedure (that right now I dislike) has really been bothering me and I am sooo tired of crying about it. Still having to look at my body and be disgusted is a sad situation. I haven't seen any person on this site with my issue. I sure hope this gets better : ( this is not fun.

I don't know what I'd do without my hubby he's really doing all he can to help and support me through this. I think I am going to go get a second opinion from a doc I almost chose before I decided on this doctor to see what they say about this. I really like my doc but I think something went awry or wasn't done as best it could have been??? I feel bad feeling like I need to get a second opinion but I do feel like I need one. Why is my incision line showing in a bikini where it wasn't when he drew it on me at pre-op. Its the same bikini. I added new pics for you guys to see what I mean.

3 weeks and 1 day PO. Had my follow up visit today...

3 weeks and 1 day PO. Had my follow up visit today and started endermologie treatment. That was really good! Dawn is the best! PS said everything is healing great and he won't see me again for 2 weeks. That feels weird since I have been going almost twice a week since surgery. He is really pleased with how things are turning out. He told me that it's because of the swelling that the scar is sitting so close to bb and it will relax some. How much? Time will tell. He did tell me he had an issue arise during surgery with my bb which he had to create a new bb stump? Must have been sliced in one of my previous c-sections without my knowledge. So I need to be happy that he was experienced enough to be able to do that unexpectedly. That could be one of the reasons why I am having a bb issue.

On another note the scars is healing very well so I am happy about that. I have decided to wait until the 3 month mark before I do anything. Ok? So if I forget someone please remind me. I don't expect it to be easy and I will probably starting bit%$ng again if I am having another mommy makeover meltdown moment (patent pending). I do believe I am suffering from some emotional issues as a result of this procedure. It is really a roller coaster ride. One day I am good another I am a mess. I need all these meds an anesthesia out of my body. I wish I could do a cleanse or something.
I am cleared to workout more so I know that will help. I plan to start slowly on the treadmill tomorrow. I actually got the ok last week and didn't do it. I HATE those stationary machines but I gotta do something so I can build my stamina to do my full workout schedule again. All this will help my condition I am sure.

To all the ladies who reached out to me to support me through my difficult time yesterday I say again... THANK YOU!!! You know who you are and I appreciate you all so much. I do feel much better today.

Ok well today I am 4 weeks and 2 days PO. Last...

Ok well today I am 4 weeks and 2 days PO. Last night I did my first class workout group ex class and it was awesome. I will be back to teaching next week as I am easing back into it...and for now just doing the classes first. I am healing really well and boobs look more and more amazing everyday! They are finally starting to feel like mine instead of a "device." At my last visit on Tuesday I was released to wear whatever bra I want. I went to Nordstrom to get measured and I finally got my true bra size. 32DDD It sounds huge but its really not. Vicky's measured me at 34D and I truly believe their sizes are different (smaller) and their bras aren't the most comfortable for me either. They are sexy and all that but not the most comfy. I need to protect my investment so I bought a few bras (different manufacturers) from Nord's and I love them. I highly recommend everyone get "truly" measured at Nordstrom or another trusted department store. Most women wear the wrong bra size. I saw a special about that about 5 years ago on Oprah.
Overall healing is going well. I go back to PS next week for another follow up visit. My incision is healing well and my boobie incisions are looking great. Especially the one I was most worried about (the one from the lift) that one is nearly invisible when you look at it. I am very happy and I haven't even finished my scar therapy yet or let alone my natural healing its only been 4 weeks. I will try to upload pics soon. Until next time...

Went to post op appointment yesterday and I'm...

Went to post op appointment yesterday and I'm cleared to resume my regular activities... all of them. Even sit ups. So I am back to teaching that sure feels good! Starting light weight training on Monday!!

Hard to believe today is 8 weeks po! Wow! All in...

Hard to believe today is 8 weeks po! Wow! All in all I'm doing great. Started back working out a few weeks ago and I'm not on full throttle with weights and everything. I'm looking forward to summer.
My scar is healing well and I'm still treating it with the scar therapy meds they have me. I wish my scar way about an inch and a half lower. That's my only complaint. I love having a flat tummy. Today I can ditch the spanx according to my ps but I kind of like having that support so I'll probably wear them anyway.
On to the boobs... They are perfect I love them. Size it great I can run, lift weights and do my dancing classes with no problems. The BA was absolutely the best thing I did for myself.
Happy healing ladies! I'll upload my 8 week po pics later tonight. It's such a hassle because I'm never on my computer.

3 months today. Feeling much better emotionally...

3 months today. Feeling much better emotionally and getting used to the new norm. Still loving my boobs!!! That is truly the best gift I've even given myself : ) as far as the tummy....well it's better I guess I'm just getting used to it. I'm up fit revision next week on Friday 5/18. My BB needs repairing hopefully this time itll be good. Doc ran into an u expected issue with my bb during surgery. It was doing good but took a turn for a change we didn't want so hopefully this is my last encounter with the knife. I am also getting one areola reduced to "match" the other side. One is bigger than the other. Maybe as well get it done together. I'm happy I don't have to go under again though. Still working on my scar so it will heal pretty. I'm starting silicon strips tomorrow as soon as they arrive in the mail. Hopefully that helps to flatten it out some more. I think coming out of my compression garment changed the appearance. I think the compression helped it stay flat. Ok I'll update again after my revision next week and post pics. Happy healing ladies!!

So where do I start... I was supposed to have...

So where do I start... I was supposed to have revision surgery today with my PS. I need to get my bb fixed and a TT revision!!!!! And one of my areolas are bigger than the other so I am going to fix that too. If I didn't have to do the bb and TT revision I'd just leave the boobies alone its not that bad!! I hate typing those words "TT revision" this was my worst fear. I NEVER wanted to have surgery again less alone another TT. SO I will be going under again for the fixes : ( So far I have been happy about how my doctor was handling things. He was serious about keeping his commitment to ensure my happiness. He is super cool about it. BUT I got to see a different side of things at their office when I went in on Monday to get a second opinion from the other doctor in the practice.. I won't go into detail here but let's just felt weird and I am not happy about how things were handled. There is no way I am paying another fee to get this mess fixed!! ANd their reasoning is INSANE!

I just wanted the head doctor to give a second opinion as my PS said he doesn't think it could be lowered because its already tight. Many of you know how have read my blog that I have been unhappy with this scar position from day one. It is so much higher than the line that was drawn on me pre-surgery??? When the head doctor looked at it he on Monday he said "absolutely 100% it can go down to my pubic bone". Which is great and just where I wanted it the first time! It was just where the line was drawn on me presurgery. I don't why this wasn't done initially. My body knew which is why I was crying and upset within the first 2-3 weeks po because I felt like I'd have to get it redone at some point. But I tried to be patient waiting for it to lower and it never did. Amazing how your body knows stuff! At any rate, I am glad it can be fixed just not happy about going to sleep and getting it all done over and waiting 4 more months. : ( I will take 100% confidence any day over "I don't think it can but I'll do it to make you happy." I was completely uncomfortable with that statement which is why I sought a second opinion. A TT is nothing you need to do 2 and 3 times because people cant get it right!

So now I am looking at the end of September for a full revision on everything that was done!!!! That's after summer!! I am bummed but I learned my very important lesson about rushing and I am going to be patient now. I believe there is ALWAYS a lesson in everything. This doctor that is now going to to fix things was my first choice but he was booked up and I wanted to look nice for the much for that! I am on the waiting list for a cancellation so I hope it happens earlier. I can't believe I have to wait until the END of SEPTEMBER??? WOW! So my goal of looking good for the summer is not happening this year not even after all of this pain and surgery and stuff. I am soooo sad about this reality. I said I would never have elective surgery again. I am not looking forward to a drain again either...yuck!! But I am focusing on the end result.... a scar I can deal with. A smile from myself when I look into the mirror. Because now I look at it like WTF did I do to myself....almost 20 thousand dollars later!! This puppy is way to high it sticks outta my panties I tried but I just cant deal with it. So much stuff I want to wear I can't because of it.

Ok I wasn't going to add this but please tell me if any of you have heard this from a PS office? This is what I was referring to above. Ok the scheduler said because I am not at my "goal weight" I am being charged for this revision. I was like what?? I don't give myself "goal weights" what are you talking about. She said you were 131 going into sugery and we gave you a goal weight of 130 for post surgery you are now 140 today when you were weighed?? I said first of all 1 pound was removed and nothing was added for 2 big a$$ 425 cc implants why?? And I was weighed naked pre-op at 131, and today I am back to lifting weights and building muscle, I was weighed fully clothed AND in a robe AND with shoes on. ALSO I have implants and I am on my cycle (3 pounds heavier) and what the heck does all this have to do with me getting a scar fixed that was not done correctly? And my messed up belly button?
Has this happened to anyone else? I couldn't believe this. I knew nothing of this "goal weight" until they tried to use it against me. Basically the scheduler was saying that I am being charged for being "fat" (I use the term loosely here) and maybe me being fat was why my bb wand my scar was messed up??? SERIOUSLY!!!! I always knew that their payment process is whack. I met many people on here who went there who all got different quotes most ended up paying way less. I think they charge you based on what they can think you can afford. Most got super high quotes and was able to "talk" them down kinda like buying a car? I am so unhappy with this process. Who wants to deal with that concerning a major surgery on your body? Maybe the schedulers work on a commission? Has anyone heard of this? I am just completely outdone by this.

I have attached my current pictures below to see my current state. I cant wait until this is over!! I still love my boobs they get better and better!

I need to have my tummy tuck redone. My scar is...

I need to have my tummy tuck redone. My scar is took high and it looks so ugly. It stick out of low rise jeans, panties, bathing suits etc. My BB is so unnatural looking. I HOPE that this can be fixed. At this point I am wondering if I did the right thing. I love my breast aug but maybe this TT wasn't the right thing for me. At any rate I am vested now and I can't keep it like this. I am hoping the second time will make it right. I think I was better off before I did this.

I had him fix my areola on my left breast and now that scar looks weird I hope that changes. They also tried to fix my BB its looks better but still not up to par. So I will have it fixed once I get my TT scar fixed.

I developed a capsular contracture in one of my breasts that needs to be fixed soon. So that TT, BB and breasts thats everything and everything needs fixing. I will have to be put to sleep to accomplish all these fixes. Just deciding if I should let them fix it or see another PS. AT any rate this needs to be done so I am gearing up,

My tummy tuck redo in February went well. He...

My tummy tuck redo in February went well. He removed the capsule, my scar was lowered and I'm pretty much happy with that. Still having an issue with my BB but that will be redone too when the doc removes the 2nd capsule on 5/15. Yes I developed another capsule on the same breast it was removed from just 7 weeks after surgery!

So now I'm scheduled for a CC removal on 5/15/13. This time the doctor wants to use an ADM called Strattice. I am not sure about this device but he is saying that's the only way to potentially fix it. I want to place both implants under but doc said he'd still have to use an ADM for that since they are subfascial now.
Is there anybody out there who has heard of Strattice or used it with their breast aug? A drain will need to be placed in my breast to drain fluid when this ADM is used. Is there anyone who had subfascial placement then switched to unders?

Another CC???? Full Implant Exchange to 510cc Gummy Bears from subfascial to under

Im 3 days po. I got brand new gummy bear implants placed under the muscle this time. Day 3 lets see how it goes. I did the complete overhaul this time. The pain has been crazy!!!! Its finally getting better though. They look so weird right now i hope this is normal. Im gonna look at other reviews to see how day 3 po unders look. I asked for bigger but they sure dont look like it now. I hope this is my last time doing this.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I love this new state of the art office! Dr. Kortesis is really nice and has a GREAT bedside manner. Dr. Kortesis is very personable and spent a great deal of time with me answering my million questions. I met with him twice pre-surgery to ensure I got all my questions answered. He is great! The only reason why they didn't get 5 stars in staff is because they have a nurse there that is not so nice, genuine and comforting like all the other nurses I've met. She sticks out like a sore thumb because everyone else is soo nice and sweet. I love that they keep a close eye on you with multiple post op visits during the initial period and staying overnight was a HUGE plus! I couldn't imagine having to go home right after. NOW I AM UNHAPPY WITH MY RESULTS AT THIS POINT. MY SCAR IS UNSIGHTLY AND I TOTALLY REGRET DOING THE TT PROCEDURE. YES HE IS VERY NICE BUT MY TT RESULTS SUCK!

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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