New body new me at 35yr old - Babylon NY

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I'm new to this "realself" and I'm planning on...

I'm new to this "realself" and I'm planning on getting a MM January 19th 2014, I'm am beyond nervous and happy at the same time, I've worked so hard to get where I am, after my first baby I gained 90lbs and went to 240lbs, with diet and exercise I lost 90lbs in 6months, loosing the weight in short amount of time, resulted in very saggy loose skin. With my second baby 5 years later I've kept off the weight and stay very active, but still the loose skin was still hanging, at that time, now I know I am READY, and DESERVE this MM. So I've decided to go for a silicone 350cc under the muscle, and go over my c-section scar which I very low and I like where it is. it just me ever since I had the consultation I can stop looking at boobs online. Yayyy. But yes you guys let me know how you love your new body. NO NEGATIVITY IN THIS JOINT;-)

here's the before pics

Ok so yes I have this mole on my abdomen, I beg my ps not to remove it, because it's special to me, for some reason me and both my daughter's have them, uts so rare i love it, so he just moved it above my belly yeah that's that... these are the before pics...

after pics still in the process of healing.

Day of surgery went by super fast, when I woke up felt no pain at all, I was just smiling, just a little discomfort from the abdominal tighting. No pain or discomfort at all with boob!!

and the boobies of course, I'm so in love with these fun bags

I didn't agree to do a lift because I wanted a more natural look, I'm so happy with my results!!!! BOOBIES !!!

its been a week, feeling sad about dog ears

I'm getting emotional, because I have on each sides of my tt incisions large very noticeable/palpable "dog ears" I would definitely need a scar revision to cut them out :-( it's like so ugly and hurts when I lay down or even try to on my sides. I'm very disappointed right now and been up all night researching dog ear removal:-( will post pictures later after my first post op appointment. also hoping to get these annoying drains out I feel like I have gernades, when I go out I put it in my

First PO app dog ears, incision and drains removed.

so I finally went for my first post op appointment a week later. And I explain to my plastic surgeon about the dog ear removal. And how much I really feel dissatisfied with the ends of my incision scar. He explained to me if this car doesn't plan or gets better within 6 months he would have to do a revision, but he would charge 2500 dollarswhich I think it's very unfair because it was his surgery that he did on me it was hismistakes not mine. But he explained to me what he would do is cut off the dog ears and take my scar all the way to my mid back which is insane. I am trying to stay as positive as possible right now I'm coming very emotionalI'm really hoping my the ears flattened out because I do not want to go under the knife again and even extend my scar incision. What do you guys think is it fair that I have to pay 2500 dollars for what he did. I've seen so many of his clients and they've had a really great results but why me anyways like I say I'm just going to hang on and stay positive and we'll see how this go plus I'm still in love with the boobs he actually told me that he did it over the muscle because I'm a very activetherapist. I absolutely love my boobs but I wish I can change the incision the dog ears I hope all goes well for everyone we all have to stay positive especially me right now I will let you guys know what else happens my next post op appointment is in two weeks.when I get home I will post pictures of my incision and you guys please tell me what you think I know I'm not over exaggerating here because I'm using a very easy to please.

Dog ears or worse

Both sides feeling very depressed now here are the pictures. :-(

here a belly shot. staying positive

tried on a couple of bikinis today,can't wait to workout and slim the midsection to have that beautiful contour..again staying positive

Boobies before and a day after

I absolutely love love them!!

please discard my questions for doctors

My ps had quoted me the wrong price for my revision, so please discard that. I'm so so glad he made thing very clear to me. I'm feeling great

swelling has gone down alot...

I'm feeling good these days I really feel like the swelling and bruising has gone down and my incision/scar is starting to flatten up...just itchy, my dr say it's from the nerves reacting to the healing process, my next post-op will be in 2weeks. So far I'm doing great I never mentioned but I stopped my pain medication the second day after surgery day...I can't wait to see my results for the summer, just patience. :-) will update with pictures later, how the dog ears/incision starting to flatten up:-) till then, happy healing all.

process of healing 17 days past...

Not where I want to be yet, but it's coming along. I think my belly got a irritation from the medical tape I was using :-(, anyways, getting my energy back, did catch the flu, lost my voice, now slowly recovering from that. My sides have flatten up some, but giving it more time. Still religiously wearing my binder over my spanks, I feel more secure that way, my ps say I can start using medical paper tape to keep tension for the incision. I just can't wait to get back to me, NORMAL, I miss playing with my girls, miss all my clients being super active, working out etc. So far I am doing well though. Here are some pic, not the best but like I said PATIENCE is key now.

17 days past...process of healing

Back to feeling normal/waist training

Just want to let ya know that I feel great now, I stared waist training, a couple days ago, you have to get the very strong durable waist clincher, it made a huge difference in my healing process, just 3 days ago I started waist training, and lost 4 inches already , I'm pretty active, so I'm gonna maintain it diet and exercise. I really really recommend the Colombian fajas, they work wonders after csection/ mommy-makeover helps keep it very flat and tone, it's so strong and tight that when you laugh, cough, sneeze, it doesn't hurt at all...I bought 4 different types of fajas (waist clinchers) I love them all it also helps keeps your back straight, it's definitely a necessity, because we all tend to have bad body mechanics, by shrugging, desk jobs, plus I'm a LMBT, so I know the muscles and body pretty well. I'm happy so far with my results.

pictures of wait clinchers/healing process

So here are the waist clinchers that I highly recommend. And then some pictures of my process coming along.

waist clinchers/Colombian Fajas


here are the pictures

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