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Hi Realselfers, i have been browsing this site for...

Hi Realselfers, i have been browsing this site for a few months; thank you all for sharing your experience. I have been wanting bigger breast since puberty, i am currently a 36a, I have always had a little pouch no matter how much i weighted. I am currently 159 pounds and 5.6 inches tall. Of course I am worried about the outcome. I have seen four doctors in charlotte prices were $18,000; $17000; $13000 and $10,000 from a tummy tuck, breast implant and lipo to flanks and upper part of my thighs.

Counting the days

One month and three days pre op. I am trying not to think about it too much. One minute I am exited the next I am scared. I keep looking at before and after pictures. My main concern is the TT it seams to take the longest to heal.

Less than a month to go

Today I can't wait to have the surgery behind me. Thank you to all for sharing your feelings and recovery journey. I will make sure to do the same. Happy healing

paid for it!!!

I went for my pre-op visit, doctor Pillai said that I did not need lipo. He said my abdomen was basically skin. I will be having muscle repair. picked my implant size to be 425 cc gel high profile. I hope i did not go too big. but then everyone says that after the swelling goes down they regret getting them too small.All of the procedure plus one night stay at the hospital will come to $9115. I was curious as to how they go about their pricing. why are they lower than the other surgeons i visited. The office manager told me that she basically charges $1000 per hour plus hospital fees they don't mark it up. The offices that were asking close to double what i am paying all had there own operating room and wanted you to stay overnight in there facility. She also said that there office did not over charge for the implants. She was also puzzled because she has had people tell her they were able to find surgeon that charged less. There office is definitely not the most presentable but again , i will be in a hospital, the anesthesiologist is board certified DR. I have liked the pictures i have seen. SO! I am set and ready to go. Fingers crossed that all goes well. Thinking happy

counting down

Well this is the last week before my transformed body, I feel like i have a ball in my stomach that keeps getting bigger by the day. Last week i picked my implant size 425 cc high profile. I want to end up with a c cup. I will be getting front closure bras, tops, frozen pea bags....my husband will be home to take care of my and kids for 6 days. I am just extremely nervous and pray that all goes well. Will update soon.

Told my kids

Well I have less than a week to go, one minute I am scared the next I can't wait. My five year old girl caught me looking at pictures she asked me "are you buying white boobies?" I laughed and said "no honey I would look like a zebra". So I called her brothers 10 and 7 years old and told them that I was going to get a mommy makeover, that I will be going to the hospital and will not be able to help out at school for a few days? My middle one asked "what is a mommy makeover?" I said "you know how mommy's belly is big and my breasts are sagging, well I am going to have all of that fixed" my middle one said " mommy I don't want to make fun of you but you should make your butt smaller" there we go the take went well!!!!
Happy healing ladies

two days post surgery

Hello every one, today is my second day after surgery. Had my surgery on the 17th I just remember talking to the nurse, I don't even remember being rolled. woke up all bandaged up.I ended up getting with a mentor 450cc. my pain was about 5 to 6 on a scale of 10. I have not seen my tummy yet, i hope it will flat. I am just taking it easy. My touch hurts from sitting down.

pictures before and after

got a couple of picture while they were changing my dressings.

First shower

Had a quick shower today , drained my tubes. Still no Bm. Started with stool softener. My tummy is very swollen I hope I will be flat once the swelling goes down. Pain is not crasy as long as I take the pain killers. The doctor called to check on me.

Four days post

Every thing seems to be moving along well. Just like everyone I do not like the tubes but I know they are necessary evil. The most painful is my breast , yesterday I reached my arm up and think I pulled something in my back under my shoulder. Oh coughing is horrible it seams like all the stitches are going to pop open. Still no Bm. Took two stool softener yesterday. Belly looks less swollen today. Happy healing all.

Waking up in pain

I didn't take any pain med yesterday , just my antibiotics. The tubes are cutting me I cannot move without pain. I am also tried of not getting out. My doctor told me not to drive for two weeks. My poor husband is doing everything . I my just pull the tube out myself.

a week

I am feeling good today last day for my antibiotics. Took some pain killer this morning, because of my tube. I am bloated but i really like the results i see. one side has extra skin but hopefully i can loose with extra weight lost. I know it is a few weeks before i can workout but i can't wait. I am going crasy sitting around and not driving. The other thing that bothers me a lot is the back pain, since i am still hunched a bit. So I have muscles pulling.
Happy healing one and all.


darn drains out

Just got back from the doctor, this was my first apptmt post surgery, I could not go back earlier my husband could not take me. I asked him to take the drains out, I think he agreed because my output has going down everyday and yesterday was less than 15cc. Dr Pillai has warned me that i might have fluid build up. He said the key is to take it easy, not be too active and think that I am fine and over do it. I asked him about garnemants he said to be careful that if it is too tight it might irritate me. Dr Pillai also said to watch out for my posture and not pull myself too erect, to give it some time.So I pray not to get any fluid build up and infections. I am done with the antibiotics. I am eating healthy, making fruit and vegetable smoothies, salades ....I believe diet is paramount. I will add pictures in a couple of days. HAPPY HEALING !!!

first periods.

Have not posted for a few days, i was enjoying the first weekend with my kids. Plus my periods came in and even without surgery the first couple of days i am useless. I had crazy back pain from hunching over and periods.The healing is still going. I forget that it has not been that long since my surgery. I started doing things around the house but my energy level will all of a sudden drop. My husband has been warning me not to do anything, i am just one of those who gets crazy when things are a mess. I took pictures of my scares, I have a couple of spots that are itchy and sore. I read from some of the posts, that people loose sensation on different parts that have been operated on. I have had the opposite problem specially my nipples, the skin around my incision is also very tender. I think it is because the incisions were not around the nipple but under the breast. The main thing is for me to take it easy, and hopefully will be cleared to work out in a couple of weeks. I have been taking protein shakes also.

3 weeks post

Hello ladies, I cannot believe it has only been 3 weeks it feels like a life time. I am feeling restless. I walked twice this week, each time it felt like I went through boot camp. They were only 30mn walks in my neighborhood. I also had my visit with my surgeon he took out the stitches around my belly button and under my breast. He said I can start working out in a week, slowly and build up to my pre surgery workout; which was 1 hour 5 days a week. I still get swollen when I do too much. I have been extremely sleepy I don't know if it is because of the surgery. Anyway just trying to listen to my body. I like the way I look under cloths. My left side has more skin. I asked the doctor if lipo would take care of it he said it was to early. To give it sometime to heal. I have been using bio oil and mederma.


good morning ladies.

I have been good overall, but the swelling is driving me crazy. My cg does not help anymore it seems. It still gives me support for my abdomen. I can only imagine what my friends that have lipo go through.The left side of my waist is bigger, i wish he had made the incision a little higher. I brought it up last time he said it was too early to think of doing any thing, so i wait. just hope a little lipo will help it.
My spirits have not been the best, probably because i cannot do much without getting exhausted, I don't even want to get out :(.
scars look good i think i need to start using silicon sheets.Some spots are more raised than other, more sensitive. The best of all of this are my breast i am glad i did not go bigger I don't think my back could have taken it, or even my chest cavity. hopefully i will go and get measured this weekend.
I wish all a happy healing. take care


it has been a while since i posted, i was prompted by realself. I am doing great did not work out all summer, eat like a pig and put on 6 pounds. Need to loose it asap. My scars are getting smaller and lighter. I don't know if I will be doing the revision on my left side. Still thinking about it.
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