January 2014 - Treatment Booked - Charlotte, NC

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My MiraDry appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I...

My MiraDry appointment is tomorrow afternoon. I have used Botox for the past few years - with doctor's letter of medical necessity - but insurance has stopped paying for the injections (will only cover the Botox RX). I cannot afford to pay out of pocket $1,000 for each injection (I need 2-3/year), so I am financing this treatment - interest free over 18 months.
I plan to stop by the store tonight on the way home and pick up Arnica pills/cream and hydrocortisone cream.
After reading about the swelling - esp torso area - I decided to cancel my pilates classes for the week - and I may be just doing a slow walk on the treadmill. My thought is that the swelling is part of the body trying to find a new way to excrete what used to go through the armpits. I have had other cosmetic surgeries and always found that light exercise - walking only - aided in my recovery. Initial thoughts are that I should follow that practice after the MiraDry treatment also.

Treatment Done....

Today's treatment went very smooth. We decided upon the Level 3 treatment and size "61" in the pattern area of my armpit. I did need a few extra shots of lidocaine on the left side (I could feel the sucking/heat). As soon as that was done, we finished the procedure. It was actually pretty relaxing - Enya playing on the speakers and I had my beach waves in my headphones.
I am about 2 hours post op - went back to the office after - and am not feeling any soreness (yet).
I plan to do a slow walk on the treadmill tonight and am going to be drinking LOTS of water!!

1-day post procedure - slight swelling underarms; no pain

I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill @ slow pace and did abs last night. I drank a TON of water yesterday. Today, I am moderately bruised from the injections and slightly swollen under my arms. No where near the "golfball" or larger swelling that others have experienced. No pain - only dull ache if I press my arms tightly to my side.
I did NOT ice my treated area at all last night. Or this morning.

3 days post-procedure

Bruising going away; only slight swelling remains. Attended Zumba class last night and felt great after. I do think that my armpits were slightly damp after class, but no where near the level of sweating that usually occurs when burning 475 calories in 45 minutes! Looking forward to the continued recovery and positive results.

1 week post - slight swelling & workouts get sweaty

One week post - I still have slight swelling; no bruises. Only noticing sweating during workouts.
Will schedule 2nd treatment for April and ask for Level 5.

Almost one month post and noticing persperation....

OK, it's been almost one month and I am noticing the following:
1. less hair growth underarms (positive)
2. less overall perspiration (positive)
3. still noticing issues by late afternoon and during exercise (negative)
Based on these results, I will plan to go in for the 2nd round in a few months.
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