350 round hp silicone gel. Deflated, loss of volume from breastfeeding for a year +. Loose skin elasticity. 25 years old.

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Writing my first review! I am 24 years old with...

Writing my first review! I am 24 years old with one child. Breastfed for a year and now I'm flat, deflated and borderline lift. My husband is very supportive so I'm thrilled that my day is coming! Did 2 consults and chose the second surgeon. Discussed my goals and after trying on implants decided to go with 325cc round silicone mentor gel. I am a deflated b but could wear an a cup. I've been a DD while nursing and suffered weight fluctiations due to a previously unknown auto immune thyroid disease, that is now under control. Goal is a natural full breast augmentation. Full C or small D. Before photos! And 2 before baby at same weight I am now. The strapless bikini is non push-up. I had so much volume! Hoping to get that back.

Rice sizers.

Holy boobs. 1 1/4 cup rice. Around 300cc from what I read. I am supposed to be getting 325cc but holy crap lol not so sure about that. I'm wearing an old bra from my pregnancy. With the sizers it's too small. Victoria secret size D. Thinking too much for my frame..I want a natural full C cup...

One month until surgery!

Can I just say that I hate the "simulators" lol. I want to see the change in size without my nipples blowing up as well. I guess it's because I have big nipples already and I'm not fond of them at all. I used the one on the mentor website and increased the size and of course my nipples expanded too ????

Boob month!

19 days! I've come to grips with the idea of being put under. I feel at ease that they have a crash cart, etc. Will take milk thistle for a few more days and be done until after surgery. Hope my liver in optimal performance for the anesthesia. Anxious, excited and terrified!

5 days!!!

I really wanted to go with round moderate plus but because my chest is so narrow I might have to have high profile for the size I desire. Kind of disappointed as I wanted a more natural result. PS said he will have both options on the table. Would love to hear feedback from any ladies who went through this and had good results. I just don't want the high "less natural" projection. 325-375 mentor round range. Nervous and excited!

Tomorrow!!! Last night with these girls.

I don't know if anyone ever reads these but it makes me feel better talking about it. Tomorrow is the day!! Good bye deflated boobies. So anxious and excited! Praying for a fast and successful surgery.

Hello from th other side!!!

Just got home!!!! 4 hours post op!! 350cc high profile silicone under the muscle. I wanted bigger but even with high profile he said the 375 did not look right when he put it in. I'm so narrow!! Pain is managble as of now. Will update later!!

Day 1

Sore and bloated. Just left the PS office. Everything looks good so far. Had to change medicine because Percocet isn't doing anything for me. Muscle relaxer helps more than anything else. Pretty swollen still. Ice helps a lot also.

Day 2.

Pre-op on top. 7 hours post op on the bottom. Got up and moved around a lot more today. Very swollen and tender. Yesterday was a lot worse than today.
Started my arm exercises that the doctor recommended. I can hear the sloshing of the implant when I do the exercises. So weird. Papers say that it's normal for a few weeks. Haven't taken any photos today. Will update later! Thanks to anyone who actually reads my updates lol.

3 days post!!

Very tender still. Off the pain medicine and left the house for a bit today. I feel good for the most part. I have been icing a few times a day. I hope they start looking more round and drop. They look so weird still. I love the upper pole I have going on but the torpedo boobs aren't cute!

Finally!! Cleavage!!

Felt great today. Was on the go all day. A little sore and a tad swollen from all the going I did today. Other than that, I am loving my results.

Feeling good!

They are feeling squishy and I can squeeze them lightly without tenderness! My left has dropped more than my right. Hope my right catches up soon!

1 week check up.

1 week check up today. Tape off. Massages are a go. Paper tape for 2 months. I'm kind of disappointed as I wanted to use silicone strips and rotate scar creams.
Okay so I am not a perfectionist but I did notice my one incisions is cut kind of crooked...Come on your a plastic surgeon lol. Anyways, I cringed seeing them! I'm a baby when it comes to my own blood and wounds. Hope they heal well.

2 weeks!!!

Looking more round and full. Still riding high. Loving them more and more everyday! They already feel like a part of me, besides when I do the implant massage exercises and they hurt like a bitch! Lol


Anyone else's incisions look like this? It's been 13 days now!
I've seen a lot cleaner "better" looking incisions on here 2 weeks post op.
They removed the steri strips at one week and have me taping with paper tape full time for 2 months. I just took my first tape cycle off and ouch!! It hurt so bad and such a sticky residue. I thought they would be turning more pink by now...not sure if I took a scab or not I looked away while I peeled it. Hope my wound healing is normal..

Officially 2 weeks!

2 weeks and a bit of sun from the beach! Very sore after riding a bike yesterday. Right breast still riding high. I have been lifting my son now that I'm at the beach for a week without help from hubby. The soreness and tightness in the evening is real. Only on my right because it has not dropped like my left has. Hopefully it drops down soon.

Update continued

I'm wearing the surgical bra almost all the time. I think it's a comfort thing. In response to my previous review that I posted a few minutes ago..I had this black bandeau on while the other bra washed. I was hurting bad on my right breast side. As soon as I iced and changed back into the surgical bra, the relief was almost 100%. Anyone else like this with bras?!!!? PS said it could be any non underwire/non push up bra. I can only be in this surgical one it seems!!
Also posting a picture of the tape I switched too. The paper tape is supposedly good for sensitive skin. I react to regular bandaids. My skin is super, super sensitive. It isn't cheap but it lives up to the reviews. I tested it first on my leg apply scar cream first. Peeled right off no problem & no reaction.

Beach'in it.

So much better than last year in a bathing suit!! Still high up but I'm okay with that!!

Getting by :)

I haven't noticed much change in the past few days. Maybe I'm too busy to notice while at the beach with a toddler. Lol. I am able to lift my toddler and hold him with little to no discomfort at the end of the day as of yesterday. The past few days before, I would get very sore and tight on my ride breast side in the evening. I still have some discomfort on that side here and there. I am assuming because it's my dominant side and that there isn't an issue. I hope that I notice more dropping in the coming days. I'm still very high up in my opinion. I assume (hopefully) I'll round out more on the bottom as I feel very unnatural in a bathing suit. My goal from the beginning was very natural and subtle. I couldn't fit moderate plus with my narrow chest so I ended up with high profile, which at the end of the day I may of needed due to my lack of upper pole/volume. I am still taking supplements that I read about on a website. I started taking them a couple of months before the surgery. I do feel so much better about being in a bathing suit though unnatural or not!! Sorry for any typos..chasing a toddler boy around as I write this. Thanks for reading!! :)

Worth it!

Sitting here in a sports bra and seeing these results! The journey is worth it. Pain free today. No swelling. No tightness. && finally have dropped down some on my right. It's a good day to say the least!

Happy Thursday!

Saw my PS today and everything is going as it should at this point in the healing phase. I've started to drop and he warned me of unevenness and size differences as they continue to descend down into the pocket. I was told to start massaging the incisions with firm pressure. Not looking forward to that. They are sensitive enough from taping.
Also just to update anyone who's coming in late to my review. I have 350cc high profile round silicone gel. I came across this video on a site and I really liked the way he explained implants. If you are planning on getting a BA I would watch it. I would of found it helpful in my journey.


I obsessed over research for months. I was set on moderate plus because I wanted natural looking breasts. I was against high profile. In the end my surgeon said that I'm too narrow to have a moderate plus implant that would achieve a full C. I could either do moderate plus and maybe be a small C or I could do high profile and achieve both fullness and the size range that I wanted. I don't regret choosing HP as much as I was wanted to be against it. I think my surgeon did a wonderful job with placement and I'm glad he gave me the options and took the time to explain why this and why that instead of just giving me a full C with moderate plus implants and ultimately having my arms hitting my boobs. He had both implant options on the table but I let him make the ultimate decision. Don't get stuck on profiles too much ladies because it's not worth stressing over it! That's my opinion based on my experience!

Swelling, Massaging Incisions!

Wow I didn't realize how much swelling had gone down until I really payed attention changing from my bikini to my bra. Lol. Does the swelling really have to go away?! Lol. The dropping phase is very interesting! Sometimes my right is pulled up so much on my chest my boobs look scary but by the morning they even up again. Well even for the most part. I had some asymmetry before surgery. Can't wait for my final results and that nice bottom crease once my they are fully in the pockets! I started massaging my incisions as I mentioned in my previous post. I took "firm but gentle pressure" too far apparently and OMG. It's an experience I will never forget. I heard popping like bubble wrap towards the end of the massage on both sides. It was so loud. Minutes later I had nerve pain shooting through my incisions and up the sides of my breasts. It was very painful. I've had sciatica nerve pain many times and it felt about the same. I took some Advil and called my surgeon. Apparently it's fine. It's scar tissue or it can be a possible internal suture issue but in my case it was scar tissue. It freaked me out so much. I thought I seriously messed something up. I take gentle but firm much more serious now! I'm literally "scarred" for life on that one! How's everyone doing with research and/or healing?!

It's been a month already?!

Forgot to add incision pics.

What boob job? Sometimes I feel so flat that I wonder if I picked the wrong size (ultimately my PS on the table) and implant type. My main concerns were "deflation and volume along with fuller, bigger breast to fill my loose skin". I think doubts come from the $ put out to look better. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I feel like I had an unrealistic goal I wanted to achieve. Anyways...Here are the incision pics I forget to add.

6 weeks (almost)

I was a bit surprised I fit into a pre-op bikini today. I didn't think it would fit after implants. A bit less coverage but it still fits. I can't believe I'm approaching 6 weeks! I went for my 6 week post op a bit early due to my surgeon being out of the office. I was cleared for everything. Although easing back into my Pilates routine is terrifying..I think I am going to wait a few more weeks. I had some slight asymmetry before and I can see it now too. I can't say that I wish I didn't have it but I am trying to be grateful of what I was able to fix with this surgery instead of letting myself be sad over what could be better.

Side note: I have been doing silicone strips. They are SO much better than tape. I have sensitive skin. Like I have a raised red square for like a week after taking of a band-aid. I don't care how sensitive paper tape is, it sucks. Silicone strips are so much more comfortable. I tend to go against the grain a bit lol. I told my surgeon today at my post op that I ditched the tape. He is so "pro paper tape for 2 months". To my surprise he said "Great, Silicone strips are the way to go!". Umm? Cool. Glad we are on the same page. Lol.

Working out

No noticeable changes besides the swelling going down and feeling smaller.
I tried to work out my arms some and the accidental flex was very uncomfortable..borderline painful. How did your workout experiences go ladies?
Put tape on for the pool. Otherwise still using silicone strips 24/7 :)

Doing so good!

This stage in recovery is great. I have no pain or tightness. I don't feel restricted at all. I started doing some planks and some basic Pilates moves to ease back in and I am so balky to say that I was pain free afterwards. They feel very real and part of me now and like nothing is different besides bigger better breasts. Can't wait to hit the 3 month mark.

Happy Tuesday!

At the end of the day at least I look good in a non padded sports bra! Makes me feel better on days I'm picking apart the imperfections...


I found a photo I took in 2011 before my pregnancy. It's crazy to look back and see how much change my body endured. Auto immune disease weight fluctuations and pregnancy/breastfeeding took its toll. Only wish I had the nipples I once did! I wouldn't change having my beautiful baby over anything. I'm grateful for what the breast augmentation was able to help me achieve.

Working out & updates

First day back at Pilates woop!! It's not a super traditional class but it wasn't bad at all besides how out of shape 7 weeks without it has left me! Interchanging legs with arms with weights in hand was uncomfortable but tolerable. I didn't take the weights all the way back to the floor because of the discomfort and just modified it. I wore a super supportive sports bra! I can't wait to go back. I have to wonder how sore my boobs will be tomorrow! So top right is before my pregnancy and on the left is my pre-op. The bottom right is my "recreation" of my before baby picture after having the implants! Also incision pics. So bright pink!

Time is flying!

I'm doing great! I don't ever "feel" like I have fake boobs. Maybe it's the placement or that no one really notices, so it's not really talked about. They just flow with my everyday life! And look good in most tops without having to worry about fixing the sag issue!! Side boob is glorious by the way! What more could I ask for from this surgery?! :)

Time is flying!!

I'm doing great! I don't ever "feel" like I have fake boobs. Maybe it's the placement or that no one really notices, so it's not really talked about. They just flow with my everyday life! And look good in most tops without having to worry about fixing the sag issue!! Side boob is glorious by the way! What more could I ask for from this surgery?! :)


Work outs

Just want to vent about how hard pull ups are. Pilates is fine. Chest work outs I have to modify. Planks feel normal. But pull ups are the worst. I'm modifying them with a band to help build endurance back up and with that I hope the uncomfortableness fades. Fully under the muscle has yet to have any real cons in my book unless it's on the subject of exercise. Besides that everything is great!

October already!

Going braless is still very rare. I feel like they aren't super perky. Or as perky as I thought for "HP". Maybe it's posture because mine is horrible and the heavy boobs don't help. Ever just lift up on your straps of a bandeau bra?! I feel like this position with relaxed arm, not very perky, saggy looking. I know I'm hard on myself but dang I wanted perky not just projection!

As good as it gets..

Just bra sizing/trying at VS. Weird how much implants affect bra sizes! At this point I just want the dang incisions to look as good as some of the ones I have seen for this far post op on here! Besides that just feel like I have perky boobs compared to my before although I do wish they were a bit more perky. Don't feel very big but even if I wish they were, I don't think I could take much more "heaviness" lol. :)

Happy almost December!

5 months. Wow..Not much is new! Only difference is that it's getting cold out and I have way more nipple sensation than before! I can feel the hard nipples before it happens. Lol. Which is different for me because I didn't feel that much sensation before my surgery! Hope everyone is doing well! :)

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017 Ladies! Here is my official before and after from the PS office. Looking at this photo, I can say for 100% that it was worth it. My overall goal was to not be deflated, have my upper pole fullness again & for it to be subtle. 350 HP round silicone gel, under the muscle..achieved that goal for the most part!

Updating! Almost at the one year mark!

Happy bathing suit season!!! I can't believe it's been a year almost. Wearing a bathing suit for the first time this year. No padding in this number & without worry. It was great. Last summer they were high and hadn't really settled, plus the medical tape would show. So being in a bathing suit this time around was much more enjoyable!
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