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I have considered rhinoplasty since 2007, and I am...

I have considered rhinoplasty since 2007, and I am finally getting around to it. I am super excited about the surgery, and I look forward to sharing my experience with everyone. There are some males out there who have posted, but not many. I look forward to adding to the realself community.

I have been reading a lot of posts and experiences provided through this site, and they have all given me direct insight that I may not have gotten elsewhere. So I would like to thank all of your for contributing in one way or another to this website. The doctor I have chose is Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh. I had a couple other consultations over the years, but the money wasn't right at the time and I did not feel super comfortable leaving the offices. After meeting Dr. Kulbersh I knew that I wanted him to complete the procedure. I am very optimistic about the operation, and I will post before and after pictures like everyone else has.

So far I have picked up some arnica cream and the pain pills I may or may not need after surgery. I still have a list of things to get, so if anyone would like to make any specific suggestions that would be great! Thanks for reading, and I look forward to sharing my experience.

So I have five days until surgery! I have been...

So I have five days until surgery! I have been nervous on and off, but the closer I get the more confident I seem to be about everything. We will see how much this changes the night before surgery. The thought of the surgery has not bothered me one bit yet, so I hope to remain this optimistic and ready all the way through! I have collected all of my materials except for a travelers pillow. Quick side note: I am using an ointment pre-surgery called Bactroban Nasal. I didn't see where anyone else posted about using this. It is used to help prevent infection I believe, and it is a gel-like substance that is massaged into the nasal passage ways. Pics will definitely be coming soon! I will probably update the night before, and then I will update the day of or the day after surgery.

I am adding a couple of before pictures now. One...

I am adding a couple of before pictures now. One of which shows my profile which I want corrected. The other is what I am hoping for.

Surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30. I will be...

Surgery is tomorrow morning at 7:30. I will be arriving at the center at 6:15 am. No food tonight after 10:00; that should be easy enough. Dr. Kulbersh gave me a call earlier to check up on me and see how I was doing. I really appreciated that, and it is super professional of him imo. It gave me even more confidence in the entire situation. I bought the first season of Anger Management to watch, and I am borrowing a friend's netflix account which should help pass time. I bought fruits and yogurts to snack on for the first couple of days as well! I will probably post new pics in a couple days. Excited!

I had surgery early Monday, and I have been...

I had surgery early Monday, and I have been waiting for some bruising to pop up. I have literally had some slight yellowish bruising that is even difficult to see in natural light ; even straight out of the bed in the morning. Pretty amazing.

Fridayyyyy woo hoo! I'm feeling a little better...

Fridayyyyy woo hoo! I'm feeling a little better today; I am finally starting to feel like myself again. I went outside for a few minutes.... My eyes hurt after that. I am so used to being on the couch in artificial light :( I am breathing some through my right nostril. Little things like that are just awesome when you have been breathing through your mouth all week. Well that's it I guess!

Woke up this morning feeling great! I am ready for...

Woke up this morning feeling great! I am ready for cast removal on Monday, but I am aware that I could have some big time swelling pop up... hopefully it's as smooth as everything else has been. I feel extremely fortunate to have healed the way I have. I don't believe anyone could tell I had surgery if I had my cast off last night. There is not anymore bruising on my face and close to zero swelling outside of my nose. I am dealing with a lot of pressure inside my nose from scabbing and the septoplasty portion of the surgery I believe. I Have been using a neti pot twice a day along with saline spray to try and help the dried scabbing come out.

Blah today is not so much fun. My nose is super...

Blah today is not so much fun. My nose is super swollen inside. I have been using a neti-pot, but I can barely get any water to even go through my left side. Tomorrow I am getting my cast off, thank god haha. Happy Easter everyone!

Cast removal was earlier. I decided to go by...

Cast removal was earlier. I decided to go by myself so I could get used to it before anyone else saw it. The removal itself wasn't bad at all. The stitches kind of felt weird but nothing unbearable. I am really swollen, and Dr. Kulbersh was quick to notify me of that. I told him I expected to be and looked in a mirror. I am swollen.... Hahahah. I took a second for of staring to take it in, and then he talked to me about it and said it should look really good when swelling goes down. I agree with him. I am not too worried, but I definitely don't plan on going to the mall today. The tip is pretty fat, but that is to be expected. He placed some tape on it and asked if I had any questions and I told him no. Now more waiting.... Blah!

I am starting to get my sense of smell back now,...

I am starting to get my sense of smell back now, finally. I have been taking some decongestants that have helped. Every once in a while I get the terrible smell of rubber up into my nostrils. Apparently this is not to uncommon, but it is pretty nasty.

So I took the tape off today to see how my nose...

So I took the tape off today to see how my nose looked, and it is alright. The side profiles look great, but the front is not as straight as I hoped. Dr. Kulbersh performed an osteotomy on my nose, and he rasped down the done some. Unfortunately it looks like he missed a bump I had previously on the right side. It throws off the contour of the nose a good bit with flash on in a darkish room, or when the lighting is right. Blahhh. Overall I am still happy that I went through with it, but now the front kind of bothers me instead of the side profile.

Hey guys I just want to say thanks for all the...

Hey guys I just want to say thanks for all the support and kind words; it means a lot. I am going to shy away from the site for a while because I have done enough obsessing and thinking about my nose to last me 2 life times haha. I am happy with my surgery, and I just want to put it in the back of my mind for a while :). I will update at or after the one month mark probably. Good luck to everyone with surgeries coming up, and happy healing to everyone who has had theirs recently. Thanks once again!

Three weeks post op picture added.

Three weeks post op picture added.

So one month will be this Monday. I was going to...

So one month will be this Monday. I was going to wait until then to write, but what the heck. I am starting to get the definition back in my nose from the front, and it is making a subtle but big difference in my opinion. My nose is far from perfect, but Dr. Kulbersh and I decided together to leave a few imperfections alone from the beginning. I am really starting to see/ feel the benefits of this entire surgery. I must say this past month has been one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences I have dealt with from a psychological standpoint. The healing process is so slow, and with so much down time it can be torturous. I will post some pictures here in the next few days. Once again, thanks for the support, and I look forward to following everyone else's stories.

Today is one month. I just got back from Dr....

Today is one month. I just got back from Dr. Kulbersh's office, and everything went great. I opened up to him and gave him a sincere thank you. This has been such a rewarding experience, and he did a fantastic job. Everything looks so natural, and it is REALLY starting to look nice. I can't stop smiling when I look at myself sometimes haha!! Anyways. I am posting a picture from Friday that I took. Swelling has come down since then, but it is still a decent picture. It is like all of a sudden the swelling really started to subside. I never used to wear hats, but now they don't look half bad on me :).

I wanted to add what I am doing for my skin after...

I wanted to add what I am doing for my skin after surgery. I have had a lot of peeling and rough/ tough skin on the nose and surrounding in the past week or so. I think it is due to the swelling going down and the skin adjusting. Each of our doctors offer something to help with this, but it can be at a pretty steep price. I decided to try something else before investing in what my doctors office offered. I have been using CeraVe hydrating cleanser, and it seems to have helped hydrate my skin, clean it, and not leave any irritation behind. I would recommend some of you try it if you are looking for a cheapish alternative. I know some dermatologists recommend it for psoriasis. I will add that I am one month out, and this is one of the first soaps/cleansers I have used on my nose. Before I was just rinsing with cool water.

SO.... I have been adapting to the new nose on and...

SO.... I have been adapting to the new nose on and off. Some days it looks good to me, and sometimes I nearly regret the decision. Some sort of post-rhinoplasty depression. I will say this happened mostly after I thought I could resume my regular life; this included partying on the weekend and working out (I did so because it was my birthday). Terrible idea because my nose flared up to where it was when I removed my cast. That had me feeling pretttyyyy crappy. I can go without the partying, but I am TIREDDDDDD of waiting to work out. I didn't even do heavy lifting at all. I am going to give it another shot tomorrow and see what happens. It took a good two days for the nose to come back down. . Other than that, when the nose isn't swollen, the spreader graft on the right side of my nose is pretty visible in different lighting. This is kind of upsetting, but I guess it is something I will have to live with. My nose does look better overall, so I am not going to complain too much about it; however, it isn't everything I really hoped for. I will say that I think I gave my doctor a VERY difficult job to try and fix, and I wasn't really aware of it.. My nose is off centered in the oddest way (it was like this before surgery) and it is curved to the right side. I am not sure anyone else could have done a much better job with the approach we took at it; we basically decided to try and hide the deviations with spreader grafts. Once again, it worked to a certain extent, but there is room for improvement. Oh well, at this point I am just trying to accept that it does look better, just not to the extent that I wanted. Now I just want to get back to a regular life that I had prior to surgery without worrying about things swelling up again!!!!!!!! Woo that was a lotttt hahaha. Anyways happy healing everyone!!

Today is 6 weeks post op. I am feeling a little...

Today is 6 weeks post op. I am feeling a little bit better about the surgery compared to my last update. I have been working out since then, and I have not had significant swelling afterwards; this is a huge relief because I was getting so stressed out about not being able to go to the gym. I lost about 7 lbs of muscle that I worked my tail off to put on, but I think I should get it back relatively quick. As for the look of my nose, I will say that it isn't bad. It is still a little wider than I would like from the front, but I do believe there may be a little bit swelling left. Actually, I am pretty sure there is. I can push lightly on the sides of the middle of my nose and feel what I think is swelling. Dr. Kulbersh said it will continue to shrink up until about 6 months. I am sure most of it has subsided, but a little bit more will add some more needed definition. I am still happy I went through with the procedure, and I am happy that I chose Dr. Kulbersh to complete it. I think he did a good job, all things considered. I will add some pictures sometime soon.

The pictures I am adding are from 6 weeks and a...

The pictures I am adding are from 6 weeks and a couple of days. Still too wide from the front in my opinion. Any comments are welcome. Honest opinions only haha. Don't mind the dirty hat or puffy eyes; I just woke up!

Okay so I just added new pictures that I thought...

Okay so I just added new pictures that I thought were close up; they are huge when I look at them on my computer. Anyways, that is kind of disappointing because you cannot get a TRUE idea of what you are seeing with such a small picture. Anyways, I am still bothered from the STRAIGHT on view. Pictures from all other angles aren't too bad imo.

2 months

It has been two months today ( I think). I don't really feel like checking that, but I am pretty sure it is. Anyways, not too much to update. Swelling comes and goes, and for the most part things are starting to settle down. I still have pain in my nose when i try to scrunch it, so I don't scrunch it at all. Still some stiffness when wiggling it back and forth, too. This is probably from the spreader grafts. Overall, things are going well. Posting a picture from my good side hahaha. .


Adding extra photos so you can see the difference from all angles.

Advice for those seeking dorsal reduction

Hello everyone. I am typing this today for everyone who is LOOKING to have a rhinoplasty at this point. I feel compelled to do so because I wish I would have read something about how the front of the nose changes with rhinoplasty. So this is basically aimed towards those who are obsessed with changing their side profile, but have a nice nose from the front.

It is pretty simple, but taking down a hump on your nose can leave your nose looking flat, wide, and worse than your before nose while viewing it from the front. This is due to an array of different circumstances, but it mostly deals with spreader grafts and taking down the 'sharpness' of the frontal look. I feel like this is inevitable with some people, regardless of their surgeon. A lot of it has to do with the anatomy of one's nose etc. Be sure to really study your nose with your doctor,and ask A LOT OF IN DEPTH questions; do not worry about irritating your surgeon with questions... you are much better off doing this than having wish you asked it after surgery. My after nose is not bad by ANY means, but AT THIS POINT (around 2 1/2 months po) it did look better before from the front IMO. A lot of people don't seem to take this into consideration. A FEWWWWWWWW, hell, one or two millimeters here and there does make a difference. Just my two cents.

Three Months

Yesterday was officially three months, and front view swelling is starting to dissipate. It took around 2 1/2 months before I began to feel pleased with the deswelling (apparently that isn't a word? w.e). Dr. Kulbersh told me there is still some swelling in the tip, but other than that I can expect very subtle changes up until 6 months. I will get the before and afters at the six month period and post them. Other than that, I don't know what else to say. I have been checking up on some other people's statuses, and it looks like most of you are pleased- that is great to see! Here are some low quality pics from the ipad; I can't seem to find my camera cord. O h yeah, I accidentally got too much sun the other day, and it didn't seem to affect my nose negatively. However, I did have on sunscreen (spf 30). Have a good one!


Holy crap I just looked at some of the older pictures I posted, and there definitely is a difference. As soon as I get my camera cord I will post more pictures so you can really compare. Seems like it took me a lot longer than others to get rid of residual swelling. Hopefully this can serve as a reminder/hope for others as to how long it can take.

Three year Review

Hey everyone! It has been about three years since my surgery. I am happy to say that it is something that helped me gain confidence back in myself. I thought about it for nearly a year after I had surgery-- I thought about it 24/7. The most difficult part of the surgery is the mental aspect. You get lost in your own thoughts and, if you weren't open with everyone regarding the surgery, you think people are going to notice it in a bad way. I did not have a SINGLE person say anything to me about it... that says a lot about the mindset that I had ; I thought it was such a big deal (it was to me) but nobody really noticed. I am happy with the subtle changes that Dr. Kulbersh performed, and I rarely think about my side profile any more, which was the main reason I had the surgery. I was so obsessed with changing it, so I did! I am happy with everything and look back at the decision as a very intelligent one, because I knew that it would bother me psychologically until I at least tried to 'fix it'. Anyway, if you want to get this done, and it has bothered you for years, DO IT. I am telling you that the temporary feeling of discomfort that you will have from the surgery is worth the stability of mind that will come afterwards. Idk about a lot of you, but it was something that I could not get off my mind before I had the surgery done; it affected my mood... sad but true. Make sure you do your homework; pick someone who has your best interest in mind; pick someone that is not over-zealous; pick someone like Dr. Kulbersh...! Thanks for all the support. I am providing my final pictures below. Much love! I will be checking back in to answer any questions.
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kulbersh has been a pleasure throughout the entire process. I had zero issues along the way with him or his staff. He has a great bedside manner, and I think this is one of his best qualities as a surgeon. He never seems rushed at all, and he takes time to check up on his patients. I believe he is genuinely interested and cares about your outcome. I would recommend him to family and friends.

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