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I am starting a whole new life on 4/30/13. I have...

I am starting a whole new life on 4/30/13. I have been over weight my whole life. Losing the weight has been so hard for me to do. I have PCOS and it’s been some work just trying to lose weight. Food has been my best friend all 25 years of my life. What made me want to get Gastric Bypass Surgery I was just tired of living unhappy about myself. I felt I can do more with my life if I could just get my weight off. I just want to be healthy and happy about myself. My weight has stopped me from having children and that really hurts to know my weight and PCOS is stopping me from what I want. 

So it was New Year’s Eve when I said to myself there has to be something that could help me with my weight. It came to me well it came from God, to get weight loss surgery. So I went online and looked up everything from the cost, to what doctors, to who has done it and what’s best for me. I found doctors but couldn’t find anything in my area but that didn’t stop me from finding the right doctor. So I did pick a great doctor office Carolina Surgical in Charlotte, NC. I didn’t have to even go to a class or listen to someone tell me over again about the surgery. I have done all of that before I called the doctor office. I went to the doctor office and talk to the doctor and he went over the options and went over everything with me and asked did I have any question. I just wanted to know the next step. 

He had one of his staff members to talk to me and told me it was just 3 steps and then I could get my surgery. I was thinking okay just 3 steps yea I will be having surgery in February. Nope that wasn’t the case. I had to get my medical records of my weight for the last 2 years which wasn’t that easy to get. Doctor offices I went to had changed and didn’t have records, one had them and said they sent them and later on found out they didn’t. Another one just didn’t have them anymore. It was so crazy just to get the medical records. So once that was done I had to get a psychological evaluation which the doctor had a few places that they knew of and I could get call and talk to them. Out of the 8 people on the list only one worked for me which was great because I found it hard to find one that I didn’t have to pay so much out of pocket. One I called told me it would be $700 just to have the evaluation done. Another wouldn’t be able to see me til March sometime. The last one I could was just right. I had to do two evaluations one was $0 and the other was just my copay $15. I didn’t know what was going to happen at this visit. I was truly scared out my mind because she was the one that could make it or break it for me. It was truly helpful to go and I was on to the next step which was my last step and that was my weight management program. They had a program fee which was $250 and that is for a year program. The program timing is different for each person some may have to do a 3 month program or a 6 month program which is up to their insurance company. I got my apt on March 28th for me it was just a 40 minute visit with my dietician. She was so sweet and nice and by that time I had been changing my eating habits. I wasn’t the best at eating 3 meals a day I wouldn’t eat breakfast and then maybe eat something and then wait and eat something late. She really wanted me to stop that and eat 3 good healthy meals a day which I work on. 

When I started my search for weight loss surgery I was at my highest of 287 lbs. and I am 5”2. Since January it’s been so hard to get the weight off. Now I’m 284 lbs. which I didn’t move much and the crazy thing is I have been trying. Tuesday April 30, 2013 I will be having surgery this is a restart for me. I don’t know what is to come of this change. I don’t know what I should be doing to get ready for it I do have the protein and sugar free thing. But I have read people getting clothes ready for them losing weight. I’m not sure if I should have been doing that. I am really at a lost now. 

I really want to share my story with others and walk down this long road that is ahead with me and also for me to do the same with anyone else. Thanks for reading.

Just getting home today from my surgery everything...

Just getting home today from my surgery everything went great. I am feeling good. I will keep you updated on the next few days.

*Day of Surgery- went really well, surgery just...

*Day of Surgery- went really well, surgery just took 45 minutes and everyone was so sweet and it was just great. I was out of it for about a good 4 hours after that I got to drink some water. My mouth was so dry, so I was happy to have water. I got up and walked which I was so happy to do because I was so tired of laying down in that bed. So after my walk I sat in the chair and then got up to get me together wash my face I had blue stuff all over my face which no one told me lol. when I went for my walk. I was so upset with that but I was like oh well lol. After that I just relaxed and was feeling okay. I did get something for pain and took a nap.
Day 2 was the day I was going home. I got myself up and took a bath. They wanted to give me one but I just wasn't into that lol. That's just me but I did give myself a bath was a little hard but I did it by myself. Then I had my friend walk with me I walked around 2 times felt really good to do that. After that I did feel a little pain so got something for pain took a lap. I wasn't drinking that much that day really didn't feel like doing that. I did try. Then it was time for me to go home. I didn't really know how that would go when I went home. It wasn't bad at all. Not saying I didn't have a hard time those 2 days but I wasn't in so much pain I was thinking I would be in a lot of pain.
Day 3 wasn't so bad I just got myself up and tried to drink some water and protein shake and walked around the house and the gas in my body was just so bad. I was moving more that night and I felt better when it was time for me to go to bed.
Day 4 which was Friday. I wasn't feeling to well I had very bad shortness of breath I called my doctor and asked what to do and also about the gas. She told me to go to the ER so I did they did all type of test and told me I may have a blood clot in my lung. Which that made me so so scared but at the end of that long long visit I just was really having bad gas which I told myself that and the hospital didn't have a reason what was wrong. When I went home I went for a long walk and felt so so much better. I was just happy that walking a little more help me feel a better.
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