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I will be having the first of a series of three...

I will be having the first of a series of three Femilift treatments on June 20th. I am not telling my husband. I thought about it and decided I wanted to get his unprompted review. Due to having another procedure the same day, I will have to wait a few weeks before turning my husband into a unknowingly recruited data scientist. But I plan to report ASAP as this is a newer procedure and I know many, as am I, are curious

Holy probe Batman!

I had the femilift and have all the details! First of all- THE PROBE IS BIG! Let's just say it covers a lot of area. I didn't think it would fit, it's pretty long. But it fit. So the dial goes up to 12.5 and I was given treatment at a ten. It felt like a circular vibration with pinches toward the opening. Very similar to a tens unit. I didn't spot or bleed, nor have I had any discharge, itching, burning, nothing negative.

On a side note, it was rather fun due to the circumstances. I had the procedure at Dr. Bednar's office. I was blessed enough to be the First patient to have it done in house. The nurses made it relaxing and fun by making small talk and holding my hand. They even laughed at my lame jokes. It was like having it done with close girlfriends.

Review of procedure.

I really wanted to wait to write this review. Mostly because I had another procedure, lipo, when I had the femtouch (it was femtouch, not femilift). I wanted to make sure any swelling wasn't from the lipo, but from the procedure. That way it would be a true review.

So it's been roughly a month. There was initial swelling, which seemed to be the results from the femtouch, but honestly, over the next three weeks the results became more clear. I saw where a Dr on RealSelf said the average results were about 17% smaller, but I must say I am much smaller than 17%. It isn't due to tightening, but rather to the vagina becoming more cushiony. It is the difference between the inside of your cheek vs your lip. The laser plumped up my vagina and made it thicker. I am also more sensitive and way wetter.

I have been really pleased with the results. As a matter of fact, when I made it to week three, I felt like I was so much smaller I wouldn't need a second treatment. I actually began to wonder if I would make a mistake and be too small from another treatment. This is probably because it was such a dramatic difference, and it has been so long since I had a smaller V. I will be having my second procedure tomorrow and can't wait!

Sex is much better and I have much more confidence and sensation. For me, this procedure was worth it.

If you would like a really detailed review, please PM me and I will be happy to share information I won't put on this public site ;) I hope I have put enough on here to encourage anyone, if this is something you want and are not sure, go for it! I have really enjoyed the results.

On a side note, a friend of mine had the procedure the same day. She has urinary incontinence. She has had amazing, miracle like results. Where she was having to wake 1 to 2 hours nightly, she is now sleeping 7+ hours without having to potty!

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