Happy 30th Birthday to Me! 5'4", 133 Lbs

Hi everyone! I am finally ready to start blogging....

Hi everyone! I am finally ready to start blogging. I've been holding off but now this is getting real, so here goes:

I'm getting the Fat Transfer done because I've always felt that my body was not in proportion. I chose the fat transfer because I like the idea of it being my own fat tissue versus a foreign body.

I like pretty much everything about my figure other than my breasts and the sides of my hips and inner thighs. I think full breasts are so beautiful and I always admire it. I have a few Victoria's Secret bras and I'm fitting snugly into a 32 C push-up, but I am not sure that's accurate. Dr. Bednar says I'm more along the lines of a B cup, but I do have one or two A cup bras that are uncomfortably spacious.

I chose Dr. Bednar based on all the great reviews. I submitted my information for the consultation about three months ago and Sylvia, the patient coordinator, called me the next day! She's very responsive and helpful. When I talked to Dr. Bednar, he told me to expect an increase of 1.5 - 2 cup sizes, which is terrific. I definitely don't want my breasts to look fake. I just want a nice, supple full C cup -- maybe a small D.

I'm excited to be getting this procedure done, but I am also extremely nervous. I don't know if this has to do with anything but I am mixed race: Black, Chinese. I read another blogger say asians have great retention? If so, *fingers crossed*

Anyway, I think that's all for now. Happy Saturday!

Surgery in 3 Days

My nerves are really getting to me now. I keep thinking about worst case scenarios. I was reading through a couple of other blogs today, and oh my gosh are there some horror stories! I keep telling myself that I've made the best decision I could make in terms of selecting a doctor for this procedure, so that's helping me out with the stress and anxiety. I've also been re-reading Dr. Bednar's blogs and everyone looks terrific, so that helps too.

I started taking the bromelain with quercetin today, but I missed a dose due to being in meetings all day. I think I almost have everything purchased and packed. I have all of my prescriptions filled except for the Norco and Valium. Does everyone get prescribed valium? I'm wondering if I have it because I have moderate anxiety.

I keep going back and forth between checking a bag and just bringing a carry-on, but I think I'm just going to go ahead and check a bag. I bought this really cute sweatshirt dress from amazon. It arrives tomorrow so I'm happy to have a loose fitting comfortable dress that I can wear.

My mom is accompanying me. She is definitely not thrilled about this, but she is maintaining her support for me. She is even more on edge because we almost lost my grandmother this summer due to a botched knee replacement surgery, but I keep reassuring her that Dr. Bednar has a really solid track record as far as I know and have researched.

My boyfriend is also really supportive. When I initially told him about this, he was really devastated because he thought I wanted it to "please him", but when I explained how I've felt about my body for years now, he understood. He thinks I look perfect as I am, but he will be there for me throughout the healing process when I return home from Charlotte.

That's all for now. I think I'll post a short update everyday for the next week or so.

TL;DR: Saw some scary blogs and I am really anxious. Started taking supplements, got everything packed. Mom is scared but supportive. Boyfriend supportive. Going to update everyday for a week or so.

Just landed in Charlotte

Hi Ladies! I literally just touched down at the Charlotte airport. I'll be headed to check in at the hotel soon, and then to my 3pm pre-op appointment! I'll write another post after the pre-op.

I wanted to show you the sweatshirt dress I got from Amazon. It's a one piece with a hood. It's very comfortable so I'm looking forward to lounging around in this after surgery.

Pre-Op Complete

Met Dr. Bednar, Sylvia & Sou today. First off, they are great and very helpful. Sou was my saving grace today. This is how the appointment went down:

I got to the office. The office is nice, clean, & has friendly atmosphere. Dr. Bednar's artwork is on display and they are quite beautiful. It was also reassuring to me to be seeing someone whose level of skill and talent is displayed via different mediums.

Sou took me back to one of the consultation rooms. I changed into the gown and shortly after Dr. Bednar came back. He took my blood pressure & listened to my heart and lungs. He looked at my body, touched breast, touched thighs and back area. He told me that he will take from the side of my hips, the back of my thighs, front thighs & flanks. He said worst case he might take from the little bit of fat I have on my tummy.

After that, Sou took me to a different room where she took my blood pressure and checked my iron levels. Then came the daunting part... She handed me a clipboard with a stack of papers to read through. I signed like 20 pages of explanations of what could potentially go wrong, death included. That was really nerve-racking and I started having extreme second thoughts. I wanted to run out of there and never come back, but I listened to Sou's explanations of why we have to sign that paperwork, and she told me that they've never had any major complications happen. I just don't want to be that one person where something goes terribly wrong, ya' know?

After that, Sou made a copy of the packet and gave me a new folder with the same information we receive in the pre-op package. Then, she had me put on those disposable panties and go back into the first room for 360 photos. That was the coolest part! I got to see the digital rendition of my body.

Afterwards, I got dressed and met Sylvia at the front desk to pay the remainder of my balance. Then, we were finished.

My mom and I stopped at a nearby walgreens to get my prescriptions filled and now we are back in the hotel relaxing. There's a shopping mall and a movie theatre nearby so we might head out for a couple hours before retiring for the evening.

I'm still pretty nervous about this, and praying that all goes well. Honestly, my biggest fear is recovery and the flight home. I'm not in love with flying and I am usually a pretty anxious flyer. I'm just hoping that the pain I might be feeling coupled with the flight anxiety doesn't send me over the edge.

Anyway, I'm rambling so... goodnight. Until tomorrow...

Day 1

I made it to the other side! Yay! However, I'm in tons of pain. Here's my story:

11 PM - 4 AM the night before ... I couldn't sleep at all. I was tossing and turning, freaking out about the procedure. I finally slept from like 5 AM - 6:30 AM.

8:00 AM - Yesterday I arrived at Dr. Bednar's office via shuttle from the hotel. I met Kendall, one of the nurses, and she took me back get me undressed and set up with IV and fluids. I warned her that I was a hard stick, and unfortunately the first IV did not take. My vein blew and swelled up. It wasn't her fault, it's just my veins are super small. So the nurse anesthetist got me going on the IV. I forgot his name, but I think he's a fairly new member of Dr. Bednar's team. He's a cutie, but then again, all of the nurses are pretty much hot. He did a great job of calming my nerves because I was so anxious. My heart was pounding and I was shaky.

8:30 AM - Around this time I had gone through half the IV bag, which consisted of electrolytes, glucose and water to get my system hydrated since I hadn't had anything to eat or drink since midnight. Kendall returned to the room with an anti nausea medicine and 1 Percocet pill. I took those with a tiny cup of water.

9:00 AM - Dr. Bednar came in to the room and marked me. After that, I said goodbye to mom and they took me to the operating room. I can't really recall how the room looked because they took my glasses off, but I do remember it being small. I got on the table and the CRNA told me he was about to give me some happy drugs.

12:45 PM -- I started to coming to in recovery. I don't remember much after that other than somehow getting back to the hotel.

I was in pretty bad pain all day and night. I didn't take my hydrocodone because last time I took it for a wisdom tooth extraction, I got so dizzy and fell. I was afraid to take it so I took extra strength tylenol. Unfortunately, that did not work and so I was in horrible pain all night until finally I decided that I'd rather take the Norco and risk the dizziness vs being in pain.

5 AM today - Took half a tab of Norco and wow, even that helped, so after I ate breakfast I took a whole pill. I'm feeling so much better now. The pain is actually tolerable and feels more like a burning sensation.

I removed the bandages around my breasts today. It's not cute at the moment. They look like big flat pancakes. I'll try to post photos after my first shower on Monday.

I'm doing alright. I'm walking a bit, but mostly resting. That's all for now.

Back home

Flew home very early this morning. I feel ok but experiencing some sharp pains in my right breast which is slightly bigger than my left one. Doctor put 625ccs in each breast. He only took from flanks and back of thighs. Will post pics later when my BF can take them. Right. Ow my nipples are inverted so I'm really hoping they pop back out soon.

Photos & Update

Here are some pics. BF and I got into an argument so I will try to get additional photos when my mom can help me get out of this garment.

Today makes Day 4 and I am feeling a little bit better than yesterday. No bowel movement yet, sadly. My back burns like hell whenever I get up or sit down.

Bruising is minimal in appearance but it is definitely there under the skin. I didn't really swell much or have much drainage. Maybe that's the little gift I get for having tiny veins that blow up on nurses.

When I took the bandages off Sunday night, there was hardly any blood or fluid at every site. I guess that's ok. My breasts seemed to have stopped bleeding from the pressure holes as of yesterday.

Walking is better but too much walking causes fatigue and dizziness. I'm going to try to get out today and do a little grocery shopping.

I like how big my boobs are right now, but for me it's like a fantasy I can live out for a few weeks before they get down to a reasonable size for me. I am petite and I am not sure huge boobs like this are right for me, but I have to keep in mind that they are still swollen and everyday they are dropping & softening more.

I weighed in at 133 lbs, no weight change.

Shaking my head...

Well, it happened to me too, ladies... you know, the sudden disappointment and depression that seems to happen to so many of us after treating ourself to cosmetic surgery? I would read other ladies' blogs on here and always think to myself that I don't think I'll get depressed about it, but I did.

All day yesterday I was basically feeling so down on myself and like I made the worst decision ever. I started freaking out about my co-workers possibly noticing and I just felt bad.

Well I woke up today feeling much better. I don't know where the onset of those feelings came from but it was bad. I'm really glad to be feeling better today.
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