29 Yr Old Mom of 1 Ready for Fuller Breasts - Charlotte, NC

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I've been a member of RealSelf for about 2-3 yrs...

I've been a member of RealSelf for about 2-3 yrs now and I am at the point where I've saved up my $ to finally get the procedure I want.
I am getting fat transfer to the breast with Dr Bednar and i am super excited! I have thought about this for a longgg time and done extensive research on doctors, reviews, results, recovery etc.
I am excited to share my journey with you all and thanks for sharing yours!

one month to go!

So today marks exactly one month until the big day!! I already got all my prescriptions filled and ready so that's out of the way. Luckily for me I found a pharmacy that with give controlled substances on prescription because most pharmacies in NYC will not.
I really don't know what else I need to bring. My doc says just bring myself and comfy clothing that either zip or button up the front and while that's easy enough to do, I feel like there is an after lipo checklist that I need to check out or something.
My doc will provide a bra, two compression garments and a lipo board or foam. Is there anything else that I should have guys??
I still have to book my stay and my flight so this week I will tackle that stuff.
I am going to try to upload some before pictures for you guys this week.
In the meantime any advice? Suggestions? Help!


Tomorrow is the Big Day!

So I arrived in Charlotte this morning from NY. I am staying at a really awesome Air bnb nearby the docs office. I have my offical consultation in an hour to pay the rest of my dues and discuss my wants. I AM SO EXCITED!! I will post a ton of pics tonight hopefully if my husband is not too tired to take them. We were up all night last night packing and cleaning the house. I am hoping for dramatic lipo results so we shall see! I will keep you guys posted.

Bednar Boobie-fied!!

The deed is done!! I had my surgery this morning 6/29 at 9a.m. I arrived to the office at 8 and did the pre op prep, urine, blood pressure, hemoglobin check, IV etc.Doc Bednar came a few mintues after 9 a.m and marked me up then I went in the O.R. Only thing I remember is climbing onto the bed and being told that I was going to be put to sleep. Next thing I know I was waking up. PIECE OF CAKE! I wasn't too out of it upon waking up so I ordered an uber and went back to my air bnb. The entire procedure was about 3hours then 1 hour in recovery. I must say that the staff are soooooo amazing and nice!! Very helpful and personable. I suck with names but I cannot thank the staff enough for just being awesome. I am wrapped up like a mummy but I cannot wait to see what they look like!! I had 654 cc put in my left and 534cc in my right to even them out (roughly). I took a pain pill about 5 hours ago but I seriously feel really good. Just ALOT of pressure. If you have children, it feels like when your breast are engorged with milk, that's the best way to describe it. Not too bad. My lipo sites are super numb and leaking which is grossing me out lol but I feel good. I am eager to know what sleeping tonight will be like but I am sure I will be tired because of the meds I plan to take right b4 bed. Oh and btw my period came this morning as I was preparing to go

Today I Will See the Girls!!!

Day 2:

Today, Friday 7/1, is my follow up appointment and I will see the girls! And have this ace bandage from hell removed! Ugh it is so tight. I took a sneak peek of my breasts and of course they don't look heaven sent (yet) but we'll see how it goes.
Ok so, I have a confession. Last night I took a valium to help with sleeping and boy did it! I partially wet the damn bed smh. I was knocked out! And I felt myself peeing and I jumped up so quick and ran into the bathroom to complete the deed the correct way lol. I was SO ashamed and embarrassed but I will withhold nothing from you guys. Thank goodness I didn't let it all out! My poor husband wouldn't have been too happy lol!! I couldn't believe it though. I NEVER wet the bed, even as a child. But hey, I guess there's a first time for everything ???? I will never repeat this story to anyone else EVER! But it was too funny not to share. All I am saying is please do not take a valium b4 bed without emptying your bladder first or you'll be sorry. Lol.
Anyway I will post pictures of the girls once I get back from my follow up appointment. Thanks again for all your support ladies. It takes a lot to share such a personal journey with you all and I appreciate your kind words and that fact that you all share your stories too. Thank you!

Shower Day!!

Day 3:

I can finally shower! And before you get all excited like I did, no, it's not like a real, stay in there for 20 + minutes, wash your hair and contemplate your lovely life, type of showers. I had to shower in my garment. Yup, in this tight garment.
I showered for all of 5 minutes....maybe 7 but I had to scrub through my garment and lathery breasts by hand with the antibacterial soap so that I didnt yank out a stitch. It just felt good to be in water honestly.
I still have not had a bowel movement which sucks, just tons of embarrasing gas. I have been eating lots of fruits and salads and still nothing. Maybe day 4 will bring a breakthrough.
I stopped taking the pain meds on day 2, one, because they suck anyway they do not work and two, I have leas pain more pressure than anything else. Like my breasts are super engorged with milk is what it feels like. My lipo sites are the most painful. I can't sit and get up easily and I look like a zombie from walking dead anytime I walk around. Lol.
I can't wait to hit the 1 week mark and see what changes take place then.
I can say that after my shower when I changed my garment into the dry one I did get a look at my body and I can already tell that I am in love. My thighs are shaped to perfection even with all the swelling. I've always had giant thighs (not a complaint) so I told Dr Bednar not to take too much from them because I really like my thighs so just sculpt them. I can already see that he did just that.
I posted some photos of my Day 3 breast but I didn't get any body shots sorry. I get home tomorrow so I will post some then.
Check out my pics and leave me some comments! Don't be shy :-)

How Long Until....

Do any of you ladies know How long before sutra stitches start to fall-out/ dissolve? 

Just a general question so I have an idea of what to expect.
Also how long b4 you can use scar cream or bio oil? I would hate to form more stretchmarks.
Ramdom thought: I really miss sleeping on my stomach or even flat. I feel like my lower back will be permanently in pain if i sleep sitting up any longer.

Day 4's Breakthrough

So day 4 (7/3) I did it! I finally had a bowel movement. And while that may be tmi for some or miniscule for others, it was a great moment for me. These meds constipate you so much. I traveled back home on day 4 as well. The plane ride wasn't too bad but I was so happy to get home. The night was rough because I couldn't get comfy and I have this aching pain in my left foot that won't ease up.

Today I woke up feeling sore but not too bad. The foot pain is still prominent. I am wondering how I will make out with today's festivities. I guess we'll see.
I hope you all enjoy your day ?.

Thigh and hip comparison

I asked not to take too much from my thighs because I like my large thighs :-)

Feeling the Burn!

Today 7/8 makes 9 days since my surgery. Thus far I feel pretty good still but I am definitely feeling the burn. I was told that I would feel burning sensation in my lipo sites and boy do I!? Man, my lower back is on fire every time I move from a sitting to standing position. My hips burn depending on how I move and the pain in my groin (the public area mainly) has turned into a burning sensation. It is not so bad that I have to take pain med (which I stopped taking since day 2 or 3)but it is surely noticeable. I apply pressure with my hands to my lower back every time I get up which my hubby and baby find hilarious saying I look like an old lady lol. I will be glad when I start to feel more like myself. My bruises are still very prominent on the backs of my legs and knees and they make sitting for long uncomfortable. The bruises on my breast have lightened up and the girls are feeling much softer. They have dropped too which is nice. They are still huge! Which hubby likes of course but I cannot wit until they get a bit smaller and I can play them up in some cute bras! I am going to buy some witch hazel to apply to my bruises before using my arnica cream to see if that helps. I emailed Sylvia at Dr Bednar office, who has been amazing throughout this whole thing, and she gave me a suggestion for an essential oil to try so I will also do that because I bruise really easily and they take forever to go away. Smh. I go back to work on Monday, which I honestly don't know if I am ready for. I have a very demanding job which requires a lot of standing, moving around and long hours. I am nervous. I will let you all know how it goes.

Sleepless in NY

At this point It has been 11 days since my surgery I believe. The last 2 or 3 nights have been an utter nightmare, no pun intended. Sleeping has become one of my least favorite things to do. No matter what, I cannot seem to get comfortable. 

Last night was the absolute worst! My body itches soooooo bad! I just want to lay on my side and sleep and I want to get out of the bed with ease already. I had a crazy itch fit so much so, that I was up ALL NIGHT LONG! I fell asleep well after 5 a.m and my husband said he could barely wake me at around 11 a.m. I took a valium to help me sleep at about 11pm and that obviously didn't help until hours later.
It was like I couldn't even scratch the itch enough to make it go away because my body is still numb and swollen. Omg, the worst feeling ever! Like the itch was below the swollen surface? I don't even know if I am making sense here.
To top that off, the latex (I think it's latex) in the lower leg part of my garment has irritated my skin causing a raised red marking. Smh.
But, aside from all that suckiness, my breasts look good :-) I will post pics. My bruising still is thee worst on my thighs. And my thighs look so little even with the swelling. Smh. Most of the bad bruising is on my inner thigh and the backs of my knees (see photos). I can't wait to see what my lower back looks like once allbthis swelling goes down because I had a nice arch and now it's just blah! And my work pants dont fit because of it. My flanks still look the same which is a bummer but I am hoping it is all just swelling because I asked Dr Bednar to SUCK IT ALL OUT!! lol
The bruises are numb so they don't exactly hurt but applying pressure, sitting, getting up, bending over, all that type of stuff requires slow movements. I am so ready for this swelling and these bruises to be gone. They are seriously cramping my style. I am over this compression garment and these big sports type bras.
However, I am being patient and waiting it all out.
Oh my, this post is all over the place lol. If you made it this far bless your heart lol. Thanks for reading!

Almost 1 Month Post Op!

Almost at the 4 week mark since my surgery. At this point I STILL have lots of numb points in my lipo areas (mainly my thighs) and I am noticing lumps in my waistline and some hardness in certain lipo spots. I have lumps when I feel my breast and I know they say not to massage it but I get the urge so much. The lumps in my breast hurt sometimes but I am hoping they will go away because I'd hate to reach 6 months and they are still there.

I scheduled my first massage and I am sort of nervous because I still have some pains.  I am OVER this garment, you have no idea! I feel like it is not tight enough in the waist and too tight on my calves which seems to cause swelling in the half of my leg that is not covered. The zips on the side are not comfy and I feel like the combination of wearing this and sleeping on my back all the time has flattened out my ass!! And I can't even do any squats for another 2 months!  I had some lipo on my abdomen and I am experiencing numbness there and some lumping but on top of thag, my belly is still the same as before the lipo. My flanks still look the same too.  Prior to surgery I told the dr that my biggest concern was the lipo results. I had no doubt that my breast would look great because it's his specialty, but I wanted my lipo mainly in my mid section to be major! He was a little conservative in that area which is a little upsetting.  I've been getting a ton of compliments on my breast which has been both great and weird. Lol. I love that the results are noticeable but not extreme like I had breast surgery done. I will post photos tomorrow.  I am still wearing my sports style bras for the most part. My incisions look bad I must say. They are not flat and the cream is not really helping. I don't know what I could do to help them. I wish the ones by my bikini line were closer in because many of my panties do not hid them. Also the one on my lower back could have been lower too.  Either way I am currently satisfied with my breasts and I am hoping they stay pretty much the same shape wise. I am excited to see what they look like at 3 months.  I will post more photos tomorrow.

The 29th made 4 weeks since my surgery. I feel...

The 29th made 4 weeks since my surgery. I feel almost 100%. As I stated in my previous post there is still this lingering numbness in my lipoed areas. My breast look good and are soft.

Yesterday I had my 1st post surgical massage. I know some people do it sooner but Dr Bednar said one month post to begin.

I went to a place in the city (NYC) and the woman was great. The massage was a little pricey but it was good. My hars spots already feel a little softer. The masseuse kept saying how great my body felt for only being 4 weeks post. And how my scar placement was the best she's seen. Eh, I guess.

Anyway, no long post here. I will post photos of all I can below. Thanks for keeping up with my journey!!

2 and 3 Month Update!!

It's been a while I know. I was locked out of my account for some time and just lazy for the rest of the time. I did take very straight forward photos on the 29th of each month since my surgery so I will post them. It's been almost 4 months! Wow how time flys!

Since my 1 month update, things have been pretty much the same. I still have a pretty large section of lumped fat in my right (smaller) breast. He put a larger amount of cc's in that breast to even out asymmetry. I spoke to him about it and he says to just massage it and that it is normal. I am just hoping it goes away. I can't imagine that others won't be able to feel it because I feel it and I feel like it is also visible. This is the main annoying part of the entire process. 

My scars are also pretty annoying. They are still very dark and a little raised too. I use cream and strips and all kind of other crap and they still look the same to me. I may just get tattoos to cover the ones that I can. I hate seeing them. I also feel like more fat was taken out of one side of my hip than the other and the sculpting is noticeable. I will try to take pics of these things to show you all. 

Aside from all of that, my breasts look great and the look super cute in lace bras, which I was never able to wear before. 

I'm not sure what else you want to know but feel free to ask below in the comments. Thank you all for keeping up with my journey!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I have not met Dr Bednar personally yet as i live in a different state but he called me personally and answered all my millions of questions. He described my procedure thouroughly and made some suggestions as well as listened to my concerns. I cant wait to meet him in person! UPDATE: Dr Bednar and his staff, Sylvia, kendall, my super sweet anesthesiologist whose name I cannot remember, sorry!, everyone is amazing! The surgery site is so beautiful sort of like a tropical resort, the office is clean very nice. The wait times were right on point. I would recommend Dr Bednar to anyone looking to upgrade their body. He is a true artist.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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