So Far Disappointed with the Thigh Lift /thighplasty - Charlotte, NC

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I'm only 5 days post op from my thigh lift and...

I'm only 5 days post op from my thigh lift and brachioplasty. This is phase 2 of my total body lift after 140lb weightloss from gastric bypass surgery and healthier lifestyle and exercise over 8 years. My original surgeon and I came up with a surgical plan. Unfortunately, after my circumferential tummy tuck and first brachioplasty he left the practice. So I met with another surgeon within the practice to come up with another surgical plan.

This surgeon decided a crescent thigh lift along with liposuction on the outer thighs would give me the results that I was seeking. I know there is still quite a bit of swelling since I'm only 5 days post op, but I'm still seeing large saddlebags/ pockets of fat on the thighs and even the inner thighs still seem to have lax skin. I may be wrong, but if these areas are loose with all the swelling won't it be worse when the swelling goes down?. The other thing that's bothering me is the incisions. They are below the groin area so I'm thinking they will drop below any kind of bikini lines. I have a follow up appointment in a couple days so I will be expressing my concerns then. However, if anyone has any suggestions of the questions I should be asking, then please let me know! Also please let me know if I'm over reacting and this is pretty normal results. I've attached photos so you can see my concerns. Thanks all! I'm just really upset and disappointed over this phase of my surgery right now!

Labia distortion after thigh lift

How much due diligence does one due? One may know the questions to ask, but how do you know the answers you are getting is the correct answers. I felt like I asked the correct questions and saw the pics that I needed to see the results I was seeking. I'm just sick with the thought that I know have a distorted labia. I now have a vagina that looks like a triangle if I spread my legs just slightly. I have no labia it just goes smooth into my leg. Unfortunately, in the pics the surgeon shows it doesn't show a persons' labia. I wish people would also post the disappointing results from their surgeons or at least do an update after an amount healing time. I'm just sick to my stomach and I had to explain my disappointment to my husband which was quite embarrassing to admit. Though he was quite supportive.

Not happy with the crescent thigh lift. Having the vertical thigh lift done with a different surgeon.

I'm still not happy with the crescent thigh lift. The scars are at least an inch below the groin crease. Though it has flattened it is close to 1/4" wide. I will not be having the same plastic surgeon doing the vertical thigh lift. At this point, I do not trust his work. He may be a skilled, American Board certified plastic surgeon, but I don't think he has enough experience with thigh lifts. Since I'm consulting with a couple other surgeons I am looking at an additional $10-$20k over the revision costs (along with additional procedures). However, I only have one more shot with this. There is just enough vertical laxity that both surgeons believe they will be able to hide the incisions.

I feel the crescent thigh lift was a waste of time & money. If you are trying to achieve a smaller circumference in your thighs, then lipo and a crescent lift is NOT a good choice. I wish I didn't let my surgeon talk me into the crescent lift.

I've had consults with two other surgeons and I haven't made my final decision yet. I plan to go back one more time to each of them and have them mark me up just as they would do the morning of surgery to get a better understanding of what exactly would be done. Actually, I would make this suggestion to anyone having any procedures done- to have surgeons mark you up as they would do the morning of the surgery! It definitely makes for a better visual and understanding of exactly what will be done especially since I have learned if it's not on the quote it may not get done during surgery.
Dr. Daniel

I'm still holding out on my review. The initial consult I thought went well until I looked at the quote later and realized that what we spent 3/4 of the time talking about (my thighs) was not on the quote. When I called to question why it wasn't on there I was informed that he wasn't doing them...WHAT?! I was gobsmacked! However, after speaking with him further I believe he had made a decision that there wasn't enough time for all the stuff that needed to be done. Problem was he didn't express that concern to me before I left so I was taken back. So after some back and forth I told him to take the breast lift and implant exchange off this surgery since there was going to have to be a phase 3.

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