47 Yo 5f10in 144lb - Outer Thighs Treatment - Charlotte, NC

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Hello! I had my outer thighs treated on May 7 & 8...

Hello! I had my outer thighs treated on May 7 & 8 (had to do one side a day 2 hours each side). Procedure overall was not painful at all, a little discomfort first 10 minutes and then I just felt numbness in the treated area. First few days post treatment were fine, just a little sourness and numbness (which is a bit weird combination)). On day 5-6 It started to itch as well as burning & stinging sensations intensified. Today is my day 9 post procedure and I am at most discomfort levels I have been since I had it done. It is tolerable, but definitely not something I can just ignore - combination of burning, itching, stinging and numbness at the same time. I am looking forward to all these sensations going away)) it woke me up few times during last couple of nights. At this point, I can say procedure itself and recovery for me - it is not a big deal at all if Only I will start seeing results in couple of weeks!;)) I am hopeful;)) all i am trying to loose is 1,5 - 2 inches from my overall hip size. Will provide update in few weeks

Couple of more "before" pictures

2 Weeks post procedure

Pain is gone, areas treated still tender to touch. I am continuing with my normal diet & exercise routing. The only difference I am trying to drink more water. I don't see any difference yet in appearance, but it is still too early.

3 month and 10 days post procedure

I definitely see some results)) My hips shape became a little smoother on outside. Nothing drastic but noticeable. Overall I am very happy that I did it. Would like to go for one more session in a couple of month.
Couple of things I would like to comment on that might be helpful -
It took a while for me to notice any difference - at least 2 month. But that was exactly as I was told - for outer hip treatment it takes longer for results to show up.
Also it took at least 1 month for swelling to go away, so that was a bit frightening to me because during that time I felt bigger than before procedure)
Interesting that my weight did not change and my measurements are almost the same. I might lost half an inch))

Before and After - 3.5 month post procedure

I do see results. As of now lost couple of pounds and 1 inch off my hips. Planning on having second treatment end of September. If results from coolsculpting are as permanent as advertised, then to me it is totally worth it. Will keep posting;)

After 2 treatments opted for liposuction((

Went for second treatment as results from first treatment were only slightly noticeable. After consideration decided to give it another shot as practice were I received treatment were very persuasive and convincing that outer thighs often require second treatment to see significant results. Post op second treatment 6 month later I honestly think it made any difference..((
With that here is my final opinion on cool sculpting on outer thighs -
1) applicators used on outer thighs are not customizable to body shape and too small! They cover too small of an area to make a real difference. I am not a big person (5'10, 144lb) and applicator did not cover my problem area)
2) Since outer thighs require more than one treatment, you end up paying a lot of money for results that are still not going to make you happy.. Way too expensive for results delivered
3) results are not guaranteed, so you might end up spending money and time for something that is not working for you
Bottom line - I am regretting spending money and time..
After 2 cool sculpting treatments on my outer thighs I went for aqualipo 4 days ago and had 1 litter of fat removed from areas previously treated by coolsculpting!!!??
Still in recovery mode but already see a huge improvement and very hopeful and happy. I wish I did lipo to start with..
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