39 Years Old, Active but Struggled with Losing the Bulge - Charlotte, NC

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Yesterday I had my first coolsculpting procedure...

Yesterday I had my first coolsculpting procedure done on my flank area and next week I will have my lower abdominal area done. The coolmax was used yesterday and will be used next week. I definitely agree with other reviews that are posted on how everything felt. I had my before pics done and then went into the coolsculpting room. The technician placed a protective gel pad on my left flank area. This sheet is wet and very cold. It's so cold that it almost takes your breath away. It is only uncomfortable for a few a seconds. When the technician placed the coolmax applicator and the vacuum process started it was pretty uncomfortable. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it through the procedure by the way it was feeling. The freezing process started next which is also uncomfortable. After about 6 minutes or so it gets bearable and then you get used to it. I really felt like this was completely like the other reviews on here described. I have some bruising but nothing too bad. My skin felt numb to the touch yesterday after the procedure and is still somewhat numb today. The pain isn't too bad. I feel like I have a muscle ache and mostly notice it when sitting/standing or bending. I have been using an abdominal binder and have been using ice about every 2 or 3 hours for about 30 minutes. I have noticed my left side has been having muscle twitches today but the right side isn't which is really strange. The technician told me that I will be more sore after the lower abdominal procedure next week and since I had already started bruising while I was there yesterday, she was certain I would have bruising on my abdomen. She also stated that the abdominal area will bruise more than my flank area has. I didn't have any issues sleeping last night and will be doing my normal work out routine. I typically go the gym for an hour and a half 3 to 4 days a week and I walk for an hour in the evenings 5 days a week. Sometimes I walk everyday. It depends on the weather. I don't feel like the flank area would any way interfere with any activities for anyone in anyway. I will update daily on how I feel and also on how I feel after the abdominal area is done. I will also add pictures when possible. The facility I am having my treatments done at is Sona MedSpa and so far I am very pleased with service I have received from them. The ensure that you are comfortable and Perri the technician called to check on me today. This really made me feel like they care about their clients.

2 days after coolsculpting of flank area

Today is 2 days since coolsculpting of my flank area. Nothing much to report. Just minimal discomfort which is relieved when wearing my abdominal binder. I did a lot of errands today and came home and walked for an hour. I used ice packs once today. My skin is still feeling a little numb and I have some muscle discomfort but nothing to bad.

3 days post flank procedure

Today is 3 days post my flank procedure. This really hasn't been bad at all so far. I am sore but not anything I can't handle. I walked for an hour yesterday and I went to the gym and did my normal hour and a half work out. I have been sleeping ok. It is more comfortable to sleep on my back vs my side due to my flanks being sore. Today's update is short as there isn't much to report

5 days post coolsculpting

I didn't update yesterday as there wasn't much to add. Today is 5 days since my flank procedure and I still haven't experienced a great deal of pain. I am sore and still numb as I said in earlier posts, it's not been bad at all. This evening one of the dreaded side effects decided to kick in...diarrhea! (Sorry :( just want to try to truly share my experience). I haven't had any stomach pain along with it but it's still no fun! I am hoping it's a sign that this is the process of the procedure doing its thing! I haven't used ice today but I am still using my abdominal binder. I go on Tuesday for my abdominal procedure and will post an update after that. Best wishes!

Day of coolsculpting of lower abdomen and 1 week flanks

Today I had coolsculpting on my lower abdomen. Let me say...ouch! The initial procedure was pretty uncomfortable. It was definitely painful compared to having my flank area done. Now that I am home, I am very sore. Bending is extremely uncomfortable. My skin feels tingly and numb. I have used my abdominal binder and ice off and on, also. I really hope this is worth the pain!!! I will continue to update as my journey continues :)

1 day post lower abs and 8 days post flanks

There's nothing much I can report except that I feel pretty tender and bloated. I have some ugly bruising from the procedure. My lower abdomen feels as if I have done a lot of crunches. I did all of my normal activities but bending is very uncomfortable.

11 days post flanks and 4 days post abs

I wanted to just give an update on how things were going and post a pic of how I look today. I feel like my abdominal swelling has reduced and it seems that I am not as sore today. Yesterday I didn't wear my abdominal binder and I was very sore by the end of the day. Also, I am not sure if others have had this issue but I have had to visit the ladies room A LOT! I'm hoping this is a sign that my body is getting rid of toxins aka fat! My bruises are starting to heal and my abdominal area still feels tender to the touch. My poor dogs like to get on my lap and I have had to really watch and manipulate how they do that. I didn't work out yesterday so I felt really guilty. I hate missing a day or opportunity to better myself and maximize my results! I have kept my calories in check thanks to my app on my phone. And I'm drinking around 80 ounces of water a day, also!

3 and a half week post treatment

Nothing much to report. I did want to update a picture that was taken 3 weeks after my abdominal procedure and 4 weeks after my flank procedure. I'm not having any pain. Still have some tenderness if I lean my belly on something but nothing major. No itching. I do still have a small amount of numbness to my skin.

Photo update

I'm almost at 4 weeks post lower abs and 5 weeks flanks. Wanted to update a new picture. I'm not having pain but I'm still having to go to the bathroom A LOT! Let's hope that means my body is working extra hard to get rid of fat! Looking forward to seeing what the 8 week point will be. And with this progress I would definitely do this again but not when I am back at work after the summer since I have to go to the restroom so much. It just wouldn't work.

Photo update

Just a photo update at about 4 and a half weeks after lower abs were done.

Photo update 5 weeks post abs

6 and a half weeks post treatment

Picture update of before and at 6 and a half weeks. I'm not having any pain or tenderness. No numbing sensation remains. I still have 5 to 6 bowel movements a day. I don't have any upset stomach symptoms along with that. I eat healthy for the most part. I eat 2 salads a day and drink lots of water. I'm cutting back on the salad since I'm about to go on vacation in hopes that will minimize bathroom visits. :/

2 months post

2 month post pics

9 months post procedure update

I have lost 25 pounds dieting since my procedure and have also seen improvement overall in size since I had coolsculpting. It really encouraged me to work hard. I have 25 pounds left to loose.

9 months post update

9 month update...coolsculpting, dieting and working out...
Perri J.

Perri did an amazing job at Sona MedSpa. She is very professional and friendly. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in Coolsculpting treatments.

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