CO2 Laser Textural Damage to Cheeks

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I went in to get the laser for acne scarring on my...

I went in to get the laser for acne scarring on my cheeks. It was noticeable to me but not other people. Unfortunately, I am one of the individuals who has had very negative textural changes to skin that once was smooth. It has been the worst decision of my life and the psychological effects in the last year have been extremely difficult to say the least. I will post before and after photos. The left cheek has the more severe changes. The texture is waxy sort of crinkled. I have lines covering the front of my cheeks where she must have put more power. I think it is difficult to fully capture the damage in ay photo but in person and in specific lightings... it is horriendous looking. Everytime i look in the mirror I want to cry/kick myself for being vain and wanting the fixmy acne scars. The doctor did not give me adequate information about recovery time , making it seem like a simpleprocedure when I was house bound due to huge swollen cheeks and redness for months. When I had questions about healing she would write back and say things like she wasnt sure etc. Excusee me?! Anyways . my concern now is to get any advice . is there anything to do to fix this or improve it ? It has consumed me and made me so.. depressed. Going out of the house is extremely difficult constantly thinking about how my skin looks in particular lighting etc. Anyways I would really love advice PLEASE. in the photos the before are on the right and the after are on the left. again with photos it does not pick up the damage nearly asmuch as in person.


More photos

Lines and weird texture . Huge holes /pores


Again hard to capture but the lines etc by my cheeks are quite noticeable


Can see how the skin has lines and marks . Micro scarring . There were no scars by mmy nose before

1 year 1 month post

Just more photos to keep progress of the textural damage. These photos are in natural light where it is more noticeable. If i took a photos in direct sunlight .. It is scary. Sorry for these súper unnatractive pictures. But i am desperate for help and to spread the word of the damage that lasers can cause . it is clear the difference in my cheeks versus the rest of my skin. The acné scars are there still. The skin right by my nose was Smooth . now it is covered in lines and dots that Form lines. It is like my skin is wrinkling and sagging in the most unnatural places. To say this is depressing is an understatement . i have really lost myself and my confidence in this. I used to be complimented for my looks now i fear people seeing me in the sun. Not to mention the fear of being in the sun and the posible damage it can cause. I live like a recluse because of the fear of being seen in the sun and posible damage.
On a positive note, i did a dermarolling sesión last night 1 mm. I am going to do this every 3 or 4 weeks. I am hoping to see posible improvement.
At night I use Cicaplast baume b5 . it has been the best to help soothe my skin and is also moisturizing . i have ordered psoria gold as i haveread some positive things. Although i fear that might be too late to see any positive effects.
Apologies for such a long winded review toda y. But i am feeling pretty hopeless about what i chose to do to my face. I would do anything to have my old skin and life back and to not fear the sun as well as feel hideous. I am not the same happy go lucky person i was and do not enjoy life much anymore. Please do not do láser unless it is only on already scarred skin.

Before and after

Before and after
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