Buccal Fat & Kenalog Injection - Charlotte, NC

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I have a very round face and always hated it....

I have a very round face and always hated it. Until I heard about Buccal Fat Pad Removal.

Im 30 years old and had this done ino Feb. 2012. I did my homework and searched for a top of the line, professional plastic surgeon. And found one in NC. After meeting him I really enjoyed his inspiration to help me. He agreed I had a round face and how one side was bigger than the other, (my left side). I decided to stay under local and not be put to sleep for my surgery.

I heard everything he was discussing while doing the procedure. He took out all my buccal fat pad on my left and took out only half of my buccal fat on my right. Because he had such a problems with my right side, he kept tugging once my face and I could feel the burn from the tool he was using. So he kept using numbing medicine and sadly it was then my upper right side lip went into shock mode and wouldnt quick shaking then finally something disturb the nerve. I couldnt tell if he killed my nerve endings as he promised the numbing medicine couldnt do that. I am still not the same. My smile is not what it use to be and I still have problems with talking due to my lips not making proper movements.

It took about 5 months before I felt somewhat close to what was a new normal, not completely 100%. But after my surgery, he told me half of buccal fat on my right side would fall back down into where it lived in my lower jaw. No. It didnt. It is still where he made the cut inside my mouth. So I have one perfectly sculpted cheekbone and jawline, and the other side looks like Im chewing tobacco in my upper lip and still puffy.

Its August and Im still upset with my results, (thinking he would be willing to cut that buccal fat out) I asked if he could do another surgery, he replys with "I took out all your fat on both sides." I asked him what was he going to about the lump on my face that was uneven and he tells me about a kenalog 10 injection. I asked what does it do and if it was safe. He says yes and how its just a light steroid to decrease the fatty tissue and to be injected over the lump.

Sadly, its been 3 weeks since the injection and I am noticing today I have a dime size dent beside the lump (which didnt go away) and its a dark discolored like I lost pigement or like a huge brown age spot (beside the lump he was trying to fix). Im really upset. Ive been searching they internet and cant find any results what to do about reversing this kenalog injection. I did read on the web where the kenalog decreases white blood cells, would taking folic acid help increase them back since white blood cells help fight off infections? Ime interested to hear what another plastic surgeon professional advice is or suggestions. Thank you very much.

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