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I have had large breast for most of my life. I...

I have had large breast for most of my life. I have never had the fortune of wearing a training bra. I went straight into a B cup in 4th grade. Oh the horror. Being a little girl with women breast and feet. It was awful. I remember a little boy teased me about my breast (said something disgusting) and I chased him. He ran down the stairs and I tripped and fell down 32 stairs. They thought I had broken my neck. That was the start of what it would be like with large breast. I am now in a 34I and my largest was a 34K(while I was nursing my last). I never really thought of getting a reduction. I originally just wanted a lift, but as time passed and they got larger. It seemed like the more logical option. I really am on the fence thinking of the thought of possible nipple sensation loss.

My most recent worst experience is going into a department store and have a Wacoal rep say, "Have you ever thought about getting a breast reduction? You would be a great candidate". Oh the evil things I could have said to that women. Well it's now getting to the point where my children are making fun of my breast. My son and daughter 10 and 5 make little wise cracks about how large my breast are. They walk around with pillows or balls in their shirts saying I'm mommy. I tell my daughter okay hope and pray this doesn't happen to you.

Oh the pain. I had started wearing sports bras only to try and cut down on the shoulder indentions. The drawback is the elastic in the sports bras cause me to spasm and I get horrible migraines. Faster than I do when wearing a normal bra. Here lately I have decided to go National Geographic. Just to cut down on the overall migraines/tension headaches. The only drawback to that is I have armpit boobs, so I tend to pinch my nipples while sleep when I toss and turn with my arms. So I am forced to sleep on my back or stay on my side in those positions all night. I used to say and people pay for these things but I now realize they don't go through the things that women with natural large breast go through. Lucky heffas...lol

I am planning to have liposuction of my flanks, inner thighs near crotch, that back fat roll, TT and breast reduction all at the same time. Hence the full body pictures (had to spray paint to make the hubby feel better). I sprayed the armpits too because I have hideous pits and no one is allowed to see them. I have Hidradenitis Suppuritiva which has left my pits ugly and discolored. I initially planned on getting lipo to my abdominal area as well since I don't have stretch marks or sagging skin. At my consult I was told that I need muscle repair to get a flat stomach as lipo would only flatten me an inch or so since I don't have a lot of fat there (wish I could say the same for those flanks...Ugh)

I suffer from chronic pain and a neurological disorder so I can no longer exercise like I should. There is no way that I could have the reduction and leave my belly sitting out there so I need to have it all.

3 weeks

So now I am just getting a reduction... No lipo or tummy tuck. The big day is in 3 weeks and I am getting a little nervous. I am excited at the same time.

10 days pre surgery

3 days pre surgery

Man I'm getting a bit nervous. I look at other peoples results and it motivates me a bit more. My next post will be post surgery. See you on the other side.

I'm on the other side and boy is it painful

Surgery went well but not the pain. I left the hospital with my pain not managed. I couldn't eat anything because my throat was too dry. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain and had a child with no meds. So I get pain. Not this lawd it felt like I had surgery and was given nothing for it like that just started chopping. I kept crying and the dr asked my husband was I a crybaby or tough girl. My husband said she is tough. I have never seen her in this much pain. I am Marine Corps veteran and hate to show weakness. It's more of pride than anything I guess, but this thing is whipping my tail. The dr apologized for me being in so much pain and said it wasn't usual. I feel like I am giving birth to a 15lbs child through my breast. They gave me vicodin but I haven't been able to take them yet. I am taking percocets I had from my last surgery and they are not doing the job either.

I do have fibromyalgia and think that it has play a major part in my nerve pain. This is my 6th surgery (5 in the last two years) and I know that if they ever get bigger I would not do this again. This is in no way what I expected especially since no muscle was touched. I got home and was balling my eyes out over the pain. My hubby said baby i saw your boobs and they look really good minus the surgical stuff. I said so I have sexy boobs and he said yes baby. He knows what to tell me...lol My left breast has a acorn size hard spot that they told me to watch out for. Well I'm all drugged up and kept feeling something cold on my right side. Blood was pouring out. So the nurse runs and gets the dr. They open my bra and pull off the bandages. OMGosh my nipples felt like someone took a fork from off the stove burner and put it on my nipple. So the first thing that hits my mind is I still have nipple sensation. My husband is giving me a shower in the morning but I am petrified. I don't want the water to hit them. I will take pictures then. I have arm pit boobs and he didn't remove or lipo that. So every time I try to move my arms... yes I hit the boobs.

I have a phobia of pantyhose so could wear the pressure hose. He told me promise to move my feet and legs every 10 minutes then. Don't ask about the phobia. I don't know why I have it but I literally get anxiety attacks. I can't look at them. They weren't helping anyway because mine were loose. You guys should see me I look like I have a nervous condition because I keep kicking my legs around.

So here's to hoping I will be med free by this weekend because I hate taking medicine. I really hate talking about the pain because I don't want to discourage anyone. I just knew I would be good when I read people were only taking Tylenol for the pain. Again I believe my Fibro is the culprit in this pain issue. If I sound like I'm rambling sorry. Me being tired and the pain has me a little edgy.

Had to go to ER

Phewww. Had to go to ER last night for some pain meds. The PS prescribed 1 Vicodin every 3 hours, I tried for 9 hours didn't work. I took Percocet 1 ever 6 hours, I tried for 18 hours didn't work. So I make it to the VA ER which is an hour away. Waited for 2.5 hours was never addressed, and decided to leave was going out of my mind with pain. Drove an hour back to the local ER and was seen within 5 minutes gave 2mg Dilaudid and prescibed 2 percocet every 4-6 hours as needed. I was regretting the surgery up to that Dilaudid. It got my pain to a tolerable state and I have been much better since. After I got the meds I could wipe myself, get out of bed, and even walk without someone holding me. So the moral of my story is I will never leave the hospital without my pain being managed. I took my first shower today. I still want a different bra. I am thinking I will be a C once the swelling goes down.

More Photos

Trying to add photos in between me dozing off. I haven't had continuous rest yet. Still waking up every 15 minutes to an hour.

Just woke up

Before I got my pain managed this surgery was not worth it. I was crying saying I should have just left them the way they were. I am not a regretful person. I would definitely tell anyone to do it if at the pain level 5 I'm in now . But at that 10, I actually told her a 15 because 10 wasn't enough. Like I literally wanted them to take them off, that was such a traumatic experience for me. I couldn't even pick up my a 16 ounce styrofoam cup of water. I can't wait to bring it up to my PS as to why he rushed me out with my pain at a 10 to only have to go back for meds. I mean they still hurt but it's not constant pain, just when I touch them and sometimes on there own.

The first ER I went to the nurse could see I was completely discouraged and overwhelmed and she said please don't lose faith. That was so important to me at that time. She said you just have to get over this rough patch. Well I think I am finally starting the none rough patch. I took some Miralax today. I will load up on that until something happens. I've been drinking all water, because I feel a little dehydrated. My stomach is still swollen, and my ribs hurt almost none now. I tried just taking 1 percocet at my 4pm dose but it back fired. So I went back to two. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get to 1. My left is my painful breast, even though it was the smallest. One dr did each. I don't know who did what side. I don't know how much they took out but I will ask at my follow up on the 9th. Hopefully by then I will be med free. I just can't stand to take medicine.

saw pcp today

Had fever and elevated pressure, while getting vitals taken, they are thinking infection in the left breast. I keep getting sweats. I told them just to give me a new antibiotic. They said if I still have a fever tonight, hospital I go. Thank you all for the words of encouragement. I can't wait until I can get pass this rough part so I can actually look at my breast and see the good. If my sentences are off I'm using the voice recognition on my cell to do my updates because I can't move my arms still.

Discharged today

Hey All! I was admitted into the hospital on Saturday with a Seroma and continued unmanageable pain. One breast was like a DD/E and the other was a B/C. The big one was completely engorged. Phewww it was rough. Seroma has gone down and I am getting good drainage now. My PS still isn't on my good side. I saw him today as well as the nurse manager for the hospital in regards to all the unfortunate processes I had to undergo. He asked did the pain get worse after I left and I told him it had never got better since I had been there. Craziness even though he was the last person I saw and spoke to, he claims that no nurse ever told him my pain was a 5/5, I told him it was a 10 that is why he told me to go home and take 2 vicodin and then 1 every hour after that. He then told the nurse manager well she didn't ask to stay so I didn't know. The nurse had to explain to him that, that would be hell with on my kidneys with that amount of APAP in them. He didn't grasp that part. He then went on to try and say that he asks all his patients if they are a cry baby or pretty tough, that is how he assess their pain tolerance. I told him will asking my husband am I usually a crybaby like this, was rude as hell and my husband felt the same way. He asked my husband and my husband said yes it was and maybe you need to find a better system or something. Anywho :) after asking me to stay another day and much frustration I said no I think I have finally gotten it where I can take care of it myself and he left.

So here is to some much needed healing.


Oh yeah I had the fevers so I had to get IV antibiotics. Hubby getting me in the shower now. Good night ladies.

Slowly getting better

I am allergic to adhesives so I had to try and pry off some of the tape today because it has caused an unbearable itchy rash. Also if you try to pull it off it pulls off a layer of my skin so it was a strategic process to say the least. I got most of it off. The pictures I am posting are of yesterday before trying to get the tape off. I look pretty good. My left breast was done by a different dr but I don't know which one. It was pulled over and down to the my left. So I have major armpit boob on that side. It's also the larger breast now. So my arm constantly hits it....uhh the pain. I will take pictures without the tape later today and post tomorrow.

My rash

Just uploading a picture of my rash, and a picture of my arm after almost 2 weeks. It's the spot where the lead from the heart monitor was placed on my left arm.

Moving along but still hurting

Breast are healing but they still hurt for anything to touch them. So I am still in a loose sports bra. I feel like I am a 2-3 weeks behind as far as pain. My incisions are so terribly sore. I had some oozing a week ago out of the breast I had an infection in. It lasted for 3 days, then the spot healed up. It was pus and had my bra all gooey. So I had to go back to using sterile pads. I see my PS next week.

Still having pain

Still having pain in the left breast. My PCP said I should probably have an ultrasound of it to make sure they aren't missing anything. It hurts, itches, and feels extremely heavy. Not my incision sites but the breast. My right breast is fine.
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