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I had to have a double mastectomy, and Dr. Capizzi...

I had to have a double mastectomy, and Dr. Capizzi and his staff made the reconstruction process do-able and as easy as it could be. Great technical abilities, wonderful compassion and a marvelously caring staff helped during a very difficult time in my life. Would recommend him for anything PS!!!


I have an appointment with Dr. Capizzi on 6/24/14 because my "gummy bears" (am I now 62) are suddenly hard, wonky lumpy, and achy. Feeling very positive that I can trust what he tells me is our best step, whether they are okay -- revise or remove.

Am posting some of my first photos from my initial reconstruction. Do not have photos of the "wonkiness" :)


I saw Dr. Capizzi yesterday, and he agreed that the implants had hardened due to encapsulation (sp?), and that we could remove them entirely, or replace them. Since I had the "original"s by Allergan, after some information about the Sientra, and finding out how much better they've gotten than when I was in the 10 year initial study, I have decided to have them replaced.

We are setting up surgery -- about 1 1/2 hours, he said. Office is verifying my insurance, getting a note from my GP that I'm okay for surgery, etc. No photos to post yet, but will get husband to do some Befores, so we can post afters.

I know at 62 this may need to happen again in my lifetime, but the lifespan of the Sientra's are longer, and complications lower by considerable percentages. And at 72, who knows? Can't worry that far ahead!

Dr. Capizzi was wonderful -- same sweet, empathetic and enormously direct man as always. His staff is top notch, and very, very kind. All around, a good visit.


All my insurance paperwork went through (technically he is not in network, but BC/BS makes exceptions if no one is closer than 25 miles, especially since he did the original surgeries.) My surgery is scheduled for Wed, 23 July. This will be my FOURTH reconstruction surgery. Feeling a little nervous but am hoping the pre-op visit will help. Registered at the hospital, okayed by my GP and my cardiologist. His office has been great to do everything in a very timely manner, with little need for concern on my part about everything being right!

Capsular Contraction as of 14Jul2014

You can see the difference from my original post, the photo on the far right. Will post the "after" and process photos after surgery. Hopefully it will be useful to someone :)


All went well -- thanks to each of you for prayers and kind thoughts & wishes :) All my questions were thoroughly answered; I did ask to touch the Sientra type that I was getting, and was very impressed with its flexibility, durability and coating to prevent capsular contraction (they even have a warranty!). Got my prescrips (antibiotic and pain) filled, all registered at the hospital and cleared by all my other "ologists" and GP for surgery. SO, next Wednesday the 23rd at 2:00 pm ET, there I'll be. Only worried about the anesthesia, because I have so many drug issues and bad reactions, but have been at this hospital many, many times for surgery and heart caths, so they "know" me. The recovery will depend on how much capsular contraction they have to clean out, but I knew that already. FYI, Sientra has a great reputation, is American owned and incorporated, but no stock available (which makes sense because their market is limited to plastic surgeons). FDA gave them a great endorsement, and the photo's I've seen at the Stillwater Plastic Surgery site are awesome. So, hopefully the frankenboobs will be okay. (PS: I think of myself as a post-menopausal cyborg)

21JUL2014 - Pre Op with Anesthesia/Hospital

Everyone was great -- my file was in good shape, but they reviewed it all with 2 different people, making doubly sure that it was correct. Got my special soap, and instructions to shower the night before, and the day of surgery. Going to use propofol (sp?) as the anesthesia, said I could take a Xanax for the drive to Charlotte, and then versade during pre op. So, I ought to be calm! The good thing about the propofol is that it acts quickly, but you come out of it quickly, too! So....countdown!

24JUL2014 - Surgery over

All went well; got there at 11:30 a ET, was prepped and in surgery promptly at 2:00p. Anesthesiolgist was GREAT, and got my vein first stick (not easy with chemo veins). All the nurses were lovely. My doc said all went perfectly. I am loosely bandaged and pretty sore, but will take some more pain meds, and switch to Tyenol Sat. When I can take bandage off, will post the photos. Still a little groggy, and sore. But could do it again at 72 if I have to! Thanks for all the lovely wishes and prayers. You guys are the best. Signing off for now.

POST OP Photos - 4 days after surgery

Took my shower this am, and took off the loose bandages. Everything looks great! And they feel like real breasts. He did 625cc Sientra in LT, 600cc Sientra in the RT. Already hurt far less than before surgery, and right now it's only the itching/achy from the incisions.

He did a great job. Go to the Unique Boutique for a bra fitting on 22 August. Always hard to find an "off the rack" bra that fits well. And with BC, it's covered by insurance.

Hope the photos help someone with their decisions :) Thanks for all the wonderful support.

30Jul2014 - First Post Op Visit

Things looked good -- the surgical glue was removed, and I was told that i should start feeling nerve reconnection pain. And I have! Owwie! Like electric shops. Did not sleep well, apparently woke up my sweet husband when I was screaming like a banshee! He couldn't get back to sleep, but I did. Had to go very slow today -- reaching and bending is a challenge. Did get 3 bathrooms cleaned, and dusted the house as my women's group meets here tomorrow.

I go back in 3 weeks for another post op, barring any complications. Haven't needed anything for pain (even Tylenol) since the 3rd day after surgery. They are looking good, albeit bruised!

One Month Post Op

Dr. Capizzi checked everything out, and all is healing well. I go back Oct 21st. Their office has been great with my insurance -- some stuff was coded IN patient and denied -- it was all OUT patient. But getting it fixed, between the hospital and BC/BS Medicare is a stressful business. Gotta love the office staff at Stillwater Plastic Surgery for all their help and endless patience!

They FEEL great -- no pain in the area, stitches a little itchy as they absorb. Had a "knot" cut, so it could heal up. The one thing I do know (sadly) is that reconstructed breasts never look like breast augmentation pictures. We always hope -- but am okay with what I got.

I hate October and all its pinkness. Appreciate the solidarity, but how does going braless help those of us who lost breasts in what feels like a mutilation, regardless of how skilled the thoracic surgeon? Ah well -- we humans don't "get it" until we get it! Prayers that no one else goes through breast cancer!
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