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Like everyone else on this forum I am...

Like everyone else on this forum I am excited/nervous for the big day. Lot's of second guessing, but I am going to go through with it. I am 48 years old and I am sure I will wish I had done it sooner. I am also scheduled for hernia repair the same day - so double whammy. I have had surgery before so I generally know what to expect post-op. I have scheduled an entire week off from work. I just hope that will be enough. Thankfully I have a desk job and it is flexible. After reading other posts in the forum, I am concerned that I have only had one consultation, but I feel like the doctor and I were on the same page. Do you actually get any time with the doctor at the pre-op?

I appreciate all the helpful hints that people have shared. I am starting to get things organized around my house and purchasing all the necessary supplies. I ordered my bras last night. It wasn't as easy as I thought. There must be a lot of people having BA, because a lot of the places I checked (Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, JcPenney) were sold out of the type I wanted. I did end up ordering 2 from Walmart. They were pretty cheap, but I have seen numerous people recommend them (Fruit of the Loom - front closure sports bra). I ordered another on Amazon (Champion Zip Tech). Hopefully they will work out fine.

I started taking a multivitamin, vitamin C and will order Arnica and Bromelain based on posts I have seen by others. I bruise VERY easily, so hopefully this will help. My pre-op is on January 7th, so I hope they can finish answering any questions I may have. I have pretty much narrowed down my size to between 275 cc and 325 cc. Whenever I see 350 cc if just seems a little to big for my frame. That might change after my pre op appointment.

My other big concern is the inability to work out after my surgeries. I am very physically active and do a lot of weight lifting. Obviously, I won't be able to do this for a while and will have to start back slowly. That is actually making me more anxious than the surgery!

I will take some before pics soon so I can post with my after. Fingers crossed that this is everything I have been wanting.

Oops! I posted in the comments section and not the...

Oops! I posted in the comments section and not the update review. I still don't know how this works! I am reposting my comments below, but have no idea how to delete where I posted in the comments section. Sorry:)

I had my mammogram last Friday and got a call back on Monday for a repeat test. That's a little scary. I was able to get in today for a recheck on my left breast. Thankfully everything was fine and the radiologist came in and talked with me and eased my mind. Glad that is over. I bought a bra today so I can do the rice test. Do you know how hard it is to find in a 34 or 36 C without padding (without spending a fortune). Every bra I own is so heavily padded! I found one at Marshall's that should work and it only cost $5.99. I think I am going to tally up everything I am spending to get ready for the big day. All the miscellaneous stuff really starts to add up. I go on Monday for my pre-op. I'm hoping that clears up all the remaining questions I have. Things are finally starting to get real. Anyone else out there scheduled for January 21st?

I just got my reminder call for my pre-op appt on...

I just got my reminder call for my pre-op appt on Monday (like I could forget!) I was a little surprised when I asked her about sizing that she said the doctor went over that in my consult. Everyone else I read about says they tried on sizers. Hmmm...not what I was expecting. She did say we could go over sizes, but didn't sound too enthusiastic. I pretty much know what I want and I'm going to do the rice test tonight to be sure. I feel good about his before and after pictures. The ones I saw were proportionate to the body. I just wondered if this was normal-not to try on sizers? I'm just going to be sure I make my wishes very clear and take in pictures. This information does make me a little nervous though.

I was thinking today how funny it is that I am not...

I was thinking today how funny it is that I am not obsessing about my femoral hernia repair that I am having the same day. I can't imagine it is any worse than a c-section or gallbladder removal (which I have had). I've haven't even heard from that surgeon's office except when it was first set up. I think I will call on Monday to see if there is anything they need me to do. I'm sure the pre-op labs, etc... for the BA will take care of that surgery too. This surgery had to be coordinated with 2 doctors and OR time. I just pray that no one messes it up. I have scheduled surgeries for physicians in the past and know it can get kind of crazy. I'm just imaging that some one screwed up the scheduling. Oh, what in the word would I worry about if it wasn't for this surgery?!!!

I have my pre-op tomorrow. I have read so much...

I have my pre-op tomorrow. I have read so much stuff my head is spinning. Like everyone else, I am so confused about size. Almost every post I read says they wish they had gone bigger. Ugh!!! Truthfully, I am not overly stressed about the surgery. I trust my doctor and one of my good friends is a OR nurse and she'll be in there with me. I'm just worried that I will be disappointed. Do you know how you get so excited about something that it could never possibly live up to your expectations? That's what I am afraid of happening.

Today was pre-op day. I went in prepared with a...

Today was pre-op day. I went in prepared with a list of questions. They were pretty simple, but included: Will I be wearing a bra home and do you provide it? Yes/ When do I come back for my 1st post-op appt? 1 week/ Are all post op visits included in the fee? Yes./ Do you recommend massage? If so, when do I start? Yes, and in one week./ Do you use dissolvable stitches? Yes. / When will I be able to shower? the next day./ Are the implants warranted? Yes, and for an additional $100 you can get a premier warranty. You have 45 days to decide./ What are my options if I am dissatisfied and want them changed? Unless it is an obvious problem with the surgery, I would be responsible for the cost of replacing them./ Do I have to remove my artificial nails for surgery? No./ Do you use disposable implant sizers in the OR (this allows them to try a variety of size on you before committing to the actual implant). Yes

The nurse went over a lot of other information such you must fast after midnight, shower with Dial soap, no jewelry, deodorant, meds and supplements to stop, etc... I got the ok to take Arnica and Bromelain prior to surgery (helps with bruising and inflammation). I also have to take a multivitamin and vitamin C twice a day. They gave me prescriptions for nausea meds, pain meds, antibiotics and a muscle relaxer. She took a bunch of before pictures. Yay...not! No lab work which I thought they would do. She did have me try on sizers, but quite honestly, it wasn't very helpful. I think the rice test is more helpful. The sizers in the office basically just sit on top of your breast and aren't really a good representation of what they are going to look like when they are implanted.

At this point it looks like I am getting Allergan, smooth, submuscular, high profile saline implant. The range is anywhere from 275 to 350. He is going to have 275, 300, 325 and 350 disposable sizers in the OR to try. I brought in pictures to show what I am hoping to achieve. What is helpful is to select women who are approximately your height and weight and have similar shaped breasts. I'm 5'4" and 124 lbs and barely a B cup now. It wouldn't make sense to bring in pictures of someone who is 5'10" and 170 lbs. What would fit on her frame, wouldn't look right on mine. I guess at some point, I just have to let go and trust that I picked a good surgeon who is going to do what is best for me.

Last, but not least, I had to pay them in full. Haven't heard from the hospital, but I'm sure they will be in touch to get their money too!. Yikes, this is finally starting to feel real!!!

So much information floating around in my head....

So much information floating around in my head. The BIG question that remains is size. I guess that's everyone's big dilemma. I read other people's posts about 400, 450, 500 cc silicone implants and I start questioning the size I have selected for my saline implants. Then I read that while saline and silicone measure the same, silicone actually looks smaller once implanted. It molds to the shape of the breast more and compresses. Therefore, 350 saline and 350 silicone are not equal. Interesting... I'm feeling a little better about my size choice. I also like the fact that saline size can be adjusted during surgery. All this second guessing can make you crazy.

I am dropping my 4 prescriptions off tomorrow to get filled. He gave me pain meds, antibiotics, muscle relaxers and nausea meds. I have a few more things to pick up this weekend (ice packs, a couple more blouses...). I'm going to clean the house this weekend and do a bunch of cooking next weekend, then I'm good to go. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Being sick is really getting old. My surgery is in...

Being sick is really getting old. My surgery is in 8 days and I really have to be 100% by then. I have a cold/sinus problems that jut won't go away. I may break down and go the CVS Minute Clinic to get checked out. Maybe I do need to be on an antibiotic. Everyone in my house got sick over Christmas and New Years. I'm the only one who is still sick. There are so many meds my surgeon doesn't want me to take.

On another note, I have been busy cooking and cleaning. I'm going to freeze a bunch of food for next week. I have also been trying to educate my husband on what to expect without boring him to tears or causing him to tune me out. I have asked him to remind me around day 4 when I start getting depressed and upset with the initial results that I have to be patient. It takes months to see the final outcome. I think I have everything I need for after the surgery. Still really enjoying this website. So nice to see all the ladies helping one another out and supporting each other.

In 7 days l'll have boobs! I'm just a little...

In 7 days l'll have boobs! I'm just a little excited! I think I'm as ready as I can be. Still fighting a sinus infection, but I'm finally on antibiotics so that should be resolved by next Monday. I'm a little nervous about the hernia surgery. I haven't really given it much thought until now. Oh well, that's what pain meds are for.

As I sit here reading various posts in this forum...

As I sit here reading various posts in this forum and others, I keep getting caught up in the whole size issue. I went into the doctor's office knowing what I wanted and then after looking at 1000's of breasts, it gets kind of fuzzy. I just finished reading a Q & A from a doctor on this page. It really helped me get back to my original reason for wanting BA. It wasn't because I wanted huge breasts. It was because I wanted to feel more balanced and look better in certain clothing without having to wear super padded bras or wear inserts. He doesn't call it breast enlargement, but instead breast enhancement. Now I remember why I wanted to do this in the first place. I will be thankful for my new breasts and not regret or second guess. I trust my surgeon to give me breasts that look just right for my frame. So what if people can't tell a difference. I will know the difference. That being said...only 5 more days!!!

P.S. - sorry I posted in the comments again!

So...the girls are paid for in full. I finally had...

So...the girls are paid for in full. I finally had to call the hospital since I never heard from them. I am so ready to get this over and done with. I started my Arnica and Bromelain today so hopefully that will help with bruising and inflammation. Thankfully I am almost completely over my sinus infection. I guess I will go on a cleaning frenzy this weekend and get some food in the house. Oh well, nothing interesting to report. Monday is the big day. I will try to post Monday evening after I get home. My surgery isn't scheduled until 1:30 pm. Have a great weekend everyone!

Well, I need to have surgery more often. My house...

Well, I need to have surgery more often. My house has never been cleaner, I have enough food cooked for an army, and all my bills are paid. I guess this is what you call "nesting". I feel like I'm as ready as I can be. My surgery isn't until 1:30 pm tomorrow, so I will try to update tomorrow night. Of course, I will get pictures too! Good luck to bjenkinsRN, dragonfly88 and QueenReesie. We all share the same boobie birthday!

I had my surgeries yesterday afternoon (BA &...

I had my surgeries yesterday afternoon (BA & Femoral Hernia repair. He ended up going with 320 on the left and 340 on on the right, The girls looked pretty good for one day PO. I will post pictures later tonight. or tomorrow. Right now I am in a fog from the anesthesia and pain meds. He gave me Nucynta for pain. I had never had it before. Last night was a little rough. It hurt every time I had to go to the bathroom. For you ladies wondering if you really need someone with you when you get home, I would say YES! The PS sent me home in a bra that has Velcro.in front. I had a lot of nausea last night, but I didn't want to take the Phenergan unless I was absolutely necessary

I did learn something yesterday that I didn't know. The fees that you pay the hospital is rough estimate I pad for an hour of OR time, but I think it ran longer - maybe 15 or 30 minutes. Well, I can barely keep my eyes open so it is time for a nap! Have a great day everyone!

The girls are not looking their best today, but I...

The girls are not looking their best today, but I hope they will soon. As you can see, I have bruising and a lot of redness and irritation from tape and the bra he sent me home in. That thing was so uncomfortable. I switched over to my Danskin front zip sports bra and it is much better. You can't see it in the pic, but on my left side there is a large red raised area. I think it is just irritated from the bra rubbing and scratching me. With all the swelling, it was super tight. I'm still popping my pain pills and muscle relaxers. I will probably regret is when I can't poop! I also have a lot of bruising from my hernia repair incision. I have been taking Arnica and Bromelain. I can only imagine how bad it would be if I wasn't taking those supplements. Lefty looks a little lower to me (340 cc) than Righty (320 cc). Oh well, I probably was crooked to begin with and they still have a lot of settling to do.

Yesterday was kind of a blur. I took my pain meds...

Yesterday was kind of a blur. I took my pain meds and muscle relaxer around the clock. Today I'm trying to just take Motrin. I know I am only 2 days post op, but these babies are very firm.. It feels a lot like when I was engorged when I breastfed. When will they start to soften up? My PS isn't having me start massaging until Monday when I go in for my post op appt. Some of the swelling has gone down, but I really bruised a lot. I just feel so wiped out and all I want to do is sleep. I must say, my husband has been wonderful. He had to go out of town today, but I'm moving around a little better now. My biggest problem is I had the hernia repair done too and I have so much trouble trying to sit up. It hurts to use my breasts when I use my arms and my abdominal muscles hurt too.

I am posting 2 new pictures of bruising that is...

I am posting 2 new pictures of bruising that is developing. I had my surgery on Monday. I should add that I bruise very easily. I get bruises just from being adjusted at the chiropractor. I just now noticed the side area when I went to change my bra. It is no more painful or hard than the other side. I do plan on calling my doctor first thing in the morning to try and be seen (my post op isn't scheduled until Monday). What are your thoughts ladies? Hematoma or simple bruising?

I have an appointment at noon today to see the PS....

I have an appointment at noon today to see the PS. When I woke up this morning it looked like some of the swelling and bruising had diminished. For my own peace of mind I would rather get seen today than to have to go all weekend worrying. I'm sure everything is ok, but better safe than sorry. This will be my first attempt at driving. I haven't taken any pain meds or muscle relaxers so I won't be loopy! I will give an update when I get back.

All is well according to the PS. I do have more...

All is well according to the PS. I do have more bruising that most women have, but I do bruise very easily. He is not concerned that it is a hematoma or that he needs to drain it. Ice, rest and meds is what he recommends. I did learn something very important today. Driving is a lot harder than you would imagine after BA. I really questioned whether or not I should have driven myself there. Oh well, I made it there and back safely. I'm taking my meds and taking a nap now.

Today is Day 5 and I still don't feel like I am...

Today is Day 5 and I still don't feel like I am bonding with the new girls. I am jealous when I read other posts from women who say they were out shopping on day 2 or back to work on day 4. I'm still sitting her in my pjs feeling like crap. I have tried to stop taking the muscle relaxers or pain meds, but then it hurts too much. I have had several surgeries in the past and I would have said I have a high tolerance for pain. I wish I could be excited about this process, but it hasn't happened yet.

On a side note, I apologize for repeating myself in multiple posts. I looked back and realized I had done that numerous times. Apparently these pain meds also cause amnesia! I hope everyone is recuperating nicely. I know things are going to get better and I can't wait to turn that corner. Have a great weekend everyone.

Yesterday I was kind of feeling sorry for myself....

Yesterday I was kind of feeling sorry for myself. I think a lot of that had to do with the pain meds/muscle relaxers and going stir crazy in my house. I haven't taken any prescription pain meds for 2 days and my head feels clearer and I actually feel better. I am just taking Ibuprofen and that seems to be enough for now. I still have the tightness, but no real pain (unless I move funny). My husband took me out today and it was so nice to get out of the house, I was ready to come home after a few hours, but the change of scenery did wonders for my mental state. My bruising is resolving. It's now just a lovely shade of purple and yellow. I did take the Arnica and Bromelain, so I can only imagine what it would have looked like if I hadn't. The girls are starting to soften up a little. Righty has been cooperating from day one. Lefty is starting to get with the program.

I don't regret my decision at all. If everything goes the way it should, 5 weeks from now, the girls and I should be old friends! 6 weeks seems to be the magic number for most women. I am still sleeping on my back and I am so ready to be able to sleep on my side. I go back on Monday for my post op and I will learn how to massage and find out what else I can do for now. Of course, I had the hernia repair too, so that makes moving a little more difficult. I am thankful I never had a problem with constipation. I have been drinking A LOT of water, taking Colace daily and drinking Smooth Move tea every other night. That seems to be working fine for me. One more day to rest and relax. Back to work on Monday. Boo:(

It will be a week tomorrow that I had surgery and...

It will be a week tomorrow that I had surgery and I am headed back to work. Thankfully I don't have a physically demanding job. I find that I still get tired pretty easily, but I did make myself go for a walk today. I'm going to start doing that everyday that I can. It's funny, I am very physically active and just taking a walk tired me out! It's probably because I haven't done anything besides sit on my butt all week!!!

The girls are looking pretty good (besides the bruising). I go for my post op tomorrow, so I will hear what his thoughts are. On a side note, I decided to take my measurements and see what size I would be using a bra size calculator. I tried 3 different ones and they all came up with the same result 32DD. Funny thing is, I don't feel like I am a DD. I realize they are going to change over the next few months, but I was just curious. I've been telling people I was probably a full C cup. If they stay this size, I can live with it. They are already starting to change and soften up a bit.

Hope everyone has a great week! For those of you getting your boobies this week, Good Luck! If you got them recently, Happy Healing!

I went in for my one week post op appointment. He...

I went in for my one week post op appointment. He is pleased with everything so far. The bruising is resolving, but he doesn't want me to start massaging just yet. I was really banged up. They are getting softer on their own and falling into place nicely. I go back next Monday and if things look good, I will start massaging. I can start sleeping flat on my back. I'm going to give it a try tonight. Still no exercise other than walking. Truthfully, I get so tired, I don't think I could do much anyway. I really think the anesthesia takes a while to get out of my system. I am still in a fog. I had a hard time today remembering co-workers names today and I have worked with them for 7 years!

I went back to work today and it went pretty good. I don't have a physically demanding job or I probably would have needed more time. I can't wait to be able to go out and show off the girls. So far I have tried to hide them! I am happy with my results and don't wish I went bigger or smaller. I think they are just right. Hope everyone has a great week!

My PS and General Surgeon (who did my hernia...

My PS and General Surgeon (who did my hernia repair) cleared me to walk, so I went to the gym tonight. I walked an hour on the treadmill, but I tried not to push myself too hard. The PS said not to do anything that would raise my blood pressure. The boobies feel great, but I did feel all kinds of swishing and gurgling. The biggest problem is with my hernia repair. That area swelled up a little and is hurting. I guess I will take something for the pain and swelling and just put my feet up and chill out tonight. I really felt good on the treadmill. It wasn't until I got off that I started to hurt. I will try to listen to my body, but it is so hard when I am used to working out 6 nights a week. I will post some new pics soon. Everything is settling nicely and the swelling is going down. I have able to sleep flat the last 2 nights. Morning boob is resolving. I'm tight a little bit when I wake up, but then it goes away.

Everything is going great. The girls still feel a...

Everything is going great. The girls still feel a little foreign, but it gets better every day. I have been cleared to resume exercise by PS, but I am still restricted because of my hernia surgery. I don't have to wear a bra all the time anymore. Yay!!! He also said I could sleep on my side, but it's still not comfortable. The only massage I have to do is push them together. They are dropping beautifully. So glad I did this finally. Hope everyone has a great week,

This is more of a vent than anything, but maybe...

This is more of a vent than anything, but maybe some of you can help me out. I am only 2 1/2 weeks post op and all of a sudden I have noticeable asymmetry (to me anyway!). I know that there is swelling & each breast reacts and heals differently. If this happened to you, when did things start to balance out? Patience is not my strong suit!

P.S. - I finally experienced booby greed. I liked my swollen boobies better!!! Oh well, they are still sooooo much better than what I had, so I should just be happy.

Do any of you ladies go back and read your first...

Do any of you ladies go back and read your first post immediately post op? I read mine and I was all over the place! My punctuation was terrible too. I was high as a kite. Lol!!! Good times! Not a whole lot new to report except I can finally sleep all night on my side. I'm about 2 1/2 weeks post op. Also, my doc doesn't require me to wear a bra 24/7. It feels so good to let the girls breath!

I've been reading up on asymmetry. Apparently it's very common, especially on the dominant side. There is usually more swelling and that breast doesn't drop as fast. That made me feel good. The left one has really dropped. They are both getting softer everyday. I massage them several times a day. Well, I really just squish them together because that's what I was told to do. I don't have to push down, because they never really sat too high.

I'm dying to go out and buy bras. I'm really tired of these granny bras! I may go out to Kohl's tomorrow and check out the clearance rack. I know my size is going to change, so I don't want to invest a lot of money right now.

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend. If you just had your BA, I wish you a speedy recovery, good pain meds, and even better laxative!

Ouch....hurt my boobies! I went to the gym tonight...

Ouch....hurt my boobies! I went to the gym tonight and was just doing cardio. I was on the stair stepper and went to stop it but missed the button. I was still holding on to the handrails and I jerked my arms so hard when it didn't stop. I hope I didn't do any harm. I've really been trying not to do too much. I've been cleared to workout. I'm not even lifting weights (well, 5 lbs. but that doesn't even count.) Righty is still really swollen. I guess I need to really take it easy for the next few days. Drinking a glass of wine right now and trying to chill out. It was that or a muscle relaxer. The wine won out! I will try icing them too. Maybe that will help.

Today was my first official day lifting weights. I...

Today was my first official day lifting weights. I picked up a couple of weights at 2 weeks, but didn't do much because it felt so weird. My doctors (PS and general surgeon who did hernia repair) both cleared me as long as I ease back into it. I think I did that today. I lifted about 1/2 my normal weight. The only thing that felt weird was the lat pulldown. I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow, but I feel good right now. I decided not to do any cardio, because I didn't want to push my luck.

I'm healing up nicely. They are starting to soften up. The left one is a little ahead of the right one, but I'm sure it will even out. The right one is a little higher and appears a little larger. Everything I read says asymmetry is very normal at this point. I must be getting used to them because I don't think about them 24/7 anymore!

Other than a couple of moments of boobie greed, I have been extremely happy with my size. I still worry about things like CC and the other potential complications, but I try not to obsess about it. I'm so very happy I decided to do this. If anyone is on the fence about having it done, especially you ladies 40+, I say go for it. It does amazing things for your self-esteem. Yes it is has risk. Yes it is painful (for a little while). Yes it is expensive. All that said, it is so worth it! Have a great weekend:)

P.S. - I'll post new pics this weekend. My day one post op are scary!

Today one of my co-workers asked me if I had my...

Today one of my co-workers asked me if I had my boobs done. She had her's done years ago. It kind of caught me off guard. I have only told one co-worker. I ended up lying because she is a bit of a gossip. I hate telling lies because it is so hard to remember what you said. I guess they are bigger than I thought.

On another note, I am happy with them for the most part. There is still some asymmetry, but my husband says its only obvious to me! It's too early yet to be worried. I go back to the PS in a couple of weeks so I'll see what he has to say. I'm about 90% back to normal. There are a few exercises I am not doing and I'm not lifting as heavy just yet. Other than that I feel great. I'm wearing a 34 C right now. It's hard to find 32DD to see if that is a better fit. Coming from an A/B cup I am pleased with my size. They are very proportionate to my frame. I had my one month Anniversary yesterday!

I got a call today that totally caught me off...

I got a call today that totally caught me off guard. It was from the anesthesia group asking me how I wanted to pay my $2,500 balance. Ummm..what? I explained I had 2 procedures - one covered by insurance and the other was the BA. He said "No, this was for your cosmetic procedure." He was very nice and offered to work out a payment plan. Needless to say I called the PS office immediately. I was quoted $4,275 for the entire procedure which has been paid in full (PS, hospital fees, anesthesia, and implants). The office manager said that there is no way I owe $2,500. She has been doing this for years, so I hope she is right. I absolutely would not have had this done right now if I knew the cost was going to be significantly higher. Unfortunately I didn't get the call until late in the day, so I probably won't hear anything until tomorrow. I dread telling my husband if I do indeed owe more money. Just needed to vent. I'm not saying anything to him until I hear back from the PS office. No need to get him worked up.

So it has taken a few phone calls, but hopefully I...

So it has taken a few phone calls, but hopefully I am getting that bill for $2500 worked out. I paid the hospital for the anesthesia services, but they haven't forwarded the payment to the anesthesia group. Apparently if you pay in advance they give you a significant discount, $380 as opposed to $2,500 if they have to bill you after surgery. That's just crazy! Thankfully I have my receipt showing I paid in full. Now I just need them to update my account showing that my only balance is from my hernia surgery. Fingers crossed I can get this resolved without too much more trouble.

Well, the good news is I have dropped as far as I...

Well, the good news is I have dropped as far as I will drop. The bad news is I have a slight double bubble in the left breast & there is some asymmetry. I saw the PS today for my 6 week follow up. He doesn't think the double bubble will get any worse. I kind of envisioned having perfect breasts, but I guess it's not going to happen. They are still much better than what I had. I go back in 5 weeks for a recheck. I still haven't heard back about the bill I received from the anesthesia group. They are still researching the matter. Have a good week everyone!

I went in for my routine follow up today. I knew I...

I went in for my routine follow up today. I knew I was having issues, but just waited until it was time for a check up to address those issues. I mentioned previously that I have slight double bubble and asymmetry. The bigger problem is actually I have pretty bad flex distortion in my left breast. The good news is that most of it can be fixed easily. Who knew he could just add more saline to the left implant to make them more symmetrical? Yay! He will also have to cut a muscle to correct the flex distortion. The double bubble is not bad enough to worry about right now. He says my downtime should only be a few days and he will not charge me for his services. I will have to pay the surgery center and for anesthesia which will total about $1000. Bummer! I will probably wait until August to get this done. I need to save up for it and I don't want to deal with it during the early summer months. I'll check back in later. Don't let this discourage those of you still on the fence about having BA. It is still worth it!

Long time, no update

I just realized I haven't posted anything since April. There hasn't been much to share. I am happy with my size (had boobie greed early on). They fit my frame comfortably. I have decided to go ahead and get the revision done for the flex distortion. He is going to also add a little saline to that implant to fix the asymmetry. My surgery is scheduled for Friday, September 13th. I go in for my pre-op next week. Fingers crossed that this doesn't make the double bubble worse. I don't think it is bad enough to undergo another major surgery. The revision for the distortion should only take 30 minutes and recovery will be pretty quick. I'll post again after the surgery. Good luck to all of you who are scheduled for surgery. I still think it was worth it even though I have to have a revision.

Pre-op for revision today

I had my BA in January and have had some problems ever since. I have pretty bad animation distortion (aka flex distortion) and double bubble (mostly left breast). Originally my PS said it would be an easy fix, but after my pre-op today things got more complicated. He is now suggesting we completely remove the submuscular implants and place them subfacially. This should completely take care of the distortion problem. He would also place internal stitches to correct the double bubble. My dilemma is a) hubby has been out of work for 5 months & starts a new job out of town next month b) the cost will probably be substantially higher (originally he was going to waive his fees, don't know if that is still the case), c) recovery time will be greater which means more time off of work d) longer surgery which increases risk. To top it off, my husband's job is going to keep him out of town for 2 - 2 1/2 years (thankfully it is driving distance).

So I have to decide if I go ahead with the surgery which I scheduled for next month or live with the boobs the way they are. I feel very selfish spending more money on myself, but my husband says it's my decision. I waited so long to have this done (I'm 48). I just want to love my boobs. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them and after seeing my pre-op pictures today, I know how much better they are now. Any unbiased input would be greatly appreciated.

Some good news

I heard back from the office manager and the PS is waiving all his fees even for the more involved surgery. I still have to pay the surgery center and anesthesia. I am going to post a question/pics for the PS on this site to see if they agree with the recommendations. I do feel comfortable with my PS doing the revision. I decided that as long as I waited to have boobs I shouldn't settle. I'll keep you all posted.

Submuscular to Subfascial Placement

Has anyone here gone from submuscular placement to subfascial placement? If so, how was the recovery process and are you happy with the results? I've already read all the pros and cons of the different placements. I want 1st hand reports from women who have gone through the process.

Flex Distortion

Sorry this pic isn't the clearest, but it does show the animation distortion aka flex distortion.

Tomorrow is revision day!

I go in for my revision for flex distortion and double bubble tomorrow. I have to be at the surgery center at 6:15 am. I am so hopeful that this surgery will resolve the issues I have encountered. So many women who have had revisions are very happy with the outcome. I hope I am one of them! My PS is switching me from submuscular to subfascial. After reading about subfacials, I don't understand with PS don't use this approach all the time. You have the benefits of unders without the potential complications of overs. However, from what I have read it is a more involved surgery and it is expected to take from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Not to be a downer, but I encourage all women who have not yet had surgery to really think long and hard about how they would handle complications. Thankfully mine are not serious, but it is still a another risk and added expense that I was not contemplating. In my mind complications happened to other people and wouldn't happen to me. With all that being said, I still do not regret having the surgery. I really has helped my confidences and body image.

Home from surgery and feeling great!

My revision surgery went really well this morning. I have very little pain right now. It should be easier since I am already stretched from the 1st surgery. He was able to successfully place them subfascially. Of course I have no idea how they turned out, but I am hopeful that they are beautiful! I will post pictures in the near future.

Revision: Post Op Day 2

Yesterday I felt great. Today, not so much! Just general malaise and low grade fever. I know it's normal to run a low grade fever after surgery, but I will be keeping an eye on it. The incisions look fine, so hopefully it will run its course and be gone soon. So far, the BA looks great. Of course I have a lot of swelling, but when I flex my pecs I don't have any distortion. Yay!!! I still see a very slight double bubble, but I can live with that. It's not something everyone can see like the distortion.

Feeling Good!

I'm amazed at how different a revision is from the original surgery. I am feeling great. The only discomfort I have is at the incisions (from the bra rubbing) and my lower back. I finally gave up trying to sleep on my back last night. I turned on my side and got a half way decent nights sleep. I got up this morning and went for a 3 mile walk. I know I can't do anything that would raise my blood pressure, but it felt good to get outside and do something physical. I may walk again tonight. I go back to work tomorrow, but this time I actually feel ready to go. I will post pictures soon. They are still kind of bruised, so I'm going to wait another day or two. So far I am thrilled with the results.

One Week Post Revision Follow Up

Saw the PS for my one week follow up. Everything is shaping up nicely. This is so different than my original surgery. It's been less painful and much less bruising. Right off the bat I am happy with the shape and placement. The are darned near perfect! I asked him to try to give me a little cleavage if at all possible. Most women talk about how many fingers their gap is. I could fit my entire fist before! Now I look down and I have a little cleavage even without a bra. That is so awesome!!! I'm still not cleared to do anything besides walk at this time. That's ok. I'm going to follow doctor's orders this time! For anyone considering a revision, I want to say it's worth it. I finally have the boobs I always wanted. I'm glad I didn't settle for what I had

More (minor) complications

I guess I'm not destined to have near perfect breasts. One month ago everything was looking great, then BAM! I developed rippling in my right breast. I looks like a big dent. I saw my PS and he doesn't think it will get any worse. I had my placement changed to subfascial because of flex distortion. That resolved after my revision, but now this happened. There's really not much I can do about it. This one is already overfilled. I have no desire to have another surgery. I'm not going back to submuscular. That was much worse than this complication. Still generally satisfied with the results. In clothing no one can tell I have the rippling. It doesn't show (yet) in a bathing suit. That's the latest. Wish I had better news to share.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I am a nurse and asked around for recommendations. One of my good friends is an OR nurse and works with all the PS in our area. She highly recommended this doctor and has used him herself. I also went to the NC Medical Board to see if there any complaints or pending action against him. This is easy to do and I suggest everyone research their doctor before having surgery.

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