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Having 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding 3 babies...

Having 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding 3 babies had left my breast very asymmetric. One was sagging while the other wasn't, as well as leaving them a cup size difference in size. I was very insecure with my breast and found it made being intimate with my husband embarrassing. Thankfully my husband loves me regardless of how my body looks. He was very supportive though when I told him I wanted to have breast augmentation done.

I made an appointment to see Dr. Edward Bednar about my breast. I told him I wanted a size increase as well as to make my breast more symmetrical. When he first looked at my breast the expression on his face immediately changed. This made me feel horrible inside. I'm sure he didn't realize he showed any kind of expression. But I did see it and it didn't make me feel well. He went on to measure me and let out a sigh as he slouched his shoulders forward as if the most difficult case in the would sat before him. If I could have covered up and ran away I would have. He suggested that we start with a fat transfer to my smaller breast and then followed with implants. He said this would give me the most natural look while also making me more symmetrical. I told him I didn't want to do a fat transfer. I have always feared lipo and so that wasn't really an option I was willing to hear out. So we talked about sizes as well as round and shaped implants. He told me that shaped implants were quite a bit more expensive than round implants. That didn't really bother me as I was just looking for the best surgical plan to straighten out my breast. We talked a bit more and I looked at some different size implants. I ended up feeling better about 480cc on the smaller side. He told me that doing a shaped implant on my smaller side would give it the small lower pole that my larger side had. He also suggested that we lift the larger side with a mini lift after the augmentation if I was concerned with the difference in nipple heights. I told him we could wait and see later if it was something I would want to have done. So he wanted to do a round implant on my larger side and a shaped implant on my smaller side. I was thrown back by his opinion as I had never heard of anyone doing this before. I questioned him quite a bit about this process as I wasn't sure it would give me the results I was looking for. He seemed VERY confident in his decision. His confidence, along with his history of sculpting, and painting, is what helped me to feel confident in his decision on how to treat my asymmetry. I decided to book a surgery with him and put half the cost down as a down payment as that was the requirement.

Once I got home I started doing tons of research. I found several forums online all about BA and plastic surgery. I questioned lots of women and none had ever heard of a PS doing implants with a round and shaped implant at the same time. I continued to do more research but was left with unanswered questions. I began to feel very uneasy about the decision to use two different implants so I gave Dr. Edward Bednar's office a call and spoke with Sandy. I expressed my concern and told her I would like to have another consult with Dr. Bednar before going through with my surgery. She scheduled me to see him about a week before my surgery at the same time my preOp was scheduled.

With my second consult with Dr. Bednar I expressed that I did want to go ahead with the mini lift. I then expressed how I thought using both round implants was something I thought would be better. He immediately told me NO. He said the shaped implant was crucial in matching the lower poles on my breast due to my asymmetry. Again, he was VERY confident in his decision on how to treat my situation. After my second consult I left feeling more at ease that he knew exactly what he was doing. I felt that the "artist" in him knew exactly what to do to "sculpt" my body into a more symmetrical being.

As soon as the surgery was over and I came too I was in pain. Dr. Bednar's nurse, Ashley, was at my side feeding me crackers and water. She was very attentive to me and making sure I was comfortable. She engaged me in conversation while I was recovering. She helped me to dress and even walked me to my car where my husband drove us home. She was very sweet and kind and made the recovery in the surgical center easy.

After 24 hours from my BA I was told I could remove my ace bandage. I was very nervous as my breast appeared very flat outside of the bandage. So when the bandage came off I was hoping my new breast would "pop" loose. There was no "popping" going one. They were just as flat outside of the bandage as they were inside of the bandage. They looked completely different. Even worse than before my BA. The side he lifted could barely be considered as a "lift" as the breast was still very saggy. The shock on my husband's when he saw my breast made me feel even worse about my breast. I thought maybe I'll give them a few days to make changes. The days went by and no good changes came my way. I started looking up early post op pics of BA. All looked equal on right and left sides. None of them were as different as my own. I became (still am) severely depressed with my new...WORSE breast. My breast look HORRIBLE! Not to mention the size I wanted just isn't there. Dr. Bednar never talked to me about projection of breast. Maybe I should have looked more into it on my own, but as a plastic surgeon he should have explained EVERY aspect of implants to me. I wanted a great projection so I should have got a high profile implant. He never gave me a choice. I just got stuck with a moderate profile implant with very little projection.

Now I have two breast that look much worse than before. I have my first post op apt this Tuesday (2 weeks post op) and am looking forward to hear what Dr Bednar thinks about my breast. I am very curious to hear if he plans to try to fix them and if so I wonder if he will expect me to pay for his mistakes. I don't even know what to think. Something that was suppose to be a wonderful experience has turned into a nightmare for me. :(

On a positive note, I can say my recovery has been a piece of cake. I have a very LOW tolerance for pain. I have had 4 C-sections and a umbilical hernia repair so I was no "newbie" to surgery. All of my past 5 surgeries had me down for WEEKS! I just knew my BA was going to be bad too. I was very surprised at how easy the recovery was. I only needed very minimal pain meds for the first 2 days. I never needed help up or down, opening doors or pill bottles. It was very easy. I only had minimal bruising around the areola where I had the "so called lift". I was raising my arms by the 2nd day, sleeping on my sides by day 6, and by day 9 I was back to tummy sleeping for short periods of time with no discomfort. Today I have no more tightness and my breast feel like a natural part of my own body. They are very soft and no pain. My friend just had her's done by another Dr only 2 days after mine and is still in terrible pain. So I do think Dr Bednar has great surgical technique when it comes to a quicker and easier recovery. That is the biggest plus from this whole experience.

I will update more after my follow up apt on Tuesday.

I Totally Jumped The Gun!

I want to first start by saying that previous post (original review) was VERY premature. I was only 7 days postOp at that time and in a very depressed mood. I felt horrible about writing it afterwards and knew that it painted a very dim picture of my recovery. I even went as far as to have the review removed but I was told by RealSelf that it wasn't something that could be done. That I could only update my review. I didn't realize that new breast from an augmentation would go through so many changes. After that post I started to express my concerns to other women who had went through BA. I was showing these ladies pictures of my new breast. I kept hearing, "Give it time." "They are going to drop and fluff." "They will look normal, I promise." I got nothing but encouragement from these other women who had been through what I was going through. Even with all the encouragement I just couldn't wrap my mind around how my breast were ever going to look normal.

I continued to take daily pictures of my breast and even with these pictures while I was seeing some change I wasn't seeing what I had hoped for. I ended up removing the bandage from my nipple as it was just itching me like crazy. Not to mention I was just very curious as to see what my newly lifted nipple and reduced areola looked like. When I removed the nipple bandage I was quite impressed with how my new nipple looked. It was a little "wrinkled" looking but compared to other nipple photos I had looked at I knew it was very normal and would eventually smooth back out over time. It's been about 6 days since I removed the bandage and it's looking better and better every day. But when I first removed the bandage it immediately made my breast look better. It helped it to look less flat and more rounded. Still not perfect in my mind but better than what I had been seeing.

As the days went on I started to become happier about my appearance, even though still not exactly what I hoped for but looking better. I still had some concerns that one was rounder and one was more pointy. Fast forward to yesterday when I had first post Op appointment. I went in and was quickly called back to the exam room. I unclothed and put my gown on. Dr. Bednar and his nurse Ashley came in. When they looked at my breast they were very impressed with how well and even they looked. I still wanted to voice the few concerns with size and shape to them. I did but you could tell they didn't really see the differences I was talking about. Then we discussed my option to increase size via fat transfer and how much recovery I would need before moving forward with that. He also explained to me how he had already placed the largest size implants that my body could hold and that's why fat transfer was my only option to increasing size. I was more open to the idea of fat transfer now as I had talked to my mother-in-law about her lipo experience. She told me how it wasn't bad at all. Even Dr. Bednar explained how lipo was a much easier recovery than even BA. Also I knew through my conversation with Bednar that a FT would not only give me a more natural feel but I could even increase my natural cleavage with this procedure. Afterwards, Ashley, had my bandages in my creases removed and we went and had some post Op photos taken. I am now scheduled for a follow up in about 4 weeks.

So I get home and talk to my husband about my follow up. He asked if I told Dr. Bednar about my concerns. I did, and then proceeded to show him my breast. He said, "Wow, they really look so much better!" I was confused as the last time I looked they were still uneven. However, I hadn't looked at them since the day before. So I wanted to see for myself. I looked at my breast and they really looked good! Even from the day prior they made a HUGE change! I was shocked that a change happened literally over night. So I took some pictures for comparison. I showed my husband, my friends, my mom, and everyone who had been looking at my breast. Everyone was astonished as was I. My new breast WERE even. I wouldn't have believed it had I not had these pictures. My new breast look mostly equal and completely normal. I'm so happy to see my results turn out like they have. My fear and doubt that I had about using two different implants was completely gone. I should have just trusted my plastic surgeon and his expert opinion. I choose him for a reason, for the true artist and sculptor he is. I let my depression fog this and take over.

Speaking of depression, I hear it is actually quite normal to experience this after not only a breast augmentation but ANY cosmetic surgery. I deal with depression as it is, even before my surgery. So knowing this I'm not surprised that I dealt with more depression following the surgery. You spend all these days, weeks, months, and even years with this image in your head about how you want your body to look. When you finally go into surgery you have all this excitement built up and are anticipating seeing your newly perfect body. Well, unfortunately that's not exactly how it works. It's a process. The work is done and you wake up not looking how you had hoped. It's crushing, it really is. But what you have to keep in mind is what you see upon waking up and in the days and weeks to come is NOT what your final result will be. You body has been put through trauma and needs time to heal and settle into what your doctor has sculpted your body to be. I really wish I would have known more about this before I had my BA. I think it would have saved me a lot of tears and heartache and feelings of regret.

I have no regrets with my breast augmentation now. I am very happy with my new breast. I'm glad I stuck with Dr. Edward Bednars expert opinion. He really is a true artist who has an eye to sculpt the body through cosmetic surgery.

I have posted some new updated pictures to show you the dramatic changes my breast have made. I will continue to update on how I am recovering. I will say that I wake up in the mornings with the "tight" sensation in my breast. It takes a few minutes after I get up for it to subside. I would say it feels like breast full of milk when waking after your baby has slept through the night. Not painful, just tight. I hear this doesn't last forever though.

what a difference time makes!

As the days and weeks pass my breast keep looking better and better. I'm so pleased with my new breast. Dr. Edward Bednar really worked his magic on them!

5 weeks post op

My breast are getting more and more soft. Tummy sleeping is back to near normal for me now and side sleeping is great. I still wake with slightly "stiff" feeling and slightly achy breast but it quickly subsides after being up and moving for a few minutes.

I can believe how much they have softened and settled in only 5 weeks. I'm loving my new breast more and more each day. The size is perfect for my frame. I think I will love them even more as I complete my weight loss journey. I started out at 105-108 before babies. I'm currently at 130 so I have so more weight to loss and some toning up to do. I back to exercising now minus any chest exercises and minus any exercise that causes my breast to bounce. The bouncing is just uncomfortable. So no running quite yet. A brisk walk is great for now though.

6 month update

My breast have settled down nicely. Here is a 6 month picture update.
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