300cc silicone gel under the muscle 2 Year Old Implants Have to Go! Need Explant. Charlotte, NC

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First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has...

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has shared their journey on this website. it has been so helpful to me. Because of all of your post you have help me realize I have to get these implants out and I will be better off without them and I will look fine! I have had my implants for two years and I thought I liked them at first, but have since regretted getting them.. There were a lot of things going on in my life and for some reason I thought I needed implants to feel better. Boy was I wrong. I hate having these heavy balls inside me. They are too large for my small frame and I look silly. I can't find cute bras. I also have having pain in my right shoulder and arm lately and seemed to always have brain fog. I want my small boobs back so I can feel healthy and wear fitted clothing again. I went back to the PS who did my breast surgery to inquire about an explant. His first response was "we did exactly what you asked, you picked that size, you tired on the fake ones, and you picked out the picture and we did just what you asked" (very defensive) then "why do you want them out, no one gets their implants removed" "the only women who get removed are women whose mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and it scares them" "yours are the perfect size for your frame" "If you have them removed you will look like you did before (and shows me my before picture), maybe worse" "You will also have to have drains and be out of work for 2 weeks" "what about getting smaller ones". Then he gives me quotes for removal ($8200) and revision for smaller ones ($6500) - OMG! it cost $8000 to get them! so needless to say, i left his office feeling sad and deciding to try to learn to love my implants. that was in August 2015. I have tried and tried to love them, but i hate them. I have an appt Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016 with another PS to discuss having them removed. he actually gave me a quote over the phone ($5200) . I am in Charlotte NC. Anyone out there who has had an explant in Charlotte? Or can anyone give me a referral for a good PS for removal? What price have you paid? thank you in advance for you help! I will keep posting my journey so I can help others as you all have helped me! I will also post pics! thank you all so much!!

300CC silicone under the muscle. 51 years old

I forgot to mention the type and size implants I got. I see post on here for removal starting at $1800 and up. I need to find a good surgeon but can't see paying $8200 for removal. Thanks for all the advice!!

2nd consultation just cancelled by my PS

Just got a call from the PS office he is in surgery and has to reschedule my consultation which was today at 3:00pm. Was very excited about going today to maybe schedule surgery. I am so anxious to find out if I can have local so it would be cheaper. Rescheduled for February 4 at 1:30pm.

I just read on this site that insurance may cover the explant. Anyone used insurance to pay for explant.


here are some pics after implants
see indention under right breast

2nd consultation

Went to see another PS to get an estimate on explant. His first words were, "i would advise you to go back to the PS who did your implant surgery, he will be cheaper than me". I said I did and I don't think he will be cheaper than anyone. So, I thought I had capsular contracture, however he said I did not. the weird indention in my right breast is from the implant not falling like the left one did. The right one is still under the muscle and it is holding it up and that is causing the indention and below it is breast tissue. this is why it moves every time I use my right arm. It is very strange and bothers me when I work out. I asked if it would ever fall and he said probably not. He told me he would explant and remove the capsules. He would try to get my right breast to look like it did before but would not promise. it may be deformed forever. :( His quote was $5200.00 as the patient coordinator has told me over the phone. He suggested a lift at another time, that would be almost $8000. WOW! If I could only go back in time. I am thinking of going to get a few other quotes and suggestions from other PS. any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I am back.

Husband got sick and had surgery so I had to put my issues on hold. I just went back to my PS who did my surgery for an update. Now I have capsular contracture
So now $9400 to have them replaced or $6700 to remove them.
I am going to see another PS next week. He was recommended to me on this site. Will update after consult.

Surgery scheduled

Went to see Dr Eric Miles and loved him and his staff. I have surgery scheduled in two weeks for removal of implants and removing the capsular contracture. Will be a three hour surgery. Quote is $5900. Too bad I did not have them removed last year before the CC. It would have cost a lot less. Thank you to one lady who gave me dr miles info. I will update with pics and my experience as the date gets closer. I am so excited to get rid of these heavy balls on my chest. Can't wait to shop for cute bras and workout and wear fitted clothing.


Just had my pre-op with dr miles. He is so calm and reassuring. I feel like I have made the right decision. Surgery next week. I will update with pics and the process next week I feel so calm. The others PS made me feel like I was crazy for wanting my implants out. One more week. Can't wait.

Explant tomorrow

So I just took my arnica pills Got my scar gel and arnica gel Vicodin and antibiotics by my bed. Excited and scared. Can't wait to get these things out but scared of what I will look like. Will update with pics tomorrow

Explant today

On the way to have these balls removed from my body. So excited they look terrible so I think I will look better afterwards. A little nervous. Just want it over.

Post Explant

They r out!!!!!???? went in at 7:30 surgery at 8:30. Everyone was awesome. Heather the nurse that prep me was so personable and knowledgable. Got out at 11:30 am. Was very loopy and shaky. Did not talk the entire ride home. Was in a lot of pain. Took pain meds and antibiotics when I arrived home. And went to bed. I do have drains but they r nothing like I thought they would be. My husband has been emptying them. I got up at 2pm had some yogurt and water walked around and went back to bed. Just got up
At 5 pm and took more pain meds My throat is really sore so drinking some tea with honey I go back tomorrow to maybe have my drains out!!!! PS told me I have a lot of breast tissue and since I had my areola raised last time I should look fine ????. I am not totally flat which is good. So excited not to have the pressure and weight on my chest.

Very happy!!!!!

2nd day post explant.

Doing better. Have been taking pain meds every four hours. Was up at 4:30am with a terrible headache. Cleaned drains and walked around for a bit. Took more pain meds and back to bed. Got up at 9am and was feeling great. Ate some dry cereal and coffee and threw up better stay with soft foods and no caffeine. No pain now. Just a headache. Can't wait to go to PS today abs get drains out. Will post pics later

3rd day

Have had a headache since Tuesday night. Developed into a migraine. Took meds and it went away but came bk last night. The headache has been the worst part. I am not in pain just discomfort. The drains r a pain in the butt Went bk to PS yesterday and he said all looks good. Keep drains in a week ????. Not draining much now. So I think I will probably get them out sooner. Waiting on a call bk from PS regarding drains and how to milk them. Feeling better today. Took a shower finally. Put make up on and may go out if my headache does not come bk. Saw them for the first time today. ????. They look terrible. The implant was being pushed down by the capsule and caused an indention. PS said it would fluff and look fine. I hope so. I don't have the indention like most at the top of my breast. So that is good. Feeling pretty positive. So good not to have the heavy balls on my chest! So happy. No regrets!!

8 days after surgery

I had my drains removed on Monday. Easy no pain. Went back to work on Monday. I have no pain and little bruising due to taking the arnica. No bruise on hand from IV! All in all I am doing great. I have noticed a big change in my breast. The tissue under each is getting fuller each day it is hard to see in the pics. My PS said they r fluffing. Also if they r not full as I would like I can come in for a fat transfer. They will take it out of my belly ( yeah!) and add to my breast. I am not worried. I think they will fluff and be fine. So nice not to have those heavy balls in my chest. Went to the gym today and walked on the treadmill. The worst is behind me thank u to all the women on this site. U all have helped me so much. Before I found this site I was so upset as my PS told me basically I as crazy for wanting them out hearing all of your stories gave me the courage to go through with the surgery. No regrets sooooo happy!!!!????

8 weeks

Looking better each day. Can't wait till they fluff out more. Will post pics.
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