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I have an athletic build and have always had small...

I have an athletic build and have always had small breasts. I breast fed both my boys. Because they are so small they aren't sagging and still actually have a nice shape. Per Victoria Secret I should wear a 32A bra. I really want more fullness and I'm tired of never filling out any of my cute clothes. Since I'm so active breast implants are a bit scary to me. I don't like the idea of more surgeries later on to remove them if there are problems and I really want natural breasts and not fake Barbie breasts. I know the new shaped implants are better but my husband hates the fact they jump and twitch and feel unnatural. For that reason after much research we have decided to get fat transfer done by Dr Bednar in Charlotte, NC. We went to visit him last fall and he seems to be the most knowledgeable and successful at this procedure than many of the plastic surgeons in my area. I am really excited about this even though I feel a bit guilty for spending so much on myself. My husband is excited too although he tells me every day that my breasts are great even though they are small. This site has been very useful in helping me come to my decision. I am so grateful to all who post and share their stories. It really does help put things into perspective for me.
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I have only met with Dr. Bednar for a consult this past fall. He was very knowledgable and friendly and his staff seemed great. They have been very responsive to all my questions and seem to go the extra make to help you. I will post more about the practice as we get closer to my procedure date.

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