Need of ImplantRemoval&Breast Augmentation. Decided to AlsoFatTransfer to Butt&Face with BodyContouring Lipo.Charlotte, NC

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I have had saline implants for about 15 years and...

I have had saline implants for about 15 years and everything was fine until about 8 months ago when my right implant completely deflated. I have been researching what options are available now and decided to have fat transfer breast augmentation because they are much more natural and don't need to be redone like implants. Once I decided this was the course I wanted to take I did a lot of research to find the best doctor. I looked all over the country and after many hours and months of looking decided on Dr Bednar. All his reviews are beyond glowing and most importantly the results are amazing. I contacted his office and everyone was great. Very informative and friendly and after a couple of Phone consultations with Dr B, my husband and I felt confidant that he was the right doctor for me. I decided to have fat transfer to my backside and face while having the breast augmentation for a completely improved me. I have always felt I could use more volume on my butt. I love my face but am starting to see signs of aging and slight sagging so decided to take an offensive position and cut off the aging before it went too far. Plus bonus, I will be trimming off most of my unwanted fat in my stomach, hips, thighs and back. I am so excited and a little nervous at the same time. I have scheduled surgery for Feb 10 so starting the countdown. Will post updates and hope my posts will help others as so many other brave ladies' posts have helped me.

Getting closer

I had some more questions about my procedures and so I called Dr B's office to speak to Sylvia or Sandy about it and Dr B took the call directly and was very reassuring. I feel great about my decision and so look forward to Feb 10th!


We have made our flight and hotel reservations and secured grandparents for babysitting the kids. Everything is falling into place and even started taking the pre-op supplements I received today! I am reading everything I could find on this type of procedure to try to prepare as much as possible. I have emailed the doctor's office to ask for any advice or tips they could offer. I am so looking forward to being another happy and satisfied patient as so many before me :)

1 Week till Procedures!

I am a week from my scheduled procedure! I am getting all prepared and have been planning the recovery phase. With kids and work and life in general, I am considering not doing all the procedures at once. I just spoke with the Dr's office and had a wonderful and caring response. Sylvia understood my concerns and we have decided to not do the buttocks at this time. I feel so much better having chosen this Doctor, not only because he is at the top of his field and has such amazing results but also because he and everyone there make me feel they are really looking out for me.

Have any of you gals had fat transfer to breast, buttocks and face simultaneously?

Also, I will post before and after pics after procedures.

2 days away! Flying to NC tomorrow morning.

We are all packed and ready to go tomorrow morning. Can't believe I'm 2 days away from being the new and improved me I have been dreaming of. I am concerned about the recovery but with hubby taking good care of me and good meds too of course, I will be fine.

Looking forward to meeting Dr. Bednar and Sylvia and the rest of the team in person, they have all been so kind and professional :)

Will try to update tomorrow after Pre-op consult. Wish me luck!

I am now a Bednar Alumni!

I had spent about 30 minutes typing up a step by step description of the entire day yesterday and then after I submitted it to be posted, it kept say submitting and then it got erased. So here goes again. A little shorter as I am tired.

7:30am Got to Dr's office and was given gown and socks to get changed into. Ashley the nurse was there to receive me and was very sweet and reassuring. We then met Sandy the Anestheliologist and she was very knowledgable and professional. They hooked me up to an IV after the first time failed and carted me off to operating room. I went under pretty quickly and next thing I knew I was being fed a cracker and being put into a wheelchair. They had put the compression garment on me with discharge bulbs and some padding under garment. I was in pain but nothing out of this world. Once I got to the hotel, hubby took such good care of me and soon I was up and walking around some. I was very happy with the recovery pain that I had been fearing. Hubby bought all kinds of soft foods and drinks and even roses. I don't what I would do without him.

When I woke up today I was in a good deal more pain with a terrible headache. We called and spoke to Ashley who told us to give me pain med with super strength Tylenol for headache. I felt a lot better after this and have been up and around again, albeit quite slowly, but I am happy with the pain factor.

I have an appointment tomorrow for follow up and will be able to see how my breast look! Right now, I am quite swollen all over. My face looks a little unrecognizable to my old self but it looks like it will be an enhanced me after the swelling goes down. My hips look slimmer but my belly still looks big to me at least. Hopefully it's only the swelling.

If I have the bandages taken off tomorrow, I will take pics and post before and after. I am so excited, really looking forward to seeing healthy symmetrical breast as I have been living with the one deflated implant for 8 months-- along with a younger slimmer body to match my new fabulous boobs!


I am including a pic of me day before procedure and the others are from today. My left breast looks a little bigger. Hopefully they will balance out. The girls look a little distorted :( should straighten out soon. At least I don't have such a lopsided breast like before. I can't wait for my new boobs to be completely healed.

My body is looking more contoured. I think I will look awesome soon. Recovery has not been that bad. I was even out at the mall today :)

Will update again.


Hello gals,

It's been a week and a day since my procedure. The recovery was so much better than I expected. The second day was difficult but it got better from there. I wasn't really nauseous and so never had to use the suppositories :) I have been up and around but taking it easy though. Nothing strenuous at all.

I did not want to have to explain what I had done to my kids but once I got home from NC after 5 days since the procedure they immediately noticed my face looked different. my husband and I explained it all very tactfully and told them that it was a choice to make mommy feel better but that it is something very personal and private and completely up to each individual. They were pretty receptive overall but kept staring at me all the time. It must have been very strange for them but the swelling on my face is going down everyday and I am looking younger and more filled out and they even acknowledge this. As for the bruising on my body, I don't let them see that so not too many issues there.

Hubby is back at work fulltime and things are starting to go back to normal little by little.

My main concern is the asymmetry of my breast. The left breast seems to be about a cup size larger than my right breast. I spoke with the Dr about this and he says it is swelling and it should balance out in a few weeks. I will keep my fingers crossed and stay positive that I will have balanced breast.

New pic

I am posting a pic of my breast I took last night. As you could probably see from the photo, the left breast is larger than my right one. I emailed his office yesterday and they told me to call him on his cell last night. I spoke with the dr and he was receptive to my concern. He advised me to give it a couple more weeks to allow most of the swelling to go down. He said if they didn't balance out that a second procedure would be necessary. As much as I would not want to have to do that, at least I know there is a solution to my breast asymmetry. He also said he would do it at a discount and that we would discuss it further if and when the time came. The doc was patient and kind and asked that I keep him updated frequently. As for the rest of the swelling and bruising, they are correcting themselves nicely, especially on my face. My body is thinning out more which is exciting and my face is going back to my regular self except younger and more rested.

3 week update

I have a lot less pain and sensitivity now. Swelling has gone down, a lot. Bruising is almost all gone! Breast are becoming more uniformed in size as left breast has loss more volume than right and so looking more symmetrical. I am definitely so happy I chose to improve myself and would recommend it to anyone sitting on the fence


So it's been over 2 months and I'm feeling almost completely back to normal. I do have a little soreness when I run but if I'm not running I feel 100%.

I have had The Dr call me to check on me and he was great. He was caring and gave liatened to my concerns patiently. He is great! We will have another phone checkup in another couple of months to decide what if anything we should do.

I may need another procedure to get the results I wanted but I am still much happier than I was before and completely recommend this to anyone considering it.

Will try to post some updated pics.

2 month+ update pic

6 month update

I have not updated for a while as I wanted to get a better sense of what was happening to me. My beautiful supple fat transferred breast started developing tender painful lumps where the fat was transferred to. At first it was just a couple then kept multiplying until I had about a dozen. I went to a breast specialist in nyc to have them looked at and he immediately had me get breast cancer screening with a sonogram and then with a mammogram. Thank god, it wasn't cancer, it was the fat cells dying, he called it fat necrosis. Dr said to give it a few more months as he wanted to see if the fat necrosis dissolves on its own before having them removed with a surgical procedure as they are not able to be extracted in the same fashion as if they were liquid-like with a simple sucking out with a needle. Now all the cysts seemed to have joined together and become 1 huge hard ball of dead fat in each breast. It is still quite painful. I will update again after my next appointment with the breast doctor with hopefully good news.
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