36 Yo Mom of 4, Fat Transfer to Breast - Charlotte, NC

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I'm only 4 days away from my surgery....

I'm only 4 days away from my surgery. I'm so excited and nervous.
I choose Dr. Bednar because of the great reviews and results on RS. I am traveling from NY to NC on Monday 2/29 for pre-op.
I am 6' tall, weigh 150. I have 4 kids and nursed them all. I was never big chested but I had nice perky 34-Bs before kids. They are now deflated and have lost almost all volume- I'm a small A cup now.
I am hoping for a full C from this procedure. I also would love to get rid of my love handles, little belly fat and saddle bags!
I will post before pictures this weekend.

I have been reading every review to try and be as prepared as possible. I'm staying in NC for 4 nights after the surgery so I can recover without my kids jumping all over me.

Wish me luck!

Post op pictures

Surgery complete!

All done! And I'm generally feeling good.
I went in at 8am and the surgery started around 9:30. They started me on an IV of fluids and antibiotics soon after arriving. Then I met with Sandy, the sleep Doctor :), who went over medical history and explained the procedure in detail. She's worked with Dr. Bednar for 20 years and so is very knowledgable and put my nerves at ease. Then Dr. Bednar came in to mark me up. Initially he did not think he would need to lipo my abdomen but I made a special last minute request to have it done. He did not think I had much there but told me he would if necessary.
I went into the OR, which seemed like I was in a hospital- it was an impressive set-up. They had music playing and the whole crew were totally professional and so nice! I felt very comfortable with them all.
I laid down and next thing I know I was waking up in recovery- love that!
The surgery lasted close to 4 hours. Dr. Bednar did lipo on all the areas he marked up- back hip area, outer thighs, abdomen, inner thighs and front legs! He spent and extra hour on me because he was trying to get a certain amount of fat and it turns out I did not have as much as we both thought I did. I am just happy he got to the belly! I have 6 incisions total.
His plan was to get 1500 cc's of fat to inject in the breasts. He got 1460, so came very close. That means he put 730cc's of fat in each breast! Crazy! But I had close to nothing so I'm hoping it will work out to a C cup in the end.
My breasts are all wrapped out so can't really tell but I will take the ace bandages off tomorrow and try to take pictures.
As far as recovery- I feel very good. I am taking the pain meds and using ice packs. The most painful area is the outer thigh and the incision area under my butt. But very manageable. I have been up moving around and eating. I started with a smoothie around 4pm and then had chicken and black beans @ 7pm. I'm drinking water like crazy- I think I've had over 120 oz since getting out of surgery. I am also taking post-surgery vitamins and an assortment of other meds. So I think those are helping. The picture is my mini-pharmacy.
I've gotten lightheaded a few times, after taking on the phone with a friend it really took a lot out of me. So I need to just relax and not try to do too much.
I see a lot of bruising on my back and thigh area. I can't tell yet what the other areas look like. I will take a shower on Friday and will take lipo pictures then, I know it won't be pretty. I am def swollen but not as bad as I thought I would be. My face is very puffy from the fluids but already starting to go down.
Breasts are very swollen and sore- and it's hard to ice them with the ace bandages on so I will try to do more icing tomorrow once I take them off.

I have a really good feeling about my results!

1 day post op

Swelling not too bad. Lots of bruising.
I took ace Bandage off and the breasts are very swollen and lots of bruising. So I will wait until after I take my shower on day 3 to take pictures. Can't tell what they'll look like yet because of the swelling.
No nausea at all and eating fine- very hungry actually. Went for a walk today which was tough but resting now.

First shot of the girls

Very swollen and bruised but nice! Wish they could stay this size.
Lipo areas do not hurt so much now- numbness in stomach and back but legs feel good. I started applying the arnica cream to the bruising today and am letting the breasts breath without a bra.

2 day post op pics

Day 3 post-op, lipo pics

It's day 3 and I got to take a shower! The nurses suggested I keep the garment on in the shower but I really wanted to get a good cleaning so I did without. It also helped to massage the numbs areas as well.
I feel so good that I moved my flight up and I'm heading home today instead of tomorrow. Just hope the kids don't jump on the boobs!
Pain is just some soreness in legs and back and the boobs are tight. The numbness is all over but most prominent in the back and stomach area. I am most swollen in the stomach and back incision areas and definitely the boobs.
As you'll see in pics, bruising is the worst on back of legs. I'm using the arnica gel 2-3 times a day there.
No more pain meds for me, just taking all the vitamins, stool softener, steroids for inflammation, etc

Day 6- back to work

Back to work, which for me means a 1hr 40 min commute (each way!). Getting ready was the hardest because I need to give myself more time to apply the arnica cream and put the garment back on. I was rushing and now am def sore. But even with swelling I am fitting into a dress that has was always way too tight around my hips/thighs (see pic). So I can already see a huge difference with the lipo!
The breasts look the same, starting to jiggle more so the swelling must be coming down. They are def still very swollen though- I am wearing just genie bras and they are very comfortable. Just enough support but not to restricting.
Bruising is still very bad! New bruises are starting to pop up as the healing continues. The bruising on the back of my legs goes down beyond my knees. A 2oz container of arnica only lasts me 2 days because I have so much ground to cover. I have Amazon restocking weekly haha.
I'll take weekly photos of all the areas starting tomorrow from here on out until I'm healed. Happy Monday!

One week post-op pics

Not much improvement in bruising- but seems to be shifting to other areas. I get very stiff and sore at work, from sitting too long probably. Feels much better when I get up and move around.
Tonight when I went to apply the arnica cream I noticed a lot of lumpiness in my stomach. I massaged and that seemed to lessen it. I read it's normal and the compression garment will help over time to resolve, as well as massage.

Week 2

Still feeling good! Legs are sore like a hard workout and hurts when I get up from sitting for awhile. Hips are numb but starting the get sensation back. Stomach has some lumpiness but gets better with massage.
I think I'm still swollen in lipo areas. Incision areas- most of stitches have fallen out. The largest ones are in the groin area. I have been using the scar cream and will start the silicon sheets once the stitches are gone. Bruising is just starting to improve. It's actually much worse in back on legs than the picture shows but getting better everyday. I use he arnica gel 2x a day.
And the breasts! Size still looks great. I think the left is still quite swollen- I feel hardness on the side. I can't believe how round they are! They bouncy a bit more now but are still heavy. I don't have bras to try except for some pregnancy bras. I would say I'm a small D because I spill out of the C I have. I think it'll be a C when all is said and done (I hope and pray!!).

So happy I did this, I feel like the worst is behind me and now I'll be recovered before I know it. I'm not thrilled with how my body looks right now but I know it takes a lot of time for it to heal after lipo. So hopefully by one month I'll be seeing more final results.

3 weeks- well healed

I am 3 weeks out today and most of the bruising is gone (still have some on my hips and back legs). I expect it will all be gone in a few days. I can't believe how much better it got in this last week.
I am still a little sore in the legs. My hips are numb to the touch. Stomach feels fine, just a little lumpiness that has gotten better over the past week so I think it'll be gone in a couple of weeks.
The breasts- all the swelling is gone and they have now settled into a more natural look. I'm starting to lose some volume. I love where they are now and really hope they don't go down too much more. I am a 34-D or 36-C depending on the bra. I think I may end up a 34-C when all is done.
Still wearing compression gaments. Hoping to switch to do and after my one month check-up w Dr Bednar next week.

4 weeks post-op

Healing nicely. I love my shape on lipo areas- I've lost inches and a few lbs.
Breasts are soft and bouncy and have nice cleavage with a push-up.
So far I'm very happy.

5.5 month update

I'm back with an update! In summary I'm very happy with my results. I have never looked this good! I'm married with 4 kids and getting hit on by guys 10 years younger than me haha.
My retention has remained the same since @ 8 weeks. The lumpiness in my stomach is pretty much fully gone and I don't swell there anymore. I still have some numbness in my hip area but not bad at all.
I haven't even worked out all summer but have maintained this new shape! So here's my transformation:
Bra: from a 34A to a 34D
Dress/skirt: from a size 8 to a size 4/6
Pants/shorts: from a size 8 to a size 6

Clothes fit me so much better now and I'm rocking bikinis!!!!
And the best part is that no one can tell I had anything done because they are so natural looking. I use push ups to get that extra umph but they are perky even without.

Thank you again to Dr. Bednar and his staff! Awesome job all around!

One year update

It's been over a year since my surgery and the girls still look good. Lost some volume on top but still wear same bras. I would say I'm a large C, which is a great improvement.
Here are some swim suit pics.
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