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I am 5'5 and 115lbs with a lean and slender fran....

I am 5'5 and 115lbs with a lean and slender fran. I have always been uncomfortable with my breast since I was an early teenager. I could tell one was larger than the other by enough that it made it really uncomfortable to wear bras and clothing. I have a very lean and narrow frame so my breasts were very lean as well. One could fit into a C cup but the other struggled to fill that or a B comfortably. I was extremely apprehensive to do this because I didn't want to feel like I was "changing" myself. Implants were a big NO for me. My friend had this surgery done last year after lots of research and was so happy with the results. So I decided to give it a go. Dr.Bednar and his team are so nice and non intimidating. They made me feel so comfortable. I came across country alone and Sylvia made sure I was put up in a hotel very well and comfortable. She even left me a goody bag from whole foods and brought me lunch. AND picked me up from the airport! My over night nurse was so sweet and made sure I was very comfortable. Right now I'm about 4 days out of surgery and I'm just a bit tender in my lipo places. They ended up trying to take fat from wherever they could because I'm very lean and slender. Mostly took from my back and outer thighs. They managed to get 500cc to place in both breasts. My goal was to achieve a symmetrical size C cup for both breasts. Right now they think I'm around a full D and Dr. Bednar was very optimistic that I would achieve my goal. I'm still quite bruised around my lipo areas and breasts, but He said it wasn't that bad. My upper chest is still hard and swollen but I can already feel it going down. I'm very happy that I did this and I'll update on what the outcome is as my recovery continues on.

Day 7 after surgery

So my breasts are starting to soften up a bit. Not by much but there's enough change to notice. The bruising is starting to yellow and I think that means it's starting to subside. Stop swollen but pain is minimal! I feel more sore in my back and my legs where they took the day from. My back is still tender and swollen with not a lot of feeling to the touch, but it's starting to go down and come back. I think that's going to take a lot of time. The back and sides of my legs are bruised the worsed. There wasn't much fat to take from there in the first place so I think it took a toll on that area. Bruising is pretty bad! And it hurts the most out of all the areas. But it's only day 7 so I'm pretty optimistic! The breast are still staying symmetrical which was the goal. So far so good!

One week after surgery

Breast are still swollen. But starting to soften up. Doesn't hurt that much. Only sometimes. My back and sides hurt more than anything but the bruising is subsiding. Thankfully my bruises don't last long. I haven't felt any hard lumps or cysts starting to form yet (probably way too soon to tell) but praying that the healing process continues to be a positive one.

2 weeks out

My breasts have soften a lot more. Starting to actually jiggle hahaha! Bruising is still going down as well as swelling. The bruising on my legs are still pretty good but I can see some yellowing starting on most of them. My back isn't really bruised anymore. It's just swollen and the feeling is still trying to come back. It's been kind of numb to the touch which they said would happen. It still feels swollen but not nearly as bad. I measure my bust week and I was a bit above 34" and when I measured today I was at 33.5" so that's good too. I'm not taking anymore pain meds but I am using really good arnica cream! Will update week 3.

Before photos

So I managed to get my hands on some before images. But they aren't very good quality. It makes me look a lot flatter than I was (I mean I didn't have a ton of boob but I mean I was able to fit into a b-c cup depending on brand) but just so everyone who has asked what I looked like before.

3 weeks out

Most of the bruising had faded but it's still sore. still don't have a lot of feeling in my lower back and sides of my legs. It's starting to come back slowly. My breast don't really hurt that much and they are still softening. The stitches under my breasts, in my bikini line, and my back are out now and healing nicely. There are still stitches under my butt cheeks are starting to fall out now. By back still feels swollen and the sides of my breast (where it goes to my armpit) is still a little hard. But that's the worst of everything. So far so good.

One month after surgery

Most of the swelling in my breast and legs has gone away. There is still a bit of swelling on my back and I haven't gained back full feeling there. Most of the feeling has come back on my legs. I'm really happy with the size and shape of my breasts right now and hope the stay! You can see the scars but they are so small. I thought they'd be a lot worse but I'm pleasantly surprised they aren't that bad. I'm sure they'll continue to heal nicely.

Incision sites

I've been getting some requests asking to see what my scars look like. I started applying vitamin e oil to the scars at about 3 weeks out. I changed over to helichrysum oil and lavender oil almost a week ago because they have more consistent reviews when it comes to healing scars. I've noticed that the color has definitely changed for the better with the new oils. One incision you can barely even see now! I put my pinky finger next to scars to show the size of the scar. And I have really small hands by the way!

Dr. Bednar was very professional and kind. So not intimidating. Makes you feel really comfortable and makes the best decisions for you and your body type. He tries to make sure to answer absolutely any questions you might have. Very very VERY great doctor and great at what he does.

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