23 Year Old Asian Fat Transfer to Breasts - Charlotte, NC

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Well I've been reading the posts on this site for...

Well I've been reading the posts on this site for awhile now, and I finally had the courage to contact some doctors about breast fat transfer. I originally talked to Dr. Yovino, Dr. Park and Dr. Ronan but they all said I was too skinny. I thought it was finally over for me until I found Dr. Bednar's work and reviews. I honestly don't even think I'm super skinny compared to friends of my height. I'm a petite Asian: 5'2" 120 lbs and bmi of 21.8 I believe. I'll post some photos.

When I talked to Sylvia, Dr. Bednar's wife and patient coordinator, she was very informative and friendly. She seems really sweet and thoroughly answers all my questions. I also spoke to Dr. Bednar, and he knows what he's talking about. He explained to me the procedure and answered my questions. He said he's confident that he can harvest enough fat for a 1-1.5 cup size increase :)

I've put down my deposit and my date is 11/17. I still haven't told my parents yet but I don't know how to exactly. Any thoughts?

Received my preop package!

So I had my preop phone appointment and received my prescriptions and supplements in the mail! This is getting so unreal haha. There seems to be a lot of things you have to do afterwards but I'm sure it'll be fine. So many pills to take! The supplements and the drugs lol. One more month or so til my surgery!! I have a question, are we provided the garments?

I just wanted to post a better picture of my butt also. I want to highlight how my butt sticks out way more than my boobs, just want to be more proportional. My friend said that I already am but I disagree. Anyone else feel that being proportional is the main reason why you're getting it done?

Ahh it's coming up so soon!

My surgery is in 4 days...I'm so excited and a little nervous but I think I'll be fine! I've been using noogleberry off and on and maybe it'll help with having room in my breasts for the new fat.

Anyone have any tips for post op recovery, like what foods to eat, what should you do every day, etc? Would be much help! Thanks :)

Here's another pic of my booty lol. I really love it and I hope he'll just take fat from under my booty to make it pop even more.

Pre-op complete!

Finally arrived in Charlotte today from SFO, am quite off from the time difference still. Was super tired. Sylvia the patient coordinator (and dr. Bednar's wife) arranged for a town car to pick me and my best friend up from the airport. How sweet! I already can tell she's amazing.

So I got to the office, it's quite clean and cute. There's paintings that Dr. Bednar painted throughout the office, gives me reassurance that he has an eye for art and the body. Met Sylvia and Sou and they are so warm and friendly! Sou is Asian too so she can understand where I'm coming from. They all said I'm so tiny haha.

I had to read through 20 pages of papers and initial and sign, telling you possible complications which made me a little worried but Sou reassured me that they have over 30 years of experience and they just need to tell you the possible risks but I'll be fine.

She pricked my finger to take hemoglobin and blood pressure. Then she discussed the procedure more in detail. Then we took photos of my breasts. Ugh makes me look soo flat...:(

Then I met Dr. Bednar and he is very knowledgeable and kind. He said he will just try to find fat anywhere he can, since they all kept saying I'm skinny. He did say that Asian patients seem to have the best retention though. Hoping for the best! Sou said Dr. B operated on a patient skinnier than me and still found enough fat, so they call him the "fat finder" haha.

Afterward, I paid the final deposit and Sylvia took my best friend and I to whole foods to pick up groceries. Sylvia is so sweet and I got to know more about her, she also took us to CVS to get my Valium and norco filled. She not only did that but took us to our Airbnb 10 min away! She is so amazing and like a mother figure. :)

I took the pills and supplements needed today, now I'm going to head to bed. In less than 12 hours I'll have boobies! :)

Days 1-2

I'm on the other side! It was a super easy process. I got my iv put in by Kendall after arriving at 8am. She gave me anti nausea medicine, a norco and Valtrex with a small cup of water. Sandy the anesthesiologist came in to give me a complete details of the procedure. They would start on my back inject me with fluid and harvest fat. Then the nurses will purify the fat and inject it in my breasts and do the same for the front.

Then dr. Bednar came in to mark me up and we went to the operating room. Sandy hooked me up to some happy drugs and I went to sleep. I woke up easy peasy, with my mouth being super dry but Kendall gave me ginger ale. It's amazing to have people who are really passionate about their jobs work on you.

I wasn't nauseous at all, and was able to eat right away. I had chicken noodle soup and salmon. Then I stayed home all day binge watching Netflix with my best friend. I took all the pills necessary but man the swelling is terrible. I feel like the Michelin man, lol. It's hard to sit on the toilet, luckily the garment is crotch less.

Day 2:

I went to post op appointment to remove my ace bandage around my breasts since that thing was super tight. So I got to look at my boobs! They said they injected 510cc in each breast which is great. I think I'll be at least a 30C or D. I'm wearing the genie bra now which is so comfy.

My boobs are looking not too great right now but Sou said they will fluff up later on. Still definitely way better than what I had before. Can't wait til swelling goes down and I can change into spanx! Lol I went to the mall today but man that made my swelling go up, so now I am relaxing with Valium and elevating my feet.

Day 3- shower day!

Finally got to shower but it was meh, so cold lol. Can't wait till I can scrub these marks off my chest haha, and when they drop. Don't know if you can tell from the photos. But the definitely are wider and bigger. Not too crazy that people would know I got surgery which is good, cuz I don't wanna look like I got implants. They do feel like ripe avocados, not squishy yet but firm not too hard. I like how they look when I just wear a bra too :) but once they look more natural it'll be awesome.

Oh my god my bruising is terrible. Lol I'm as bad as silkspectre. The back of my thighs are extremely purple and numb. But I like how sculpted I look so far. I applied arnicare cream so hopefully it helps but man my legs feel numb haha.

They are pretty tiny which I'm happy about yay! They stopped oozing blood and hopefully fluid.

Booty: still there yay! Not a scratch on it lol. Can't wait to see what it looks like after swelling and bruising go down.

I feel pretty great. My two friends got soo drunk last night at Epicentre and I was DD so it was kinda funny helping them while they were throwing up. I met up with another real self member who got her fat transfer a day after me! It was a comforting experience :) all that sucks is the huge bruising and swelling that makes my legs feel 10 pounds each.

Surprisingly none at all! Idk what you guys are talking about, I had to poop the day of surgery lol. I have been eating so healthy, just yogurt, fruit, salmon, chicken and spinach. Also ate steak last night. I feel so normal except for the swelling and bruising. Gonna fly home tonight so we'll see how that goes. Probably gonna take a Valium, that's my new favorite drug xD makes me so relaxed and sleepy, perfect for the plane.

I'll keep you guys updated! Hope I won't be purple for too long lol. Taking everything recommended.

1 week post op

Man this week has been tough. I went straight back to work even though people said I need to relax. I just can't :( I've been limping around since my thighs feel so tight. They're still swollen and bruised, but maybe they have lightened up a bit. Yesterday I spent most of the day watching walking dead but some of the day I had to work. Luckily my job is pretty chill and I can elevate my feet.

It's such a struggle getting in and out of the garment, especially to have a vowel movement. But I have gotten more used to it. Without the garment my legs feel weird and numb, so the garment feels good. Unfortunately the crotch part of the garment has been chafing my vagina (tmi) and now I have dry raw skin there :( anyone have suggestions how to fix this?

To combat swelling I try to elevate my feet whenever I can and rub arnicare cream on at least 2-3 times a day. I ran some cold water over my swollen areas in the shower and I feel a bit better. I'm going to up my protein intake by drinking multiple protein shakes a day and eating more meat and veggies as well. Other than that my boobies are looking pretty good with minimal bruising, but I can't wait till they drop and look more natural!

But I love how my side view has improved so much. I was soo flat. I measured my chest before and after so far:

30" under bust, 32" bust, size 30B

30" under bust 35" bust, size 30DD

So if I were to wear a bra size right now it would be 30DD! I think I'll settle at 30C or D though. I don't protrude much but they are much wider and rounder. I'll keep you updated for 2 weeks!

Week 2

Huge improvement in bruising! I'm still swollen in my lower back and a little in thighs. They feel tight and hurt if I bend over from standing. I switch from the compression garment to tight yoga pants when I'm not feeling too swollen. I feel so numb still!

My boobs are starting to jiggle, yay like when I go down stairs. The bruises on my boobs are pretty much gone. I like the size!

So I had to tell some of my friends because my friend who knew about it poked my boobs when she saw me. But my friends said it just looked like I was wearing a good push up bra, and that they look really natural. They said they were happy for me! Hope that's true lol.

Went back to work last week but it wasn't too terrible. Definitely doable.

I put arnica cream on like 5 times a day. I went through so many bottles already. Lol and I also got a lymphatic drainage massage, I might go in for one more for the swelling and numbness. It's interesting because it's a lightly touching massage but I feel like that sped up my bruising healing. I still have pains when I get up or bend down though. Ugh.

Ok guys I have no idea if I should pull out the stitches, they're pretty deep in there and seems like they'll just dissolve. One from my left butt cheek I pulled out and it was so weird feeling.

I'll update you guys as I go :)

3 weeks post

My breasts have softened up a little and lost 0.5 inch but I think it's due to swelling going down. It measures around 34.5" now, but I think they've dropped and look a bit more natural, don't you think?

Most of my incision sites are healing so I put scar cream on them. However the one above my butt and the one on the side of my right butt cheek are irritating me and the stitches haven't come out yet..

Still swollen, my legs and lower back feel so tight still. Gonna definitely stay home this weekend since its raining. Bruising has mostly gone away though. Still in my compression garment because I haven't found a good spanx. using arnica cream generously every day.

1 month post!

Can't believe it's been a month already..where did the time go?

My breasts are looking great, still feeling a little firm but softer than before.

For some reason I'm still swollen and sore..ugh so I haven't changed out of the garment. Anyone else experience this?? Help :( I got a lymphatic drainage massage which helped with bruising but swelling still apparent. I also got a handheld muscle roller which helps a little but ugh I wake up stiff. I have a few lumps on my abdomen and hard firm spots on my thighs.

Other than that, I've gotten compliments on my boobs from my friends. They look great in bralettes now :) still haven't gotten intimate yet, I don't know if I feel up to it.

Someone asked for a farther away pic and side pic of my breasts so here ya go!

2 months post

Hello all, I feel a bit more normal now! Don't have to wear any sort of garment at all yay. I do get sore and swollen at times but definitely isn't too bad.

My boobs are still the same size! Yay :) idk I measured them again and they're 35" again. Hmm. Weird lol. Also confession, I had a few light beers because I didn't want people asking why I can't drink. But my boobs are still the same! If anything even back to the size they were at 35".

From the side they still aren't hugely protruding but they are super soft and squishy now and I can make cleavage. Can't wait to wear real bras, I stocked up on bralettes! Excited to shop for bikinis, something I always hated. I think they are proportional for my size.

Extremely happy I did this procedure. Nobody can tell I did and even a guy I have been with doesn't notice. He said they were perfect for my size lol.

However the scars are really dark :( hope they lighten soon...any tips? I hate having the butt ones because they're really noticeable. I get self conscious when I'm with a guy but I don't think they would automatically suspect that lol.

Will update for the magical 3 months! Lol

Mid 2 month update..

Hi everyone I've decided to update in between..because I feel like I lost a little volume on top :( what do you guys think? I measured it and it's still 35" though. Maybe it's not so bad.

Well I suppose if you compare to before picture it's a loooot better!

Legs and back have been more sore than usual. I also did just get off my period, so maybe breast size went down a bit from that. Just a bit disappointed with the side view. Am I just overreacting? Lol

Will be back for 3 months!

3 months post!

Well technically my date is the 17th but I think I'm pretty damn close. Lol

I've grown to love them now! I realized if they were too big people would definitely notice so I don't know why I was getting all worried. Haha I'm still measuring at 35" so that's good. They jiggle but are still kind of firm but soft at the same time. My right boob had a stinging pain but now it is gone. I went bra shopping at Victoria's Secret and it definitely made me happy! I also tried on a bikini and I'm in love with how it looks! I feel so sexy and confident :3 I don't think there was much volume loss if anything it made it more natural! Which I want.

I also love how I look in clothes, with a curve over my chest rather than just flat. Definitely would recommend getting a breast fat transfer!

Lipo areas:
Hmm my lower back still wakes up stiff sometimes but I foam roll it every day with helichrysum oil. Legs are definitely not as bad as before!

I have attached a picture of my scars and they are pretty dark and raised..anyone know what I can use to get rid of them quicker? Thanks!

Overall I'm very happy. Now I can drink yay! Lol

More photos

So I suppose it'll stay at 35" hopefully :) here's a before and after pic and also some bra pics from Victoria's Secret. Aren't they cute!

4 months post

Ahhh I can't tell you guys how much I love my new boobs :) love how I can keep it low key by wearing a bralette or I can make it extra oomph with a push up bra, something that I never had before: cleavage!! I went from 32A/30B to 32D/30DD! It's amazing. Highly recommend the surgery. However the scars are still dark but going down a little. Here's pics in a 32D push up bra!

5 months post

5 months wooo! Time goes by fast. Not much has changed. My scars have lightened a little but I absolutely hate the one under my right butt cheek, it's soo dark. So my boobs have not changed in measurements, still at 35" but the side view seems meh. But it's kinda always been that way for me. At least they have a little under boob, and they look great in push-up bras from the front haha. Still happy with my decision! I feel so confident in tops now! :) my lipo areas still get stiff if I sit for too long, and I still periodically foam roll. I also apply scar cream almost every day.

6 months post

Hi everyone! Wow I can't believe 6 months blew by like that. Not much of a change. Still measuring at 35" and super happy with the results! I just accepted the fact that they don't stick out from the side much. I order bras on adore me and they are awesome and fit well. Not to mention are $40 for matching bra and panty set!

Not having as much stiffness in lipo areas! Just sucks about the scars. I want to get a scar removal for the one on my butt but I'm afraid it'll make it worse. Attached is a pic of the scar under my breast. Those are ok because they aren't noticeable but the butt ones and the groin ones are pretty dark and still a bit raised. The ones that aren't flat had issues when I had stitches, they wouldn't fall out. I put scar cream on every day but maybe I should do the silicone strips.

Overall happy with my boobs! Just the scars suck. Apparently they aren't noticeable enough for anyone to ask about them though!

8 months post

Hi everyone! Don't know if people still check this. I just wanted to let you know I'm super happy with my boobs. I like how I can play them up by adding a push-up bra or playing them down with a bralette. I feel so confident now with them. I wear either a 30DD,32D or 34C.

Lipo is totally fine. I haven't had any weird rolls or lumps whatsoever. My booty looks bigger than usual since they did take fat below and above it. Nobody says anything about the scars. They did get a tad lighter and less raised, but I do scar easily.

I feel like my boobs got even bigger cuz I gained weight but my waist looks smaller! Hmm. I highly recommend breast fat transfer!

9 month update

I can't believe it's been 9 months! I'm really grateful for this website because I have so much body confidence now. Still measuring at 30DD-32D-34C (34C is most comfy now). No new updates really. Same! I just hate how those scars are so dark..ugh.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Sylvia, Dr. Bednar, Sou, Kendall and Sandy were a pleasure to have as my care team! Sylvia even arranged a car to pick me up at the airport, drove me to whole foods and to my Airbnb. Very hospitable and friendly. Dr. Bednar was knowledgeable, friendly and talented! He definitely is the "Fat finder" as his nurses call him. I love how his artwork is posted everywhere, showing his talent and eye for artistry. Definitely would recommend for breast fat transfer! I got the results I wanted without having a large amount of body fat.

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