Asymmetrical Breasts - 27 Year Old Female, 120 Lbs, 5'4" - Charlotte, NC

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Growing up I noticed fairly early on that my...

Growing up I noticed fairly early on that my breasts were two different sizes. I never really knew the difference in size until I went at 23 years old for a consultation with a plastic surgeon. There, I was told that my breasts was about a 1.5 cup size difference between the two. The largest was a large C cup, the smaller was a large A/small B. After the consultation I decided to wait on surgery in the off chance that one day, if I had a child, my breasts might even out due to pregnancy.

Flash Forward - My daughter was born in August 2010, and though they did get larger, they still grew at basically the same rate. After breast feeding and losing the baby weight after delivery, my breasts were still asymmetrical and now also had a "deflated" look.

I went to another consultation in early January and this time I am scheduled to have my procedure on March 22, 2011. As of now, I am going with silicone, round implants, under the muscle, in a 400cc and a 325/350cc combination depending on what the doctor thinks it looks like when he begins the procedure.

One thing I was unsure about was wether I would even be able to use silicone implants. I thought that saline would be a better option for asymmetrical breasts due to the fact that you can fill them to whatever size you want during surgery. The doctor assured me that he could use silicone implants because they are filled in 25cc increments and you don't have to get two implants that match. I was glad to hear this, as I had read that silicone felt and looked more real. After handling both types in the original consultation, I agree.

The doctor feels certain that he can correct the asymmetry and mild ptosis (sagging) of the larger breast with surgery. He said that maybe I would still notice a tiny bit if I was standing naked in front of a mirror, but only I would notice and I certainly would not notice in a bathing suit or in clothing. Yahoo!

The cost of my procedure is $5,800.00, but I am having the breast augmentation in conjunction with liposculpture ($2,800.00) to remove excess fat from my mid-section. The total price of the combined procedures is $8,600.00.

I am including before pictures with my original post. I intend to update this post as soon after surgery as I feel up to it, and at various post-op dates as time passes.

Surgery day was yesterday, March 22, 2011. I was...

Surgery day was yesterday, March 22, 2011. I was very nervous going in. Of course Dr. Criswell, the anesthesiologist and nurses made me feel safe and calm.

I got into the operating room where they lathered me with iodine. I then go onto the operating table and the nex thing I knew I was in recovery. I don't remember much about that though.

Now it is 1 day post op. I had my first follow up appointment today. Going in, I already had a concern about my larger breast still being noticeably larger. The doctor told me that since my breasts were so different, he had to do a different procedure for each breast, so to speak. The end result should be much more symmetrical.

Also, I told him before surgery to use his professional judgement to decide if I had picked implants that were too small or too large. When I asked him in the office today, he told me that he ended up going with a 450cc on my smaller side and a 375cc on the larger side. I had originally asked for 400cc and 325cc, but I am trusting him on that one.

I am posting some pics that my husband took during the office visit today. Hopefully things will continue to improve. I know that what I see now is no where near the final product, but it scares me that they are still asymmetrical. I know that no two breasts are exactly alike, but it is still very noticeable to me.

I would say that the pain level is about a 5 of 10...10 being the splitting portion of child birth that I thought I wouldn't live through. So you can see the interpreation of what the pain feels like to me.

I just had revision surgery on October 19, 2011. ...

I just had revision surgery on October 19, 2011. It really sucked, but with my original surgery I ended up with capsular contracture on my right side (my smaller side to begin with - which can be seen in the post op pictures) and the inframammary fold on my left side left the bottom left corner looking a bit square. Also, the surgeon went with a 375cc on my left and a 450cc on my right, but during the revision replaced the 450cc with a 475cc as it was still not as symmetrical is it could have been.

I did this under local anesthesia in the doctor's office to avoid paying facility fees and whatnot again. I had to pay an additional $1,500.00 to have the correction done.

I can already tell an improved difference in the shape and size comparison, but the right one still has a bit of upper pole fullness, which I'm hoping will decrease as swelling goes down and a little time passes.

At this point, I would say that the augmentation was worth it because it corrected a major asymmetry between my breasts as well as adding back the volume that breast feeding took away. Once I heal from the revision surgery, and if everything is corrected, then I will say that even with the added costs, it was completely worth it and that I am very satisfied. If the revision doesn't completely correct the problems I mentioned, then I will still be glad that I got it done, but a little disappointed that they didn't come out more symmetrical. And it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways, that I know no two breasts are perfect or just alike, but I am just hoping for a little better than what I had from the first go around.

Another bummer about the issues I had is that I got my original procedure done in March with the hopes that come summer time, I'd be fully recovered and ready to flaunt my new breasts. Unfortunately, I was just as self conscious, if not MORE self conscious, after the original surgery so I did not wear a bathing suit more than twice all summer. Hopefully next summer will be better.
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