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I have my BA scheduled for next week. I'm 5'2,...

I have my BA scheduled for next week. I'm 5'2, 125lbs. At my consult, we decided on 425cc hp silicone. I've included a current pic and also one with the sizers in. I have to admit, I freaked out for a few days after choosing my size, worrying about being too big. I'm ok now after talking with others. We'll see in 6 days!!

Tomorrow is the day!

Well, tomorrow at 6am I'll be getting prepped for surgery. I barely slept last night. Guess I'm getting anxious. I go in this afternoon to finalize my size. .. I think it's finally starting to hit me ????

Decreased in CC's

I went to finalize my size today after having doubts about the size I originally picked. I decided to drop down to 375cc HP unders. I feel so much better about this and so much more relaxed! My nerves have dwindled tremendously. My doctor and his nurse have been so wonderful in giving me guidance and suggestions, listening to my worries as well as wants. Tomorrow is the "BIG" day! I'll update when i'm feeling up to it!!!

Post-op note

Well, I now have twins! Went in at 7:00 this morning. IV was placed and we walked to the surgical suite. Was welcomed with nice warm heated blankets. EKG tabs were being placed and the anesthesiologist slipped a little something into my IV. Next think I know, I woke up in recovery. Was home by 9:45. I didnt have pain when I left there, just pressure. I was cold and had uncontrollable teeth chattering. My husband got me all comfy in my bed at home, I ate a little oatmeal and took my pain med & muscle relaxer and fell asleep. That was at 10am. It's 1:20pm now and still no real pain. Just a lot of uncomfortable pressure. It's hard to move around. The only true pain I feel is when I stand up to walk to the bathroom. I must say, that really sucks, but I can handle it. I've attached a before pic and a pic from this morning. can't really see much at this point. I have my post op tomorrow morning, I'll update then!!!

Still feeling ok!

So far so good. Still no real pain, staying on top of pain meds & muscle relaxers. Pain med says take 1-2 every 4-6 hours. I've only been taking 1. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight!! I included a frontal pic. A bit of swelling!!

Not a horrible night

Well night # one went pretty well. I slept basically sitting up with a neck pillow. That thing is a lifesaver! Slept from about 11-4, woke up to pee and took more meds. Went back to sleep until about 6:30. I feel like I need to support my boobs when I stand up because it feels like they're falling off my body. I can move my arms around pretty well. My husband and two boys (16&18) have been taking great care of me. Have my post op in an hour and can't wait to actually see them!! I'll try to post a before & after later today!

Everything looks great!

Had my 24 hr post op this morning. Everything is going great! The girls already look amazing. Can't wait until they are settled!! I go back next week to remove sutures. Here are before & afters...

Weird feeling...

I have such a weird feeling in my left breast sometimes... Feels almost like little bubbles in there when I move my arm. You can hear it too. Anyone else go through this??

3 days post op

Feeling pretty nauseous this morning. Pain isn't bad, but I just want to feel normal!!! This is the first nausea I've had since surgery. :(

3-4 day post op

I almost feel normal! No narcotic or muscle relaxer since early yesterday. Took Tylenol around 10pm last night and nothing since. Felt much better getting out of bed too!! Took my shower, put some makeup on and normal clothes! Still going to relax today though, don't want to over do it!! Here's a pic...

Day 4 post op

I'm not really sure if I call this day 4 or 5. Surgery was early morning on 4/21. Today is the 25th. I feel pretty great. Took Tylenol twice yesterday, minor pulling feeling but zero pain. Both breaststroke seem to be dropping at the same right and I think they look fabulous! I only bruised at one incision site and that's faded now. Pretty sure my PS performed a miracle! I go on Wednesday to have the sutures removed. Updated pics attached!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!

More photos

Played around with bathing suits this morning...

Day 8 post op

Today is day 8 post op. I had my stitches removed this morning and ditched that surgical bra!! Woohoo!!! I am wearing sports bras for the next 6 weeks, then I can buy some real bras!! No more pain, no more pressure. Slight tightness now & then but overall feeling great. Started massaging today. Was a little uncomfortable at first but actually feels great to do!! I have been cleared for light cardio, nothing bouncy, and no chest workouts yet. While I was nervous about my breasts being a little too small, I am very happy with them and still think I would've regretted going any bigger. Especially b/c they're still changing for the next couple months!!! I have attached some updated pics!!!

2 weeks post op

Feeling fabulous. Went bathing suit and clothes shopping today. I can finally wear strapless tops & dresses!!! I'm so excited for my summer wardrobe. I still have "morning boob" for about 2 minutes when I get up in the morning, but the massaging makes a huge difference!! Loving this!!!

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op today and feeling great! The Coobie Bra was highly recommended to me by my nurse and I'm so glad I bought a couple! They are wonderful!! One size fits all and so comfy. I have attached new pics from this morning.

4 weeks post op

Well today is my 4 week mark. I am basically back to feeling normal. Morning boob is gone, no more sharp pains, no more hyper sensitivity, nipple sensation is starting to come back. From what I can tell, they've definitely dropped and to me, they don't look much different from my pre-surgery boobs. Some roundness, but still look small and in my clothes, you can't tell at all that I have implants. Some might say that's a good thing, but I really wanted SOME difference. Uggghhhh. 4 week pics attached.

Pre surgery and 4 weeks post

Comparison pics

One more 4 week pic

Here's another pic at 4 weeks. More of a body shot to show proportion.

6 weeks

I had my 6 week post op visit today. One thing I've definitely learned is that the healing process puts you on a crazy emotional roller coaster. I've gone from being immediately happy, to feeling too small, to thinking they looked like my pre-boobs, to knowing I'll upsize, to being completely happy all in six weeks! The look and feel of my breasts have changed so much in these 6 weeks. After seeing my PS today, I finally know I made the right choice with my implant size. It's easy to forget what we looked like pre-surgery, until we see the side by side pics. I am amazed at the difference and can honestly say that they look fantastic and actually feel like part of my body now!! Beyond satisfied!!

4 months post

Well it's been 4 months. Now that everything has dropped and settled, I'm really not happy with the location/position. They looked the best at 3 weeks post :(
Thinking about what to do at this point.
Posted a few pics. One from today in a tank top and others at pre, 3 weeks post and today (4 months post). Yes they are fuller, and it's not the size I'm unhappy with. It's where they sit.

5 months post

I went to see my PS a couple of weeks ago about my concerns. I am SO extremely frustrated. He says I should probably do a lift, and change out my implants from smooth to textured!! Said my breasts have sagged some and also the pockets are bigger than the implant which causes them to slide around more. Who's fault is that? Wants to fix the pockets also. THEY SHOULDNT NEED FIXING! Quoted me 11k, then retracted the following day and dropped it to 8k. Are you kidding me? It's more than I paid originally for breasts that were supposed to be beautiful. I just don't know what to do. See photos below of what happens when I lie on my back! Please let me know your thoughts...

8 months post

So it's been 8 months. My boobs are basically a bigger version of what I had before. They move all over the place, sag, still need push up bras. They look fatty! Ones definitely more saggy than the other. So disappointed with the end results. Money totally wasted. It's sad that prefer my old boobs.

1 year 3 months post-op

So it's been over a year since my surgery. The regret is real. After everything is said and done, my bra size is about a 34DD or 36D depending on the bra. That's if I can find any that fit right. I have zero cleavage, and if I wear a push up bra, it looks like I have "fat boobs". Bathing suits don't look right either! They definitely aren't the pretty boobs I thought I was getting. When I lay on my back, it's very uncomfortable. The implants fall to the side even worse now causing such a pulling and pressure like sensation. My back is actually sore a lot now as well. I did get a 2nd opinion and was told that the pockets are definitely over dissected and need to be repaired. Also that I shouldn't have gone with a HP implant. Really upsetting. I don't know if I want to go through a revision, or just deal with it for a few years then just have them removed with a lift. I'm so mad at myself for throwing $6000 down the drain. I've attached some pictures.

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