22 Year Old, Just Got 375 Cc Silicone Breast Implants - Charlotte, NC

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I want to post about my experience day by day to...

I want to post about my experience day by day to help people know what to kinda expect after surgery. (I know everyone is slightly different however)

The night before surgery: I had quit a bit of anxiety but kept telling myself that this is what I want! Also didn't really sleep much last because of nerves.

Post op day 1: I've only been out of surgery for about 3 hours now. My surgery began this morning, November 4th at 8. The pain is bearable at the moment, mostly very uncomfortable. It does feel extremely extremely tight, almost like you have 2 rocks underneath your skin on your chest. The worst part so far for me is back pain. This is something I did not expect so it's taken me by surprise! I don't know if this is caused by my muscles straining or what. The pain is mainly in between my shoulder blades and hasn't subsided much even with my pain pills. I also am not comfortable unless I am sitting almost completely up.. Even in bed I'm not laying down at all.

I will post before and after pictures as soon as I can, as well as progress pictures and updates!

Night 1

I've made it to 24 hours after surgery!
The pain got much worse in my back after I made my post yesterday, to the point I thought for probably 2 "this is where it ends!" Haha. I also could not keep my pain medicine down and today was prescribed something different. My nurse told me to just take Tylenol and not my pain meds because the throwing up was straining my chest muscles so much it was unbearable. For me I found that sleeping in a recliner basically straight up was the most comfortable. This morning I am still very tight and very swollen. However, the back pain has really subsided a great deal which is what was the cause of most of my pain. I'm hanging in there! I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Doing a lot better

So I'm officially 4 days post op. Falling behind on updating, oops!

Anyways, after I posted on day 2 I struggled that night with throwing up. I talked to my surgeon and ended up stopping all medication except Tylenol every 4 hours! Even stopped antibiotics, Which really seemed to help. Not sure if it was the pain meds or the antibiotics making me so sick, but my body didn't like something.

Yesterday (day 3) I had no nausea or vomitting at all!! I even took a bath without getting my incisions wet, and got out of the house for about an hour!
Last night I slept through the whole night surprisingly. Although I still am sleeping in a recliner straight up which is mainly to help with lower back pain I'm still experiencing, even though that has subsided a great deal as well. Today I feel bloated and sore, just super uncomfortable, no serious pain. I'm finally able to dress myself (being very slow and cautious with movements). I'm pretty sure the worst is behind me! I honestly regretted my decision the first and second night being home from surgery because I was so miserable.

If you're feeling discouraged I promise it does get better!

Help! Having concerns

I am currently 13 days post op at this time! In the past 5/6 days I've been noticing one breast is slightly larger than the other. Is this due to swelling differences in one breast? Or should I expect one to stay a bit larger from now on.
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