21 YO, 400cc HP under the muscle! - Charlotte, NC

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I am wanting to get saline breast augmentation but...

I am wanting to get saline breast augmentation but everyone keeps telling me about these horror stories and "what if's"....I've been thinking about getting it done well over 2 years now and I've finally scheduled a day for it. But I am terrified! Scared of the surgery itself and for the pain afterwards.
Any advice on anyone who has already gotten it done?

5 weeks Pre Op

Consultation is next Wednesday at 10 am. I can't wait to try on sizes and figure out exactly what I want! I have a pretty small frame and figure, im 5' and 105 pounds. I'm currently in a 32/34 B but nowhere near full and I want to be a full D cup. I breastfed one child for about a month and just that ruined my breast! I've been waiting so long and patiently for this and I can't wait to have the body I've been begging for!

Excitement is outrageous!

Ok so right under 5 weeks until my girls are here and I had my consult today! Everything was wonderful, felt very comfortable and relaxed, which isn't how it usually goes for me, but anyways my stats are 5' and 105lbs, size 1-2, bra size 34A-B (depends on brand) and my breast have absolutely NO volume! Today at my consult they let me try on sizes with different shirts and bras and they put me on their 3-D imaging to see about what it would look like after I get my brest augmentation. I loved how the whole process went and feel like I'm definitely making the right choice. So im posting my 3-d images the doctor printed out for me today!


I forgot to put this in my last update, but I'm going with 400 cc and 430 cc, round, saline, high profile, under the muscle
Can't wait!

Prep for surgery??

So just 20 days until I have the boobs I've been waiting for. I am so impatient and can't stand waiting! My preop is june 29, next week! I'm so ready for the surgery (never thought I'd say that).
If anyone can give me ideas of things to pack for my overnight stay after my surgery and things to go ahead and set out for when I get back home would be lovely!

2 weeks fron today!

Only two more weeks of work and having no boobs!
It still doesn't feel real to me that I'm going in for surgery and going to come out with bigger breasts! When will it feel real? Haven't gotten everything I need yet; My preop is tomorrow so we shall see!

Pre op!

I had my preop appointment earlier this morning and it went great! Stuck with the 400 and 430cc HP. I had to sign all consent forms and take my pre op pictures of my breasts, then paid for the rest of the procedure in full and got all my instructions for before and after surgery and my prescriptions filled! Yay
Now if I can get by the next 12 days without having a heart attack i should be alright!


got my prescriptions filled
They gave percocets, muscle relaxers, stuff for nausea, a 5-day antibiotic and a valium for the morning of so my nerves aren't a wreck!
I'm excited, but the nervousness has taken over....i almost see myself backing out last minute

3 days left!

Everything has flown by. I have 3 more day until my surgery. I work tomorrow, sunday and monday from 7am to 7pm so my mind will be taken off of it for the most part and I get to wake up EARLY tuesday morning and take the hour drive to get my girls at 7:30am! I'm super excited/nervous
I'll upload before and after pictures after my post op visit on Wednesday 7/13

The girls are here!

I'm going to go ahead and day, yes it hurts! I got to the facility at 730 am this morning and went into surgery about 9am. I don't remember a thing! Everyone was so nice though and the doctor told my boyfriend and sister that everything went great and I'll start looking good in about 3 weeks (hopefully before)! The percocet and muscle relaxers have helped a ton and I've gotten up and walked around a little bit like he said to do. I'll be back at the facility in the morning at 930 am and then finally get to see what they look like! Then I get to head home. I'm about an hour and a half away from my house. It might hurt buts it's all tolerable. I didn't really get sick, and I've ate somewhat normal. My boyfriend has been so good to me doing everything!

Some before pics...after pics will be tomorrow!

Good morning!

I wont sugar coat it, last night sucked. The sleeping was terrible. So uncomfortable. Pain was pretty rough but just being uncomfortable was the worse part of it all. Now I'm up getting ready to go see my doctor for the post op visit!

2 days post op!

I'm feeling pretty good today. Today makes two days post op and I slept pretty good for the most part. Only woke up twice, once to pee and once to take a percocet. My boyfriend gave me a shower before bed last night and it made me feel so much better! The only thing today that bothers me is the strap I have to wear, it rubs under my armpits and it's making them sore..other than that I feel great!

Very tired

For some reason I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Yesterday went really well and I only took a 45 minute nap throughout the day and today all I want to do is sleep. I've taken stool softeners like crazy and I still haven't had a BM so my stomach hurts on top of my breasts being sore. I have to cough really bad but it hurts so bad every time I try coughing, so i dont know what to do. Ivery quit taking the percocets and muscle relaxers, today I've being switching between Tylenol and ibuprofen, so maybe I should just give in and take a percocet....

3 day post op pictures

Here are some pictures from yesterday that I forgot to post. 3 Day Post Op.


Sooo happy!
I could finally take a shower today without my boyfriends help! I'm able to sit up on my own and reach for things! I'm still a little sore but nothing like the last 3 days! Things are going great!

Pictures from yesterday

(4 days post op)
Sorry I've been a little behind!


So 5 days post...still no bowel movement, haven't taken any pain medication and still sore around the top of my breasts and my armpit area. I cannot wait until things are back to normal and I can do everything I did before hand!

Post op day 6 pics

Today's been a good day!
Not taking ANY pain meds and did laundry, cleaned up some and went for a walk outside

Excited (: but please HELP!

Today makes day 8 post op and I feel great! Only bad thing is Im definitely not a back sleeper and it's been killing me to do so! I can't sleep very good, which stinks, but it'll be worth it from the eay my progress looks. I'm ready to go on the 25th to my 2 week post op appoinment so I can get these stitches taken out...they itch like crazy! Me and my boyfriend are both in LOVE with my new addition. He claims he loved me even before, but they'll tell you anythong, lol. But on a serious note, they're still very hard and sitting high on my chest. I feel like they've barley dropped. I'll post more pictures tomorrow to show my progress!
Also I'm on day 8 and STILL no BM! What in the world can I do to have a BM? I'm going crazy! I've take stool softeners like they said, I've taken laxatives (which really hurt my stomach sooo bad) and I've even done an enema!! Gross! But idk what else to do! I can't go! Please tell me things I can take/do to have a BM

Day 9 post op

I'm feeling great besides not being able to have a BM!
I slept good last night finally and here are some pics for today!


When will my breast drop??
I'm so ready for them to get out of my throat and start looking normal!

Update pic

Not usually the type to post things of this sort, but I'm going to anyways! Tried something on for the first time ever, and yes...FIRST time

16 Days Post Op

I'm feeling very good!
Back to my Nurse Assistant job Saturday so a little nervous but excited to be back!
I've only bought sports bras so far, all have had to be either Medium or Large and my bathing suite top is a Medium and fits pretty well. They're still high/swollen but starting to become squishy and every day they look slightly different! I love them

More pics

Making progress!

Im very happy with the outcome of my surgery still! They're still a little high up and the scars are a bit sensitive, they're becoming squishy

Almost 4 weeks post

Absolutely no soreness at all anymore. Still waiting patiently to drop and fluff a bit more, but I'm so happy! We're at the beach now testing out the girls!

Beach ????

Keeping them covered to keep the sun away and not to show the obvious "I just got my boobs done" look


My right breast has dropped a lot more than the left, it's easier to notice in peraon. But im still happy
Doctor said just give them time

6.5 weeks

My breasts are doing great!! Here are pictures of the left and right incisions


Going on 3 months

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