Reconstruction Needed After 200+lb Weight Loss, 36 Yrs Old, Mom of 1. Charlotte, NC

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After having enough of this extra skin, I guess...

After having enough of this extra skin, I guess its time to complete this profile. I'm hoping to have reconstructive surgery- I need a lower body lift, thigh lift, breast lift, back lift (or upper body lift which includes breast and back bra roll) and brachioplasty (arm lift). I've now gotten to the point of depression and crying constantly looking at my body... And the consults only make it worse. I guess I always go in hoping for a miracle, wanting to hear it'll all cost me $16k like most people, but I know in the back of my mind, the work needed is MASSIVE, so to have my surgery done in the U.S. the lowest quote I have gotten is about $34k so far. Like thats chump change to some but as a single mom, that just changed careers paying back a $22k student loan, coming up with $34k is not even reachable in this lifetime... But hey, who am I to give up and stop hoping??? I even went so far to start a gofundme account, hoping someone in the world would have a heart and donate $5.00 to the cause, but anyone who knows about that website..... Yeah thats not going to happen either. I've tried casting calls for plastic surgery... But of course with so much work needing to be done and a complete transformation will take 2-3 surgeries, with each surgery needing a few months in between, I received 3 replies, but none of them got past the Skype interview.... UGHHHH!

To m any that look at the pics, they assume I'm still BIG, when I'm not... I am filled FILLED with extra skin! I guess its because I've been obese since about 4,5 yrs old and the day of surgery I was over 400lbs. Being in that skin & fat for all my life, has left me looking like I'm still 400lbs without clothes and my girdle on. My last consult, the dr told me he estimates 35-50+lbs coming off after all surgeries are done. It was a pleasure to hear Dr Kortesis say that... He also said I didn't actually have alot of fat on my body, but I do have a massive amount of extra skin. SO whoever says money doesn't make you happy is a LIE... It would sure make ME happy right now!!!

The lowest quote to date was with a DR in Monterrey, Mexico... Dr. Sauceda, but of course my obstacle there is not only the money, but childcare for the 2 weeks I will need to be in Mexico. My only family here is my dad, who is 75 yrs old and I take care of him, lol, so there's NOOOOO WAY I can leave a 5 yr old in his care for 13 days. It would just be best for me to stay in the U.S. where I could at least have the help of a neighbor should anything happen and I can't bend or etc... Most know how it is having a 5 yr old in the home!! :-o

Well thats enough venting for now... I'm going to schedule one or 2 more consults into 2016, and see what life turns up for me. I love following everyones journey's on here and hope I'm able to join the ladies and gentlemen on the other side of being transformed into a new person really soon! CHEERS!

Not happening...

I received an email from a lovely lady who read my past review and wanted an update, so I figured I'd update everyone at one time. Unfortunately I'm still no closer to having surgery. My dad has gotten a lot sicker, lost 50lbs in about 3-4 months, since he can still walk with a walker/cane he wasn't approved for any in-care rehabilitation center, he was only approved for out patient rehabilitation, so now I no longer work full-time since I'm trying to get him to eat and nurse him back to health. I tried to explain to his insurance he's never going back to the old him and the new meds for his prostate cancer is making him worse. And now I am only state insured, which covers little to nothing when it comes to reconstructive surgeries. It just isn't in the cards for me. I wish everyone with upcoming surgeries the best, I'm sure it will be an amazing feeling... I will continue to follow most of you amazing people, and I thank you all for catching up and keeping in touch with me!
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